School of Education

Top row: Joshua Groffman, Al Seesi Sahar, Patty Bode, Marcell Graziano, Sujatha Herne; middle: Anuli Njoku, Svenja Gusewski; bottom: Melanie Uribe, Joshua Knickerbocker, Hanyong Chung, Kelly Coleman, Lauren Tucker

As society continues to grapple with subjects related to health, equity and the environment, Southern has opted to hire more than a quarter of its 31 new tenure-track faculty in clusters related to those real-world topics.

Robert Prezant, provost and vice president for academic affairs, recently announced that small groups of faculty have been hired to form three academic clusters – healthcare informatics; climate change, resilience and the blue economy; and equity, social mobility and access.

“These areas represent strong interdisciplinary approaches in fields that are growing, have great relevance to today’s world, and have strong employment opportunities for our students,” Prezant said.

“They also represent areas already strongly represented on our campus allowing for a compounding of our disciplinary power, enhancement of our potential curriculum and scholarship, and wonderful opportunities for external partnerships.”

The initiative is also designed to create synergy for faculty research. Each cluster is represented by faculty from at least two or three academic disciplines and at least two of Southern’s colleges.

“Bringing in a team of faculty members whose disciplinary and scholarly interests overlap creates an instantaneous set of collaborators,” he said.

“All too often new faculty members are hired and they must search out or work with current faculty and administrators to find those relevant partners. This saves the effort of new faculty searching for disciplinary partners and instantaneously creates enhanced areas of disciplinary excellence.”

Prezant explained the selection of these three topical clusters was made from nine proposals across the campus. “The selection of the final three was difficult and made after lively discussions and debates by members of the Provost’s Council.”

Jean Breny — chairwoman of the Public Health Department who played a key role in the creation of the equity, social mobility, and access cluster — said she is excited about the opportunities being afforded to students.

“We know that our students today are passionate about making a difference in the world and in the communities they live,” Breny said. “We see this in the topics they choose for papers and internship placements, and their increased engagement in political and social issues…Because this is an area where data collection and analysis have proven very fruitful, students will gain hands-on experience with data issues adding to their marketable skills at graduation.”

New faculty members selected for one of the clusters include:

  • Climate change, resilience and the blue economy: Amanda Bertana, sociology; Marcello Graziano, management; Miriah Kelly, environment, geography and marine sciences.
  • Equity, social mobility and access:  Karen D’Angelo, social work; Anuli Njoku, public health; and Adam Pittman, sociology.
  • Healthcare Informatics: Sahar Al-Seesi, computer science; Andy Bartlett, Mathematics

Other new tenure-track faculty members include:

  • Punit Anand, finance. Research interests include asset pricing and investments, as well as corporate finance.
  • Patricia Bode, art. Research interests include multicultural education, postmodern perspectives in art education, and the importance of art education in society.
  • Jennifer Cooper Boemmels, earth science. Research interests include post-rift structural evolution of the Vermont and New York portion of the New England-Quebec Igneous Province.
  • Susan Burger, nursing.  Research interests include health promotion and use of telehealth to manage chronic illnesses.
  • Dana Casetti, physics. Research interests include astronomy and astrophysics.
  • Shi Biao (William) Ding, marketing. Research interests include factors shaping gift giving.
  • Qu Chen, counseling and school psychology. Research interests include factors related to empathy.
  • Hanyong Chung, accounting. Research interests include financial reporting and corporate governance.
  • Kelly Coleman, health and movement services. Research interests include athletic training in secondary schools, and doctoral education in athletic training.
  • Denver Fowler, educational leadership. Research interests include ethical leadership among school leaders.
  • Michele Griswold, public health. Interests and research are in the area of social inequities and structural barriers surrounding infant feeding and maternal child health.
  • Joshua Groffman, music. Research interests include environmental communication through music and sound.
  • Svenja Gusewski, communication disorders. Research interests include language and literacy development of young Spanish-English dual language learners, and culturally sensitive intervention methods for culturally and linguistically diverse populations.
  • Joshua Knickerbocker, nursing. Experience includes instructing pediatric advanced life support simulation at Yale-New Haven Children’s Hospital.
  • Atul Kulkarni, marketing. Research interests include digital marketing and analytics, and sales promotions.
  • Nicole McGowen Madu, curriculum and learning. (January hire)
  • A. Casey McPherson, counseling and school psychology. Research interests include mental health in rural America, and improving training practices of early-career faculty.
  • Joanne Roy, nursing. Background in nursing leadership and professional development.
  • Anastasia Sorokina, world languages and literatures. Research interests include bilingualism’s effect on autobiographical memory, and liberal vs. conservative media coverage of Crimean crisis of 2014.
  • Lauren Tucker, special education. Research interests include assistive technology in education, and the use of Twitter by teachers.
  • Melanie Uribe, art and design. Research interests include migrant identity and acculturation (refuges/displaced), exhibition design and installations as medium for effective communication, experimental design and book arts.
  • Jillian McNiff Villemaire, recreation, tourism and sport management. Research interests include career decisions among sport management students, and transferable skills for student-athletes.
  • Alice Wieland, management/international business. Research interests include gender and decision making in the business world.

Elementary and secondary schools are kicking off the new academic year — one that looks profoundly different due to COVID-19. Southern recognizes all of our alumni educators who have responded with Herculean efforts — including these award recipients who were recognized this year for excellence by the Connecticut PTA.

The 2020 Connecticut PTA Outstanding Administrators award winners include three Southern alumni: [from left] Sequella Coleman, 6th Yr. '98; Jennifer Cecarelli, M.S. '96, 6th Yr. '00; and Gail Krois, 6th Yr. '02.

You’d be hard pressed to find an organization more dedicated to educational excellence than the PTA. That’s why Southern is so proud to recognize three graduates of the College of Education who are among those honored by the Connecticut PTA in 2020 for being leaders in their field.

Their recognition is a mark of distinction as well as an inspiration to students, parents, and educators during these challenging times.

“Now more than ever, teachers need to come back to why we got into this profession in the first place: to create relationships with students and families,” says Jennifer Cecarelli, M.S. ’96, 6th Yr. ’00, who was named the “Outstanding Elementary School Teacher” by the Connecticut PTA. “It has always been about relationships. Nurture them, and the rest will fall into place.”

Ericka C. Barnes, associate professor of chemistry, says that Cecarelli was her daughter’s teacher for second grade in the 2019-2020 academic year, which ended in June, in the midst of the pandemic. Barnes wrote that, “Mrs. Cecarelli was an innovative, patient, and extremely thoughtful teacher to my 2nd grader and all the children in her class. When the pandemic hit, she continued to give individualized attention to each child, above and beyond the call of duty. A group of parents rallied to nominate her for this award and we were so thrilled (but not surprised) when we found out she received it.”

Southern has been long recognized for its exceptional teacher preparation programs and education graduates. These include alumnus Jahana Hayes, ’05, the 2016 National Teacher of the Year. Hayes went on to be elected to the U.S. House of Representatives — and is the first African American woman to represent the state of Connecticut in Congress. These alumni teachers also are among those recently honored: North Haven High School teacher Federico Fiondella, M.S. ’03, 6th Yr. ’18 (Connecticut History Teacher of the Year in 2020); Lauren Sepulveda, ’10 (2019-20 Milken Educator Award recipient); and Liam Leapley, ’00 (the George Olmsted Jr. Class of 1924 Prize for Excellence in Secondary Education from Williams College in 2019).

Congratulations to the award winners!

2020 Connecticut PTA Outstanding Elementary School Teacher
Jennifer Cecarelli, M.S. ’96, 6th Yr. ’00
Wesley Elementary School, Middletown

During spring 2020, Outstanding Elementary School Teacher Jennifer Cecarelli shows her love for her students with a sign.

2020 Connecticut PTA Outstanding Magnet School Principal
Sequella Coleman, 6th Yr. ’98
Davis Academy for Arts & Design Innovation, New Haven

Outstanding Magnet School Principal Sequella Coleman stands ready to support teachers and students.

2020 Connecticut PTA “Dawn Hochsprung” Outstanding Elementary School Principal
Gail Krois, 6th Yr. ‘02
Meadowside School, Milford

“Dawn Hochsprung” Outstanding Elementary School Principal Gail Krois reads to a class.

*The award is named in honor of the late Dawn Lafferty Hochsprung, M.S. ’97, 6th Yr. ’98, who was killed while serving as principal of Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn.

Southern’s state-of-the-art Master of Library and Information Science (MLIS) degree program earned full accreditation this spring by the American Library Association (ALA), earning it notoriety as the only accredited program of its kind in Connecticut and one of just three in New England. With an emphasis on technology, the program is designed not only to prepare professionals to implement and manage library and information services, but with COVID-19 shaping the way people interact with physical spaces, like libraries, it also will help future librarians steer the changing landscape.

“This is a significant achievement for Southern following seven years of hard work, planning, and new decisions,” Stephen J. Hegedus, dean of Southern’s College of Education said. “The work and planning are aligned with our commitment to social justice and meeting the needs of our regional and state partners through an affordable and accessible degree program. This is the product of a shared commitment and dedication to the library communities and our students by the faculty and senior administration at Southern.”

Southern’s former Master of Library Science (MLS) program was accredited for 45 years, from 1970 to 2015. True to its name, the new online MLIS program, which launched in fall 2016, builds upon the expertise of the former program but features a curriculum that teaches students to “embrace, utilize and critically assess both current and emerging information technologies.” It consists of six core courses, including a field-based internship, five courses focused on specializations of a student’s choice, and one concluding capstone experience, which enables students to showcase and apply their knowledge and skills.

“This accreditation is very important,” Hak Joon Kim, chairperson of the Department of Information and Library Science, said. “All librarian jobs in the United States and Canada require an ALA-accredited degree to even apply. Southern’s program truly is unique.”

Kim noted that while the program has been a success so far, the journey was not without its obstacles — most notably building a program from the ground up and attaining accreditation during a pandemic.

“It takes years to even develop a new course — and we developed 20 of them to launch this program,” Kim said.

The department had prepared for an on-site visit from ALA this spring to conclude the accreditation process but quickly switched gears because of the pandemic.

“We had prepared everything for their visit,” Kim said. “ALA had never had to deal with this — Corona — and so we had to prepare for a virtual 3-day site visit instead. Everyone needed to meet online — faculty, administrators — and we shot videos instead. For the first time ever, ALA did a virtual, onsite visit, even lunch. We were caught in the middle of the pandemic, but they accommodated us and vice versa. ALA believed in us, and we had 45 years of history with them.”

In addition to its status as one of a kind in Connecticut, Kim said the MLIS program is set apart by the fact that it “closes the loop” — meaning it continually improves as the department compares learning outcomes with data sets, each semester.

“And we always ask faculty, ‘How can the program can be better?’” Kim said.

Students’ opinions also factor in. MLIS student Tanner Mroz, ‘20, sat on the Department Curriculum Committee (DCC) and has served as a graduate assistant; as such, he’s contributed student input and curriculum feedback.

“I did my undergrad at Southern,” Mroz said. “I worked at Wallingford Public Library and knew people who went to Southern, and they said [the MLIS program] was a great experience.”

An avid lifelong reader, Mroz’s ultimate goal is to work in a public library, but acknowledges that at least for now, in light of COVID-19, libraries must move away from “brick and mortar and just books.” The digital component of Southern’s MLIS program, which offers courses such as Digital Librarianship, the study of and practice in designing, constructing and evaluating digital libraries for today’s digital media curation, can help future librarians guide libraries in this process.

“At the end of the Digital Librarianship course, we picked something we were passionate about,” Mroz said. “I picked music, because I have a lot of cassettes, and then I chose to create an inserts library for the cassettes. We were developing a virtual library experience, which is especially relevant because of COVID. I think there’s a lot of creative opportunity now to help brick and mortar libraries so we can supplement them, not replace them.”

Hegedus concurred: “Libraries play a critical role in our society both in the academic communities and at the municipal level. Their identities continue to evolve with the needs of society. We are proud to offer a new library science accredited master’s program — the only one in Connecticut — that will benefit all library organizations.”

The Department would like to express its sincere thanks for the support of the University President, the Provost, the Dean of the College of Education, the ILS Advisory Board, and the Connecticut Library Community.  ILS looks forward to the future growth of the program and its continuous updating in line with the needs of the profession.

Principal Susan DeNicola, '86, M.S. '90, 6th Yr. '99, with some of her charges. Student uniforms will be Owl blue next year. The school's mascot is an owlet.

Designed with the latest educational advances in mind, the Barack H. Obama Magnet University School opened on Southern’s campus on Jan. 7. By March 13, both the Obama School and the university had temporarily shuttered their buildings and were moving to remote/online learning in response to New Haven Mayor Justin Elicker’s call for citywide closures to curb the COVID-19 pandemic. (Campus is opening for the fall 2020 semester.) But while students — both elementary age and Southern education majors — had worked in the new building for only a few months, the potential had already been demonstrated, and it’s a win-win for all involved.

For Southern students, the Obama School provides an opportunity for all-important experiential learning. The elementary school’s students and their teachers, in turn, benefit through additional support in the classroom from student-teachers and field workers — as well as the experience of Southern’s staff and faculty. An over-arching goal: to serve as a national model, highlighting best practices and promoting educational innovation.

The new elementary school is a collaboration between Southern, the New Haven Board of Education, and the city of New Haven. As such, it is a rarity — uniting a public university with a public school system.

Charles Warner Jr. meets the children in the school’s welcoming entryway.

“A lot of times, the schools found on college campuses are private enterprises, so they are selective. You pay tuition to go. The faculty’s kids attend,” says Stephen Hegedus, dean of the College of Education. In contrast, the Obama School is part of New Haven Public Schools, a magnet program that accepts students from regional school districts but primarily serves New Haven. The Obama School is designed to educate close to 500 students. It opened with classrooms for kindergarten through fourth grade. Looking forward, three preschool classrooms will be added, bringing 60 three- and four-year-old children into the fold.

“Part of our social justice mission is to create access for all kids. It just makes sense to me for the Obama School to have this connection with Southern, a public university in New Haven that has had a 100-plus-year mission dedicated to teacher and educator preparation of the highest-quality,” says Hegedus.

The Obama School — formerly known as the Strong 21st Century Communications Magnet — has evolved dramatically over many years. About six years ago, aided by grant funding, it became a magnet school with an educational focus on communications, technology, and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). Students receive instruction in Chinese and American Sign Language — and the elementary school was named a “School of Distinction” by for 2018-19, the most recently available data.

“With our technology, we’ve been able to open up the world to the kids,” says Susan DeNicola, ’86, M.S. ’90, 6th Yr. ’99, principal of the school for the past nine years.

But while the curriculum changed, the school, which had moved numerous times, was still located in an old building on Grand Avenue. It was welcoming and homey, teachers say. But there were serious issues. The building, situated on four streets, had a roof plagued with leaks. The playground was dilapidated, too dangerous for the children to use. Most-often mentioned: a lack of natural light. “In the other building we had very few windows — and what windows we did have were clouded up, so the kids could not see out. We had no ideas if it was pouring,” says DeNicola. “We had no idea if there was a hurricane.”

Now located on campus at 69 Farnham Ave., the Obama School is designed so sunlight streams into all interior spaces. A multistory, outside STEM room is lined with windows to stream light into the interior, including the cafeteria. Most classrooms are situated to provide views of West Rock and the surrounding forest of 200-plus-year-old trees. Cozy, built-in seating is located outside of classrooms, providing an ideal spot for tutors to work with students who might need additional support. There are dedicated music and art rooms as well as a STEM resource laboratory.

A multistory, outside STEM room is lined with windows to stream light into the interior, including the cafeteria.

A sensory room houses a ball pit, trampoline, and other activities, for students who need a physical outlet or support. There is a gym with basketball hoops — and an age-appropriate playground is adjacent to an outside STEM classroom with space for growing plants.

The building also is designed with Southern students and faculty in mind. A centrally located Faculty Innovation Lab visually demonstrates the school’s focus on teacher preparation. “I think of the school as a course textbook in a lot of ways,” says Laura Bower-Phipps, professor of curriculum and learning at Southern. In addition to inviting her students to tour the building, Bower- Phipps teaches a course — “Responsive Curriculum and Assessment” — in the Faculty Innovation Lab space. In the spring 2020 semester prior to the shift to online learning, 16 Southern students were placed at the Obama School: six were student-teachers and 10 were completing field experiences, the final step before taking a student-teacher assignment.

The partnership extends to Southern’s Center of Excellence on Autism Spectrum Disorders. “They have helped us out quite a bit. Training our teachers and bringing support to the school,” says DeNicola. The Obama School has two self-contained classrooms for students who are on the autism spectrum, serving up to 24 students. The collaboration between Southern’s Center of Excellence and New Haven Public Schools was established years ago by the center’s cofounder and former director, Ruth Eren. Services include professional- development opportunities for teachers, support-service providers, and paraprofessional as well as training and information sessions for parents and caregivers. “Our center team and the larger college community are eager to continue this collaboration, and excited about the myriad possibilities that exist for ongoing, bidirectional learning,” notes Kari Sassu, 6th Yr. ’15, associate professor of counseling and school psychology, and director of strategic initiatives at the center.

Hegedus concurs: “Having a presence there is important not only to help the teachers and the families but also to try to advance our overall knowledge of helping students who are on the spectrum.”

On World Read Aloud Day, the elementary school students had numerous visitors from the university, including Southern President Joe Bertolino (left) and Roland Regos.

These and similar goals have the educators at Southern and the Obama School eagerly looking to the future and students’ return to campus. Like their peers, fourth grade teacher Kayla Seeley, ’12, M.S. ’17, and second grade teacher Karissa L. O’Keefe, ’04, M.S. ’13, have thoughts about potential initiatives. Among their vision: Mentoring visits from Southern athletics teams. Collaborations with the Department of Communications Disorders. Halloween trick-or-treating on campus. Visits to Buley Library, the new science building, and the Lyman Center for the Performing Arts. Both stress the importance of showcasing college as the future to their young charges.

