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SCSU, CARE NewHaven participants
From left to right: Giselle Carlotta-McDonald, program supervisor, Project Access-New Haven; Sandra M. Bulmer, dean, School of Health and Human Services; Kenn Harris, director, New Haven Healthy Start; Alycia Santilli, director, CARE; Kathleen O’Connor Duffany, research and evaluation director, CARE

Southern has been awarded a 5-year federal grant of up to $3.68 million from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention in an effort to improve the health of vulnerable populations in New Haven.

The grant will include $720,000 in the first year, with additional funding of a similar amount anticipated for the remaining years. The project, called Racial and Ethnic Approaches to Community Health, will be coordinated by the Community Alliance for Research and Engagement (CARE), an organization that is co-housed at SCSU and the Yale School of Public Health (YSPH).

It is the largest grant ever received by Southern.

A third of the money will be allocated to the New Haven community via local organizations and leaders with the intent of enhancing and developing health projects to benefit low-income and under-served populations.

“Health disparities among communities of color in New Haven, particularly in low-income neighborhoods, are an urgent public health problem that we must address,” said Alycia Santilli, director of CARE and assistant professor in the SCSU Department of Public Health.

“We are very enthusiastic about the opportunities this grant will bring to the community — to support and enhance the work of many community partners that work toward health equity.”

She said the competitive grant – one of only about 30 awarded nationally this year — will bolster the efforts of various programs already making a substantial difference in New Haven.

Among the plans for the grant are to:

*Improve access to health programs in New Haven for individuals at higher risk for developing a chronic disease. Among the ways to do this are to expand the New Haven Health Leaders program, which engages New Haven residents and SCSU graduate students who live in New Haven to address health disparities in their local neighborhoods.

*Expand Project Access New Haven’s community health worker model to help identify people who might not have a primary care physician and who may need social services, such as food and transportation. This work will take place at social service agencies, such as food pantries, throughout the city to help clients put into practice the health advice they receive.

*Start a nutrition ranking system at food pantries so that clients can more easily determine which foods are healthy.

*Promote community support for breast feeding among vulnerable populations.

*Work with transportation officials to help ensure that people can walk and bike to their destinations, as well as have access to bus transportation.

Sandra Bulmer, dean of the SCSU School of Health and Human Services, said the grant is very important for the school, the university and the New Haven community as a whole.

“This grant supports our community partners with their important work, provides resources for New Haven residents, and simultaneously expands practice-based learning opportunities for our undergraduate and graduate students,” Bulmer said.

“I am tremendously grateful for the many New Haven agencies that partner with us to provide hands-on training for our students. This grant will allow us to work together in new ways so that we can move closer to our common vision of eliminating racial and ethnic health disparities for New Haven residents.”

The grant will bolster the partnership between YSPH and SCSU, with SCSU implementing community activities and YSPH implementing evaluation activities. The evaluation will be led Kathleen O’Connor Duffany, CARE’s research and evaluation director, and YSPH faculty.

The project is set to begin immediately.

CARE and New Haven are ideally positioned to implement this project, according to Santilli, noting that CARE has an 11-year history of partnerships in New Haven.

One of those partnerships is with Project Access of New Haven. Darcey Cobbs-Lomax, executive director of the organization, said she was excited to learn of the grant award.

“(Project Access) has had a close relationship with CARE for many years and is looking forward to our new partnership,” she said. “This partnership is one that allows us to bring our unique organizations together to further impact the Greater New Haven community.”

If you haven’t walked down Farnham Avenue lately, you should! A brand new solar array is under construction in parking lot 9 next to Brownell Hall. The array, comprised of more than 3,000 individual solar panels, has been in planning for several years and will generate 1.2 million kilowatt hours of electricity every year. Once operational, this solar power will lower Southern’s electricity bill an estimated $60,000 a year.

The project is made possible by a partnership with CT Green Bank and GE Solar, optimizing federal and state renewable energy incentives and a financing structure called a power purchase agreement (PPA). “SCSU is not investing a single penny of capital in the project, and we will lower utility spending as soon as we flip the switch,” said Eric Lessne, associate director of planning and engineering for the CSCU system. “The SCSU community can take pride in this project,” added Robert Sheeley, associate vice president of capital budgeting and facilities operations. “Clean renewable energy from the sun means cleaner air and water, a healthier community, and an important step toward reaching our sustainability goals.”

“This is exciting! We’re already planning a second project for the academic side of campus,” said Suzie Huminski, Southern’s sustainability coordinator. She also keeps the project in perspective. “In taking this big step with climate action, it is more important than ever to make sure that when we use electricity, we’re using it wisely. Believe it or not, we’ll create more environmental benefit simply through conservation than we can installing solar. Turn off those lights and equipment when you are not using them.”

2018 graduates from SCSU Commencement

Undergraduate students at Southern soon will have the ability to complete their bachelor’s and master’s degrees in a combined five years in several majors as part of a package of new accelerated programs.

Robert Prezant, provost and vice president for academic affairs, has announced that the new pathways officially have begun with the start of the fall semester. They will be available to students who are pursuing the following degrees: B.S. in computer science, B.S. in recreation and leisure studies and B.S. in athletic training. In addition, the existing accelerated program option for those seeking a B.S. in chemistry has been revamped to better meet the needs of those students.

“These new programs will enable students to save time and save money, while continuing to provide the full benefit of a high quality educational experience,” Prezant said.

A bachelor’s degree traditionally takes four years to complete, while a master’s degree typically takes two years of study for a full-time student. Therefore, the new program will enable students who are interested in pursuing both degrees to shave a full year off the time that it generally takes to finish. That will save students a full year’s tuition and expenses, as well as enable them to become eligible to enter the job market a year sooner.

The programs will continue to offer the traditional four-year bachelor’s degrees and two-year master’s degree tracks. But those students looking to complete both degrees in a total of five years are generally encouraged to apply for acceptance into an accelerated program during the spring semester of their junior year.

The programs generally enable students to replace 6 to 12 credits of undergraduate electives with graduate level courses in their major during their senior year.

Students at Southern are recognized for their high academic achievement by being placed on the dean’s list of their respective schools. In order for undergraduate students to qualify for the dean’s list, students must complete 12.0 or more credits in fall or spring and earn a semester GPA of 3.5 or better. These requirements apply to all undergraduate students, regardless of their academic class (i.e., freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior.) The students who made the SCSU Dean’s List for spring 2018 are listed below, alphabetically by last name. Congratulations to all!

School of Arts & Sciences

School of Business

School of Education

School of Health & Human Services



A’lexus Johnson-staton, Bridgeport, CT
Abigail Mcverry, Hamden, CT
Abigail Rogers, Guilford, CT
Abner Yanes, Norwalk, CT
Achija Jean, Stratford, CT
Adam Farhan Bin Salmaan Hussain, Kuala Lumpur
Adam Kuhn, Seymour, CT
Adriana Gizzi, Wolcott, CT
Aedan Ryan, Wallingford, CT
Africa Williams, New York, NY
Alan Bensen, Shelton, CT
Alan Verrier, Cheshire, CT
Alex Mercado, West Haven, CT
Alexa Brenner, Ridgefield, CT
Alexander Cushman, New Hartford, CT
Alexandra Avendano, Wilmington, MA
Alexandra Burness, Berlin, CT
Alexandra Ciucanu, Trumbull, CT
Alexandra Drezek, Seymour, CT
Alexandra Pfeiffer, Hamden, CT
Alexandra Scicchitano, Stamford, CT
Alexandra Takacs, Sparta, NJ
Alexandria Kester, Branford, CT
Alexis Corda, Milford, CT
Alexis Cruz, Wolcott, CT
Alexis Davis, Bridgeport, CT
Alexis Hernandez, East Haven, CT
Alexis Zoppi, Shelton, CT
Alfred Mingrone, Milford, CT
Aliz Quinones, Stratford, CT
Allie O’Brien, Branford, CT
Allie Smith, Danbury, CT
Allison Nelson, Oxford, CT
Allison Pito, Cheshire, CT
Alyssa DeLieto, Ansonia, CT
Alyssa Kronisch, Monroe, CT
Alyssa Lotto, Prospect, CT
Alyssa McClain, Groton, CT
Alyssa Santostefano, Middletown, CT
Amanda Cavoto, Stratford, CT
Amanda Colon, West Haven, CT
Amanda Damon, Stratford, CT
Amanda Fawver, Stratford, CT
Amanda Ives, Oxford, CT
Amanda Jurgens, Bethel, CT
Amber Taylor, Norwalk, CT
Amelia Hoyt, North Haven, CT
Amira Franklin, Bridgeport, CT
Ana-Michelle Valente, Stratford, CT
Anastasia Sloss, Morris, CT
Andre Aiken, Bridgeport, CT
Andrea Grzedzinski, East Haven, CT
Andres Reyes, Derby, CT
Andrew Albin, North Branford, CT
Andrew Catapano, Orange, CT
Andrew Donlon, Meriden, CT
Andrew Pinho, Prospect, CT
Angela Bozzi, Hamden, CT
Angela Buckley, Naugatuck, CT
Angela Casner, East Haven, CT
Aniello Furino, New Haven, CT
Anna Broggi, Branford, CT
Anna De Simone, Ansonia, CT
Annaleise Sabatino, Shelton, CT
AnnaMarie Fortuna, Hamden, CT
Anthony Batista, Bridgeport, CT
Anthony Pollack, Milford, CT
Aria DeFeo, Derby, CT
Ariana Harris, Cheshire, CT
Ariel Greene, Cheshire, CT
Ariel Unger, Fairfield, CT
Ashlee Plourde, Beacon Falls, CT
Ashley Carlson, Stratford, CT
Ashley Moran, New Haven, CT
Ashley Nicholson, Bridgeport, CT
Ashley Ruzicki, New Haven, CT
Ashley Sweet, Cheshire, CT
Ashly Gonzalez, Seymour, CT
Astrid Forde, Waterbury, CT
Astrid Novo, West Haven, CT
Auday Shlash, West Haven, CT
Audrey Gryak, Shelton, CT
August Pelliccio, Madison, CT
Bahar Musa, Naugatuck, CT
Bailey Sullivan, Guilford, CT
Benjamin Allen, Beacon Falls, CT
Benjamin Palmieri, Cheshire, CT
Benjamin Wooding, Rockfall, CT
Betzabeth Castro, Bridgeport, CT
Bhumika Shah, Branford, CT
Bianca Signore, Hamden, CT
Blair Massimino, Orange, CT
Blair Snyder, New Fairfield, CT
Brady Agovino, Greenwich, CT
Brandon Cox, Hamdeb, CT
Brenda Fernandes, Bridgeport, CT
Brendan Rascius, Wethersfield, CT
Brenna Ross, Hamden, CT
Brennah Rogers, Milford, CT
Brennen Records, Quaker Hill, CT
Brett Tucker, Clinton, CT
Brian Kerr, Mystic, CT
Brianna Cully, Bristol, CT
Brianna Dainiak, Ansonia, CT
Brianna Della Monica, Milford, CT
Brianna Dickman-Tanguay, Bristol, CT
Brianna Marchitto, East Haven, CT
Brianna Trzcinski, Shelton, CT
Bridget Sharnick, Shelton, CT
Brittany Blass, Shelton, CT
Brokk Tollefson, New Haven, CT
Brooke Dedushi, Branford, CT
Brooks Blauser, New Haven, CT
Bruce Michaud, Hamden, CT
Bryan McKeon, Trumbull, CT
Brynn Discipio, Easton, CT
Bryson Grove, Southbury, CT
Caitlin Bunegru, Naugatuck, CT
Caitlin Stolpinski, Enfield, CT
Caitlyn Koster, Shelton, CT
Calvin Metellus, Stamford, CT
Camryn Arpino Brown, West Haven, CT
Candace Naude, Trumbull, CT
Carissa Kamin, Branford, CT
Carley Fitzgerald, Wallingford, CT
Carlos Galicia, Hamden, CT
Carrie Anne Faber, Oakville, CT
Caryl Behmoiras, Branford, CT
Casey Glennon, Milford, CT
Cassandra A’Hearn, Brookfield, CT
Cassandra Veltri, Oxford, CT
Cassidy Maciel, New Milford, CT
Catherine Chmielewski, Stratford, CT
Catherine Galan, Colchester, CT
Catherine Migliazza, Monroe, CT
Ceara Wettemann, Killingworth, CT
Cesar Gonzalez, New Haven, CT
Chadran Smith, New Haven, CT
Chanel Morales, Naugatuck, CT
Charles Biddiscombe, Cheshire, CT
Chaslynn Saucier, New Haven, CT
Chevon Rumble, West Haven, CT
Chloe Gorman, Guilford, CT
Chloe Lecy, Quaker Hill, CT
Christian Gamauf, Oxford, CT
Christina Costa, Simsbury, CT
Christina Smith, Branford, CT
Christine Cagle, East Hampton, CT
Christopher Richards, Wethersfield, CT
Christopher Rzasa, ANSONIA, CT
Claire Mora, Monroe, CT
Clare Joyce, Trumbull, CT
Clifford Allderige, Hamden, CT
Clive Griffiths, Bridgeport, CT
Cole Staples, Bristol, CT
Colin Gleed, West Haven, CT
Colleen Gaffey, Meriden, CT
Connor Welz, Plainville, CT
Cory Williams, Branford, CT
Courtney Dickey, Waterbury, CT
Courtney Kerrigan, Stratford, CT
Courtney Mocarski, Stratford, CT
Courtney Pesce, Cheshire, CT
Cynthia Colon, Milford, CT
Dallas Swain, Waterbury, CT
Damaris Garcia, Bridgeport, CT
Danae Sawchyn, Woodbury, CT
Daniel Emmans, Danbury, CT
Daniel Hotham, Prospect, CT
Daniel Taylor, Sherman, CT
Daniela Nunez, milford, CT
Danielle Bifolck, Vernon, CT
Danielle Franceschini, Shelton, CT
Danielle Klaskin, Madison, CT
Daria Kraszewska, Shelton, CT
David Bakies, Danbury, CT
David Betters, Terryville, CT
David Chouinard, Oakville, CT
David Della Penna, Ellington, CT
David Difabio, Trumbull, CT
David Diosa, West Haven, CT
David Notholt, Milford, CT
David Vieira, Shelton, CT
Davide Lecky, Bridgeport, CT
Deanna Scotto, Meriden, CT
Derek Pearson, Southbury, CT
Destani Alvarez, Stratford, CT
Destany Funteral-Fine, Derby, CT
Destany Williams, Meriden, CT
Devin Peterson, Middletown, CT
Diana Cruz, Waterbury, CT
Donald Dostie, Waterbury, CT
Donald Emanuel Iii, Prospect, CT
Donte Brooks, Hamden, CT
Douglas Ceci, Westbrook, CT
Eddy Cordova, West Haven, CT
Edward Coe, Shelton, CT
Elaina DiSalvo, Lake Grove, NY
Elaine Hegedus, Stratford, CT
Elena Gjonbalaj, Derby, CT
Elias Rosario, Bridgeport, CT
Elisabeth Cerino, Stratford, CT
Elisabeth Heikkinen, Waterford, CT
Elisabeth Warren, West Haven, CT
Elizabeth Fengler, Wallingford, CT
Elyse Caron, Bristol, CT
Emani Martinez, West Haven, CT
Emelia Imperati, North Haven, CT
Emily Allen, Madsion, CT
Emily Aquilino, Stratford, CT
Emily Budds, Wallingford, CT
Emily DiAngelis, Watertown, CT
Emily Eckstrom, Bristol, CT
Emily Gaspar, Shelton, CT
Emily McElfresh, Oxford, CT
Emily Navarro, Milford, CT
Emily Velidow, Salem, CT
Emily Wolfe, Havertown, PA
Emma Clini, West Haven, CT
Emma Knauerhase, Portland, CT
Emma Norden, Branford, CT
Emma Tiso-Pagani, New Haven, CT
Emma Vansteenbergen, Guilford, CT
Eric Barbin, Trumbull, CT
Eric Nesmith, Bridgeport, CT
Erin Dillman, Milford, CT
Erin Fitzgerald, Shelton, CT
Erin Myles, Hamden, CT
Ethan Mehlin, Oakville, CT
Ethan Noble, Wallingford, CT
Evan Collier, Kenilworth, NJ
Evan Moyher, Seymour, CT
Ezhana Smith, Bridgeport, CT
Faith Jano, Ledyard, CT
Falecia Cabral, Pawcatuck, CT
Felicia Carey, Norwalk Ct, CT
Felicia Edwards, Killingworth, CT
Francisco Jorge, Trumbull, CT
Francisco Landolfi, New Haven, CT
Francisco Salinas, New Haven, CT
Gabriela Vazquez, Meriden, CT
Gabriella Perez, West Haven, CT
Gabrielle Giammattei, North Branford, CT
Gabrielle Giaquinto, hamden, CT
Gary Dixon, West Haven, CT
Gary Scaramella, Portland, CT
Gema Guevara, New Haven, CT
Gena Gonzalez, new haven, CT
George Rusu, Milford, CT
Georgienna Driver, West Haven, CT
Ghulam Noori, New Haven, CT
Gianna Mastroianni, North Haven, CT
Gianna Mendes, Middlefield, CT
Gillian Colbath, West Hartford, CT
Gillian Hotchkiss, Beacon Falls, CT
Gillian Mattern, Gales Ferry, CT
Gina Ricco, Seymour, CT
Gleeson Edwards, Guilford, CT
Gloria McPherson, New Haven, CT
Glory Previlus, Bridgeport, CT
Griffin Garabedian, Hamden, CT
Hailey Gordon, Niantic, CT
Hailey Reich, Trumbull, CT
Haley Boland, Waterbury, CT
Haley-Jo Copes, New Haven, CT
Hanaa Hussein, North Haven, CT
Hanxin Liu, Milford, CT
Harrison Stoffel, New Fairfield, CT
Heather Jameson, Naugatuck, CT
Heather Robinson, Shelton, CT
Heidi Schulte, Bethany, CT
Herlinda Nieves, Waterbury, CT
Holly Bousquet, groton, CT
Holly Izzo, Prospect, CT
Ian Reid, Hamden, CT
Imani Manick-highsmith, New Haven, CT
Imani Smith, New Haven, CT
Isabel Hernandez, Norwalk, CT
Isabella Corradi, Cheshire, CT
Jaclyn Pierce, Glastonbury, CT
Jacob Santos, Oakdale, CT
Jade Serrano, Shelton, CT
Jade Tran, East Haven, CT
Jagoda Minorska, West hartford, CT
Jake Delguidice, East Haven, CT
Jake Pluchino, Hamden, CT
James Berkovich, Milford, CT
James Brown, Cheshire, CT
James Hunt, Manchester, CT
Jaquan Nelson, New Haven, CT
Jared Dennehy, Cheshire, CT
Jared Simpson, Milford, CT
Jarod McAnern, Branford, CT
Jasmine Benavides, Ansonia, CT
Jason Carubia, Branford, CT
Jason Edwards, Ansonia, CT
Javieska Acosta, New Haven, CT
Jay Cohen, Branford, CT
Jaymie Morales, Stratford, CT
Jazmin Albanese, Waterbury, CT
Jazmin Jimenez, Hamden, CT
Jazmin Zambrano, Ansonia, CT
Jazmyn Martinez, Middletown, NY
Jean Jude Rousseau, New Haven, CT
Jean Santos Ortiz, bridgeport, CT
Jedrek Wittenberger, Monroe, CT
Jeffrey Gill, Hamden, CT
Jenahn Dawson, West Haven, CT
Jenna Boccio, Southington, CT
Jenna Cannata, Cheshire, CT
Jenna Cianciolo, Watertown, CT
Jenna Palermo, Shelton, CT
Jenna Reeser, Oakville, CT
Jenna Stepleman, Derby, CT
Jennifer Crandall, Durham, CT
Jeremy Farrell, Brookfield, CT
Jeremy Grant, Milford, CT
Jerica Olson, Woodbury, CT
Jeshanah Berkeley, Hamden, CT
Jessica Guerrucci, Stratford, CT
Jessica Hendley, Middlefield, CT
Jessica Holman, Medfield, MA
Jessica Petry, Hamden, CT
Jessica Shiels, Meriden, CT
Jessie Meyer, Branford, CT
Jhaaron Wallace, Hartford, CT
Jillian Davis, Milford, CT
Jillian Lenti, Wallingford, CT
Jillian Martins, Trumbull, CT
Joann Lehr, Branford, CT
Joanna Barragan, East Haven, CT
Joaquin Selmeski, East Lyme, CT
Joey Pascale, West Haven, CT
Johanna Wahlen, Karlsruhe,
John Blodgett, Milford, CT
John Curley, Wolcott, CT
John Debiase, Prospect, CT
John Murphy, Glastonbury, CT
John Saksa, Shelton, CT
John Strezo, Burlington, MA
John Wells, West Hartford, CT
Johnathan Moore, West Haven, CT
Jonathan Geraldino, Bridgeport, CT
Jonathan Godfrey, North Haven, CT
Jonathan Meyers, Cheshire, CT
Jordan Dean, Waterbury, CT
Jordan Shaw, Wallingford, CT
Joseph Gentile, Norwalk, CT
Joseph Pacific, Stratford, CT
Joseph Schairer, Northford, CT
Joshua Brown, Stratford, CT
Joshua Cortes, Hamden, CT
Joshua Diglio, Wallingford, CT
Joshua Fitzpatrick, Beacon Falls, CT
Joshua Fraser, Woodbridge, CT
Joshua Pulfrey, Bridgeport, CT
Judaen Brown, Ansonia, CT
Julia Aubrey, Trumbull, CT
Julia Bowen, Branford, CT
Julia Hall, Wallingford, CT
Julia Honan, Westbrook, CT
Julia Meyerovich, Trumbull, CT
Julia Munroe, Branford, CT
Julia Napolitano, Wolcott, CT
Julia Rich, Burlington, CT
Juliana Dimascia, Oakville, CT
Juliana Santos, Newington, CT
Juliana Thomasson, East Haven, CT
Julianna Charity, Monroe, CT
Julie Gagliardi, Cheshire, CT
Justin Beam, East Haven, CT
Justin Hitchcock, Wolcott, CT
Justin Lopez, West Haven, CT
Justin Veilleux, Branford, CT
Justine Roy, Wallingford, CT
Kacie Gagner, Meriden, CT
Kaitlin Kiely, Milford, CT
Kaitlyn Regan, East Haven, CT
Kali Pliego, Plantsville, CT
Kamol Usmonov, Guilford, CT
Kanita Mote, Hamden, CT
Karl Grannan, Canaan, CT
Karli Palmer, Willington, CT
Karlyn Jackson, Hamden, CT
Kasie Kelly, North Haven, CT
Kassandra Tamburrino, Ansonia, CT
Katelyn Lillquist, Branford, CT
Katelyn Ross, Stamford, CT
Katherine Brown, Wallingford, CT
Katherine Granke, Long Valley, NJ
Katherine Koscinski, Monroe, CT
Katherine Matos, West Haven, CT
Katherine Noske, South Windsor, CT
Kathleen Slavin, Rocky Hill, CT
Kathryn Farrell, Brooklyn, CT
Kathryn Keene, Meriden, CT
Katie-Ann Cervone, Stratford, CT
Kayla Krenicki, Bristol, CT
Kaylie Martin, Milford, CT
Keara Loughlin, Lowell, MA
Keith Williams, Waterbury, CT
Kelsey Jacobs, East Windsor, CT
Kelvin Mintah, New Haven, CT
Kennan Martin, South Glastonbury, CT
Kerry Rhone, Hamden, CT
Kevin Chesler, Milford, CT
Kevin Inahuazo, New Haven, CT
Kevin Kuna, Shelton, CT
Kevin Redline, Hamden, CT
Kevin Scotton, Middletown, CT
Keylea Brothers, Lexington, KY
Khushbu Patel, Wallingford, CT
Kimberley Goulbourne, New Haven, CT
Klayton Ferguson, Mystic, CT
Krista Lencovich, Shelton, CT
Kristelle Jasmine Caslangen, Wallingford, CT
Kristina Borelli, Wallingford, CT
Kristopher Dicocco, Trumbull, CT
Kun Lee, Stamford, CT
Kwabena Appiah-yeboah, Manchester, CT
Kya O’Donnell, Cheshire, CT
Kyle Broderick, Trumbull, CT
Kyle Dimaio, Hamden, CT
Kyle Ellis, Madison, CT
Kyle Ostrum, North Haven, CT
Kyler Wesner, East Hampton, CT
Kylie Vaccarelli, Prospect, CT
Kyra Jayne Catubig, West Haven, CT
Kyrstin Schofield, Naugatuck, CT
Laryssa Rosada, Fairfield, CT
Laura Abreu, Hamden, CT
Laura Rizzo, New Haven, CT
Laura Welch, Wallingford, CT
Lauren Brady, North Branford, CT
Lauren Brideau, Shelton, CT
Lauren DeNomme, Trumbull, CT
Lauren DeSautelle, Shelton, CT
Lauren Frymus, Oxford, CT
Lauren Reilly, Naugatuck, CT
Lauren Wince, Hamden, CT
Lawrence Grannan, Milford, CT
Lea Jalbert, Avon, CT
Leah Hushion, Newtown, CT
Leah Sause, Wallingford, CT
Leslie Garcia, Norwalk, CT
Leslie Torres, West Haven, CT
Levi Reynolds, Woodbury, CT
Lexi Assenza, Monroe, CT
Lia Davido, Middletown, NJ
Liam Norton, Bethany, CT
Lily Barragan, East Haven, CT
Lily Hackett, Cheshire, CT
Lindsey Neri, Westbrook, CT
Lisbely Rodriguez, Ansonia, CT
Lloyd Wells, Milford, CT
Lorenzo Burgos, Wethersfield, CT
Lorette Feivelson, Bristol, CT
Lori Dube, Naugatuck, CT
Louie Krak, New Haven, CT
Luana Braga, Bridgeport, CT
Luke Marren, Fairfield, CT
Luke McDermott Grandpre, Cromwell, CT
Lupita Barajas, Stratford, CT
Lynandro Simmons, West Haven, CT
Mackenzie Dowling, Roxbury, CT
Madeleine Bergeron, Westbrook, CT
Madelyn Vinsel, Guilford, CT
Madison Csejka, Orange, CT
Madison Dunbar, Danbury, CT
Madison Edson, Milford, CT
Madison Feshler, Middletown, CT
Madison Lazaro, Stratford, CT
Maeve Cunningham, Branford, CT
Maeve Rourke, Milford, CT
Maile Chaplar, Old Saybrook, CT
Majla Isaku, Woodbridge, CT
Makenna Wollmann, Burlington, CT
Mallery Breban, Milford, CT
Marcello Catapano, Milford, CT
Marcus Krodel, Quaker Hill, CT
Margaret St Pierre, Meriden, CT
Maria Saracco, Hamden, CT
Maria Zurita, Hamden, CT
Mariam Osman, Hamden, CT
Marisa Donarumo, Wallingford, CT
Marisa Misbach, New Haven, CT
Marissa Simos, Guilford, CT
Martin Lippai, Naugatuck, CT
Mary Franqui, Stratford, CT
Mary Griesbacker, New Haven, CT
Mary Rudzis, Newington, CT
Mary Spodnick, Orange, CT
Marykate Fallon, Milford, CT
Matthew Andersen, New Haven, CT
Matthew Johnson, Stamford, CT
Matthew Laydon, Wallingford, CT
Matthew Torrisi, Southington, CT
Max Bickley, Guilford, CT
Max Vadakin, Canaan, CT
Maya Dunn, North Haven, CT
Mecca Holiday, Natick, MA
Megan Baker, West Hartford, CT
Megan Corbett-Baril, Hamden, CT
Megan Kelly, Shelton, CT
Megan McNivens, Old Saybrook, CT
Megan Olszewski, Sandy Hook, CT
Megan Schultz, Trumbull, CT
Megan-leigh Larsen, Clinton, CT
Meghan McDowell, Milford, CT
Meghan Olson, Wolcott, CT
Melanie Byron, Shelton, CT
Melanie Cardone, north haven, CT
Melanie Castillo, Stratford, CT
Melanie Taraskewich, Naugatuck, CT
Melissa Jagrosse, West Haven, CT
Melissa Palma Cuapio, East Haven, CT
Melissa Villa, West Haven, CT
Mengxia Xu, Orange, CT
Meredith Jessey, Branford, CT
Mia Discipio, Easton, CT
Michael Barile, East Haven, CT
Michael Brighindi, Shelton, CT
Michael Chernesky, Shelton, CT
Michael Faiella, Ansonia, CT
Michael Grillo, East Haven, CT
Michael Lauer, Naugatuck, CT
Michael Prezioso, Milford, CT
Michael Smith, Middletown, CT
Michaela Tiani, North Branford, CT
Michel Pascal, New Haven, CT
Michele Furnaros, Stamford, CT
Michelle Dash, Wallingford, CT
Michelle Devito, Westport, CT
Michelle Hesse, New Haven, CT
Michelle Quero, Antioch, IL
Miguel Diaz, Bridgeport, CT
Miranda Carbajal, Prospect, CT
Miranda Love, New Haven, CT
Mitchell Graham, Cheshire, CT
Molly Flanagan, Milford, CT
Molly Major, Madison, CT
Momen Shraiki, Branford, CT
Morgan Hanks, Windsor, CT
Morgan Jasmin, North Haven, CT
Morgan Velez, Wolcott, CT
Muhammet Faruk Senturk, Madison, CT
Natalie Hinton, Norwalk, CT
Natasha Tarbell, Old Saybrook, CT
Nathanael DiDomizio, Bantam, CT
Nathanael Scaniffe, Hamden, CT
Nelly Quito, Hamden, CT
Netania Espinal, Middlebury, CT
Nicholas Alexiades, Woodbridge, CT
Nicholas Bottone, Bethany, CT
Nicholas Crispi, North Haven, CT
Nicholas Demet, Old Lyme, CT
Nicholas Devito, Milford, CT
Nicholas Knouse, Monroe, CT
Nicholas Lemekha, Stamford, CT
Nicholas Talarico, Norwalk, CT
Nicole Dunlop, North Haven, CT
Nicole Healy, Naugatuck, CT
Nicole Huntsman, Bridgeport, CT
Nicole Valenti, Trumbull, CT
Nicole Zielinski, East Haven, CT
Nicolette Niedzwiecki, Shelton, CT
Nina Kestenbaum, West Hartford, CT
Noah Abbatemarco, Hamden, CT
Noah Jackson, Groton, CT
Noel Lorde, Hamden, CT
Noel Rieth, Meriden, CT
Noel Womack, Hamden, CT
Nolan Cloutier, Wallingford, CT
Noureen Nassra, Stratford, CT
Olivia Davenport, Cromwell, CT
Olivia Fumiatti, Madison, CT
Olivia Nolen, Bridgeport, CT
Onshouda Shaban, Meriden, CT
Paige Darcy, Southington, CT
Paige Hansen, Kings Park, NY
Paige Schwarz, Milford, CT
Patricia Lakomy, Shelton, CT
Patrick Moore, Fayetteville, NC
Patrick Murphy, Cheshire, CT
Paul Harris, Monroe, CT
Paul Mckee, Trumbull, CT
Paul Nicholas, Milford, CT
Paul Viebranz, Shelton, CT
Paulina Cherkasov, Trumbull, CT
Perpetual Taylor, Cromwell, CT
Peter Keefe, Orange, CT
Peter Mceachern, Hamden, CT
Peter Tallardy II, Branford, CT
Prarthna Patel, Wallingford, CT
Princess Bart-addison, Bronx, NY
Raby Gueye, New haven, CT
Rachael Radwill, Milford, CT
Rachel Cunha, Brookfield, CT
Rachel Genovese, Naugatuck, CT
Rachel Giannettino, Oxford, CT
Rachel Kelsall, New Haven, CT
Rachel Martineau, Northfield, CT
Rachel Zagielski, Waterbury, CT
Rachelle Edwards, Hamden, CT
Raina Lambert, Bristol, CT
Rashida Trawick, Waterbury, CT
Rayleen Paret, New Haven, CT
Rebecca Kuzmich, Stratford, CT
Rebecca Talbot, Ansonia, CT
Rebecca Taylor, Shelton, CT
Regina Roper, Naugatuck, CT
Rehawn Hussain, Woodbridge, CT
Rene Rivera, New Britain, CT
Renee Chabot, Oakville, CT
Renee Collett, Hamden, CT
Rian Tucci, Ridgefield, CT
Richard Beverley, naugatuck, CT
Richard Cartier, New Haven, CT
Richard Szeligowski, Branford, CT
Richard Vollmer, Madison, CT
Robert Busque, Amston, CT
Robert Gonzalez, Manchester, CT
Roberto Munoz, Monroe, CT
Romario Cerrato, New Haven, CT
Rosa Colon, NORWALK, CT
Rosabella Ziou, New Haven, CT
Roxanne Buzinsky, Wallingford, CT
Ruben Sosa, Waterbury, CT
Ryan Berry, Shelton, CT
Ryan Cafaro, Ansonia, CT
Ryan Doko, Waterbury, CT
Ryan Fritz, Trumbull, CT
Ryan Gallo, Brookfield, CT
Ryan Harvey, North Haven, CT
Ryan Stickles, Sharon, CT
Samantha DeMarco, Milford, CT
Samantha Groskritz, Granby, CT
Samantha Ricci, Norwalk, CT
Samantha Rothermel-Peters, New Haven, CT
Samantha Wandling, New London, CT
Samuel Vazquez, Hamden, CT
Sara Sinchak, Milford, CT
Sarah Carroll, Enfield, CT
Sarah Carter, Newtown, CT
Sarah Crosby, Coventry, CT
Sarah Dionne, West Haven, CT
Sarah Garcia, New Haven, CT
Sarah Houde, Wallingford, CT
Sarah Wall, Harwinton, CT
Sarina Maynard, Oakville, CT
Scott Lafontaine, East Haven, CT
Sean Carvalho, Naugatuck, CT
Sean Chesler, Milford, CT
Sean Reilly, Trumbull, CT
Sebastian Gonzalez, Hamden, CT
Selena Morales, Bridgeport, CT
Seong Seok, Branford, CT
Sergio Escobar, Bridgeport, CT
Seth Shuster, Shelton, CT
Shaina-Lynn Evanko, Sandy Hook, CT
Shania Ramnath, Stamford, CT
Shannon Barrett, Gales Ferry, CT
Shannon Halloran, Branford, CT
Shannon Wynne, Old Saybrook, CT
Shantele Avila, Bridgeport, CT
Shaun Larson, Madison, CT
Shaunea Green, New Haven, CT
Shavonne Sims, Hamden, CT
Shawn Bomar, New Haven, CT
Shawn Scalora, Kensington, CT
Shawna Wortz, Milford, CT
Shelby Cox, Guilford, CT
Shelby Mendillo, Derby, CT
Sherri Rabin, Stratford, CT
Shqiponja Kuka, Derby, CT
Sidney Jones, Hartford, CT
Sierra Mayerson, Brookfield, CT
Sierra Weum, Lebanon, CT
Sonia Morant, Wethersfield, CT
Sonya Taylor, Milford, CT
Sophia Oneto, Prospect, CT
Sophia Porretta, Guilford, CT
Sophia Whipple, Colchester, CT
Stefany Barbagallo, Plainville, CT
Stefany Mitchell, Milford, CT
Stephanie Bellofiore, Trumbull, CT
Stephanie Gagne, Meriden, CT
Stephanie Preising, Stamford, CT
Stephanie Richard, Naugatuck, CT
Stephanie Sanchez, North Haven, CT
Stephanie Sirois, Cheshire, CT
Stephanie Turcotte, Cheshire, CT
Stephanie Viola, Norwalk, CT
Stephen Duncanson, Stratford, CT
Stephen Furr, North Branford, CT
Stephen Murray, Milford, CT
Stevie Fell, Naugatuck, CT
Susan Anthony, West Haven, CT
Susan Leeper, Beacon Falls, CT
Sydney Carter, Derby, CT
Sydney Lee, Chester, CT
Sydney Sutcliffe, Madison, CT
Syed Ahmed, Branford, CT
Syeda Minahil Gilani, Bridgeport, CT
Tameka Ruddock, Windsor, CT
Tamera Sternberger, New Haven, CT
Tamonda Griffiths, Milford, CT
Tatyana Buddington, New Haven, CT
Taylar Forte, Wolcott, CT
Taylor Goffredo, Wolcott, CT
Taylor Hall, Waterbury, CT
Taylor Tenenbaum, South Windsor, CT
Taylor Thomas, Yonkers, NY
Teresa Kraszewski, East Haven, CT
Terri Davis, Milford, CT
Terri Jordan, Manchester, CT
Tess Buschmann, East Haddam, CT
Tessa McNaboe, Burlington, CT
Thalia Feliciano, new haven, CT
Therese Ziaks, Branford, CT
Thomas Birmingham, Brookfield, CT
Thomas Bishop, Cheshire, CT
Thomas Hoang, East Haven, CT
Thomas Pelton, Portland, CT
Thomas Poirier, Naugatuck, CT
Thomas Sullivan, Stratford, CT
Tianna Thomas, West Haven, CT
Tiara Guagenti, Seymour, CT
Tienna-Lynn Fisher, New Haven, CT
Tiffanie Edwards, Bridgeport, CT
Tiffany Ortega, Bridgeport, CT
Timothy Abbott, Stamford, CT
Tom Berisha, Darien, CT
Tomas Stisi, Shelton, CT
Toni Sousa, Newington, CT
Tracy Henri, Ansonia, CT
Tranisha Blackwell, Bridgeport, CT
Trent Kaisen, Guilford, CT
Troy Stegman, Wethersfield, CT
Ty-zhayia Brown, New Haven, CT
Tyler Criscuolo, Branford, CT
Tyler Feger, Kensington, CT
Tyler Japs, Wolcott, CT
Tyler Korponai, Stratford, CT
Tyler Newkirk, West Haven, CT
Valdes Rival, Bridgeport, CT
Valerie Roberts, Shelton, CT
Vanessa Gullotta, Oakville, CT
Vasana Francois, Bethany, CT
Victoria Bresnahan, West Haven, CT
Victoria Lacafta, Storrs Mansfield, CT
Victoria O’Malley, Shelton, CT
Victoria Young, New Haven, CT
Vinali Patel, East Haven, CT
Vincent D’Angelo, Shelton, CT
Vittoria Cristante, North Branford, CT
Weston Gambardella, West Haven, CT
William Aliou, Derby, CT
Wonkyun Moon, Fairfield, CT