Principal DeNicola looks to the future as well: “We hope to really utilize campus, so our students get the most benefits . . . and we want to involve our student-teachers to the point that they feel like this [points around the school] is home. We want to be the teaching school. The school that teaches teachers.” ■

Cover of SCSU Southern Alumni Magazine Summer 2020Read more stories in the Summer ’20 issue of Southern Alumni Magazine.

Students at Southern are recognized for their high academic achievement by being placed on the dean’s list of their respective schools. In order for undergraduate students to qualify for the dean’s list, students must complete 12.0 or more credits in fall or spring and earn a semester GPA of 3.5 or better. These requirements apply to all undergraduate students, regardless of their academic class (i.e., freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior.) The students who made the SCSU Dean’s List for Spring 2020 are listed below, alphabetically by college/school and first name. Congratulations to all!

College of Arts & Sciences

School of Business

College of Education

College of Health & Human Services



Abaigheal Cassella, West Haven, CT, Major: BIO
Abby Hespelt, Fairfield, CT, Major: COM
Abdul Osmanu, Hamden, CT, Major: PSC
Abigail Allen, Orange, CT, Major: MAT
Abigail Dew, Milford, CT, Major: MAT
Abigail Epstein, Crystal River, FL, Major: JRN
Abigail Hanlon, Brookfield, CT, Major: ENG
Abigail Lucas, Milford, CT, Major: ESSS
Abigail Wells, Shelton, CT, Major: MUS
Adam Bocco, Milford, CT, Major: CSC
Adam Pelz, Terryville, CT, Major: HIS
Adela Nikocevic, Waterbury, CT, Major: SOC
Adil Ali, Milford, CT, Major: CSC
Adrian Nordgren, Stratford, CT, Major: ENG
Adriana Schull, Killingworth, CT, Major: PSY
Aidan Cobb, Wallingford, CT, Major: ENG
Aidan Reilly, Orange, CT, Major: CSC
Aidan Simmons, Hamden, CT, Major: CSC
Alan Bensen, Shelton, CT, Major: BIO
Alana Cotton, Northford, CT, Major: IDS
Alec Apuzzo, Wallingford, CT, Major: SOC
Aleesa Martins, West Haven, CT, Major: STAR
Aleksandra Koziol, Oxford, CT, Major: SOC
Alenka Mora, Bridgeport, CT, Major: BIO
Alessandra Lupo, Fairfield, CT, Major: COM
Alexa McIntosh, East Haven, CT, Major: SOC
Alexa Phillips, Wolcott, CT, Major: PSY
Alexander Cushman, New Hartford, CT, Major: CSC
Alexander Grant, Woodbury, CT, Major: PSC
Alexander Lenarchyk, Avon, CT, Major: HIS
Alexander Rice, Waterbury, CT, Major: COM
Alexandra Adams, Shelton, CT, Major: ENG
Alexandra Berry, Wethersfield, CT, Major: PSY
Alexandra Vickowski, Monroe, CT, Major: PSY
Alexandria Depaul, Stratford, CT, Major: PSY
Alexandria Heredia, Bridgeport, CT, Major: SOC
Alexia Perez, Wallingford, CT, Major: IDS
Alexina Cristante, North Branford, CT, Major: MUS
Alexis Delacruz, Winsted, CT, Major: PSY
Alexis Green, Bridgeport, CT, Major: PSY
Alexis Lacanilao, Hamden, CT, Major: IDS
Alexis Perry, Seymour, CT, Major: PSY
Ali Arfan, West Haven, CT, Major: CSC
Aliaksei Adamik, Orange, CT, Major: CSC
Alizabeth Sullivan, Waterbury, CT, Major: IDS
Allison Hart, North Branford, CT, Major: BIO
Allison Pito, Meriden, CT, Major: PSY
Alona Scott, Stratford, CT, Major: PSY
Alyson Gontarski, Old Saybrook, CT, Major: IDS
Alyssa Ajodhi, Wethersfield, CT, Major: ENG
Alyssa Couture, Portland, CT, Major: COM
Alyssa Haskins, Enfield, CT, Major: MAT
Alyssa Kronisch, Monroe, CT, Major: PSY
Alyssa Paz, Bridgeport, CT, Major: PSY
Alyssa Rolls, Guilford, CT, Major: CHE
Alyssa Ulrich, Naugatuck, CT, Major: COM
Amanda Brinkmann, Sandy Hook, CT, Major: PSY
Amanda Dustin, Marshfield, MA, Major: SOC
Amanda Meyer, Oxford, CT, Major: STAR
Amanda Pascale, East Haven, CT, Major: PSY
Amanda Tkacs, North Haven, CT, Major: CSC
Amar Suljic, Torrington, CT, Major: CSC
Amber Recine, Seymour, CT, Major: ENG
Amber Tatro, East Haven, CT, Major: SOC
Amira Madineh, Wolcott, CT, Major: CSC
Ana De Sousa, Fairfield, CT, Major: ESSS
Anakin Fredericks, Hamden, CT, Major: CSC
Anders Martinez, New Haven, CT, Major: MAT
Andrew Keeton, Bethel, CT, Major: PSY
Angel Condeza, Uncasville, CT, Major: PSY
Angel Rodriguez, Waterbury, CT, Major: ENG
Angela Casner, East Haven, CT, Major: PSY
Angelyn Graves, Westbrook, CT, Major: BIO
Anna Biewald, Oxford, CT, Major: ENG
Anna De Simone, Ansonia, CT, Major: JRN
Anna Sullivan, Colchester, CT, Major: PSY
Anne Widman, Madison, CT, Major: PSY
Annie Beckett, New Haven, CT, Major: CHE
Anthony Martorano, Derby, CT, Major: COM
Antoney Holmes, New Haven, CT, Major: SOC
Aquil Crooks, Stratford, CT, Major: SOC
Arayana Bracken, Newington, CT, Major: PSY
Ardita Sulejmani, Derby, CT, Major: IDS
Ariana Campano, East Haven, CT, Major: BIO
Ariana Harris, Hamden, CT, Major: CHE
Ariana Nguyen, West Haven, CT, Major: PHY
Arianna Baldwin, Stratford, CT, Major: PSY
Arianna Centore, Orange, CT, Major: PSY
Aridia Dorwart, Quaker Hill, CT, Major: SOC
Ashley Carlson, Stratford, CT, Major: SOC
Ashley Nicholson, Bridgeport, CT, Major: PSY
Ashley Nunez, Bridgeport, CT, Major: PSY
Ashley Perez, Bridgeport, CT, Major: CHE
Ashley Tatro, East Haven, CT, Major: SOC
Ashley Womack, Hamden, CT, Major: CHE
Asia Newton, Stamford, CT, Major: SOC
Asjha Crayton, Vernon Rockville, CT, Major: PSY
Asma Rahimyar, Trumbull, CT, Major: PSC
Auday Shlash, West Haven, CT, Major: PSC
Augustine Marino, Ansonia, CT, Major: PSY
Autumn Holm, Branford, CT, Major: PSY
Avery Fornaciari, Plymouth, MA, Major: PSY
Avery Hazelwood, Hamden, CT, Major: BIO
Avery Simmons, Hamden, CT, Major: COM
Baatinu Plair, Hamden, CT, Major: PSY
Bailey Windischman, Prospect, CT, Major: BIO
Bekah Burke, Preston, CT, Major: SPA
Belinda Bartley, Waterbury, CT, Major: ENG
Ben Kubie, Norwalk, CT, Major: IDS
Ben Muniz, Waterbury, CT, Major: CSC
Ben Valigorsky, Winsted, CT, Major: COM
Benjamin Curry, Milford, CT, Major: MDS
Benjamin Johnson, Wallingford, CT, Major: HIS
Benjamin Palmieri, Cheshire, CT, Major: COM
Benson Rodrigues, Woodbridge, CT, Major: PHY
Bianca Chernowsky, Waterbury, CT, Major: CHE
Bianca Hanania, Milford, CT, Major: PSY
Bianca Romano Sanchez, New Haven, CT, Major: PSY
Bonita Alisa, Stratford, CT, Major: CHE
Boyce Antrim, Stratford, CT, Major: SPA
Brandi Hernandez, Bridgeport, CT, Major: PSY
Brandon Romano, Waterbury, CT, Major: IDS
Brandon Rua, Shelton, CT, Major: COM
Brandon Soriano, Milford, CT, Major: PSY
Brandon Wilson, New Haven, CT, Major: IDS
Brandon Wong, Trumbull, CT, Major: ESSS
Breanna Pelosi, Prospect, CT, Major: IDS
Brendon Riggott, Milford, CT, Major: PSY
Bria Fielding, New London, CT, Major: BIO
Brian Arbachouskas, Shelton, CT, Major: CSC
Brian Harvey, Greenwich, CT, Major: IDS
Brian Kerr, Mystic, CT, Major: GEO
Briana Alvelo, New Haven, CT, Major: PSY
Brianna Baldwin, Stratford, CT, Major: BIO
Brianna Jones, Waterford, CT, Major: PSY
Brianna Muscio, Wolcott, CT, Major: BIO
Brittany Wade, Old Saybrook, CT, Major: SOC
Brooke Thompson, Wallingford, CT, Major: GNS
Brooks Blauser, New Haven, CT, Major: BIO
Bruna Silva, Torrington, CT, Major: PSY
Bryanna Perez, Norwalk, CT, Major: ENG
Caitlin Cardenas, New Haven, CT, Major: PSY
Caitlin McLaughlin, Naugatuck, CT, Major: ESSS
Caitlin Willis, New Haven, CT, Major: HIS
Callie Hoyt, Waterbury, CT, Major: PSY
Calvert Hendershot, Woodbury, CT, Major: MAT
Cameron Marro, Shelton, CT, Major: COM
Camila Ramos, Bridgeport, CT, Major: CHE
Camryn Arpino Brown, West Haven, CT, Major: PSY
Candace Ben-elohim, New Haven, CT, Major: ANT
Candace Naudé, Trumbull, CT, Major: MUS
Cara Richardson, Milford, CT, Major: PSY
Carina Andrea, Naugatuck, CT, Major: ESC
Carina Malik, East Haven, CT, Major: BIO
Carissa Perone, Wallingford, CT, Major: ART
Carlie Tammaro, West Haven, CT, Major: GNS
Carlos Umana, Stratford, CT, Major: CHE
Caroline White, Madison, CT, Major: COM
Carter Antaya, Meriden, CT, Major: SOC
Cassidy Barkis, Waterford, CT, Major: IDS
Cassidy Maciel, New Milford, CT, Major: COM
Cat Weed, Milford, CT, Major: ESSS
Catherine Delorenzo, Easton, CT, Major: CSC
Cayla Paoletti, Trumbull, CT, Major: PSY
Caylea Landrie, Danbury, CT, Major: SOC
Celeste Shelton, Hamden, CT, Major: STAR
Celine Hall-Campbell, Bridgeport, CT, Major: BIO
Chanell Mundell, Manchester, CT, Major: IDS
Chanpasith Phongthachit, Derby, CT, Major: PSC
Charise Irby, Hamden, CT, Major: SOC
Cherika Urquhart, East Hartford, CT, Major: PSY
Cheta Ani, New Haven, CT, Major: BIO
Chiara Manna, Durham, CT, Major: SOC
Chloe Lecy, Quaker Hill, CT, Major: ENG
Christianna Peabody, Bristol, CT, Major: SOC
Christianne Accurso, Glastonbury, CT, Major: ANT
Christie Teixeira, Watertown, CT, Major: SOC
Christopher Arbelo, Bridgeport, CT, Major: CSC
Christopher Buccitti, New Haven, CT, Major: COM
Christopher Parkin, Stratford, CT, Major: HIS
Christopher Varanko, Watertown, CT, Major: THR
Christopher Wilson, Madison, CT, Major: COM
Chrysoula Vlamis, Trumbull, CT, Major: IDS
Ciera Cariati, New Haven, CT, Major: IDS
Claire Mora, Monroe, CT, Major: IDS
Clare Oliver, Cheshire, CT, Major: IDS
Clarissa Mahan, Waterbury, CT, Major: IDS
Clayton Simses, Milford, CT, Major: HIS
Clea Biagetti, West Haven, CT, Major: SOC
Cody Wilkinson, Cromwell, CT, Major: PSC
Cole Staples, Burlington, CT, Major: PSY
Connor Redahan, Greenwich, CT, Major: SOC
Connor Reed, Wallingford, CT, Major: HIS
Conor Keane, Wethersfield, CT, Major: SOC
Cordel Ginger, New Haven, CT, Major: CSC
Crosby Fox, Stamford, CT, Major: ENG
Dainashly Lassalle, Waterbury, CT, Major: SPA
Dana Cote, Oxford, CT, Major: ENG
Dani Rosenberg, Seymour, CT, Major: MAT
Daniel Lopez, Norwalk, CT, Major: CSC
Daniel Miller, Ansonia, CT, Major: PSC
Daniel Skelly, Shelton, CT, Major: BIO
Danielle Allerdyce, Hartford, CT, Major: PSY
Danielle Jacovino, Oakville, CT, Major: PSY
Danielle Klaskin, Madison, CT, Major: BITC
David Difabio, Trumbull, CT, Major: THR
Dawa Lama, North Haven, CT, Major: IDS
Dempsey Skovich, Newington, CT, Major: PSY
Dennis Ballester, Ansonia, CT, Major: PHY
Derek Faulkner, Guilford, CT, Major: ESSS
Destany Williams, Meriden, CT, Major: COM
Destiny Santoni, Meriden, CT, Major: PSY
Devin Lyon, Groton, CT, Major: PSY
Devin Pascale, West Haven, CT, Major: ANT
Devin Sangster, Groton, CT, Major: ESC
Diana Herrera, Stamford, CT, Major: BIO
Dianiley Deslandes, Norwich, CT, Major: SOC
Divyeshkumar Patel, West Haven, CT, Major: CSC
Domenic Demasi, Stamford, CT, Major: SOC
Dominique Dickenson, Middletown, DE, Major: PSY
Donte Brooks, Hamden, CT, Major: SOC
E. Eric Kropiwnicki, New Haven, CT, Major: GNS
Edgar Gonzalez, Bridgeport, CT, Major: SOC
Edilson Godinez Garcia, New Haven, CT, Major: MUS
Edisa Morina, Deep River, CT, Major: PSY
Edith Plancarte-Solorio, Meriden, CT, Major: PSY
Edward Cordero, Hamden, CT, Major: HIS
Eileen Reynolds, Guilford, CT, Major: GNS
Ekaterina Kazachkova, Ansonia, CT, Major: SOC
Elaina Disalvo, New Haven, CT, Major: PSY
Elaine Maxelix, Norwalk, CT, Major: SOC
Elena Lofgren, New Fairfield, CT, Major: SOC
Elias Papadimitriou, Milford, CT, Major: HIS
Elisabeth Heikkinen, Waterford, CT, Major: ESSS
Elisabeth Warren, West Haven, CT, Major: STAR
Elizabeth Demaio, Orange, CT, Major: PSY
Elizabeth Endri, Norwalk, CT, Major: CSC
Elizabeth Mercado, Shelton, CT, Major: ENG
Ella White, Gurnee, IL, Major: COM
Elroie Fiseha, Ledyard, CT, Major: BIO
Emanuela Elezi, Waterbury, CT, Major: BITC
Emely Rodriguez, Stratford, CT, Major: PSY
Emilly Souza, Danbury, CT, Major: PSY
Emily Aquilino, Bridgeport, CT, Major: ENG
Emily Beck, Killingworth, CT, Major: IDS
Emily Bigl, Willington, CT, Major: PSC
Emily Davis, Clinton, CT, Major: PHY
Emily Eckstrom, Bristol, CT, Major: SOC
Emily Keyes, Branford, CT, Major: CHE
Emily Lynch, Seymour, CT, Major: CHE
Emily McElfresh, Oxford, CT, Major: PSY
Emily Sosnovich, Beacon Falls, CT, Major: ENG
Emily Stack, Waterbury, CT, Major: SOC
Emily Whittaker, Easton, CT, Major: SOC
Emma Clini, West Haven, CT, Major: PSY
Emma Sweeney, Stratford, CT, Major: ESSS
Emma Vansteenbergen, Guilford, CT, Major: PSY
Endea Smith, Gainesville, GA, Major: BIO
Enrico Dunmore, Stamford, CT, Major: COM
Eric Regan, Fairfield, CT, Major: COM
Erik Russo, Wallingford, CT, Major: ENG
Erin Dillman, Milford, CT, Major: PSY
Erin Fitzgerald, Shelton, CT, Major: ENG
Erin Maloney, Seymour, CT, Major: ENG
Erin Reemsnyder, New London, CT, Major: ART
Esiana Frank, New Haven, CT, Major: IDS
Eternity Crnkovic, New Haven, CT, Major: SOC
Ethan West, Deep River, CT, Major: SPA
Evan Adamowicz, Meriden, CT, Major: COM
Evan Collier, Kenilworth, NJ, Major: PSC
Evan Faline, New Haven, CT, Major: ENG
Evan Murray, Monroe, CT, Major: PSC
Fabiana Chavez-Castro, Norwalk, CT, Major: BIO
Faith Jano, Ledyard, CT, Major: BIO
Faith Littleton, Jackson, MO, Major: PSY
Faruk Senturk, Madison, CT, Major: BIO
Feezan Mazhar, Hamden, CT, Major: CSC
Francisco Orengo, Bridgeport, CT, Major: STAR