Abigail Hurlbert, Thomaston, CT
Addrianna Raney, Meriden, CT
Aiden Braumann, Guilford, CT
Alejandro Quijada, West Haven, CT
Alexa Ciarleglio, Branford, CT
Alexandra Comeau, Wethersfield, CT
Alexandra Mercurio, Monroe, CT
Alexandra Sosa, Trumbull, CT
Alexis Young, Hamden, CT
Alicia Fetherston, Madison, CT
Alicia Pelletier, Wallingford, CT
Allison Misbach, Meriden, CT
Allison Pham, New Milford, CT
Amanda Hawkins, ,
Amber Schultz, Monroe, CT
Anastasia Esposito, Orange, CT
Andrea Gudino, Stamford, CT
Andres Chavez, Stratford, CT
Angela Gambino, Wallingford, CT
Ann Bosio, Canaan, CT
Anna Cruz, New Haven, CT
Anna Gemesi, Seymour, CT
Anthony Zambito, Ridgewood, NJ
Antonietta Siconolfi, Naugatuck, CT
Antonio Demartino, Hamden, CT
Ashley Angers, Wethersfield, CT
Asma Labonno, Meriden, CT
Avneet Benipal, Branford, CT
Brandon Lirio, Newington, CT
Brandon Pelzer, Cambria Heights, NY
Brendan Sternbach, Milford, CT
Brent Biernat, Avon, CT
Brigid Sullivan, Guilford, CT
Brittany Squires, Ansonia, CT
Brittany Tompkins, Bantam, CT
Brooke Grand, Shelton, CT
Bryan Sapione, Ansonia, CT
Bryanna Gonski, Milford, CT
Caitlyn Carrafiello, Stratford, CT
Camry Evans, Stamford, CT
Casey Coassin, New Haven, CT
Cassandra Paolillo, Branford, CT
Catherine Wheeler, East Haven, CT
Charles Winters, Northford, CT
Charlotte McMillan, Brookfield, CT
Christian Krysinski, Ansonia, CT
Christian Sgro, Northford, CT
Christine Stackhouse, Terryville, CT
Christopher Brockett, North Haven, CT
Christopher LeBeau, Bristol, CT
Cierra Green, Seymour, CT
Cody Conlon, Bethlehem, CT
Corrine Daley, Branford, CT
Courtney Butler, Branford, CT
Daelyn Yasgar, Wallingford, CT
Daniel Horvath, New Haven, CT
Daniel Klein, Woodbridge, CT
David Petreycik, Stratford, CT
Dean Loehn, Stratford, CT
Diamani Seide, norwalk, CT
Eddie Diaz, New haven, CT
Eldi Shahini, Ansonia, CT
Elise Abu-Sitteh, West Haven, CT
Elizabeth Novoa, Cromwell, CT
Emily Rossini, West Hartford, CT
Emily Taylor, Guilford, CT
Emma Johnson, Milford, CT
Emma Singer, Milford, CT
Erica Gray, Orange, CT
Ericka Norberg, Newtown, CT
Erin Mockler, North Haven, CT
Esosa Enagbare, Glastonbury, CT
Fabrizio Espinal, New Haven, CT
Francesca Pepe, Branford, CT
Gabriella Welsh, Aston, PA
Gabriella Zuk, Southington, CT
Gabrielle Lago, Warren, CT
Gilberto Hernandez, Meriden, CT
Gina Cabrera, New Haven, CT
Gina Marie Ferrigno, East Haven, CT
Giovanni Sciarappa, Seymour, CT
Hannah Pham, Trumbull, CT
Heather Henley, Clinton, CT
Helen Martinez, Derby, CT
Isabel Pocock, Guilford, CT
Iuliia Andersen, Riverside, CT
Ivette Santiago, Bridgeport, CT
Jamie Mulone, Guilford, CT
Jamiy Burey, Shelton, CT
Jason D’addio, Hamden, CT
Jason Moss, Shelton, CT
Jazzminda Acevedo, Bridgeport, CT
Jeet Patel, New Haven, CT
Jenna Zakala, Rome, NY
Jennifer Rondo, Branford, CT
Jessica Gray, Torrington, CT
Jessica Markland, Ivoryton, CT
Jevon Salmon, Stratford, CT
Jeymi Aguero- Hernandez, Torrington, CT
Jillian Korwek, East Haven, CT
John Fitzgerald, North Haven, CT
John Mezzanotte, Killingworth, CT
John Turenne, Wallingford, CT
Jonathan Diaz, Bridgeport, CT
Jordan Romeo, New Haven, CT
Joseph Amarante, Bethany, CT
Joseph Hennessey, Ansonia, CT
Joseph Mayglothling, Stamford, CT
Joseph Rocco, Wolcott, CT
Joshua Rivera, Waterbury, CT
Joshua Rosenthal, Norwich, CT
Judaya Foster, Hartford, CT
Julia Andrelczyk, Naugatuck, CT
Julia Dichello, Meriden, CT
Julia Pelletier, Wallingford, CT
Justin Paolillo, North Haven, CT
Justin Sprague, Seymour, CT
Kacie Velasquez, Stratford, CT
Kai Huang, Cheshire, CT
Kaitlyn Lucas, Clinton, CT
Karol Larrea, Hamden, CT
Katelin Rowe, Branford, CT
Katherine Smith, Cheshire, CT
Kendra Savage, Hamden, CT
Kevin Garcia, Norwalk, CT
Kevin Ledezma, Stratford, CT
Kevin Rivera, Durham, CT
Kiersten Snyder, Waterbury, CT
Kirill Chernyak, Milford, CT
Kristina Pascarelli, Durham, CT
Larissa Topalis, Ledyard, CT
Lashay Rush, East Haven, CT
Lauren Segal, Cheshire, CT
Leah Martino, Branford, CT
Lindsay Zabawar, West Haven, CT
Lindsey Pierce, Naugatuck, CT
Ling Liu, Woodbridge, CT
Lissette Rivera, West Haven, CT
Logan Juniewic, North Haven, CT
Louis Greenway-tambini, Nottingham,
Lukas Garcia, Suffield, CT
Luke Velez, Killingworth, CT
Madeline Turiano, Milford, CT
Madison St. John, Plainville, CT
Madison Trask, Southington, CT
Marcelina Falowska, Bridgeport, CT
Marckendy Jean-Baptiste, Waterbury, CT
Marjae Jackson, Stratford, CT
Marta Brzostowska, Shelton, CT
Matthew DeFrancesco, West Haven, CT
Matthew Giambazi, Shelton, CT
Matthew Schmith, Shelton, CT
Max Mattia, North Haven, CT
Meredith Murphy, Thomaston, CT
Michael Burek, Southington, CT
Michael Sheridan, Milford, CT
Michael Yedowitz, New Milford, CT
Mikayla Hartman-Brown, Stratford, CT
Mileidy Quintero, Bridgeport, CT
Mitchell Cascella, Fairfield, CT
Modeste Koicou-Hangban, New Haven, CT
Moriah Ferguson, Windsor, CT
Muhaymina Plair, New Haven, CT
Natalia Wylezinski, North Branford, CT
Nathan Owens, Hamden, CT
Nicholis Delbuono, Waterbury, CT
Nicole Kopek, Milford, CT
Nicole Santos, Stratford, CT
Nikita Martynau, Stratford, CT
Nina Filippone, Ansonia, CT
Noah Miree, Spring, TX
Olivia Hayes, Stratford, CT
Paige Decker, Millbrook, NY
Patrick Fitzgerald, Hamden, CT
Patrick Mckiernan, Wallingford, CT
Paul Stafstrom, Fairfield, CT
Perry Vincenzi, Trumbull, CT
Phillip Miklovich, Stratford, CT
Raihan Ahmed, Seymour, CT
Ramesh Reid, Shelton, CT
Randy Boyne, Bristol, CT
Redona Karamanaj, Wethersfield, CT
Rex Tran, East Haven, CT
Rigoberto Escalera, New Haven, CT
Robert Carrier, New Haven, CT
Robert Koripsky, Stratford, CT
Robert LoRicco, Guilford, CT
Robert Romero, Darien, CT
Robert Sementilli, Monroe, CT
Ross Roberts, Cheshire, CT
Ryan Miner, Oakdale, CT
Ryan Shalagan, Cheshire, CT
Sabri Akter, Unionville, CT
Sage Albino, Naugatuck, CT
Sara Corbeil, Meriden, CT
Sara Gaccione, North Stonington, CT
Sara Sebastjanska, Seymour, CT
Sarah Santini, Orange, CT
Scott Bohannon, New Haven, CT
Seungwon Lee, Woodbridge, CT
Shaka Gibson, West Haven, CT
Shayla Robinson, Stratford, CT
Shivam Patel, Killington, VT
Shivam Patel, New Haven, CT
Shivani Patel, Norwalk, CT
Staci Goldstein, Weston, CT
Stephanie Blazzi, Monroe, CT
Stuart Devotie, Fairfield, CT
Sydona Tregoning, Durham, CT
Taylor Chisholm, Bridgeport, CT
Tiffany Hinton, Bridgeport, CT
Tina-Marie Valente, North Haven, CT
Trevor O’Malley, Oxford, CT
Tyler D’urso, Orange, CT
Um-e-aimen Um-e-aimen, Hamden, CT
Um-e-maryam Um-e-maryam, Hamden, CT
Valerie Zheng, New Haven, CT
Victoria Neves, Shelton, CT
Victoria Tavares, Hamden, CT
Weens Simon, Fort Myers, FL
Xhin Llenga, Woodbury, CT
Yenny Bayas, West Haven, CT
Zachary Heche, Trumbull, CT
Zain Haseeb, Shelton, CT