Franco Flores, Old Greenwich, CT, Major: COM
Fred Kaesmann, Stratford, CT, Major: MAT
Gabriela Cuapio, New Haven, CT, Major: JRN
Gabriela Vazquez, Meriden, DE, Major: SPA
Gabriella Fico, Northford, CT, Major: PSY
Gabrielle DeRusha, Clinton, CT, Major: PSY
Gabrielle Salgado, West Haven, CT, Major: CHE
Gabrielle Tunucci, Milford, CT, Major: ENG
Gavin Woodward, New Hartford, CT, Major: IDS
Genevieve Jaser, Milford, CT, Major: IDS
George Brown, New Haven, CT, Major: COM
George Chamberlain, New Haven, CT, Major: ENG
Gerai Evans, Hamden, CT, Major: BIO
Gerakios Sam, West Haven, CT, Major: CSC
Gia Mentillo, Orange, CT, Major: GEO
Giana David, Whitestone, NY, Major: PSY
Gianna Mendes, Middlefield, CT, Major: PSY
Gianna Sia, Shelton, CT, Major: ENG
Gillian Hotchkiss, Beacon Falls, CT, Major: SOC
Gillian Mattern, Gales Ferry, CT, Major: COM
Gissel Rodriguez, Meriden, CT, Major: CSC
Giuliana Gaudio, Cheshire, CT, Major: PSY
Gleeson Edwards, Guilford, CT, Major: MUS
Gregory Jones, Richmond, VA, Major: SOC
Guy Guery, Bridgeport, CT, Major: CSC
Habbiegale Brown, Bridgeport, CT, Major: SOC
Haljit Basuljevic, Seymour, CT, Major: JRN
Hanaa Hussein, North Haven, CT, Major: CHE
Hanna Birenbaum, Milford, CT, Major: COM
Hannah Jones, Bristol, CT, Major: PSC
Hannah Kloster, Fairfield, CT, Major: SOC
Hannah Lebeau, East Lyme, CT, Major: SOC
Hannah LeMire, Old Saybrook, CT, Major: ESSS
Hannah Rosario, Waterbury, CT, Major: PSY
Hannah Smith, Ledyard, CT, Major: PSY
Hannah West, Waterbury, CT, Major: PSY
Hazel Rosario, Waterbury, CT, Major: ENG
Heather Cushing, Clinton, CT, Major: GEO
Heidi Schulte, Shelton, CT, Major: MDS
Heidi Senft, New Haven, CT, Major: STAR
Henry Kryzanski, Trumbull, CT, Major: PSY
Hugo Castaneda, Meriden, CT, Major: SPA
Hunter Komm, Wallingford, CT, Major: GEO
Ian Bergemann, Branford, CT, Major: ESSS
Iesha Brown, Bridgeport, CT, Major: COM
Irene Machia, Brookfield, CT, Major: PSC
Isabella Corradi, Cheshire, CT, Major: ENG
Isabella Manzo, Oxford, CT, Major: IDS
Isabella Sandoval, Seymour, CT, Major: COM
Isabelle Louime, Shelton, CT, Major: COM
Isabelle Lucarelli, Oxford, CT, Major: BITC
Isabelle Reina, Old Saybrook, CT, Major: ART
Isabelle Seward, Ridgefield, CT, Major: STAR
Isael Jimenez, Hamden, CT, Major: PSY
Isaiah Torres, Shelton, CT, Major: CSC
Isam Elmaiss, Washington, DC, Major: BITC
Ivana Holloway, Manchester, CT, Major: PSY
J’Mari Hughes, North Haven, CT, Major: JRN
Jack Tiernan, Branford, CT, Major: COM
Jacob Bojnowski, Middletown, CT, Major: PSY
Jacob Davila, Bristol, CT, Major: PSY
Jacqueline Penarrieta, Hamden, CT, Major: CHE
Jacqueline Tapia, Bridgeport, CT, Major: CSC
Jada Henry, waterbury, CT, Major: BIO
Jade Clary, Danbury, CT, Major: PSY
Jahi Locke, Southbury, CT, Major: GNS
Jahnesha Lewis, Waterbury, CT, Major: SOC
Jailene Garzon-Romero, West Haven, CT, Major: STAR
Jaime Roy, Meriden, CT, Major: ART
Jake Nuland, Trumbull, CT, Major: PHY
Jalisse Vazquez, Waterbury, CT, Major: BIO
Jalitza Mathews, East Hartford, CT, Major: PSY
James Clary, Danbury, CT, Major: ECO
James Ferstler, Canton, MA, Major: SOC
James Standish, New Haven, CT, Major: BIO
Jamie Lewis, Shelton, CT, Major: STAR
Jamie Longobardi, Derby, CT, Major: IDS
Janee Johnson, Waterbury, CT, Major: PSY
Janel Harrison, Stamford, CT, Major: IDS
Janelle Ward, Kitchener, ON, Major: SOC
Janine Walters-Desrosiers, West Haven, CT, Major: GNS
Janivelys Gutierrez, Waterbury, CT, Major: SOC
Jared Dennehy, Cheshire, CT, Major: HIS
Jared Sales, Fairfield, CT, Major: CHE
Jared Simpson, Milford, CT, Major: CSC
Jared Smith, Orange, CT, Major: COM
Jasmine Benavides, Ansonia, CT, Major: BIO
Jasmine Kehm, Rockville Centre, NY, Major: GEO
Jason Aceto, Naugatuck, CT, Major: CHE
Jason Carubia, Branford, CT, Major: COM
Jason DeAndressi, Monroe, CT, Major: BIO
Jason Edwards, Ansonia, CT, Major: JRN
Jay Cohen, Branford, CT, Major: ENG
Jaycen Munro, Branford, CT, Major: ESC
Jaylynn Ellerbe-Cundiff, Brockton, MA, Major: STAR
Jayson Blake, Madison, CT, Major: CHE
Jazmin Jimenez, Hamden, CT, Major: BIO
Je’suca Maurice, Windsor, CT, Major: PSY
Jedidiah Alziphat, Waterbury, CT, Major: PSY
Jelisa Gonzalez, Fairfield, CT, Major: PSY
Jelise Nimmons, Massapequa, NY, Major: PSY
Jenaisha Green, Stratford, CT, Major: IDS
Jenna Dower, North Haven, CT, Major: MDS
Jenna Krechko, Tolland, CT, Major: CHE
Jenna Mahmoud, North Haven, CT, Major: PSY
Jenna Palermo, Shelton, CT, Major: STAR
Jenna Reeser, Oakville, CT, Major: STAR
Jennifer Reynoso, Middletown, CT, Major: PSY
Jennifer Salisbury, Stratford, CT, Major: PSY
Jeremy Collette, Watertown, CT, Major: PSY
Jeremy Noel, Madison, CT, Major: BIO
Jeshanah Berkeley, Hamden, CT, Major: COM
Jessenia Fuentes, Guilford, CT, Major: COM
Jessica Guerrucci, Stratford, CT, Major: JRN
Jessica Hunt, Seymour, CT, Major: IDS
Jessica Mcmahon, Madison, CT, Major: PSY
Jessica Peterman, New Haven, CT, Major: BIO
Jessica Petry, Hamden, CT, Major: HIS
Jessica Riley, Meriden, CT, Major: ESC
Jessica Robbin, Fairfield, CT, Major: BIO
Jessica Schreiber, Milford, CT, Major: BIO
Jessica Sheehy, Shelton, CT, Major: COM
Jesus Burgos, Bridgeport, CT, Major: CSC
Jillian Mcelligott, Milford, CT, Major: ANT
Joaquin Selmeski, East Lyme, CT, Major: PSY
Joaquina Travia, Milford, CT, Major: PSY
Jobin Valiyaveettil, North Haven, CT, Major: CSC
Joey Weng, Orange, CT, Major: PSC
Johanna Wahlen, Karlsruhe, GER, Major: PSY
John Carluccio, New Haven, CT, Major: ENG
John Migliazza, Monroe, CT, Major: COM
Johnathan Moore, West Haven, CT, Major: MUS
Jonah Gosnay, Danbury, CT, Major: ANT
Jonas Shivers, Hamden, CT, Major: COM
Jonathan Hiebert, Hamden, CT, Major: CSC
Jonathan Meyers, Cheshire, CT, Major: COM
Jonell Bailey, Waterbury, CT, Major: ENG
Jordan Dean, Waterbury, CT, Major: CHE
Jordan Thompson, Wurtsboro, NY, Major: PSY
Jordan Voss, Hamden, CT, Major: STAR
Jose Vega, New Haven, CT, Major: PSC
Joseph Genua, Waterbury, CT, Major: COM
Joseph Lynn, Milford, CT, Major: COM
Joseph McClean, Stratford, CT, Major: HIS
Joseph Neumann, Woodbridge, CT, Major: PHY
Joseph Sarango, New Haven, CT, Major: PHY
Joseph Vigliotti, Milford, CT, Major: HIS
Josephine Lynch, West Hartford, CT, Major: GEO
Josh Cornell, Bridgeport, CT, Major: CHE
Josh Prouty, Ellington, CT, Major: SOC
Joshua Ayala, New Haven, CT, Major: STAR
Joshua Diglio, Wallingford, CT, Major: PSY
Joshua Fitzpatrick, Naugatuck, CT, Major: STAR
Joshua Gilardi, Norwalk, CT, Major: STAR
Joshua Mason, Hamden, CT, Major: CSC
Josue Bonilla, Bridgeport, CT, Major: STAR
Julia Caruso, Prospect, CT, Major: PSY
Julia Delguidice, East Haven, CT, Major: IDS
Julia Galuppo, Wolcott, CT, Major: IDS
Julia Hall, Wallingford, CT, Major: PSC
Julia Maclennan, Litchfield, CT, Major: PSY
Julia Mansfield, Wallingford, CT, Major: BIO
Julia Silva, Shelton, CT, Major: PSY
Julia Wargo, Milford, CT, Major: STAR
Julian Saria, New Haven, CT, Major: ENG
Juliana Vrekaj, East Haven, CT, Major: MAT
Julianna Santiago, Stratford, CT, Major: PSY
Julissa Melendez, Stratford, CT, Major: BIO
Justin Hirshfield, Trumbull, CT, Major: SOC
Justin Lazarus, Guilford, CT, Major: CHE
Justin Veilleux, Branford, CT, Major: HIS
Justyn Wongwiwat, Hamden, CT, Major: MUS
Kaan Senocak, New Haven, CT, Major: STAR
Kai Torre, New Haven, CT, Major: PSY
Kaitlyn Johnson, West Haven, CT, Major: PSY
Kaitlyn Regan, Middletown, CT, Major: JRN
Kaleb Roman, Wolcott, CT, Major: PHY
Kaleigh Albert, Killingworth, CT, Major: ANT
Kali Pliego, Plantsville, CT, Major: MAT
Kaliegh Garris, Quaker Hill, CT, Major: COM
Kara Catapano, Shelton, CT, Major: STAR
Karen Cortezano-Garcia, Wallingford, CT, Major: SPA
Karina Pena, Waterbury, CT, Major: PSY
Karl Grannan, Canaan, CT, Major: ECO
Karlos Mate, East Haven, CT, Major: PSY
Karlyn Jackson, Hamden, CT, Major: ENG
Karthik Gomathinayagam, Cheshire, CT, Major: CSC
Kate Chamberland, Southington, CT, Major: ESSS
Kate Schulten, Middlefield, CT, Major: ENG
Katelyn Fillion, Northford, CT, Major: HIS
Katelyn Miller, New Haven, CT, Major: BIO
Katelyn Ross, Stamford, CT, Major: PSY
Katharine Himpel, Stratford, CT, Major: IDS
Katherine Farnham, Monroe, CT, Major: COM
Katherine Harding, New Haven, CT, Major: ANT
Katherine Ventresca, Trumbull, CT, Major: ITA
Kathryn Duffner, Middletown, CT, Major: THR
Kathryn Pollard, Clinton, CT, Major: MUS
Katia Bagwell, Wallingford, CT, Major: PSY
Katie Kost, Sandy Hook, CT, Major: ESSS
Kayla Balbachan, New Britain, CT, Major: CHE
Kayla Corey, New Haven, CT, Major: PSY
Kayla Krenicki, Bristol, CT, Major: PSY
Kayla Murphy, Carver, MA, Major: PSY
Kayla Musante, Wallingford, CT, Major: BIO
Kayla Otero, Enfield, CT, Major: CHE
Kaylah Howard, Mystic, CT, Major: COM
Kaylee Savvaides, Trumbull, CT, Major: COM
Kaylie Mavricz, Oxford, CT, Major: IDS
Kayloni Hall, west haven, CT, Major: SOC
Keara Loughlin, Lowell, MA, Major: MAT
Keegan Lewis, West Haven, CT, Major: CHE
Keegan Smith, Plantsville, CT, Major: PSY
Kelli Krofssik, Hamden, CT, Major: PSY
Kelly Mjos, Tolland, CT, Major: ESSS
Kelly Redmond, Naugatuck, CT, Major: BIO
Kelly Sullivan, West Haven, CT, Major: ANT
Kelsey Tonge, Wallingford, CT, Major: COM
Kelvin Mintah, New Haven, CT, Major: BIO
Kennan Martin, South Glastonbury, CT, Major: COM
Kenndra Espinoza, Stamford, CT, Major: PSY
Kenneth Jimenez, New Haven, CT, Major: PHY
Kevin Brown, Waterbury, CT, Major: COM
Kevin Chesler, Meriden, CT, Major: ANT
Kevin Lam, Stamford, CT, Major: IDS
Kevin Reed, East Haven, CT, Major: PSY
Keylea Brothers, Lexington, KY, Major: PHY
Khaliyah Muhammad, Meriden, CT, Major: PSY
Khavita Becker, Deep River, CT, Major: PSY
Khushbu Patel, Wallingford, CT, Major: BIO
Kiana Michel, Norwalk, CT, Major: COM
Kiara Coello, Fairfield, CT, Major: ANT
Kiara Smith, Milford, CT, Major: JRN
Kiersten Conner, Milford, CT, Major: ENG
Kimberley Goulbourne, New Haven, CT, Major: ENG
Kori Ligon, West Haven, CT, Major: THR
Krista Jones, Pawcatuck, CT, Major: PSC
Krista Lencovich, Shelton, CT, Major: ENG
Kristen Amarone, Wallingford, CT, Major: SOC
Kristina Ercolani, Wethersfield, CT, Major: IDS
Kun Lee, Stamford, CT, Major: MAT
Kylie Cacace, Guilford, CT, Major: PSY
Kyra Jayne Catubig, West Haven, CT, Major: STAR
Kyriaki Marinos, Trumbull, CT, Major: PHY
Ladasia Daughtry, New Haven, CT, Major: IDS
Laleh Sohrab, West Haven, CT, Major: CSC
Larissa Anderson, New Haven, CT, Major: ESSS
Larissa Topalis, Ledyard, CT, Major: STAR
Latasha Neal, Middletown, CT, Major: PSY
Laura Freiss, Branford, CT, Major: IDS
Laura Lopez, Norwalk, CT, Major: IDS
Laura Ramos, Derby, CT, Major: MUS
Lauren Brideau, Shelton, CT, Major: ESSS
Lauren Conner, Milford, CT, Major: BIO
Lauren DeNomme, Trumbull, CT, Major: HIS
Lauren Hoerner, Manchester, CT, Major: THR
Lauren Oken, West Hartford, CT, Major: ESSS
Lauryn Giuliano, Orange, CT, Major: PSY
Leah Mastroianni, Bristol, CT, Major: PSY
Leah Sause, Wallingford, CT, Major: HIS
Leana Mauricette, East Hartford, CT, Major: ESSS
Leily Ayala, Trumbull, CT, Major: LBS
Lekiyah Fraser, West Haven, CT, Major: PSY
Leo Sweeney, Norwalk, CT, Major: IDS
Leslie Baca, New Haven, CT, Major: SOC
Lexie Demarco, East Haven, CT, Major: PHY
Lia Davido, Middletown, NJ, Major: STAR
Liam Welsh, Old Saybrook, CT, Major: COM
Liang Lin, Cheshire, CT, Major: PSC
Liberty Corbett, Norwalk, CT, Major: SOC
Lilian Matute, Stamford, CT, Major: PSY
Lillian Patterson, Shelton, CT, Major: CSC
Lily Barragan, East Haven, CT, Major: STAR
Lishana Daniel, New Haven, CT, Major: PSY
Liza Frassinelli, Willington, CT, Major: GEO
Loanis Cabrera, Bridgeport, CT, Major: COM
Lorenzo Burgos, Wethersfield, CT, Major: PSY
Louis Mark, Milford, CT, Major: GNS
Luke Hansted, North Haven, CT, Major: COM
Luke Marren, Fairfield, CT, Major: COM
Luke Sampson, New Haven, CT, Major: PSY
Lupita Barajas, Stratford, CT, Major: ENG
Luz Vargas, East Hartford, CT, Major: BITC
Luzadriana Cante, New Haven, CT, Major: ESSS
Lydia Masala, Bridgeport, CT, Major: BIO
Maddi Rybak, Salem, CT, Major: ANT
Madeleine Bergeron, Westbrook, CT, Major: ANT
Madelyn Vinsel, Guilford, CT, Major: ENG
Madison Brenning, Seymour, CT, Major: PSY
Madison Brink, Naugatuck, CT, Major: PSY
Madison Cacciato, Oakville, CT, Major: SOC
Madison Fries, North Branford, CT, Major: BIO
Madison Lazaro, Stratford, CT, Major: CSC
Maeve Cunningham, Branford, CT, Major: THR
Maeve Rourke, Milford, CT, Major: ESSS
Maeve Salamida, Cromwell, CT, Major: ENG
Maggie Giles, Madison, CT, Major: MAT
Mahima Patel, Norwalk, CT, Major: BIO
Makayla Henley, Waterbury, CT, Major: SOC
Makenna Perry, Groton, CT, Major: ESSS
Mallory Leite, Bethany, CT, Major: ENG
Manjot Kailey, Branford, CT, Major: BIO
Mariajose Valdez, Stratford, CT, Major: PSY
Mariana Fontinele Dias da Silva, Stratford, CT, Major: PSY
Marisa DeCiucis, Shelton, CT, Major: BITC
Marisa Donarumo, Wallingford, CT, Major: BIO
Marissa Burgos, Trumbull, CT, Major: BIO
Marissa Salazar, East Haven, CT, Major: PSY
Marissa Siemiatkoski, Thomaston, CT, Major: IDS
Mark Nowak, Meriden, CT, Major: BITC
Mark Schriever, Norwich, CT, Major: CSC
Marlisa Shaw, New Haven, CT, Major: SOC
Marvin Romero, Stamford, CT, Major: CHE
Mary Gay, Waltham, MA, Major: PSC
MaryColleen Whitney, Branford, CT, Major: IDS
Matt Melia, Darien, CT, Major: HIS
Matthew Lingenfelter, North Haven, CT, Major: CSC
Matthew Linnhoff, Plainville, CT, Major: SOC
Matthew Polek, Naugatuck, CT, Major: JRN
Matthew Rooney, Monroe, CT, Major: SOC
Matthew Zarra, Cheshire, CT, Major: HIS
Max Suits, Guilford, CT, Major: COM
Max Vadakin, New Haven, CT, Major: ENG
Max Warner, Branford, CT, Major: MAT
Maxwell Gaulin, Bethany, CT, Major: ECO
Maya Obeid, Trumbull, CT, Major: PSC
Megan Cote, Shelton, CT, Major: PSY
Megan Eldridge, Shelton, CT, Major: PSY
Megan Ferreira, Shelton, CT, Major: HIS
Megan Latte, Newtown, CT, Major: PSY
Megan Mendell, Shelton, CT, Major: PSY
Megan Poulin, New Haven, CT, Major: ENG
Meghan LeRose, Stamford, CT, Major: COM
Meghan Miller, Hamden, CT, Major: IDS
Melanie Kazlauskas, Shelton, CT, Major: SOC
Melissa Betancourt, New Britain, CT, Major: SOC
Melissa Garcia-Kiehnle, Shelton, CT, Major: BIO
Meredith Jessey, Branford, CT, Major: PSC
Mia Bonadies, Hamden, CT, Major: JRN
Micahl Derosa, North Haven, CT, Major: CSC
Michael Fonda, Stratford, CT, Major: CSC
Michael Healey, Madison, CT, Major: HIS
Michael Jacobs, Trumbull, CT, Major: CSC
Michael Macesker, Waterford, CT, Major: CSC
Michael Sendra, Oxford, CT, Major: SPA
Michael Shashaty, Washington, CT, Major: HIS
Michael Smith, Shelton, CT, Major: MAT
Michaela Tiani, North Branford, CT, Major: IDS
Michele Furnaros, Stamford, CT, Major: ENG
Michelle Morales, Wallingford, CT, Major: PSC
Michelle Negron, New Haven, CT, Major: PSY
Michelle Raccio, West Haven, CT, Major: IDS
Mike Sanger, New Haven, CT, Major: SOC
Milena Szarwacki, Shelton, CT, Major: IDS
Millicent Gilhool, New York, NY, Major: PSY
Milton Ward, New Haven, CT, Major: IDS
Minahil Gilani, Bridgeport, CT, Major: BIO
Miranda Kross, North Haven, CT, Major: ENG
Mirza Martinez Pinto, Stamford, CT, Major: PSY
Moazzam Ashraf, Ansonia, CT, Major: PSY
Moises Valencia, Bridgeport, CT, Major: PSY
Molly Major, Madison, CT, Major: BIO
Monica Collette, Waterbury, CT, Major: CHE
Morgan Chase, Windsor, CT, Major: PSY
Morgan Douglas, Beacon Falls, CT, Major: JRN
Morgan Hines, Oxford, CT, Major: ENG
Morgan Lambert, West Haven, CT, Major: BIO
Morgan Lussier, South Windsor, CT, Major: PSY
Morgan McClain, Monroe, CT, Major: SOC
Moshema Hull, New Haven, CT, Major: CHE
Mychelle Barnes, East Hartford, CT, Major: ENG
Nadine Hilkert, Bretzfeld, GER, Major: PSY
Natalia Amos, Milford, CT, Major: SOC
Natalia Cruz, Waterbury, CT, Major: CHE
Natalie Colon, Derby, CT, Major: COM
Natalie Hinton, Bridgeport, CT, Major: SOC
Natalie Rogers, Wallingford, CT, Major: ENG
Natalie Stoffel, New Fairfield, CT, Major: ENG
Natasha Tarbell, Old Saybrook, CT, Major: PSY
Nathaniel Gerrish, Naugatuck, CT, Major: PHY
Nicholas Alexiades, Woodbridge, CT, Major: PSC
Nicholas Bertone, Wayne, NJ, Major: COM
Nicholas Demet, Old Lyme, CT, Major: CHE
Nick Isabella, Monroe, CT, Major: BIO
Nickailla Mclean, Stamford, CT, Major: COM
Nicole Gigas, Ansonia, CT, Major: GEO
Nicole Healy, Naugatuck, CT, Major: HIS
Nicole Huntsman, Bridgeport, CT, Major: SOC
Nicole Thomas, Waterbury, CT, Major: THR
Nikola Tili, Waterbury, CT, Major: SOC
Nilay Durdu, Derby, CT, Major: PSY
Nina Henriques, Newtown, CT, Major: BIO
Noel Womack, Hamden, CT, Major: CHE
Noelle Stepensky, Southington, CT, Major: SOC
Nolan Greene, North Branford, CT, Major: PSC
Norman Whitney, Bristol, CT, Major: PSC
Noureen Nassra, Stratford, CT, Major: BIO
Nurilys Cintron, New Haven, CT, Major: COM
Olivia Delisle, Portland, CT, Major: COM
Olivia Liebler, Guilford, CT, Major: CSC
Olivia Mason, Bristol, CT, Major: PSY
Olivia Moreno, Trumbull, CT, Major: IDS
Omar Khatib, Fairfield, CT, Major: BIO
Onyx Rivera, Carolina, PR, Major: COM
Pablo Bastida Ruiz, Hamden, CT, Major: PSC
Paige Darcy, Southington, CT, Major: PSY
Paige Gorry, Wallingford, CT, Major: ENG
Paige Hansen, Kings Park, NY, Major: SOC
Paisley Tucker, Bristol, CT, Major: BIO
Paris Robberstad, New Haven, CT, Major: GEO
Patricia Castle, Milford, CT, Major: MUS
Patrick Ballard, Belford, NJ, Major: COM
Patrick Kearney, Durham, CT, Major: ENG
Patrick Korwek, Hamden, CT, Major: GEO
Patrick Moore, Fayetteville, NC, Major: HIS
Patrick Templeton, Ledyard, CT, Major: COM
Paul Broughton, Stamford, CT, Major: PSY
Paul DeMaio, East Haven, CT, Major: CSC
Paul Osorio, Norwalk, CT, Major: CSC
Paul Rosenberg, Branford, CT, Major: DSC
Perry Hoye, Norwalk, CT, Major: COM
Phil Dinh, Milford, CT, Major: COM
Philopater Abdelsied, Wallingford, CT, Major: IDS
Qamar Al-salihi, East Haven, CT, Major: CSC
Quandaysha Shumpert, New Britain, CT, Major: IDS
Quiara Outing, New Haven, CT, Major: IDS
Rachel Garcia, Naugatuck, CT, Major: PSY
Rachel Kelsall, West Haven, CT, Major: CHE
Rachel Silver, Vernon Rockville, CT, Major: PSY
Rachel Stark, West Haven, CT, Major: PSY
Rafaela Martinez, New Haven, CT, Major: JRN
Raianna Grant, Waterbury, CT, Major: SOC
Rakim Grant, Middletown, CT, Major: SOC
Ray Tian, Orange, CT, Major: MAT
Rayleen Paret, New Haven, CT, Major: CSC
Raymond Boucher, Hamden, CT, Major: MDS
Raymond Suarez, Waterbury, CT, Major: CSC
Reaunna Bartell, Bristol, CT, Major: IDS
Rebecca Hilton, Wallingford, CT, Major: PSY
Rebecca Lubbert, Guilford, CT, Major: MAT
Rebecca Mangs, Branford, CT, Major: PSY
Rebecca Sabetta, Northford, CT, Major: BIO
Rebecca Shamp, Clinton, CT, Major: ESC
Regina Misercola, Trumbull, CT, Major: ENG
Reinyl Neri, Hamden, CT, Major: CSC
Renea Dacosta, East Hartford, CT, Major: PSY
Rhoda Osei, Hamden, CT, Major: SOC
Rian Tucci, Ridgefield, CT, Major: PHY
Rianna Albert, Waterbury, CT, Major: BIO
Richard Christie, Howell, NJ, Major: SOC
Richard Rosa, Hamden, CT, Major: ECO
Richard Szeligowski, Guilford, CT, Major: PHY
Rijad Brkic, Milford, CT, Major: BIO
Riley Kloeckner, Macomb, MI, Major: HIS
Risper Githinji, Waterbury, CT, Major: CHE
RJ Buonaiuto, Trumbull, CT, Major: HIS
Robby Tierstein, Milford, CT, Major: JRN
Robert Gonzalez, Manchester, CT, Major: STAR
Roberto Sostre, Binghamton, NY, Major: GNS
Roma Bartolomeo, Wallingford, CT, Major: PSY
Romeo Rivera, Waterbury, CT, Major: PHI
Roni Levit, Bethany, CT, Major: COM
Rosana Duarte, New Haven, CT, Major: PSC
Ryan Doko, Oakville, CT, Major: ENG
Ryan Higgins, Bridgeport, CT, Major: MAT
Ryan Pastor, New Haven, CT, Major: ESC
Ryan Pollard, Madison, CT, Major: MAT
Sabrina Kosky, East Haven, CT, Major: SPA
Samantha Alves, Naugatuck, CT, Major: PSY
Samantha Glander, Stamford, CT, Major: ENG
Samantha Kaplan, Trumbull, CT, Major: COM
Samantha Salisbury, Stratford, CT, Major: BIO
Sammy Collier, Fairfield, CT, Major: ESSS
Samuel Fix, Guilford, CT, Major: STAR
Samuel Tapper, Suffield, CT, Major: JRN
Sandra Theoharatos, Milford, CT, Major: STAR
Sandy Nguyen, East Haven, CT, Major: ART
Sara Gerckens, Derby, CT, Major: ESSS
Sarah Chard, Old Lyme, CT, Major: IDS
Sarah Gossman, Trumbull, CT, Major: HIS
Sarah Houde, Wallingford, CT, Major: IDS
Sarah Lemere, Durham, CT, Major: IDS
Sarah McLaughlin, North Stonington, CT, Major: PSY
Sarah O’Connor, Norwalk, CT, Major: PSC
Sarah Odabashian, Madison, CT, Major: BIO
Sarah Shelton, Oakville, CT, Major: JRN
Sarai Genua, Waterbury, CT, Major: ENG
Sarina Maynard, Oakville, CT, Major: PSY
Scarlett Naples, Gaylordsville, CT, Major: BIO
Scott Brossman, Branford, CT, Major: CHE
Scott McCall, Burlington, CT, Major: PSY
Sean Kaufman, Oxford, CT, Major: CSC
Sean Rivera, Port Chester, NY, Major: COM
Sebastian Moraga, West Haven, CT, Major: CHE
Sejmir Basuljevic, Derby, CT, Major: CSC
Shane Da Silva-Novotny, Bridgeport, CT, Major: PSC
Shane Smith, Pawcatuck, CT, Major: ESC
Shanitique Gaston, New London, CT, Major: PSC
Shannon Barrett, Gales Ferry, CT, Major: BIO
Shannon Halloran, Branford, CT, Major: ESC
Shannon Ryan, Waterbury, CT, Major: PSY
Shannon Winters, Milford, CT, Major: ENG
Shantelle Diaz, Watertown, CT, Major: PSY
Shanti Madison, New Haven, CT, Major: ESSS
Shaoshi Huang, Cheshire, CT, Major: HIS
Shauna Goldman, Norwalk, CT, Major: PSY
Shawn Luzzi, New Haven, CT, Major: STAR
Shawn Odei-Ntiri, New Haven, CT, Major: ESSS
Shayla Hill, Waterbury, CT, Major: CSC
Siddhi Suresh, Southington, CT, Major: CSC
Sierra Ransom, New Haven, CT, Major: GNS
Simon Tamayo, Guilford, CT, Major: STAR
Skyla Ross, North Haven, CT, Major: PSY
Skyler Puckett, Wallingford, CT, Major: PSY
Sophia George, West Haven, CT, Major: STAR
Sophia Lonardo, Monroe, CT, Major: PSY
Sophia Oneto, Prospect, CT, Major: ENG
Spencer Tesch, Middlebury, CT, Major: PSY
Stache Jones, West Haven, CT, Major: SOC
Stephanie Gable, New Haven, CT, Major: BIO
Stephanie Melanson, Orange, CT, Major: ENG
Stephanie Preising, Stamford, CT, Major: BIO
Stephanie Richard, Naugatuck, CT, Major: BIO
Stephanie Sirois, Wallingford, CT, Major: ENG
Stephano Luzzi, New Haven, CT, Major: HIS
Stephen Fengler, Wallingford, CT, Major: ESC
Steven Parravano, Shelton, CT, Major: PSY
Storm Corrow, Stamford, CT, Major: PSY
Summer Sylvestre, Plainfield, CT, Major: MAT
Susannah Goeters, Clinton, CT, Major: ANT
Sydney Camacho, Shelton, CT, Major: PSY
Sydney French, Oxford, CT, Major: PSY
Sydney Grillo, Beacon Falls, CT, Major: ART
Sydney King, Milford, CT, Major: ANT
Sydney Manzo, Oxford, CT, Major: COM
Sydney Peacock, Deep River, CT, Major: ESSS
Sydney Rossi, Milford, CT, Major: BIO
Syed Rizvi Rizvi, Meriden, CT, Major: SOC
T’Aja Henry, New Britian, CT, Major: PSY
Tabitha Genovese, Naugatuck, CT, Major: STAR
Talia Lent, New Milford, CT, Major: ESSS
Talicia Martins, Hamden, CT, Major: ENG
Tamara Febus, Trumbull, CT, Major: PSY
Tammy Michel, Woodbridge, CT, Major: HIS
Tanner Berton, Hamden, CT, Major: PSY
Tanner Bryant, Guilford, CT, Major: COM
Tarren Hartley, Bridgeport, CT, Major: PSY
Tashaney Johnson, Windsor, CT, Major: IDS
Tatiania Bond-Elahi, New Haven, CT, Major: SOC
Tatyana Andre, Norwalk, CT, Major: SOC
Tavia Quinones, New Haven, CT, Major: BIO
Taya Campbell, Hamden, CT, Major: SOC
Taylor Daniels, Bridgeport, CT, Major: SOC
Taylor Goffredo, Wolcott, CT, Major: PSY
Taylor Gudzinski, Waterbury, CT, Major: BIO
Taylor Havrilla, Guilford, CT, Major: ENG
Taylor Lubin, Vernon, CT, Major: STAR
Taylor Mangino, Madison, CT, Major: STAR
Taylor Muraca, Middletown, CT, Major: PSY
Taylor Thomas, Yonkers, NY, Major: STAR
Tea Carter, Modesto, CA, Major: PSC
Tea Pozzi, Guilford, CT, Major: PSY
Tess Buschmann, East Haddam, CT, Major: COM
Tess Peters, Oxford, CT, Major: ENG
Therese Ziaks, Branford, CT, Major: CHE
Thomas Armstrong, Sharon, CT, Major: BIO
Thomas Pelletier, Bristol, CT, Major: PSC
Thompson Hoang, East Hartford, CT, Major: COM
Tiana Johnson, Bridgeport, CT, Major: SOC
Tierra Garner, Hamden, CT, Major: BIO
Tiffany Turnbull, Bridgeport, CT, Major: IDS
Timothy Levesque, Avon, CT, Major: PSY
Timothy Ross, Ellington, CT, Major: CSC
Tomas Stisi, Shelton, CT, Major: HIS
Tommi Crowley, Bristol, CT, Major: IDS
Trent Kaisen, Guilford, CT, Major: PHI
Tyler Auger, Trumbull, CT, Major: CSC
Tyler Evans, New Haven, CT, Major: SOC
Tyler Holloway, Orange, CT, Major: CSC
Tyra Hultgren, Rockfall, CT, Major: PSY
Uladzislava Kerus, St. Augustine, FL, Major: CSC
Valerie Neyra, Stamford, CT, Major: COM
Vanessa Phommahaxay, Danbury, CT, Major: PSY
Vanessa Riccardi, Sherman, CT, Major: BIO
Vanessa Ricchetti, Fairfield, CT, Major: IDS
Varsha Jorawar, Waterbury, CT, Major: PSC
Venetia N’Dabian, Bridgeport, CT, Major: IDS
Vesilenur Yildiz, West Haven, CT, Major: PSY
Victor Corona Galan, Fairfield, CT, Major: CSC
Victoria Aremu, Stamford, CT, Major: CSC
Victoria Blake, Trumbull, CT, Major: HIS
Victoria Gould, Shelton, CT, Major: PSY
Victoria Ingram, Hamden, CT, Major: STAR
Vittoria Cristante, North Branford, CT, Major: THR
Waiyat Hamdani, Greenwich, CT, Major: CSC
Wanda Caraballo Quiles, Meriden, CT, Major: PSY
William Aliou, Easton, CT, Major: IDS
William Dacey, Guilford, CT, Major: HIS
William Doheny, Hamden, CT, Major: MAT
William Michaud, West Haven, CT, Major: ART
William Velazquez, Bridgeport, CT, Major: STAR
William Von Brauchitsch, Fairfield, CT, Major: ESSS
Xhuana Hyska, Ansonia, CT, Major: SOC
Yacine Bouziane, West Haven, CT, Major: CSC
Yadinitza Torres, Waterbury, CT, Major: BIO
Yara Hosny, East Haven, CT, Major: PSY
Yesenia Hernandez, Meriden, CT, Major: PSY
Yolanda Grajalez, Derby, CT, Major: SOC
Yusuf Sindi, Hamden, CT, Major: ANT
Zachary Adams, Wolcott, CT, Major: ENG
Zainab Seyal, Fairfield, CT, Major: BIO
Zane Bendici, Shelton, CT, Major: THR
Zariah Council, bridgeport, CT, Major: IDS
Zina Mcbride, Milford, CT, Major: STAR