Abigael Bosman, Cheshire, CT
Abigail Hanlon, Brookfield, CT
Alexandra Mills, Danbury, CT
Alexandria Rosenbeck, Meriden, CT
Alexia Reyes, Newington, CT
Alexis Tucker, Sandy Hook, CT
Alice Valinsky, Naugatuck, CT
Alison Dempsey, Cheshire, CT
Alyssa Bellizzi, Newington, CT
Alyssa Donovan, New London, CT
Alyssa Gorman, Monroe, CT
Alyssa Kopjanski, Cheshire, CT
Alyssa Korzon, Beacon Falls, CT
Alyssa Martorelli, Middlebury, CT
Alyssa Santiago, Stratford, CT
Amanda Daugherty, Hamden, CT
Amanda Diurno, Stratford, CT
Amanda Gelada, Plantsville, CT
Amanda Pfohl, Trumbull, CT
Amanda Rosabella, Riverside, CT
Amaris Forte, Saint Albans, NY
Amber Adams, Meriden, CT
Amber Beliveau, Beacon Falls, CT
Amy Guo, Middlebury, CT
Anastasia Wilson, Moodus, CT
Angela Markiewicz, Waterbury, CT
Anna Cullen, Fairfield, CT
Annamarie Slevinsky, Terryville, CT
Arielle Holloway, New Haven, CT
Ashley Ayers, Derby, CT
Ashley Bosco, Monroe, CT
Ashley Connolly, Shelton, CT
Ashley Streeto, Guilford, CT
Brian Myers, Westport, CT
Briana Lucatino, Northford, CT
Briana Patterson, New Haven, CT
Brianna Grippo, East Haven, CT
Brittany Turk, Westbrook, CT
Brittany Zambiella, Oakville, CT
Cailey Howser, Litchfield, CT
Cailyn Aichelman, Shelton, CT
Cansu Citlak, New Haven, CT
Carlie Vaillancourt, Waterbury, CT
Carly Stopper, Wallingford, CT
Carmen Ruano, Bridgeport, CT
Caroline Ecke, Prospect, CT
Casey Jackson, Higganum, CT
Cassandra Terrusa, Wallingford, CT
Cassidy Cappannelli, Chappaqua, NY
Chelsea Brandt, East Haven, CT
Christina Mazzeo, Stratford, CT
Christina Silva, East Lyme, CT
Christina Zaino, West Haven, CT
Christopher Buckridge, New Haven, CT
Christopher Hughes, Orange, CT
Cody Bergeron, Fairfield, CT
Colleen Isberg, Oxford, CT
Colleen Oesterle, Monroe, CT
Courtney Jorde, Katonah, NY
Courtney Pecora, New Milford, CT
Danielle McMahon, Stratford, CT
Danielle Sullivan, Oakdale, CT
Deidra O’Connor, East Haven, CT
Deja Daniels, Bridgeport, CT
Delaney Vumback, Westbrook, CT
Devin Lynch, Watertown, CT
Elizabeth Gargano, Naugatuck, CT
Emily Caffrey, Wolcott, CT
Emily DeSorbo, North Branford, CT
Emma Harter, Woodbury, CT
Emma Schober, Trumbull, CT
Emma Soltis, Trumbull, CT
Gabriela Jarrin, Bridgeport, CT
Gabriella Belli, Wallingford, CT
Gabriella Critelli, White Plains, NY
Gabriella D’Elia, Prospect, CT
Gabriella Lavorgna, Northford, CT
Gabrielle Camarero, Stratford, CT
Gabrielle Roy, Manchester, CT
Georgia-Nicolette Kassimis, Norwalk, CT
Gianna Acabbo, East Haven, CT
Gina Monelli, Stratford, CT
Gris Gutierrez Barrientos, Ansonia, CT
Haley Lepsik, Rocky Hill, CT
Halley Shambra, Trumbull, CT
Hannah Johnson, Milford, CT
Hannah Magson, Hamden, CT
Hannah O’Hazo, Harwinton, CT
Heather Uphold, Old Saybrook, CT
Heidi Matias, Danbury, CT
Hunter Komm, Wallingford, CT
Jake Velleco, Seymour, CT
James MacGovern, Wethersfield, CT
Jamie Longobardi, Derby, CT
Jana Bartomioli, Cos Cob, CT
Jasmine Decou, West Haven, CT
Jeff Haney, Oxford, CT
Jeffrey Garza, Danbury, CT
Jenna Quintiliano, Monroe, CT
Jennifer Dawson, Clinton, CT
Jennifer Weissauer, Milford, CT
Jenny Satagaj, Berlin, CT
Jessi Rudewicz, Wallingford, CT
Jessica Atkins, Pawcatuck, CT
Jessica Grote, Waterford, CT
Jessica LeClerc, Thomaston, CT
Jessica Maier, Enfield, CT
Jessica Minty, Shelton, CT
Jessica Orazietti, Shelton, CT
Jessica Reyes Palencia, Stamford, CT
Jessica Roginski, Norwalk, CT
Jillian Chambers, Shelby Township, MI
Jolee Parolise, Branford, CT
Jonathan Bourque, West Haven, CT
Jovanna Mancini, Woodbury, CT
Juan Medina, Naugatuck, CT
Julia Burns, Fairfield, CT
Julia Chambers, Norwalk, CT
Julia Raucci, West Haven, CT
Justine Winiarski, Coventry, CT
Kaily Gruttadauria, Stratford, CT
Kally Donlan, Westbrook, CT
Kalyrin Rivera, Waterbury, CT
Kara Jones, Pawcatuck, CT
Karlene Welles, Newington, CT
Kassandra Frey, Milford, CT
Katelin Adintori, Fairfield, CT
Katelyn Brodeur, Naugatuck, CT
Katelyn Limata, Cheshire, CT
Katherine Viteretto, Norwalk, CT
Kathleen Morton, Hamden, CT
Kayla Dickinson, New Haven, CT
Kayla Metzger, North Branford, CT
Keila Hernandez, New Haven, CT
Kelly Casale, Monroe, CT
Kelly Erazmus, Stratford, CT
Kelsey Monaghan, Guilford, CT
Kelsey Sabia, Wilton, CT
Kendra Kochol, Southington, CT
Kennedy Ballard, Brookfield, CT
Kennedy DelVecchio, North Haven, CT
Kiley Burrows, Naugatuck, CT
Kira Flynn, Sandy Hook, CT
Kristine Oulman, Easton, CT
Kylee Vitka-Lainey, Stratford, CT
Lamesha Randolph, West Haven, CT
Lauren Brainard, Stratford, CT
Lauren Granville, Sandy Hook, CT
Lauren Repetsky, Milford, CT
Lena Bisaccia, Chester, CT
Lori Donovan, Gales Ferry, CT
Madison Fornal, Middletown, CT
Maeghan Howard, Bethany, CT
Margaret Johnson, North Haven, CT
Maria Beltran, Middlebury, CT
Maria Labati, Sandy Hook, CT
Marisa D’angelo, Shelton, CT
Marisa Lenti, Wallingford, CT
Marisol Rivera, Norwalk, CT
Marissa Panzo, North Branford, CT
Mary Luz Heidtmann, West Haven, CT
Matthew Galezowski, Ansonia, CT
Meagan Dooley, Hamden, CT
Meaghan Dupuis, North Branford, CT
Meaghan McLaughlin, Bristol, CT
Megan Garner, Hamden, CT
Megan Gless, Shelton, CT
Megan Ralston, Suffield, CT
Megan Robertson, Stratford, CT
Melanie Vieira, Beacon Falls, CT
Melissa Biolo, Wolcott, CT
Melissa Tkacs-Soli, West Haven, CT
Michael Delgado, Fairfield, CT
Michael Manoni, Oxford, CT
Michael McClean, Stratford, CT
Mikayla Riccio, Shelton, CT
Mira El Turk, Hamden, CT
Miranda Crenshaw, Saint Paul, MN
Miranda Gursky, Watertown, CT
Mirlinda Dovolani, Stamford, CT
Moira Wynne, Cheshire, CT
Monica Reardon, Trumbull, CT
Nalleli Becerra, Norwalk, CT
Naomi Salamea, Norwalk, CT
Natalie Ferris, Shelton, CT
Nicholas Lucatino, Southbury, CT
Nicole Kiernan, Wallingford, CT
Nicole Thomas, Seymour, CT
Nicole Waibel, Fairfield, CT
Oleksandra Edwards, New London, CT
Orlian Senior, Trumbull, CT
Paige Raucci, Milford, CT
Paige Vollero, West Haven, CT
Paula Munoz-gonzalez, Hamden, CT
Peyton Northrop, Southbury, CT
Peyton Tiriolo, Cheshire, CT
Rachael Sawicki, West Haven, CT
Rachael Tyrrel, Cheshire, CT
Rachel Knight, Stamford, CT
Rachel Melia, Stamford, CT
Rachel Papa, Hamden, CT
Rachel Shea, Derby, CT
Rebecca Gregoire, Waterford, CT
Rebecca Roos, Fairfield, CT
Rebecca Welter, Ridgefield, CT
Renee Liquori, North Haven, CT
Renee Villarreal, Meriden, CT
Rita Spear, Bridgeport, CT
Robert Romano, Norwalk, CT
Rylee Bathrick, North Haven, CT
Sabrina Chevrette, Shelton, CT
Salvatore Tuozzola, Milford, CT
Samantha Chabot, Oakville, CT
Samantha Crans, Madison, CT
Samantha Koproski, Stamford, CT
Samantha Pryce, Suffield, CT
Sandra Britton, Woodbridge, CT
Sara Dibenedictis, Cheshire, CT
Sarah Foraker, Hamden, CT
Sarah Smith, Newtown, CT
Savannah Beecher, guilford, CT
Savannah Nido, Waterbury, CT
Sawyer Nicholas, Trumbull, CT
Shannon Searles, Naugatuck, CT
Shayne Catala, Wallingford, CT
Stache Jones, West Haven, CT
Sydney Mandeville, Oxford, CT
Sydney Wichmann, Granby, CT
Tanajhae Lomba, Bridgeport, CT
Tatiana Lorenzo, Meriden, CT
Taylor Bova, Orange, CT
Taylor Hurley, Canaan, CT
Taylor Labarbera, Danbury, CT
Taylor Macdowell, Glastonbury, CT
Taylor Oleksiak, Seymour, CT
Taylor Winder, Salem, CT
Tori Mazzarella, Rocky Hill, CT
Tracy Boyer, Westport, CT
Trevor Whalen, Rocky Hill, CT
Tyler Cancelli, Hamden, CT
Victor Orsini, Fairfield, CT
Victoria Davis, Stratford, CT
Victoria Louis, Windsor, CT
Wesley White, South WIndsor, CT
Xiomara Marrero, new haven, CT


Abby Rodrigue, Seymour, CT
Abigail Bamberger, New Haven, CT
Abigail Bensley, Malvern, PA
Adaeze Iwuchukwu, Berlin, CT
Adam Enoch, Meriden, CT
Adrianna Guerrera, Watertown, CT
Aja Diggs, Hamden, CT
Ajahrae McPherson, Bridgeport, CT
Alan-Michael Ziegler, Beacon Falls, CT
Alba Cruz, Stratford, CT
Alec Apuzzo, Wallingford, CT
Alexander Carotenuto, Shelton, CT
Alexander Wilbour, Glastonbury, CT
Alexander Woznicki, Orange, CT
Alexandra Leon, Bridgeport, CT
Alexandra Picasso, Hauppauge, NY
Alexandra Russo, Rocky Hill, CT
Alexandria Abbagnaro, New Haven, CT
Alexandria Benzi, North Branford, CT
Alexis Bickham, Ledyard, CT
Alexis Negron, Milldale, CT
Alexis Simons, South Windsor, CT
Alexis Trovarelli, Stratford, CT
Alexis Williams, Hartford, CT
Alexis Zhitomi, Shelton, CT
Alice Simmel, Trumbull, CT
Alisha Botelho, Danbury, CT
Allison Clark, Wilton, CT
Allison Edwards, New Fairfield, CT
Allison Noble, Newington, CT
Ally Morin-Viall, Windsor, CT
Allyson Starkey, Stratford, CT
Alycia Calabrese, Plymouth, CT
Alyssa Esteves, Prospect, CT
Alyssa Hoyt, Branford, CT
Alyssa Kassimis, Stratford, CT
Alyssa Laydon, North Haven, CT
Alyssa Maddern, West Haven, CT
Alyssa Parete, Wallingford, CT
Amalia Mahon, New Haven, CT
Amanda Cusumano, Trumbull, CT
Amanda Johnson, Seymour, CT
Amanda Sciola, Oakdale, CT
Amanda Solleck, Bristol, CT
Amber Archambault, Windsor Locks, CT
Amber Drobnak, East Haven, CT
Amy Borkowski, New Haven, CT
Amy Karlberg, Waterford, CT
Amy Kelly, West Haven, CT
Amy Orenstein, Guilford, CT
Anastasia Phillips, Norwalk, CT
Andrea Caceres-Autunno, New Haven, CT
Andrea Egan, Waterbury, CT
Andrea Greenwald, Norwalk, CT
Andrew Swift, Preston, CT
Anecia Gidden, Bridgeport, CT
Angela Chiaravalloti, Cheshire, CT
Angelica Colon, Hamden, CT
Angelica Gill, Glastonbury, CT
Angelina Volpe, North Haven, CT
Angelique Boyd, New Haven, CT
Anne Prusak, Fairfield, CT
Annie Kaczmarczyk, Plainville, CT
Annie Ricupero, Uncasville, CT
Anthony Lawson, New Britain, CT
Antoinette Jackson, East Hartford, CT
Antonio Pavic, North Branford, CT
April Meadows, Stratford, CT
Ariel Audette, Jewett City, CT
Ariella Piekarz, Madison, CT
Arthur Ziegler, Trumbull, CT
Aschlyn Dawson, Terryville, CT
Ashley Burkell, Wethersfield, CT
Ashley Kucharski, Burlington, CT
Ashley Schaffer, Monroe, CT
Ashley Stone, North Branford, CT
Audrey Gaboriault, Beverly, MA
Aurora Guadagnoli, Trumbull, CT
Averye Bassett, Cheshire, CT
Ayla Thurstan, Amston, CT
Beckett McEwen, Cheshire, CT
Benjamin Jose Paz, Stamford, CT
Benjamin Yambao, Shelton, CT
Bereniz Cote Luna, Hamden, CT
Bernice Aldarondo, Waterbury, CT
Bethany Meyer, Haddam, CT
Bianca Vernali, Bloomfield, CT
Brandon Burns, Cheshire, CT
Brenda Morgan, Wallingford, CT
Brenda Soares, Danbury, CT
Breyona Linton, East Hartford, CT
Briana Cotton, South Windsor, CT
Briana Sestito, West Haven, CT
Brianna Grande, West Hartford, CT
Brianna Hamilton, Meriden, CT
Brianna Migliarese, Monroe, CT
Bridget Forte, Wolcott, CT
Brielle Benson, Waterford, CT
Britney Ruffin, West Haven, CT
Brittany Czajkowski, Milford, CT
Brittany Dainiak, Ansonia, CT
Brittany McCormick, Cheshire, CT
Brittany Post, Canterbury, CT
Brittany Ruffin, New Haven, CT
Bryana Ferretti, Branford, CT
Busra Tuzcu, West Haven, CT
Cailey Botteon, Moodus, CT
Caitlin Julian, Naugatuck, CT
Caitlyn Connolly, Niantic, CT
Caitlyn Parisi, Milford, CT
Candace Chapman, Milford, CT
Carla Soares, Naugatuck, CT
Carli Atwood, Woodbridge, CT
Carlie Buchino, Milford, CT
Carlie Tammaro, West Haven, CT
Carlos Galarza, East Haven, CT
Caroline Henry, Watertown, CT
Cassandre Marcel, Bridgeport, CT
Cassidy Allen, West Haven, CT
Catherine Pietrafesa, Harwinton, CT
Cephas Ayellakai, Hamden, CT
Chandler Williams, Chepachet, RI
Chanel Clark, New Britain, CT
Chelsea DellaRocca, North Branford, CT
Chibuihe Dike, East Hartford, CT
Chloe Impellizeri, Orange, CT
Christen Carnes, Darien, CT
Christian Deskin, Norwalk, CT
Christie Abreu, Bristol, CT
Christina Batista, Naugatuck, CT
Christina Kalogeris, Fairfield, CT
Christopher Maisto, Wolcott, CT
Christopher Vallecillo, Milford, CT
Chynnia Piland, Waterbury, CT
Claire Hines, Wallingford, CT
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Danielle Ott, Guilford, CT
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Danielle Spinelli, Middlebury, CT
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James D’elia, Wethersfield, CT
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Jamie Slubowski, Northford, CT
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Jane Marlor, Bethany, CT
Jannelle Stephenson, New Haven, CT
Jase Trelli, Meriden, CT
Jasmin Williamson, Hartford, CT
Jasmine Anyafulu, West Haven, CT
Jayla Manning, New Haven, CT
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Jennifer Anziano, Meriden, CT
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Yashna Wadher, London,