Aaron White, Hamden, CT, Major: BUS
Abdulhadi Almatiet, Hamden, CT, Major: BUS
Adelino Gomes, Shelton, CT, Major: BUS
Ajay Timaul, Waterbury, CT, Major: BUS
Akeem Douglas, Bridgeport, CT, Major: BUS
Albert Maio, East Haven, CT, Major: BUS
Alessandro Ward, Waterbury, CT, Major: BUS
Alexander DeMeis, Shelton, CT, Major: BUS
Alexander Fetherston, Madison, CT, Major: BUS
Alexander Prial, Stamford, CT, Major: BUS
Alexandra Bucci, Shelton, CT, Major: BUS
Alexandra Cerrone, Branford, CT, Major: BUS
Alexandria Grenier, Durham, CT, Major: BUS
Alexi McNair, Quaker Hill, CT, Major: BUS
Alexis Bickham, Ledyard, CT, Major: BUS
Alexis Rodriguez, New Haven, CT, Major: BUS
Alexis Young, Hamden, CT, Major: BUS
Alyssa Guerreri, Hamden, CT, Major: BUS
Alyssa Kreuzer, Torrington, CT, Major: BUS
Alyssa Mccann, Wallingford, CT, Major: BUS
Alyssa Weisberger, Orange, CT, Major: BUS
Ana Alvarez-Ovalle, Derby, CT, Major: BUS
Ana Caka, Wolcott, CT, Major: BUS
Andrea Scarfi, Meriden, CT, Major: BUS
Andreina Torres, Hartford, CT, Major: BUS
Andrew Buehler, Wallingford, CT, Major: BUS
Andrew Seibert, Oxford, CT, Major: BUS
Andrey Bastos De Carvalho, Aluminio, Brazil, Major: BUS
Angel McCall, Norwalk, CT, Major: BUS
Angelika Kozdra, Shelton, CT, Major: ACT
Annie Pan, Clinton, CT, Major: BUS
Anthony Gazsi, Oxford, CT, Major: BUS
Anthony Lancia, Branford, CT, Major: ACT
Antonio Barecchia, North Haven, CT, Major: BUS
Arda Yilmaz, Stratford, CT, Major: BUS
Ashley Rossi, Ledyard, CT, Major: BUS
Ashley Zdeb, East Haven, CT, Major: BUS
Asia Yantorno, Warren, CT, Major: BUS
Aurelija Danyte, Norwalk, CT, Major: BUS
Avneet Benipal, Branford, CT, Major: BUS
Azaria Porter, West Hartford, CT, Major: BUS
Ben Wunder, Easton, CT, Major: BUS
Bianca Souza, Wallingford, CT, Major: BUS
Branden Laneuville, Milford, CT, Major: BUS
Brandon Lirio, Newington, CT, Major: BUS
Brianna Ferraiolo, Branford, CT, Major: BUS
Bridget Wilkinson, Ansonia, CT, Major: BUS
Brittny Adebowale, Stamford, CT, Major: BUS
Bryan Firmender, Milford, CT, Major: BUS
Bryce Castellone, South Windsor, CT, Major: BUS
Carlos Flores, New Haven, CT, Major: BUS
Carly Champagne, Shelton, CT, Major: BUS
Carol Held, Orange, CT, Major: ACT
Carter Cox, Guilford, CT, Major: BUS
Charlotte McMillan, Brookfield, CT, Major: BUS
Chris Georgoulis, New Milford, CT, Major: BUS
Christian Minaya, Brooklyn, NY, Major: BUS
Christian Rubio, Shelton, CT, Major: BUS
Christian Vickowski, Monroe, CT, Major: BUS
Christopher Heinig, Meriden, CT, Major: BUS
Christopher LeBeau, Bristol, CT, Major: BUS
Christopher Light, North Haven, CT, Major: BUS
Cindy Velez, East Hampton, CT, Major: BUS
Claudia Lopez, Bridgeport, CT, Major: BUS
Cleon Huie, Trumbull, CT, Major: BUS
Cody Conlon, Bethlehem, CT, Major: BUS
Cody Rogers, Waterbury, CT, Major: BUS
Cullan Contos, Windham, CT, Major: BUS
Daequan Nicholson, New Haven, CT, Major: BUS
Dan Torres, Hamden, CT, Major: ACC
Daniel Borkowski, Plantsville, CT, Major: BUS
Daniel Goa Utgaard, Kristiansand, Norway, Major: BUS
Danielle Caselli, Stratford, CT, Major: BUS
Danielle Elliott, Wethersfield, CT, Major: BUS
Danny Castro, Shelton, CT, Major: BUS
David Chuhta, Trumbull, CT, Major: ACT
Derek Difronzo, Manchester, CT, Major: BUS
Donovan Harris, Rocky Point, NY, Major: BUS
Durado Bailey, Bridgeport, CT, Major: BUS
Dylan Batlle, Oxford, CT, Major: BUS
Dylan Beck, Fairfield, CT, Major: BUS
Dylan Trivers, Ansonia, CT, Major: BUS
Elijah Alexandre, Stratford, CT, Major: BUS
Elijah Parks, Bristol, CT, Major: BUS
Emily Carlucci, Huntington, CT, Major: BUS
Emily Maffeo, East Haven, CT, Major: BUS
Emily Rossini, West Hartford, CT, Major: BUS
Emily Thompson, Higganom, CT, Major: BUS
Emine Elezi, Waterbury, CT, Major: BUS
Eric Borea, Stamford, CT, Major: BUS
Eric Milliard, North Haven, CT, Major: BUS
Eric Ross, Uncasville, CT, Major: BUS
Estelle Lopez, Wallingford, CT, Major: BUS
Esther Hurtado, West Haven, CT, Major: BUS
Farith Vilchez-Morales, West Haven, CT, Major: BUS
Fatima Garcia-Ramirez, Bridgeport, CT, Major: BUS
Gabe Durante, North Haven, CT, Major: BUS
Gabor Kocsis, Stamford, CT, Major: BUS
Gabriel Page, Cheshire, CT, Major: BUS
Gabriella Zuk, Southington, CT, Major: BUS
Gavin Scully, Monroe, CT, Major: BUS
George Mott, Wallingford, CT, Major: BUS
Giovanni Tirollo, North Branford, CT, Major: BUS
Gregory Travis, Naugatuck, CT, Major: BUS
Gulizar Er, Meriden, CT, Major: BUS
Hanna Natalino, Derby, CT, Major: BUS
Hannah Endri, Norwalk, CT, Major: BUS
Hannah Latka, Oxford, CT, Major: BUS
Harry Kim, Fairfield, CT, Major: ACT
Hassen Shilleh, Monroe, CT, Major: BUS
Horoja Bojang, Bridgeport, CT, Major: BUS
Huber Lopez, Stamford, CT, Major: BUS
Ignasi Perez Cererols, Sant Cugat del Valles, Spain, Major: BUS
Isaac Burg, Killingworth, CT, Major: BUS
Isabel Pocock, Guilford, CT, Major: BUS
Isabella Pitarra, Clinton, CT, Major: BUS
Isabella Presutto, Trumbull, CT, Major: BUS
Isabelle Stowik, Wallingford, CT, Major: BUS
Jacklynn Pragosa, Killingworth, CT, Major: BUS
Jacob Comeau, Milford, CT, Major: BUS
Jacob Forrester, Middletown, CT, Major: BUS
Jacob Lessne, West Hartford, CT, Major: BUS
Jacob Lyngdal, Orange, CT, Major: BUS
Jafiah Edwards, Watertown, MA, Major: BUS
Jalen Walker, West Haven, CT, Major: BUS
James Abercrombie, Trumbull, CT, Major: BUS
Jamiy Burey, Shelton, CT, Major: BUS
Jarod Teixeira, Seymour, CT, Major: BUS
Jasmin Cortes, Waterbury, CT, Major: BUS
Jayson DeFrance, Middletown, CT, Major: BUS
Jeet Patel, New Haven, CT, Major: BUS
Jenna Remaly, Beacon Falls, CT, Major: BUS
Jenna Zakala, Rome, NY, Major: BUS
Jennifer Nophal, New Haven, CT, Major: BUS
Jessica Bortnick, Stratford, CT, Major: BUS
Jessica Carducci, Rocky Hill, CT, Major: BUS
Jhordan Peterson, Milford, CT, Major: BUS
Joanna Bertorelli, Naugatuck, CT, Major: BUS
John Fitzgerald, North Haven, CT, Major: BUS
John Wypychoski, Milford, CT, Major: BUS
Jonathan Foster, Wappingers Falls, NY, Major: BUS
Jordyn Williams-Horne, Hamden, CT, Major: BUS
Joseph Gaudet, Wethersfield, CT, Major: BUS
Joseph Leone, Bristol, CT, Major: BUS
Joseph Nemchek, Fairfield, CT, Major: BUS
Josephine Gonzalez, Meriden, CT, Major: BUS
Joshua Moro, Clinton, CT, Major: BUS
Juan Orozco, East Haven, CT, Major: BUS
Juan Sandoval, Seymour, CT, Major: BUS
Judaya Foster, Hartford, CT, Major: BUS
Judson Whiting, Clinton, CT, Major: BUS
Julia Dichello, Meriden, CT, Major: BUS
Jullie Dias, Westbrook, CT, Major: BUS
Kacie Velasquez, Stratford, CT, Major: BUS
Kaitlyn Carlson, West Haven, CT, Major: BUS
Kaitlyn Paradis, Orange, CT, Major: BUS
Kaleen Barbieri, Seymour, CT, Major: BUS
Karen Paleno, Kings Park, NY, Major: BUS
Karissa Ceniccola, Branford, CT, Major: BUS
KARL-MARX Delphonse, Bridgeport, CT, Major: BUS
Katelin Rowe, Branford, CT, Major: BUS
Katherine Fuentes, Bridgeport, CT, Major: BUS
Kayla Kelley, New Haven, CT, Major: BUS
Kelly Jagodzinski, Stamford, CT, Major: BUS
Kelly Lamb, Ledyard, CT, Major: BUS
Kelly Post, Cromwell, CT, Major: BUS
Kevin Landrigan, Wethersfield, CT, Major: BUS
Kevin Joergen van der Pol, Drammen, Norway, Major: BUS
Kiara Marrett, Bridgeport, CT, Major: BUS
Kiersten Snyder, Waterbury, CT, Major: BUS
Krista Haray, Shelton, CT, Major: BUS
Kristopher Dicocco, Trumbull, CT, Major: BUS
Kwadir Delgado-Mcintyre, Hamden, CT, Major: BUS
Kyle Murphy, Madison, CT, Major: BUS
Kyle Siegle, New Milford, CT, Major: BUS
Laura Mcdonald, Fairfield, CT, Major: BUS
Laura Vitzoski, Seymour, CT, Major: BUS
Lauren Segal, Cheshire, CT, Major: BUS
Lauren Silvia, Higganum, CT, Major: BUS
Lauren Spino, Hamden, CT, Major: BUS
Lauryn Benoit, Oakdale, CT, Major: BUS
Lawrence Walsh, Pawcatuck, CT, Major: BUS
Lily Mccarthy, East Granby, CT, Major: BUS
Lorelei Corona, New Haven, CT, Major: BUS
Lukas Garcia, Suffield, CT, Major: BUS
Mackenzie Henry, New London, CT, Major: BUS
Madeline Siegel, Malvern, PA, Major: BUS
Madison Trask, Southington, CT, Major: BUS
Malachi Stevens, Bridgeport, CT, Major: BUS
Maria Korthals, Old Lyme, CT, Major: BUS
Maria Lujan, New Haven, CT, Major: BUS
Mariam Noorzad, Milford, CT, Major: BUS
Mark Moreno, East Haven, CT, Major: BUS
Massimo Tabacco, Stratford, CT, Major: BUS
Matthew Desrosiers, North Haven, CT, Major: BUS
Matthew Jason, Milford, CT, Major: BUS
Matthew Kerrigan, Branford, CT, Major: BUS
Matthew Maignan, Stamford, CT, Major: BUS
Matthew Peck, Berlin, CT, Major: BUS
Matthew Terrasi, Shelton, CT, Major: BUS
Matthew Vidalis, Derby, CT, Major: BUS
Max Paolillo, North Haven, CT, Major: BUS
Meghan Kane, Bridgeport, CT, Major: BUS
Melany Henriquez-Schmutz, West Haven, CT, Major: BUS
Merina Sabatucci, Meriden, CT, Major: BUS
Micahlyn Vaichus, Waterbury, CT, Major: BUS
Michael Agyeman, Manchester, CT, Major: BUS
Michael Cardone, Norwalk, CT, Major: BUS
Michael Dimatteo, Bethany, CT, Major: BUS
Michael Merrigan, Cheshire, CT, Major: BUS
Michael Sheridan, Milford, CT, Major: BUS
Michael Yedowitz, New Milford, CT, Major: BUS
Michelle Oravec, Bridgeport, CT, Major: BUS
Mikayla Hartman-Brown, Stratford, CT, Major: BUS
Morgan Kranyak, Cheshire, CT, Major: BUS
Morgan Slater, Woodbridge, CT, Major: BUS
Muhaymina Plair, New Haven, CT, Major: BUS
Nailah Franklin, New Haven, CT, Major: BUS
Nasir Williams, Windsor, CT, Major: BUS
Nicholas Zumpano, Washington, CT, Major: BUS
Nicolas Ruiz Colodrero, Zaragoza, Spain, Major: BUS
Nicole Kopek, Milford, CT, Major: BUS
Nina Filippone, Ansonia, CT, Major: BUS
Noah Campbell, Uncasville, CT, Major: BUS
Noah Falcioni, Ansonia, CT, Major: BUS
Noah Foster, Stamford, CT, Major: BUS
Olivia Pocock, Guilford, CT, Major: BUS
Olympia Thompson, Rocky Hill, CT, Major: BUS
Onoh Udensi, New Haven, CT, Major: BUS
Patrick Martin, Seymour, CT, Major: BUS
Paulina Lamot, North Branford, CT, Major: BUS
Philip Quaye, Manchester, CT, Major: BUS
Preston Young, North Haven, CT, Major: BUS
Rajkumar Patel, Wallingford, CT, Major: BUS
Randy Boyne, Bristol, CT, Major: BUS
Raymond Cervone, Stratford, CT, Major: BUS
Ronan Goncalves, Bridgeport, CT, Major: BUS
Ryan Allen, Fairfield, CT, Major: BUS
Ryan Baird, East Granby, CT, Major: BUS
Safeta Basuljevic, Derby, CT, Major: BUS
Saiheed Sanders, Ansonia, CT, Major: BUS
Salvatore Novella, New Haven, CT, Major: BUS
Samantha Ferry, Moodus, CT, Major: BUS
Sara Gaccione, North Stonington, CT, Major: BUS
Sarah Ewert, Hamden, CT, Major: BUS
Sarah Santini, Orange, CT, Major: BUS
Scott Bohannon, New Haven, CT, Major: BUS
Sean Pichette, Windham, CT, Major: BUS
Sebastian Garzon, West Haven, CT, Major: BUS
Sentia Samson, Stratford, CT, Major: BUS
Shanaya Wallace, Hartford, CT, Major: BUS
Shanikqua Thompson, Hamden, CT, Major: BUS
Shay Murphy, Thomaston, CT, Major: BUS
Sheleice Fair, Waterbury, CT, Major: BUS
Simon Mcintyres, Bridgeport, CT, Major: BUS
Sofia Ribeiro, Shelton, CT, Major: BUS
Steele Marro, Shelton, CT, Major: BUS
Stefanie Borea, Stamford, CT, Major: BUS
Stephanie Blazzi, Monroe, CT, Major: BUS
Sukhpreet Behal, Branford, CT, Major: BUS
Tapiwa Musandu, Waterbury, CT, Major: BUS
Tea Hima, Wethersfield, CT, Major: BUS
Thomas Beaudin, Branford, CT, Major: BUS
Thomas Gironda, Fairfield, CT, Major: BUS
Tingting Xia, New Haven, CT, Major: BUS
Tommaso Esposito, Seymour, CT, Major: BUS
Tommi Bonomo, Marlborough, CT, Major: BUS
Tony Zambito, Ridgewood, NJ, Major: BUS
Tristan Garcia, Suffield, CT, Major: BUS
Victoria Neves, Shelton, CT, Major: BUS
Wendy Ann Santillan, Wallingford, CT, Major: BUS
Will Webb, Shelton, CT, Major: BUS
William Blau, Stamford, CT, Major: BUS
Xhemile Shahini, Ansonia, CT, Major: BUS
Zachary Bedryczuk, Beacon Falls, CT, Major: BUS
Zachary Burleigh, Southington, CT, Major: BUS
Zachary Kelley, Meriden, CT, Major: BUS
Zahid Bung, Bridgeport, CT, Major: BUS
Zain Haseeb, Shelton, CT, Major: BUS