The sky’s the limit for Gabriel Geist, ’17, and Jack Dowe, ’17, co-founders of FlyReal, a full-service drone marketing and consulting company.

The FlyReal team includes [from left] two alumni of Southern’s School of Business — Gabriel Geist,’17, and Jack Dowe, ’17 — and fellow partners Justin Kegley and José Alvarez de Lugo [missing from photo].

You know your college business course is a standout when it inspires you to launch an actual business. So it was for Jack Dowe, ’17, and Gabriel Geist, ’17, who on April 12, 2017, exited Management 450 — Business Policy and Strategy — and headed to a study room in Buley Library to incorporate their new company.

“How’s that for a founders’ story?” asks Dowe of the resulting enterprise — FlyReal, a marketing and consulting company that specializes in drone video and photography. Based in New Haven, the company works primarily with the real estate industry, but has expanded into general marketing. Soon after taking to the skies, the FlyReal team has completed projects in 12 states for clients that include the KeyBank Foundation and commercial real estate leaders Marcus and Millichap, Cushman and Wakefield, Northside Development, and the NNN Pro Group. “The biggest kick for me is that we are helping to define an entire industry,” says Dowe.

A partnership forms
The FlyReal story began in a classroom — a Saturday session of the aforementioned Management 450, taught by Linda Ferraro, assistant professor of management. All business majors are required to complete the capstone course, which challenges teams of students to “run” a simulated business — a sensor company with about $100 million in initial hypothetical sales. Working online and in the classroom, each team draws on everything learned in previous business courses: accounting, economics, management, marketing, and more to operate their “sensor company” as successfully as possible.

The business-strategy simulation — called Capstone™ — is fittingly challenging. It was originally developed by Capsim for corporate management training, used by companies like Microsoft, General Electric, PwC, and Samsung. “It’s used in quite a few MBA programs,” says Ferraro. “It definitely requires students to up their game.”

Dowe and Geist were placed on the same Management 450 team. The senior business majors hadn’t previously met but had a lot in common — specifically a commitment to their studies. Dowe transferred to Southern from George Washington University in Washington, D.C., where he received a scholarship after graduating summa cum laude from Hamden Hall Country Day School. It had seemed a dream scenario. But the fit wasn’t right, and he made the difficult decision to leave for New Haven.

At Southern, everything fell into place. Dowe was named one of eight School of Business Ambassadors — a leadership-development program — and was invited to Tokyo, Japan, to explore international business through a program led by alumnus Austin Auger, ’78. Dowe ultimately graduated summa cum laude.

Gabriel Geist was a transfer student as well, enrolling at Southern after taking classes at Middlesex Community College. He also studied abroad, spending a semester at the highly regarded EDHEC Business School in Lille, France. As a Southern student, he tutored classmates at the Academic Success Center, completed two tax internships, and served as treasurer of SUMA Marketing (Southern’s chapter of the American Marketing Association) as well as the Accounting Society. He also worked part-time as a ballroom dance instructor —managing his busy schedule and graduating cum laude.

The two dedicated students took Management 450 in their final semester — and they gave it 110 percent. They each worked near the New Haven green, and would sometimes meet for lunch to discuss the project. One day, Geist shared an idea he’d had while studying abroad in France: a drone marketing company.

“The most important thing I learned in Management 450 was to view my learning outside of the context of the classroom,” says Gabriel Geist, ’17, (right) with Jack Dowe, ’17, (center) and Justin Kegley.