Abby Chamberlain, Orange, CT, Major: EDU
Abby Hogan, Stamford, CT, Major: EDU
Abigail Henry, Barkhamsted, CT, Major: SED
Alandria Murray, New Haven, CT, Major: EDU
Alexa Capone, West Haven, CT, Major: EDU
Alexa Malchiodi, Wallingford, CT, Major: SED
Alexa Michaud, Seymour, CT, Major: EDU
Alexandra Guido, Wallingford, CT, Major: SED
Alexis Peck, Wallingford, CT, Major: SED
Alexis Tucker, Sandy Hook, CT, Major: EDU
Alexis Woods, Naugatuck, CT, Major: EDU
Allison Vanderlyn, Watertown, CT, Major: EDU
Alyssa-Marie Proto, New Haven, CT, Major: SED
Amanda Mantegna, West Haven, CT, Major: IMS
Amanda O’shea, Milford, CT, Major: SED
Amber Bowker, Old Lyme, CT, Major: SED
Amber Elusma, West Haven, CT, Major: SED
Amber Vane, Patterson, NY, Major: EDU
Andrea Palencia, Stamford, CT, Major: EDU
Anne Bornhorst, Colchester, CT, Major: EDU
Annmarie Dinicola, East Haven, CT, Major: EDU
Anthony Pelaccia, Oxford, CT, Major: SED
Ariana Cotto, Milford, CT, Major: EDU
Arielle Eighmy, Milford, CT, Major: SED
Ashley Ayers, Derby, CT, Major: EDU
Ashley Maebry, New Haven, CT, Major: EDU
Ashley Walker, East Haven, CT, Major: SED
Ashlie Forsberg, Branford, CT, Major: SED
Bianka Mcdougal, Bronx, NY, Major: EDU
Billy Allen, Bristol, CT, Major: SED
Brandon Davison, Middletown, CT, Major: EDU
Breanne Carbone, Monroe, CT, Major: EDU
Brian Coughlin, North Haven, CT, Major: SED
Brittainie Mooney, West Haven, CT, Major: EDU
Brittany Knights, Milford, CT, Major: SED
Brooke Kuryan, Madison, CT, Major: SED
Caitlin Thompson, Southbury, CT, Major: SED
Carissa O’meara, Trumbull, CT, Major: SED
Carley Bergamini, Somers, CT, Major: SED
Carly Holding, Stamford, CT, Major: EDU
Carly Martinson, Middletown, CT, Major: SED
Caroline Adams, Trumbull, CT, Major: EDU
Caroline Sopp, Bethany, CT, Major: EDU
Casey Sederquest, Monroe, CT, Major: SED
Cassidy Cappannelli, Chappaqua, NY, Major: SED
Catrina Aszklar, Southington, CT, Major: EDU
Christina Gubetta, Winsted, CT, Major: EDU
Christina Zaino, West Haven, CT, Major: EDU
Christopher Fraser, Woodbridge, CT, Major: SED
Claudia Cross, Stamford, CT, Major: EDU
Cortnee Darga, Hamden, CT, Major: EDU
Courtney Jorde, Katonah, NY, Major: EDU
Courtney Sandora, Waterford, CT, Major: EDU
Crystal Wooster, Naugatuck, CT, Major: EDU
Da’Nasiah Blackwell, Norwalk, CT, Major: EDU
Daniela Lara Quintana, Stamford, CT, Major: EDU
Daniella Masciola, Bridgeport, CT, Major: EDU
Danielle Fletcher, Cheshire, CT, Major: EDU
Danielle Socci, Stamford, CT, Major: EDU
David Casole, Stamford, CT, Major: SED
Deidre Dimaggio, Northford, CT, Major: SED
Delman Shukri, Fairfield, CT, Major: EDU
Derrick D’Amato, Cheshire, CT, Major: EDU
Elisabetta Pellino, Hamden, CT, Major: EDU
Elizabeth Hernandez, Fairfield, CT, Major: EDU
Ellen Stansfield, Monroe, CT, Major: SED
Elyse Mccarthy, Stratford, CT, Major: SED
Emily Silver, New Milford, CT, Major: SED
Emily Sosik, Stratford, CT, Major: EDU
Emily Tucker, Seymour, CT, Major: SED
Emma Salvatore, Branford, CT, Major: EDU
Emma Stein, Weston, CT, Major: SED
Erin Foley, Plymouth, MA, Major: IMS
Faith Derosa, Brookfield, CT, Major: EDU
Francesca Lupo, Fairfield, CT, Major: EDU
Gabriella D’Elia, Prospect, CT, Major: EDU
Gabriella Piscitelli, Branford, CT, Major: SED
Gabrielle Klementon, Wethersfield, CT, Major: EDU
Georgia Teixeira, Bristol, RI, Major: EDU
Gezime Spahiu, Shelton, CT, Major: EDU
Giana Cardonita, Guilford, CT, Major: SED
Gianna D’angelo, Trumbull, CT, Major: EDU
Grace Godeski, Norwalk, CT, Major: SED
Grace Mclean, Trumbull, CT, Major: EDU
Hailey Coleman, Oxford, CT, Major: SED
Haley Grammatico, Derby, CT, Major: EDU
Haley Smith, Clinton, CT, Major: SED
Hannah Marcano, New Haven, CT, Major: EDU
Heather Natter-Gauthier, Wallingford, CT, Major: SED
Heather Uphold, Old Saybrook, CT, Major: EDU
Heidi Matias, Danbury, CT, Major: EDU
Indiana Whiteman, Fairfield, CT, Major: IMS
Ingrid Rodriguez, New Haven, CT, Major: EDU
Jackie Bennett Pyrek-Bennett, Monroe, CT, Major: SED
Jacquelinne Marroquin, Milford, CT, Major: EDU
Jasmine Morrison, East Haven, CT, Major: SED
Jayden Delaporta, Mystic, CT, Major: EDU
Jenna Barcello, Easton, CT, Major: EDU
Jennifer Mena, New Haven, CT, Major: EDU
Jess Searles, Wallingford, CT, Major: EDU
Jessica Gilbert, New Canaan, CT, Major: SED
Jessica Guzman, Valley Cottage, NY, Major: EDU
Jessica Koproski, Stamford, CT, Major: SED
Jessica LeClerc, Thomaston, CT, Major: EDU
Jessica Maier, Enfield, CT, Major: SED
Jessica Monegro, Waterbury, CT, Major: EDU
Jessica Orazietti, Shelton, CT, Major: SED
Jordan Paine, West Haven, CT, Major: EDU
Julia Burns, Fairfield, CT, Major: EDU
Julia Raucci, West Haven, CT, Major: SED
Julianna Nunez, Stratford, CT, Major: EDU
Julie Antonini, Milford, CT, Major: EDU
Justine Winiarski, Cromwell, CT, Major: SED
Kaitlyn Moore-Markey, Branford, CT, Major: EDU
Kaitlyn Peaslee, Vernon Rockville, CT, Major: EDU
Kaitlyn Redente, Hamden, CT, Major: EDU
Kameron DeMartin, North Haven, CT, Major: SED
Karlene Welles, Newington, CT, Major: SED
Katelyn Brodeur, Naugatuck, CT, Major: EDU
Katelynn Brody, Prospect, CT, Major: SED
Kathryn Cullen, Stratford, CT, Major: SED
Kathy Tran, Shelton, CT, Major: EDU
Katie Jimenez, West Haven, CT, Major: EDU
Kayla Metzger, North Branford, CT, Major: EDU
Kaylie Broadhurst, Stratford, CT, Major: SED
Kelly Maduri, Oxford, CT, Major: SED
Kelsey Murzak, Wallingford, CT, Major: SED
Kendra Kochol, Southington, CT, Major: SED
Kennedy Ballard, Brookfield, CT, Major: SED
Kennedy DelVecchio, North Haven, CT, Major: SED
Keyaira Louis-Fin, Norwalk, CT, Major: EDU
Kiersten Ignatowski, Orange, CT, Major: EDU
Kirstin Colwell, Parkland, FL, Major: EDU
Krishna Soni, Naugatuck, CT, Major: EDU
Kristen Robertson, Stratford, CT, Major: SED
Lauren Ferraguto, Berlin, CT, Major: EDU
Leah Pearson, Trumbull, CT, Major: SED
Lex Lee, Watertown, CT, Major: EDU
Lexi Assenza, Monroe, CT, Major: EDU
Macey Paradis, Terryville, CT, Major: EDU
Mackenzie Dimauro, Berlin, CT, Major: EDU
Mackenzie Morrill, Wallingford, CT, Major: SED
Maddie Westcott, Wallingford, CT, Major: SED
Madeline Carter, Stamford, CT, Major: EDU
Madeline Gill, Fairfield, CT, Major: EDU
Madison Patkoske, Wethersfield, CT, Major: EDU
Maia Strong, Hamden, CT, Major: EDU
Makayla Teixeira, Naugatuck, CT, Major: SED
Marissa Mazzetta, Manchester, CT, Major: EDU
Mark Rosario, New Haven, CT, Major: EDU
Marly Ahearn, Wolcott, CT, Major: SED
Mary Durso-Smith, Guilford, CT, Major: EDU
Mary Luz Heidtmann, West Haven, CT, Major: SED
Matthew Mainieri, Milford, CT, Major: SED
Matthew Osora, Middletown, CT, Major: SED
Mayra Vitorino, New London, CT, Major: EDU
McKenzie Mcdermott, Orange, CT, Major: SED
Megan Garner, Hamden, CT, Major: SED
Megan Robertson, Stratford, CT, Major: SED
Megan Sterpka, New Hartford, CT, Major: SED
Meghan Davis, Griswold, CT, Major: SED
Melanie Vieira, Beacon Falls, CT, Major: EDU
Melia Wilcox, Pawcatuck, CT, Major: SED
Melinda Knopf, Berlin, CT, Major: EDU
Melissa Lewis, Orange, CT, Major: EDU
Mengwen Ren, Beacon Falls, CT, Major: EDU
Mia Mazzola, Madison, CT, Major: SED
Michael Delgado, Fairfield, CT, Major: SED
Mike Ferrett, Hamden, CT, Major: SED
Milana Bartolomeo, Wallingford, CT, Major: EDU
Mirna Marji, Newtown, CT, Major: EDU
Molly Smalley, Stamford, CT, Major: EDU
Morgan Kane, Hamden, CT, Major: EDU
Morgan Williams, Darien, CT, Major: SED
Nalani Mungin, New City, NY, Major: SED
Natalie Ferris, Shelton, CT, Major: SED
Nelsy Rivas, Norwalk, CT, Major: EDU
Nicholas Wheeler, Oxford, CT, Major: SED
Nicole Petit, Wallingford, CT, Major: EDU
Nicole Thomas, Seymour, CT, Major: SED
Noelle Couture, Hamden, CT, Major: EDU
Nora Raccio, Milford, CT, Major: EDU
Olivia Jameson, Wallingford, CT, Major: EDU
Olivia Lopez, Stratford, CT, Major: EDU
Olivia O’connor, North Haven, CT, Major: EDU
Olivia Santoro, Hamden, CT, Major: EDU
Olivia Stella, Wilton, CT, Major: EDU
Olivia Whitehead, Higganum, CT, Major: EDU
Paige Roosa, Cheshire, CT, Major: EDU
Parisa Amiri, Waterbury, CT, Major: EDU
Patrick Murphy, Naugatuck, CT, Major: EDU
Rachael Radwill, Milford, CT, Major: EDU
Rachel Melia, Stamford, CT, Major: SED
Rachel Schaffer, Fairfield, CT, Major: EDU
Raeann Darley, Middletown, CT, Major: EDU
Raya Signore, Guilford, CT, Major: SED
Renee Villarreal, Meriden, CT, Major: SED
Rossano Digiacomo, Wethersfield, CT, Major: SED
Ryan Lopez, Shelton, CT, Major: SED
Samantha Chagnon, Wallingford, CT, Major: SED
Samantha Hanrath, Coventry, CT, Major: SED
Samantha Koproski, Stamford, CT, Major: SED
Samantha Weinreb, Stamford, CT, Major: EDU
Samantha White, Watertown, CT, Major: EDU
Samira Zuniga, Wallingford, CT, Major: EDU
Samuel Martin, Woodbridge, CT, Major: SED
Sandra Taylor, Meriden, CT, Major: EDU
Sara O’shea, Milford, CT, Major: SED
Sarah Genn, New Haven, CT, Major: EDU
Sarah Raucci, Milford, CT, Major: EDU
Sawyer Hanlon, Guilford, CT, Major: IMS
Sawyer Nicholas, Trumbull, CT, Major: EDU
Selena Pacheco, Pawcatuck, CT, Major: EDU
Sera Amato, New Haven, CT, Major: EDU
Shania Blake, Stamford, CT, Major: EDU
Shanice Rhodes, Hamden, CT, Major: EDU
Shelliana Richard, Norwalk, CT, Major: EDU
Simone Sheats, Hamden, CT, Major: EDU
Sonia Teixeira, Shelton, CT, Major: EDU
Stephanie Mazo, Bridgeport, CT, Major: EDU
Tania Jimenez, Waterbury, CT, Major: EDU
Tania Johnson, East Hartford, CT, Major: EDU
Taylor Bova, Orange, CT, Major: EDU
Taylor Burkle, Guilford, CT, Major: EDU
Taylor Kelly, Durham, CT, Major: SED
Timothy Kanaley, Sayville, NY, Major: EDU
Vanessa Rivera, Stratford, CT, Major: EDU
Viktoria Notholt, Milford, CT, Major: EDU
William Steinbrick, Orange, CT, Major: EDU
Wilson Herrera, Bridgeport, CT, Major: EDU
Xia’ian Carrasco, Bristol, CT, Major: EDU
Zehra Guven, New Haven, CT, Major: EDU


Aaliyah Heyward-Scott, Branford, CT, Major: SWK
Aaron Kaszas, Cheshire, CT, Major: CMD
Abby Morrison, Clinton, CT, Major: NUR
Abigail Ashbey, Waterford, CT, Major: CMD
Abigail Karabeinikoff, Meriden, CT, Major: SWK
Adaobi Okoro, Cheshire, CT, Major: PCH
Adjo Hiheglo, Manchester, CT, Major: NUR
Adriana Pardo, Milford, CT, Major: NUR
Adrianna Allevo, Stafford Springs, CT, Major: REC
Adrianna Guerrera, Watertown, CT, Major: NUR
Aidan Fiala, East Haddam, CT, Major: NUR
Aisha Jawaid, North Haven, CT, Major: PCH
Alandis Whitley, Bloomfield, CT, Major: REC
Alex Cooke, Danbury, CT, Major: SMT
Alexa Bates, Simsbury, CT, Major: NUR
Alexa Catania, Durham, CT, Major: NUR
Alexa Farkash, Northford, CT, Major: SWK
Alexa Kellner, Stamford, CT, Major: EXS
Alexander Barry, Milford, CT, Major: PCH
Alexandra Daugherty, Farmington, CT, Major: HLS
Alexis Cran, Branford, CT, Major: EXS
Alexis Scott, Pawcatuck, CT, Major: ATH
Alexis Simons, Osterville, MA, Major: CMD
Alexis Trovarelli, Stratford, CT, Major: HLS
Alexis Zhitomi, Shelton, CT, Major: CMD
Aleysia Watson, New Haven, CT, Major: REC
Alisa Delaney, Stratford, CT, Major: REC
Alisha Botelho, Central, SC, Major: SWK
Aliyah Manning, West Haven, CT, Major: PCH
Allie Warinsky, Mansfield Center, CT, Major: HLS
Allison Dube, Middletown, CT, Major: NUR
Allison Lanche-Flores, West Haven, CT, Major: REC
Allison Perrault, New Milford, CT, Major: SWK
Ally Dalton, Naugatuck, CT, Major: HLS
Alonna Thompson, New Haven, CT, Major: CMD
Alycia Calabrese, Plymouth, CT, Major: NUR
Alyssa Caldarella, North Haven, CT, Major: CMD
Alyssa Craig, Wallingford, CT, Major: HLS
Alyssa Lukeski, Prospect, CT, Major: CMD
Alyssa Pannone, Wallingford, CT, Major: PCH
Alyssa Smeraglino, Milford, CT, Major: NUR
Amaja Figueroa, Bristol, CT, Major: HLS
Amanda Bernardo, Prospect, CT, Major: SWK
Amanda Cusumano, Trumbull, CT, Major: NUR
Amanda Dejlitko, West Haven, CT, Major: SWK
Amanda Lewis, Branford, CT, Major: SWK
Amanda Michaud, Seymour, CT, Major: PCH
Amanda Valentin, Naugatuck, CT, Major: SWK
Amber Archambault, Windsor Locks, CT, Major: SWK
Amber Belval, Wolcott, CT, Major: NUR
Amber Deluca, Ivoryton, CT, Major: NUR
Amber Drobnak, East Haven, CT, Major: SWK
Amber Lucatino, Southbury, CT, Major: NUR
Amber Marshall, Derby, CT, Major: PCH
Amelia Aspinwall, Stratford, CT, Major: CMD
Amelia Goduti, Haddam, CT, Major: SWK
Amelia Trapp, Milford, CT, Major: CMD
Amelia Tuttle, Hamden, CT, Major: SWK
Amy Conant, Wolcott, CT, Major: NUR
Andie Sansone, Cheshire, CT, Major: EXS
Andressa Granado, Bridgeport, CT, Major: PCH
Andrew Horobin, Wallingford, CT, Major: NUR
Andrew Huston, New Haven, CT, Major: CMD
Anecia Gidden, Bridgeport, CT, Major: NUR
Ang Herrera, Waterbury, CT, Major: SWK
Angel Kennedy, Hamden, CT, Major: SWK
Angela Chiaravalloti, Cheshire, CT, Major: NUR
Angelica Castro, New Haven, CT, Major: NUR
Angelica Herrera, Waterbury, CT, Major: SWK
Angie Louis, West Haven, CT, Major: EXS
Anika Bonaparte, New Haven, CT, Major: SWK
Anna Ouellette, Wallingford, CT, Major: NUR
Anna Venard, Thornton, CO, Major: EXS
Annastasia Layton, West Haven, CT, Major: HLS
Anneifua King, Waterbury, CT, Major: PCH
Annie Prusak, Fairfield, CT, Major: CMD
Annie Simpson, Wallingford, CT, Major: CMD
Anson Wang, New London, CT, Major: EXS
Anthony Esposito, Wallingford, CT, Major: EXS
Antoinette Higgins, Branford, CT, Major: NUR
Antonio Gjuraj, Milford, CT, Major: SMT
Antonio Pavic, North Branford, CT, Major: NUR
Arden Rand, Old Saybrook, CT, Major: NUR
Ariana Phommarath, Bridgeport, CT, Major: PCH
Ariana Taiani, Mastic Beach, NY, Major: PCH
Ariana Trotman, Bridgeport, CT, Major: PCH
Aschlyn Dawson, Terryville, CT, Major: NUR
Ashleigh Fusco, torrington, CT, Major: SWK
Ashley Burkell, Wethersfield, CT, Major: PCH
Ashley Hutchinson, Wallingford, CT, Major: NUR
Ashley Labonte, Prospect, CT, Major: SWK
Ashley Munoz, Southington, CT, Major: HLS
Ashley Olsen, Waterford, CT, Major: SWK
Ashley Resto, Manchester, CT, Major: HLS
Ashley Sloan, Maywood, NJ, Major: SMT
Ashley Vogt, Deep River, CT, Major: HLS
Autumn Cipriano, Wolcott, CT, Major: CMD
Autumn Thomas, West Haven, CT, Major: SWK
Ava Blashke, Stratford, CT, Major: SWK
Ava Calabrese, Watertown, CT, Major: CMD
Ava Fernand, New Fairfield, CT, Major: CMD
Ava Reinholz, Milford, CT, Major: NUR
Bailey Geiger, Bridgeport, CT, Major: HLS
Barbara Mones, Shelton, CT, Major: SWK
Basima Karzoun, Milford, CT, Major: PCH
Begotty Laroche, Manchester, CT, Major: EXS
Bernice Hernandez, Manchester, CT, Major: NUR
Beverly Rodriguez Alicea, New Haven, CT, Major: HLS
Bilonda Kalemba, Stratford, CT, Major: HLS
Breanna Fredericks, East Hartford, CT, Major: NUR
Brian Kennedy, West Haven, CT, Major: SWK
Briana Corbin, Bristol, CT, Major: EXS
Briana Yepes, Higganum, CT, Major: HLS
Brianna Lenotti, Milford, CT, Major: SWK
Brianna Talarico, Oxford, CT, Major: NUR
Brianna Trzcinski, Shelton, CT, Major: PCH
Brianna Vallejo, Prospect, CT, Major: EXS
Brianna Whitlock, West Haven, CT, Major: SWK
Brianna Wigglesworth, Trumbull, CT, Major: PCH
Brittney Baker, Milford, CT, Major: SWK
Brooke Pope, Beacon Falls, CT, Major: NUR
Bryan Rowland, Hamden, CT, Major: EXS
Cailey Botteon, Moodus, CT, Major: CMD
Cailey Korwek, East Haven, CT, Major: SWK
Caitlin Hebert, Watertown, CT, Major: CMD
Caitlyn Parisi, Milford, CT, Major: NUR
Cameron Wong, Wethersfield, CT, Major: HLS
Candace Wright, Bridgeport, CT, Major: SWK
Cara Baker, Torrington, CT, Major: HLS
Caraline Mee, Milford, CT, Major: CMD
Carly Douglas, Ansonia, CT, Major: HLS
Carly Yearsley, Shelton, CT, Major: CMD
Carmen Jacobson, New London, CT, Major: SWK
Caryn Kaelin, Stamford, CT, Major: NUR
Casey Dicine, Stamford, CT, Major: NUR
Cassandra Orr, Seymour, CT, Major: NUR
Cassandra Trzaski, Seymour, CT, Major: CMD
Cassandra Wresilo, Shelton, CT, Major: NUR
Catherine Pietrafesa, Harwinton, CT, Major: NUR
Cecilia Rivas, Bridgeport, CT, Major: PCH
Celeste Stewart, Stratford, CT, Major: SWK
Cephas Ayellakai, Hamden, CT, Major: NUR
Cesar Poma- Rodriguez, Monroe, CT, Major: REC
Chad Harris, Ivoryton, CT, Major: EXS
Chardé Spates, New Haven, CT, Major: PCH
Charles Rivera, Waterbury, CT, Major: ATH
Chelsea Morin, Broad Brook, CT, Major: NUR
Chelsea Perrotta, Middletown, CT, Major: NUR
Chelyse Joseph, Waterbury, CT, Major: HLS
Chenelle Simes, Waterbury, CT, Major: SWK
Chiara Parisi, Greenwich, CT, Major: NUR
Christa Malan, Bridgeport, CT, Major: PCH
Christen Carnes, Stamford, CT, Major: SWK
Christian Clarke, Southbury, CT, Major: EXS
Christian Silvernale, New Haven, CT, Major: PCH
Christianne Delda, Woodbridge, CT, Major: NUR
Christina Costa, Simsbury, CT, Major: CMD
Christina Prevot, Stamford, CT, Major: SWK
Christine O’Connor-Hall, Bethany, CT, Major: NUR
Christopher Bruno, New Haven, CT, Major: SWK
Chynnia Piland, Waterbury, CT, Major: SWK
Cindy Lee, Milford, CT, Major: NUR
Claire Taylor, Middletown, CT, Major: PCH
Claudia Oeges, Orange, CT, Major: REC
Codi Sealund, Bridgeport, CT, Major: PCH
Cole Kabel, Monroe, CT, Major: EXS
Colleen Fitzgerald, Cheshire, CT, Major: CMD
Colleen Sosnoski, Colchester, CT, Major: SWK
Connor Shannahan, Enfield, CT, Major: SMT
Corey Martin, Cheshire, CT, Major: HLS
Corin Danielecki, Oxford, CT, Major: CMD
Corinne Sadinsky, Woodbridge, CT, Major: ATH
Courtney Harkins-Latimer, Wolcott, CT, Major: NUR
Courtney Panek, Newington, CT, Major: CMD
Craig Nelson, Naugatuck, CT, Major: NUR
Crystal Batson-Jones, New Haven, CT, Major: SWK
Cynthia Cordova, Bridgeport, CT, Major: SWK
Daisy Green, Milford, CT, Major: HLS
Daniel Crandall, Pawcatuck, CT, Major: EXS
Daniella Suazo, Norwalk, CT, Major: REC
Danielle Cavanna, Manchester, CT, Major: NUR
Danielle Gonzalez, Meriden, CT, Major: PCH
Danielle Jackson, New Britain, CT, Major: NUR
Danielle Mixon, Orange, CT, Major: NUR
Danielle Ott, Guilford, CT, Major: CMD
Danielle Schwartz, Woodbridge, CT, Major: CMD
David Hernandez, East Haven, CT, Major: NUR
David Rivera, Windsor, CT, Major: SWK
Dayana Lituma, New Haven, CT, Major: CMD
Deanna Dittrich, New Haven, CT, Major: NUR
Deanna Piselli, Milford, CT, Major: PCH
Deidra O’connor, East Haven, CT, Major: CMD
Deirdre Fitzpatrick, Cheshire, CT, Major: NUR
Denise Stine, North Haven, CT, Major: HLS
Dennicia Mercado, Bridgeport, CT, Major: NUR
Destine Lane, Manchester, CT, Major: SWK
Destini Montgomery, Waterbury, CT, Major: REC
Destiny Ortiz, Manchester, CT, Major: SWK
Devyn Clark, Wethersfield, CT, Major: SWK
Diana Bleza, Hamden, CT, Major: NUR
Diana Meneses, Durham, CT, Major: SWK
Dina Tunon, West Haven, CT, Major: CMD
Dominic Derosa, East Haven, CT, Major: SMT
Donia Alkandry, Stratford, CT, Major: EXS
Donnie Higgins, Branford, CT, Major: NUR
Drew Dossias, Bristol, CT, Major: HLS
Drew Rousseau, Glastonbury, CT, Major: SMT
Dylan Riedl, Oakville, CT, Major: EXS
Edward Martinez, Winsted, CT, Major: SWK
Edwin Ankomah, East Hartford, CT, Major: EXS
Eirenie Athanasoulis, Newtown, CT, Major: NUR
Eleni Totonis, Glastonbury, CT, Major: HLS
Elizabeth Dipiero, Enfield, CT, Major: NUR
Elizabeth Villano, North Haven, CT, Major: CMD
Emelia Vallee, Bristol, CT, Major: HLS
Emily Aguirre, New Haven, CT, Major: HLS
Emily Balasco, Seekonk, MA, Major: EXS
Emily Bonsignore, Fairfield, CT, Major: NUR
Emily Brennan, Milford, CT, Major: NUR
Emily Darroch, Oxford, CT, Major: CMD
Emily Flores, East Hartford, CT, Major: SWK
Emily Lisitano, Middletown, CT, Major: SWK
Emily Lopez, Wallingford, CT, Major: REC
Emily Morgillo, Hamden, CT, Major: EXS
Emily Nadile, Southington, CT, Major: CMD
Emily Sasseville, Vernon Rockville, CT, Major: REC
Emily Skinner, Bristol, CT, Major: NUR
Emily Thompson, New Milford, CT, Major: NUR
Emily Wisniewski, Waterbury, CT, Major: EXS
Emily Ziemba, Wallingford, CT, Major: SWK
Emily Rose Ryan, Wolcott, CT, Major: CMD
Emma Cayward, Hamden, CT, Major: NUR
Emma Fain, Ledyard, CT, Major: SWK
Emma Korman, Stamford, CT, Major: CMD
Emma Lockwood, Southington, CT, Major: SWK
Emma Martone, Higganum, CT, Major: EXS
Emma Riebe, Newton, CT, Major: SWK
Erica Hendricks, Milford, CT, Major: NUR
Erika Benson, Kings Park, NY, Major: NUR
Erika Romero, Bridgeport, CT, Major: NUR
Erin Hourihan, Rocky Hill, CT, Major: NUR
Erin Leirey, Lake Katrine, NY, Major: CMD
Erin McManus, Bristol, CT, Major: SWK
Ernest Yelenik, Woodbridge, CT, Major: NUR
Faith Mancarella, Durham, CT, Major: NUR
Felicia DeMatteo, Madison, CT, Major: NUR
Felicia Laguerre, Attleboro, MA, Major: NUR
Gabby Rousseau, Glastonbury, CT, Major: PCH
Gabriela Simoes, Waterbury, CT, Major: SWK
Gabriella Gaytan, Norwalk, CT, Major: HLS
Gabrielle Pantani, Branford, CT, Major: NUR
Gabrielle Tenta Bergeron, New London, CT, Major: SWK
Garrett Guite, Berlin, CT, Major: EXS
Giana Pedevillano, Meriden, CT, Major: PCH
Gianna Hutchins, West Hartford, CT, Major: REC
Gianna Rapuano, Wallingford, CT, Major: CMD
Gianna Spino, Hamden, CT, Major: SMT
Gifty Asante, Manchester, CT, Major: NUR
Gina Monelli, Stratford, CT, Major: CMD
Gozde Citlak, New Haven, CT, Major: HLS
Grace Beckley, Wallingford, CT, Major: CMD
Grace Beliveau, Ansonia, CT, Major: NUR
Grace Gilbert, Old Lyme, CT, Major: HLS
Greta Brunello, Norwalk, CT, Major: EXS
Griffin Radulski, Branford, CT, Major: NUR
Gunnar Poulimas, Orange, CT, Major: EXS
Hadicha Shukhratiy, New Britain, CT, Major: HLS
Hailee Corona, Durham, CT, Major: PCH
Hailee Schmidt, Wallingford, CT, Major: EXS
Haileen Sosa-Chacon, West Haven, CT, Major: NUR
Hailey Rotondo, Shelton, CT, Major: EXS
Haley Doll, Rocky Hill, CT, Major: CMD
Haley Mocker, Trumbull, CT, Major: PCH
Hallie Granoth, Cheshire, CT, Major: SWK
Hanane Lagrane, West Haven, CT, Major: SWK
Hannah Aforismo, Newington, CT, Major: SWK
Hannah Augur, Northford, CT, Major: HLS
Hannah Bowen, Enfield, CT, Major: SWK
Hannah Coppola, West Haven, CT, Major: SWK
Hannah Goodwin, Bristol, CT, Major: REC
Hannah Ives, Brooklyn, CT, Major: NUR
Hannah Molwitz, Monroe, CT, Major: NUR
Hannah Roche, New Milford, CT, Major: SWK
Hannah Stahlbrodt, Cicero, NY, Major: NUR
Harrison Newlin, New Canaan, CT, Major: REC
Harrison Smith, Rochester, MA, Major: REC
Hayley Colon, Willimantic, CT, Major: NUR
Hazel Kurak, New Haven, CT, Major: HLS
Herta Sufka, Waterbury, CT, Major: PCH
Hilolahon Shuhraty, New Britain, CT, Major: HLS
Holly Johnson, Plymouth, CT, Major: NUR
Hunter Conklin, Killingworth, CT, Major: NUR
Hunter Race, East Lyme, CT, Major: HSC
Hunter Reilly, Seymour, CT, Major: EXS
Ian Puebla, Fairfield, CT, Major: SMT
India Bishop, Waterbury, CT, Major: HLS
Irene Laramie, Wethersfield, CT, Major: NUR
Isabel Cortez, Milford, CT, Major: SWK
Isabella Antonangeli, West Bridgewater, MA, Major: NUR
Isabella Corniello, North Haven, CT, Major: HLS
Isabella Garvey, Southington, CT, Major: HLS
Isabelle Mercer, Ledyard, CT, Major: NUR
Isaiah Boissard, Walden, NY, Major: EXS
Isaiah Rangel, Danbury, CT, Major: SWK
Jace Nhean, West Haven, CT, Major: NUR
Jacia Oquendo, Manchester, CT, Major: HLS
Jack Drewry, Wolcott, CT, Major: HLS
Jack Laperriere, Prospect, CT, Major: SMT
Jackson Halligan, Middlefield, CT, Major: SMT
Jacqueline Salgado, New Haven, CT, Major: NUR
Jacqulynn Espinet, Barkhamsted, CT, Major: PCH
Jada Johnson, Bloomfield, CT, Major: SWK
Jaely Manso, South Windsor, CT, Major: CMD
Jake Reichelt, Wethersfield, CT, Major: PCH
Jakeline Ceja, West Haven, CT, Major: HLS
Jamal Barrett, Stratford, CT, Major: NUR
James Falvey, West Hartford, CT, Major: ATH
James Manzo, North Haven, CT, Major: EXS
James Michaud, Wallingford, CT, Major: REC
James Starr, Southington, CT, Major: NUR
Jamie Allen, Hartford, MI, Major: SMT
Jamie Karas, Ansonia, CT, Major: CMD
Jamie Malaterra, Trumbull, CT, Major: CMD
Jamie Slubowski, Northford, CT, Major: HLS
Jamie Stevens, Niantic, CT, Major: NUR
Janaya Edwards, New Haven, CT, Major: HLS
Jane Lovejoy, Colebrook, CT, Major: SWK
Jane Marlor, Bethany, CT, Major: CMD
Jane Sherman, Mystic, CT, Major: EXS
Janelle Wade, West Haven, CT, Major: HLS
Jared Signore, North Haven, CT, Major: SMT
Jase Trelli, Meriden, CT, Major: EXS
Jason Crowell, New Haven, CT, Major: SWK
Jay Boynton, Bethany, CT, Major: NUR
Jaycob Sousa, Naugatuck, CT, Major: EXS
Jayda Benjamin, Waterbury, CT, Major: NUR
Jazmin Haynes, Hamden, CT, Major: PCH
Jeanie Dunleavy, Wallingford, CT, Major: SWK
Jeffrey Varesio, Prospect, CT, Major: NUR