Dowe was intrigued and the student teammates soon became real-life business partners. They found an initial investor, purchased the required equipment, and within months FlyReal was open for business.

“The most important thing I learned in Management 450 was to view my learning outside of the context of the classroom,” notes Geist. “I give credit to Linda Ferraro and her discussion-based learning style for our success in developing our business idea.”

Their former professor is thrilled but not surprised to learn about FlyReal. Dowe and Geist did well in the class, ending the business simulation with more than $400 million in hypothetical sales over eight simulated years — a 300 percent increase. “Both are extremely intelligent and exceedingly professional,” she says. “Jack [Dowe] has the ability to unite people around a common purpose. He has great energy and enthusiasm — and a level of curiosity that inspires him to ask questions without fear,” says Ferraro.

Her opinion of Geist is equally telling. “Gabe is extremely thoughtful and analytical. He integrates information so well and is also curious, but in a less extroverted way.” They are, she notes, a good team.

Which leads us to today. Challenges remain — including balancing the demands of holding traditional corporate positions while running their own business. Dowe is a multi-family analyst at M&T Realty Capital Corporation and Geist is an international tax associate with RSM US, where he previously interned.

They are also entrepreneurs. As managing partners at FlyReal, they work alongside partners José Alvarez de Lugo, director of business development, and Justin Kegley, creative director, who pilots the drones.

Dowe and Geist say the opportunity for future success is their ultimate inspiration. They hope to expand FlyReal’s focus and work with hotels, resorts, golf courses, and more. They also would like to segue into industrial applications such as mapping, zoning, and surveying.

“Right now, drones are largely for hobbyists,” says Dowe. “But in 10 years, every industry is going to have an application for a drone.” He pauses, then asks a hypothetical question: “When that time comes, who is going to have a platform of FAA- [Federal Aviation Administration] certified, experienced drone operators — one that is large enough to meet that huge need? There will be very few. And if you can be one of the top 10, you’re all set.”

Southern’s Honors College brings the best of both worlds to academically proficient students: the challenging curriculum and small class sizes found at elite private colleges — and the countless opportunities and comparatively low cost of a major public university.

First-year and sophomore members of the Honors College gathered to present their research at an on-campus student conference in spring 2018.

Julia Rotella, ’17, excelled in honors-level courses at Masuk High School in Monroe, Conn., and had her pick of potential colleges. Drawing on her long-held interest in business — Rotella sold items on eBay as a child — she looked into Bentley University, a regionally top-ranked private college specializing in business where annual tuition/fees totaled more than $41,000 at the time (2013-14).

At Jonathan Law High School in Milford, Conn., Cody Edson, ’16, M.S. ’17, also earned top grades but planned to postpone college. The oldest of five siblings, he knew tuition costs would be challenging for himself and his parents, both police officers. So he thought he’d enlist in the U.S. Navy and attend college later.

In contrast, Kara Jones, ’18, the oldest of four, says postponing college was never an option. A talented student at Stonington High School, Jones intended to become an educator — and a well-respected teacher recommended Southern, citing its historically excellent education program. “But to be honest, it was at the bottom of my list,” says Jones. “I had my eye on a number of other places. I didn’t even know about the Honors College.”

School of Business and Honors College graduate Julia Rotella, ’17

Ah, the twists and turns of the college search process — the oft-demanding quest for the perfect mix of access, affordability, comfort, and aspirational goals. Months later, when Jones happily enrolled at Southern, she was one of about 40 first-year students in Southern’s Honors College — a program for students who excelled in high school and show a strong desire to continue their outstanding academic success.

Her experience was echoed by Rotella and Edson. All received Presidential Merit Scholarships covering full in-state tuition and fees — and, in hindsight, all say their decision to join Southern’s Honors College was the right one. Their academic success is certainly telling — reflecting the program’s historical student-retention rate of well-over 90 percent. In 2017, Rotella graduated summa cum laude — after being named the runner-up in the American Marketing Association’s national “Student Member of the Year” competition.

As for Jones and Edson? Both moved on to graduate school at nationally top-ranked universities. In the fall, Jones started a master’s degree in the reading specialist program at Teachers College, Columbia University — aided by a scholarship covering full tuition and fees. Meanwhile, Edson — who earned undergraduate and graduate degrees in chemistry in five years through an accelerated program at Southern — is pursuing a doctorate at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) in Troy, N.Y. “Applying to a Ph.D. program is very competitive,” says Edson. “But because of the research I did at Southern and all of the extracurricular activities, RPI said, ‘We want you.’ It was a very humbling experience to be wanted by such a prestigious university.”

James Kearns, assistant professor of chemistry, works with Honors College graduate Cody Edson, ’16, M.S. ’17.

Southern’s Honor College has a history of such success stories, says Terese Gemme, who’s led the program since 2002. A commitment to excellence is a hallmark of the Honors College, which offers small, seminar-style classes (under 20 students) and a focus on interdisciplinary study, faculty-student collaboration, research, and writing. “Those who apply are looking for a challenge. They want to be part of a community of scholars — and they believe that education should provide room for in-depth exploration and creative learning,” says Gemme.

At some universities, honors programs have come under fire for being isolationist, in effect creating a multi-tiered approach to education. In contrast, Southern’s Honors College is highly inclusive. Students may choose any major — and also take many regular courses. In 2016-17, honors theses were completed by 35 students representing 15 different majors, including art, communication, economics and finance, nursing, and physics.

The program was recently restructured to offer two levels of study. Most students continue to participate in the program over four years, completing honors courses in place of most university liberal arts requirements. In addition, a new Honors College minor also has been introduced, requiring a minimum of 18 honors course credits, including a capstone experience.

This capstone experience — required of all traditional Honors College participants as well as those electing the minor — has become more flexible as well. As in the past, students may complete a departmental honors thesis or creative project. But they may also conduct community-engaged research or study abroad.

The depth and diversity of their work are impressive — particularly for students at the undergraduate level. For his honors thesis, Joshua Cohn, ’17, an art major in the Honors College, held a solo exhibit of stunning sculptures he created from “repurposed earthly materials”— granite, ceramic, and metal. In contrast, Edson worked with James Kearns, assistant professor of chemistry, to develop a field test to determine arsenic levels in soil. And Rotella developed a business plan that incorporated social responsibility.

Recent Honors College graduate Joshua Cohn, ’17, mounted a solo art exhibit for his senior honors thesis.

This added flexibility is a boon to students who are dedicated to making the most of their education. “If you ask most students in the Honors College what they like to do, they can’t keep quiet. There are just too many things they’re interested in,” says J. Philip Smith, professor emeritus of mathematics and former interim president of Southern. Smith was the founding director of the Honors College and continues to teach Honors College courses, including “Ambiguity and Uncertainty in the Arts and Sciences,” an interdisciplinary course he leads alongside Michael Shea, professor of English.

Jones, who double majored in education and psychology, says the course was one of her favorites. She comments: “I love English but wasn’t able to pursue it as a major in college, so I liked having that time to explore literature — or even to talk about math because it’s not a subject I would normally approach.

“From an educational standpoint, that is something I value,” Jones continues. “I don’t think you should be going to college just for a degree. I think you should go to learn . . . to become well-rounded and a critical thinker.”

There are significant financial incentives as well — particularly relevant since college students from all four-year institutions of higher learning in Connecticut graduated with an average debt level of more than $35,490 in 2016. Beginning with the Class of 2020, all first-year students admitted to Southern’s Honors College receive a merit-based scholarship. Currently, the top 20 percent are awarded a Presidential Merit Scholarship covering full in-state tuition costs and fees. For the remainder, the scholarship covers a minimum of one-half of these costs. All are renewable for four years.

Francisco Salinas, an Honors College student who graduated in May with a degree in computer science and a minor in mathematics, says that the financial support allows students to focus more fully on their studies — as well as meaningful internships, research opportunities, and community outreach. A native of Quito, Ecuador, he immigrated to the U.S. with his family in 2001 — and went on to graduate seventh in his class at Platt Technical High School. He applied to the Honors College at his father’s urging — and says he was somewhat overwhelmed to receive the acceptance letter and learn he’d received a full Presidential Merit Scholarship. “We were immediately celebrating. That was one of the best days of my life,” he says.

There are 180 students in the Honors College, including those who applied to the program after their first-year or as transfer students. (The latter groups do not receive scholarships.)

Honors College students are a talented group: the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) scores of last year’s entering class averaged 1250. (The 2018 application suggested a minimum combined SAT score of approximately 1080, or the ACT equivalent.) That said, admissions is based on far more than test scores, including letters of recommendation; a review of past leadership and community service; and several essays. “I can tell you that 100 percent of our students are involved in leadership or community service in high school,” says Gemme.

Finalists are invited to an Honors College Essay Day to learn more about the program, complete a writing prompt, and join an Honors College-style class. The review process is rigorous and time-consuming, particularly in comparison to some colleges that rely solely on standardized test scores. “We only have 40 spots per year — and not only do we want the 40 best students, but we want the 40 students who we think will be most successful and thrive in the program,” says Gemme.

Honors College students share their research at an on-campus conference.

Interest in the Honors College has grown significantly, fueled, in part, by rising tuition costs at private colleges and the comparatively low cost of attending Southern. In recent years, the New York Times, U.S. News, USA Today, the Washington Post, and countless others have lauded the benefits of honors programs offered at state universities.

At Southern, there were more than 200 applicants for the Honors College’s 40 spots for first-year students in 2017 — an increase of more than 122 percent from four years prior. “The Honors College now attracts students from across the country – which it didn’t do initially,” says Smith.

Regardless of where students hail from, once at Southern, the Honors College is home. Building that sense of community, in recent years, about 74 percent of students opted to live with peers in the on-campus Honors College Living and Learning Community, located in West Residence Campus Hall.

Kara Jones chose that option her first and sophomore years — and continued to live with three Honors College students when she moved as an upper-classman. “We built lifelong friendships. . . . We worked on group assignments and helped each other edit papers. Some of the Honors College classes are very challenging, so it was good for morale to live together,” says Jones.

Students also often gather at the Honors College Library, which in March 2010 was dedicated in memory of Daniel Ort, professor emeritus of English and the Honors College co-founder. (The program began in 1982 and was initially the brainchild of Ort; Martin Anisman, then dean of the School of Arts and Sciences; and Kenneth Gatzke, professor of philosophy, says Smith, who became the program’s first director.)

Looking forward, the program’s recent changes — including the aforementioned adoption of the new minor, enhanced capstone options, an increased focus on community outreach, and scholarship dollars for all — offer expanded opportunities for future scholars. Yet, challenges remain. Gemme notes that based on interest, the Honors College could easily double in size while still keeping its small community feel. But additional funding is needed to provide more merit scholarships. “There are so many students who we think would be great in the program that we just don’t have the scholarships to support,” says Gemme.

In the meantime, she is committed to making the experience as rich as possible for today’s Honors College students. She concedes that at least initially some of these “star students” did not see themselves as Southern candidates. “But once they see what we are and what we do, they realize Southern is exactly what they want,” says Gemme. “They find it’s like being in a liberal arts college with peers who are as excited about learning as they are. And they also have all the resources of a large university — the football team, the campus-wide service learning opportunities, the theater, student government, clubs, and student life. It’s the best of both worlds.” ■

Elm Shakespeare Company returns to New Haven’s Edgerton Park this summer with one of the Bard’s less performed plays, Love’s Labour’s Lost. Celebrating its 23rd season, Elm Shakespeare is Southern’s theater company in residence and provides world-class theater, free of charge, to audiences of approximately 30,000 people from throughout greater New Haven and statewide. This year will mark the company directorial debut of Producing Artistic Director Rebecca Goodheart and will also feature the return of Elm Shakespeare Company Founding Artistic Director James Andreassi in the role of Don Armado.

This year’s production will also feature acclaimed professional actors and theater professionals with ties to Southern, including SCSU faculty and sound designer Mike Skinner, Theatre Department Chair Kaia Monroe-Rarick, and lecturer Benjamin Curns. The company also employs a number of current and former Southern students as actors and production staff for the summer, including senior Matt Iannantuoni as company manager and recent graduates Kevin Redline as wardrobe supervisor, Ashley Sweet as second assistant stage manager, and Cailey Harwood Smith as property master. The Love’s Labour’s Lost cast also features several SCSU alumni, including Betzabeth Castro as Katherine (pictured above), Brianna Bauch as Moth, and Gracy Brown as Boyet, as well as senior Sasha Mahmoud as Maria.

The powerful longstanding partnership between Elm Shakespeare and Southern, begun in 1997, became official in 2016 with the signing of an official Memo of Understanding designating Elm Shakespeare as the Theater-in-Residence at Southern. Elm Shakespeare now has offices on campus, offers a variety of its educational programs to youth ages 7-18 at Southern, and is fully integrated into the SCSU Theatre Department activities and facilities.

The 2018 production of Love’s Labour’s Lost is a whimsical jazz-age tale chock full of witty wordplay, music, dance, and riotous mishaps. Love’s Labour’s Lost marks the start of Shakespeare’s most lyrical comedies. With live music before and throughout the performance, Elm’s production promises to be as luscious in language and look as Edgerton Park itself, while posing questions about consent, class, and a woman’s role in the political arena. Love’s Labour’s Lost is a tale of love — for big ideas, for delicious words, and for that special someone. The King of Navarre has sworn to give up the pleasures of the world for serious study and contemplation. But when the Princess of France arrives, exuberant frivolity triumphs over studious drudgery, and the whole town erupts in pursuit of what (and who) they love!

Goodheart says “Love’s Labour’s Lost is indeed a romp and yet it’s also a timely story of what happens when, too enraptured by our own desires, we fail to listen. Love can still win, but there is a price to be paid.”

Summer performances will run Thursday, August 16 through Sunday, September 2, Tuesday-Sunday at 8 p.m. (with live music beginning at 7:30 p.m.) in Edgerton Park in New Haven, located at 75 Cliff Street. The performances will be free to the public with a suggested donation of $20, $10 for students and $5 for children 12 and under. Picnicking prior to the performance is encouraged. Visit the Elm Shakespeare website for more information on cast and production staff bios, play synopsis, directions, news on New Haven food vendors in the park, Tree Talks, and protocol for cancellations due to inclement weather.

Twenty-seven STEM teachers were on campus recently for the sixth annual Materials and Manufacturers Summer Teachers’ Institute, a school-to-career initiative that targets STEM skills instruction in the New Haven and Bridgeport Public Schools, grades 7-12. The teachers’ professional development is the institute’s strategy for engaging 7th – 12th grade students in the practical uses of STEM skills in manufacturing and materials science.

This outreach effort — a strategic partnership among SouthernCRISP, the Southern Connecticut Chapter of the American Society for Materials InternationalCT Technical High School System and the New Haven Manufacturers Association — focuses on teacher education. It immerses teachers in the needs, rigors, skill sets, applications, and training that the manufacturing community need and employ.

To date the program has impacted over 150 teachers from across the State. Christine Broadbridge, dean of the School of Graduate Studies, Research, & Innovation (GSRI) and co-director of the institute, is pleased with the program’s success. “We are looking into expanding and also offering specialized programs for school administrators and school guidance counselors,” she said. Broadbridge also acknowledged the many contributions to the institute made by Robert Klancko, partner, Klancko & Klancko, LLC, and co-director of the institute, who is moving out of state later this year. “Bob has worked tirelessly to champion industry-academic partnerships, and the impact of his efforts are significant and far reaching. This program would not have happened without his hard work and dedication.” Mr. Klancko is the recipient of the 2018 Leadership Award from the American Manufacturing Hall of Fame.

This year’s Institute’s theme was “Gearing Up For The Future,” and the teachers learned about gears — how they are designed and how they are made. On the first day of the institute, a morning session was held at Southern, and an afternoon session was held at Leed Himmel, where teachers toured the manufacturing plant and saw aluminum extrusion and fabrication, and heard from hiring professionals. The second and third days were held at Platt Technical High School in Milford. On these two days, the teachers not only learned about the manufacturing process and materials, but also gained hands-on experience on various machine shop equipment.

An optional fourth half day took place at Assa Abloy, where teachers toured the facilities and spoke to industry professionals. They saw how lock hardware was fabricated and how the extrusions from Leed Himmel were employed.

Overall, science faculty attending the institute learned from industry operations and technical professionals about the following:

  • Their firms and what they produce
  • STEM skill sets that are required
  • The raw materials used, how the product is made and what it is required to perform
  • Why certain materials are utilized and the critical properties of those materials
  • What goes into creating a product
  • Obstacles and limitations associated with creating a product

Want to succeed in life? “Stay curious,” says Rick Capozzi, ’83, who shares the secrets to surviving and thriving in today’s rapidly changing business world in his new book: “The Growth Mindset.”

Alumnus Rick Capozzi graduated from Southern Connecticut State University's School of Business in 1983. Today, he's a leader in the world of finance.

As a high school football star from northern New Jersey, Rick Capozzi, ’83, was being actively recruited by several NCAA Division I universities when he broke his back playing in an all-star game at Giants Stadium. He recovered from the injury, but was no longer a top Div. I prospect. Southern, however, was interested and Capozzi soon was playing in New Haven.

“The first year was tough,” says Capozzi, of his shift in plans. “But I came to love Southern.” Majoring in business administration, he played football for the Owls for three years. He also was a nationally ranked power lifter and served as a residence hall adviser. The latter, he says, provided a crash course in leadership and responsibility.

The skills honed on campus fueled Capozzi’s post-graduation success. He held senior management positions at TD Private Bank, Merrill Lynch, UBS, Wells Fargo, and other industry leaders. His tenure at Morgan Stanley helps illustrate the breadth of his experience. As national sales manager at the organization, he was responsible for the firm’s network of 8,000 financial advisers in nearly 500 offices across the U.S. — and as Morgan Stanley’s regional director, he oversaw more than $35 billion in assets.

Building on such experience, he founded Capozzi Advisory Group in December 2014. “After 30 years on Wall Street, I wanted to be a bit more entrepreneurial,” he says. Today, he’s a sought-after consultant and speaker, who’s made more than 1,200 keynote presentations throughout North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. He’s also a successful author, whose most recent book, “The Growth Mindset: Leadership Makes a Difference in Wealth Management,” outlines strategies for success.

In November, Capozzi, who serves on the Business Advisory Council for Southern’s School of Business, returned to campus to meet with students. Following he shares a few of his thoughts on thriving in business today.

Tell us about the book’s title: “The Growth Mindset.”
Capozzi: Because of technology and innovation, we are facing arguably the greatest period of change in the business world in our lives. If you don’t have a growth mindset — meaning if you are not constantly thinking about ways to grow both professionally and personally — you will fall behind in this rapidly changing economy and world market.

Describe someone with a growth mindset.
Two words come to mind: responsibility and curiosity. Someone with a growth mindset wants to know more about the world around them and they take full responsibility for their lives. They always believe they can improve.

What are some of the changes shaping business?
In my world [economics and finance], the disruption comes from technology — algorithms and robo-advisers. You call in, basically talk to a computer, and based on your responses, it will, in essence, try to manage your money.

In other industries, some of the best examples of disrupters are Uber, Airbnb, Amazon, and Tesla, the electric-auto manufacturer. Think about how much disruption Uber has caused — and they are able to do so because of technology. Uber is basically a technology company. We have no idea where artificial intelligence will lead to in the future. But we know that technological innovation is not going away. It’s going to accelerate.

What’s the effect on the personal level?
Everyone in the business world needs to ask: Can a robot or technology do my job? If the answer is, ‘Yes’ or ‘At some point soon,’ you are probably going to become less relevant unless you take steps.

You stress the importance of the human component as a way of maintaining a competitive edge.
Communication skills are paramount in this economy — and I stress this whether I am talking about leadership with college students or management directors. Seventy percent of our economy is service-based. If you don’t have the right interpersonal and soft skills, it will be hard for you to compete.

People generally do business with people they like. It’s best to form those relationships face to face. . . . If I look you in the eyes when negotiating, I can learn more in three seconds than through 25 email exchanges.

Any quick tips?
I am a big proponent of mentors. Based on the research I did for my book, you are never too old for mentors. I know CEOs who have run organizations with 50,000 employees — leaders who are 70 years old — who still have mentors. Being a mentor is also important. I consider myself a student teacher.

Did you have a mentor at Southern?
I had several. One was my philosophy professor Dr. Mohan [professor emeritus of philosophy]. He opened doors to a world that didn’t exist to me before. I’m from the Class of 1983 — but philosophy is still at the core of what I do today.

Rick Capozzi during a recent visit to Southern, where he is a member of the School of Business Advisory Council.

To what do you attribute your success?
It all started with a belief system. I was absolutely certain that if I wanted something badly enough, no one — no matter who they were — was going to tell me I wasn’t going to achieve it. That belief came from my parents and my siblings. They stressed a strong work ethic and the ability to persevere no matter what.

Also, if I didn’t know something, I was not afraid to ask. I wasn’t afraid of surrounding myself with people who were in some way smarter than me. In fact, my goal was to hire people who had a skill set or knowledge that I didn’t.

Finally, I never stopped learning — and I’m not just talking about the business world. It’s all about curiosity.

What’s something you’ve learned about recently?
My daughter wanted to go shark diving with great whites, so I went. Why? Because I was curious to see what great whites look like from a foot away.

Any final thoughts?
You never master it all. The best professionals, when they are in their 80s and 90s, will tell me, ‘Rick, I am excited about today, because I’m probably going to learn something new.’

World Languages and Literatures Professor Pina Palma and Associate Professor of Photography Jeremy Chandler recently returned from the rich cultural region of Tuscany in Italy with a group of students who were studying literature and photography as part of a Southern summer study-abroad program. The professors held classes in the picturesque village of Montepulciano and led students on excursions to Rome, Florence, Siena, Arezzo, and Cortona. To document their student’s work and the experiences of the group, Palma and Chandler created a Tumblr site :

Students were taking ART 369 – The Photographic Travel Journal or LIT 488 – Seminar in World Literature. Some were also enrolled in Italian language courses at the group’s host institution, Il Sasso Italian Language School. Each course considered the other with regard to thematic content, as the professors’ goal was to fuel creative output, whether through writing or visual art. The Tumblr blog was created to document the group’s travels and highlight student work. In addition to viewing iconic and historically important artworks in Rome, Siena, Florence and Arezzo, the group visited an international photography festival in Cortona.

ART 369 – The Photographic Travel Journal is a studio art course, which utilizes digital photography, written text and photographic collage, toward the creation of an illustrated travel journal. Students learn the technical fundamentals of digital photography, as well as creative strategies for incorporating their photographs into a journal format. They then document the places and people they encounter in order to gain a deeper understanding of their experiences.

LIT 488 – Seminar in World Literature focuses on Italian cities and culture as depicted in works by European and Italian authors. For this course students explore, analyze, and compare the authors’ perspectives while also juxtaposing and examining those perspectives with regard to their own as they journey through the cities — Rome, Florence, Siena, Arezzo/Perugia — that are included in the Montepulciano program.