Jena Varley, New hartford, CT, Major: SWK
Jenisiz Miller, Ansonia, CT, Major: SWK
Jenna Dorosh, Milford, CT, Major: EXS
Jenna Papallo, Meriden, CT, Major: NUR
Jenna Papandrea, Colchester, CT, Major: NUR
Jenna Swort, Trumbull, CT, Major: CMD
Jennifer Adorno, Bridgeport, CT, Major: HLS
Jennifer Bagnoli, East Haven, CT, Major: NUR
Jennifer Brubacher, North Haven, CT, Major: SWK
Jennifer Forsyth, Seymour, CT, Major: HLS
Jennifer Lupercio, Bridgeport, CT, Major: PCH
Jennifer Ramirez, Wallingford, CT, Major: SWK
Jennifer Rodriguez, Port Arthur, TX, Major: REC
Jenny Royer, Middletown, CT, Major: NUR
Jesmar Suarez, Stamford, CT, Major: SWK
Jesseca Simpson, White Plains, NY, Major: PCH
Jessica Amarante, Branford, CT, Major: HLS
Jessica Armstrong, Uncasville, CT, Major: CMD
Jessica Bryan, Monroe, CT, Major: EXS
Jessica Cappelletti, Middlebury, CT, Major: CMD
Jessica Cunningham, Suffield, CT, Major: PCH
Jessica Fox, Prospect, CT, Major: HSC
Jessica Komacki, Naugatuck, CT, Major: CMD
Jessica Maguire, Naugatuck, CT, Major: HLS
Jessica Paradis, Orange, CT, Major: NUR
Jessica Perley, Shelton, CT, Major: HLS
Jessica Perucki, West Milford, NJ, Major: EXS
Jessica Villa, Bridgeport, CT, Major: CMD
Jewell Quashie, Stratford, CT, Major: SWK
Jillian Chambers, Shelby Township, MI, Major: CMD
Jillian Foote, Meriden, CT, Major: HLS
Jillian Murphy, Seymour, CT, Major: CMD
Jillian Russo, Meriden, CT, Major: CMD
Jocelyn Benitez, Seymour, CT, Major: NUR
Jocelyn Dinino, Waterbury, CT, Major: HLS
Jocelyn Torres, West Haven, CT, Major: SWK
Jodi Steeves, Wallingford, CT, Major: SWK
John Delgado, West Haven, CT, Major: NUR
John Gowargy, Groton, CT, Major: NUR
Johnna Coleman, Windsor, CT, Major: HLS
Jordan Peloquin, Greenville, RI, Major: EXS
Jordyn Franco, Guilford, CT, Major: EXS
Jose Conde, West Haven, CT, Major: REC
Jose Zapata Cabrera, Shelton, CT, Major: SWK
Joseph Delgado, West Haven, CT, Major: HLS
Joseph Impellizeri, Milford, CT, Major: NUR
Joseph Zilinski, Guilford, CT, Major: EXS
Joshua Huebner, Milford, CT, Major: EXS
Joslyn Depina, Trumbull, CT, Major: EXS
Juan Zecena, Stamford, CT, Major: EXS
Judah James, Danbury, CT, Major: EXS
Judeen Forth, Hartford, CT, Major: PCH
Julia Alicea, Columbia, CT, Major: PCH
Julia Antunes, Shelton, CT, Major: NUR
Julia Conti, Greenwich, CT, Major: NUR
Julia Filiault, Durham, CT, Major: REC
Julia Gaiser, North Haven, CT, Major: EXS
Julia Jenkins, Chester, CT, Major: CMD
Julia Miller, West Haven, CT, Major: HLS
Julia Schaff, Groton, MA, Major: CMD
Julia Shapiro, Easton, CT, Major: SWK
Julian Mangual, Waterbury, CT, Major: HLS
Julianna Lanata, Glastonbury, CT, Major: NUR
Julianne Chenard, Meriden, CT, Major: NUR
Julie Golebiewski, Old Lyme, CT, Major: PCH
Julio Morales, Bridgeport, CT, Major: SMT
Julio Rojas, New Haven, CT, Major: ATH
Justin Bizzotto, Oxford, CT, Major: EXS
Justin Dean, Falls Village, CT, Major: REC
Kaitlyn Estrada, Woodbury, CT, Major: SWK
Karina Aviles, New Haven, CT, Major: CMD
Karina Vasquez, Stratford, CT, Major: SWK
Karla Mayorga, Norwalk, CT, Major: REC
Karla Pena, Waterbury, CT, Major: SWK
Karyme Serrano, Ansonia, CT, Major: HLS
Kasey Newman, Southington, CT, Major: EXS
Kat Kowal, Granby, CT, Major: SWK
Katarina Viniczay, Wallingford, CT, Major: CMD
Kate Goss, Trumbull, CT, Major: CMD
Katharine Buckheit, Milford, CT, Major: CMD
Katherine Heer, East Haven, CT, Major: CMD
Katherine Rodriguez, Waterbury, CT, Major: SWK
Kathleen Griffin, Harwinton, CT, Major: CMD
Katie Gaccione, North Stonington, CT, Major: NUR
Katie Pelletier, Waterbury, CT, Major: CMD
Katie Tackos, East Haven, CT, Major: EXS
Katrina Corbeil, Groton, CT, Major: HLS
Kayla Degennaro, Derby, CT, Major: CMD
Kayla Shutak, Redding Ridge, CT, Major: NUR
Kaylee Sheehan, East Haven, CT, Major: NUR
Kayleigh Rahn, Milford, CT, Major: REC
Kayleigh Roy, Wallingford, CT, Major: REC
Kaylianna Bryant, Wallingford, CT, Major: PCH
Kellye Beavers, Farmington, CT, Major: NUR
Ken’Nia Threatt, New Haven, CT, Major: PCH
Kenisha Villanueva, New Britain, CT, Major: CMD
Kenneth Corichi-Irizarry, East Haven, CT, Major: EXS
Kenny Perez, Hamden, CT, Major: SWK
Keriany Otero, New Haven, CT, Major: CMD
Ketia Similien, Bridgeport, CT, Major: PCH
Kevin Reilly, Southbury, CT, Major: NUR
Keyla Cardenas, East Haven, CT, Major: REC
Kiana Walker, Milford, CT, Major: NUR
Kieyshona Taylor, Hamden, CT, Major: PCH
Kiley Davies, Newington, CT, Major: NUR
Kim Fontanilla, Greenwich, CT, Major: EXS
Kimberly Robinson, Bridgeport, CT, Major: PCH
Kirsten Caffrey, Woodbridge, CT, Major: HLS
Korinn Chelednik, Waterbury, CT, Major: HLS
Kourtney Costello, Dedham, MA, Major: REC
Krista Powell, Wallingford, CT, Major: CMD
Kristiana Amato, Milford, CT, Major: CMD
Kristin Torre, Guilford, CT, Major: SWK
Kyara-Dea Brown, Hartford, CT, Major: HLS
Kyla Houston, Wallingford, CT, Major: PCH
Kyle Anderson, Milford, CT, Major: EXS
Kyle Menta, Prospect, CT, Major: EXS
Kyley Fiondella, Wallingford, CT, Major: NUR
Kylie Carino, Milford, CT, Major: CMD
Kylie Pappas, Milford, CT, Major: SWK
Kyra Jance, Stamford, CT, Major: NUR
Lauren Borsavage, New Milford, CT, Major: ATH
Lauren Driscoll, Branford, CT, Major: NUR
Lauren Graef, Southington, CT, Major: NUR
Lauren Mccall, Wallingford, CT, Major: NUR
Lauren Pfannenbecker, East Haven, CT, Major: NUR
Lauren Yorski, Plainville, CT, Major: PCH
Lauren Young, Farmington, CT, Major: HLS
Leah Karaban, Wallingford, CT, Major: CMD
Leah Olmstead, Wolcott, CT, Major: HLS
Leila Asipi, Watertown, CT, Major: NUR
Leon Bardwell, Old Saybrook, CT, Major: HLS
Lexie Arcaria, Colchester, CT, Major: NUR
Lexy Lelas, Guilford, CT, Major: REC
Lianne Iassogna, Trumbull, CT, Major: EXS
Lilian Homann, New Haven, CT, Major: NUR
Lily Ferranti, New Haven, CT, Major: CMD
Lily Heidgerd, Southington, CT, Major: REC
Linda Brown, Middletown, CT, Major: SWK
Lindsay Carloni, Orange, CT, Major: HLS
Lindsey D’Andrea, Litchfield, CT, Major: EXS
Lisa Cormier, New Haven, CT, Major: SWK
Lisa McLaurin, Hamden, CT, Major: SWK
Liz Gray, Pawcatuck, CT, Major: NUR
Liz Zembrowski, East Haven, CT, Major: NUR
Lizbeth Bauza, Norwalk, CT, Major: NUR
Logan Flanigan, Derby, CT, Major: HLS
Lucas Haray, Waterbury, CT, Major: SMT
Luke Horobin, Wallingford, CT, Major: NUR
Lydia Cooper, Orange, CT, Major: CMD
Mackenzie Gries, Northford, CT, Major: NUR
Madeline Baldwick, New Milford, CT, Major: SWK
Madeline Lynch, Seymour, CT, Major: EXS
Madeline Nazario, Branford, CT, Major: CMD
Madeline Sweeney, Cherry Hill, NJ, Major: HLS
Madge Philippe, Stratford, CT, Major: SWK
Madison Gregory, Danbury, CT, Major: SMT
Madison Jura, Wallingford, CT, Major: CMD
Madison Killoran, Ellington, CT, Major: NUR
Madison Lawley, Bristol, CT, Major: SWK
Madison Miceli, Colchester, CT, Major: CMD
Madison Sosa, Milford, CT, Major: CMD
Madison Whalen, Wallingford, CT, Major: ATH
Maeve Kennelly, Prospect, CT, Major: SWK
Maggie Yeh, West Haven, CT, Major: NUR
Mahoghany Dolberry, New Haven, CT, Major: PCH
Makaila Vasquez-Steele, West Hartford, CT, Major: HLS
Makayla Clarke, Stratford, CT, Major: HLS
Makayla Hugo, Wallingford, CT, Major: NUR
Makenna Calabrese, Plantsville, CT, Major: CMD
Malisa Khamphouy, North Haven, CT, Major: CMD
Malisa Phaykoo, Waterbury, CT, Major: HLS
Marcella Hundt, Shelton, CT, Major: NUR
Marcos Torres, Torrington, CT, Major: HSC
Maria Bernabucci, Northford, CT, Major: SWK
Maria Zecena, Stamford, CT, Major: EXS
Maria Rita Desouza, Bridgeport, CT, Major: HLS
Marian Chelsea Barcial, Oakville, CT, Major: NUR
Marilyn Deshan, Bridgeport, CT, Major: CMD
Marina Brockamer, North Haven, CT, Major: NUR
Marissa Colla, Portland, CT, Major: NUR
Marissa Mastroianni, Southington, CT, Major: SWK
Marissa Mocarski, Wallingford, CT, Major: PCH
Marissa Ortiz, Oakville, CT, Major: REC
Marissa Qualich, Uncasville, CT, Major: CMD
Marta Fedorko, Shelton, CT, Major: NUR
Marwa Abdelati, West Haven, CT, Major: HLS
Marwa Sarwari, Ansonia, CT, Major: PCH
Mary Beames, Guilford, CT, Major: EXS
Mary Charlebois, New Haven, CT, Major: NUR
Mary Seward, Waterbury, CT, Major: HLS
Matilda Odozi, Hamden, CT, Major: HLS
Matthew Coppola, Wallingford, CT, Major: NUR
Matthew Cosgrove, Northford, CT, Major: SMT
Matthew Diurno, Norwalk, CT, Major: SMT
Matthew Laporta, Ansonia, CT, Major: CMD
Maxine Aboagye, Stratford, CT, Major: NUR
Mckenna Cronin, Prospect, CT, Major: HLS
Mclaine Rutan, Deep River, CT, Major: EXS
Meagan Giwoyna, Groton, CT, Major: HLS
Meaghan Kelley, East Brookfield, MA, Major: ATH
Medina Duracak, Wallingford, CT, Major: CMD
Meg Christoforo, North Haven, CT, Major: CMD
Megan Dombrowski, Lynchburg, VA, Major: ATH
Megan Mercer, Danbury, CT, Major: CMD
Megan Sack, Ellington, CT, Major: NUR
Megan Tallberg, Derby, CT, Major: HLS
Meghan Flynn, South Glastonbury, CT, Major: CMD
Meghan King, Branford, CT, Major: CMD
Melissa Betancur, Stamford, CT, Major: NUR
Melissa Collado, West Haven, CT, Major: NUR
Melissa Jacksis, Shelton, CT, Major: NUR
Mia Pulisciano, Cheshire, CT, Major: HLS
Michael Caprio, North Haven, CT, Major: EXS
Michael Centoni, Bristol, CT, Major: REC
Michael DiResto, Danbury, CT, Major: NUR
Michael Keating, Waterbury, CT, Major: CMD
Michael Lupoli, New Haven, CT, Major: EXS
Michael O’Malley, New Haven, CT, Major: NUR
Michaela Salvo, North Haven, CT, Major: SWK
Michele Lorraine, Glastonbury, CT, Major: CMD
Michelle Gilman, Cheshire, CT, Major: SWK
Michelle Jobes, South Windsor, CT, Major: CMD
Michelle Silva, Watertown, CT, Major: PCH
Mikaela Bourgoin, Berlin, CT, Major: NUR
Mikaela Rivera, Manchester, CT, Major: SWK
Mikayla Macclain, Glastonbury, CT, Major: CMD
Mikenzy Golebiewski, Cheshire, CT, Major: CMD
Min Kim, Cromwell, CT, Major: NUR
Miranda Fabre, Norwich, CT, Major: SWK
Miranda Juan, Bridgeport, CT, Major: HLS
Miranda Tranquillo, Barkhamsted, CT, Major: HLS
Molly Schade, Plainville, CT, Major: CMD
Molly Veale, Naugatuck, CT, Major: NUR
Molly Wheeler, Southport, CT, Major: REC
Monique Cloutier, East Hampton, CT, Major: SWK
Monique Szabo, Southington, CT, Major: EXS
Morgan Fernald, Guilford, CT, Major: NUR
Morgan Scinto, Oxford, CT, Major: NUR
Morgan Tuscano, Wallingford, CT, Major: EXS
Mouna Kafel, Branford, CT, Major: HLS
Muna Mah, Trumbull, CT, Major: PCH
Mychael Lotocky, Northford, CT, Major: NUR
Nacham Miranda, Cromwell, CT, Major: CMD
Nadia Arnaout, New Haven, CT, Major: HLS
Nadia Wilson, Shelton, CT, Major: CMD
Nadia-Maria Roshenets, Fairfield, CT, Major: CMD
Naissie Dumarsais, Stamford, CT, Major: HLS
Natalee Giacondino, Wallingford, CT, Major: CMD
Natalia Adamczyk, Southington, CT, Major: HLS
Natalia Lecce, West Haven, CT, Major: HLS
Natalie Arneson, Cheshire, CT, Major: CMD
Natalie Mccormack, Meriden, CT, Major: EXS
Natalie Murphy, New Haven, CT, Major: SWK
Natalie Van Komen, Oxford, CT, Major: PCH
Natalie Vetto, Cheshire, CT, Major: CMD
Natasha Blake, Hamden, CT, Major: PCH
Natasha Whyte, Bloomfield, CT, Major: SWK
Natonia Allen, Hamden, CT, Major: PCH
Neka Nwagboli, Branford, CT, Major: PCH
Nevaeh Mills, Stamford, CT, Major: REC
Neylani Brown, Woodbridge, CT, Major: HSC
Nicholas Vollero, West Haven, CT, Major: NUR
Nicole Aboagye, Stratford, CT, Major: NUR
Nicole Alvarez, Brookfield, CT, Major: SWK
Nicole Baral, Bristol, CT, Major: REC
Nicole Benedetto, Stratford, CT, Major: SWK
Nicole Cislo, Wallingford, CT, Major: NUR
Nicole Dunn, Fairfield, CT, Major: EXS
Nicole Hyman, Fairfield, CT, Major: SWK
Nicole Kirby, North Franklin, CT, Major: CMD
Nicole Lara, Bridgeport, CT, Major: SWK
Nicole Paquette, Milford, CT, Major: SWK
Nicole Richards, Stratford, CT, Major: EXS
Nicole Rizzo, Derby, CT, Major: CMD
Nicole VanEtten, Stratford, CT, Major: SWK
Noah Mena, Danbury, CT, Major: NUR
Noel Diaz, Danbury, CT, Major: SMT
Noelle Brideau, Shelton, CT, Major: NUR
Noely Macias, Fitchburg, MA, Major: EXS
Noor Khalid, Orange, CT, Major: REC
Nytoni Jones, Waterbury, CT, Major: HLS
Odalys Reyes Morales, Norwich, CT, Major: PCH
Olivia Collins, Monroe, CT, Major: HLS
Olivia Coppola, West Haven, CT, Major: SWK
Olivia Courtemanche, Wallingford, CT, Major: CMD
Olivia Czachor, Ansonia, CT, Major: SWK
Olivia Facchini, Niantic, CT, Major: NUR
Olivia Pineau, Shelton, CT, Major: CMD
Paige Koba, Middletown, CT, Major: PCH
Paige Tetro, Enfield, CT, Major: REC
Pamela Nowak, Madison, CT, Major: PCH
Pari Patel, New London, CT, Major: HLS
Paula Tattari, Kerava, Finland, Major: ATH
Paula Torres, Cheshire, CT, Major: SWK
Paulina Serafin, Bristol, CT, Major: CMD
Peri Combs, Wallingford, CT, Major: EXS
Peter Ziegler, Trumbull, CT, Major: NUR
Pilarose Bailon, Groton, CT, Major: NUR
Priscilla Yeboah, Stratford, CT, Major: NUR
Rachael Edlund, West Hartford, CT, Major: SWK
Rachael Iverson, Ellington, CT, Major: NUR
Rachel Booth, Naugatuck, CT, Major: NUR
Rachel Fleischer, Oxford, CT, Major: EXS
Rachel Nagy, Trumbull, CT, Major: SWK
Ralph Gonzalez, Valhalla, NY, Major: EXS
Randall Rissing, Groton, CT, Major: PCH
Rashawna Brown, Bridgeport, CT, Major: SWK
Raymond You, Danbury, CT, Major: HLS
Razan Kaisar, Milford, CT, Major: PCH
Reaghan Bathrick, North Haven, CT, Major: NUR
Rebecca Banning, Ashford, CT, Major: NUR
Rebecca Barrett, Easton, CT, Major: CMD
Reitsuma Panta, Branford, CT, Major: NUR
Renae Musco, Wallingford, CT, Major: SWK
Rhoda Parfitt, Fairfield, CT, Major: NUR
Riley Walker, Oxford, CT, Major: SWK
Robert Esposito, Cromwell, CT, Major: NUR
Robert Noel, Stratford, CT, Major: REC
Robert Vojt, Trumbull, CT, Major: SMT
Roberto Balado, Milford, CT, Major: EXS
Roger Santana, Norwalk, CT, Major: SWK
Rohit Thapa, Branford, CT, Major: PCH
Romanya Joseph, Stratford, CT, Major: HSC
Ronit Mandelkern, Killingworth, CT, Major: CMD
Rosa Conte, Norwich, CT, Major: SWK
Rosa Genao, Hamden, CT, Major: REC
Rose Giannicchi, Redding, CT, Major: CMD
Rossella Graniero, Wappingers Falls, NY, Major: EXS
Ryan Eisner, Amityville, NY, Major: EXS
Ryan Gunning, Orange, CT, Major: HLS
Ryan Johnson, Guilford, CT, Major: NUR
Ryan Lajoie, Norwalk, CT, Major: EXS
Ryan Slesinski, Plantsville, CT, Major: HLS
Sahara Buonome Scott, New Haven, CT, Major: NUR
Sally Inahuazo, New Haven, CT, Major: HLS
Salma Manu, Manchester, CT, Major: HLS
Salome Inda, Stratford, CT, Major: SWK
Samantha Enders, Milford, CT, Major: REC
Samantha Falango, Hamden, CT, Major: SWK
Samantha Klapproth, Stafford Springs, CT, Major: HLS
Samantha Muller, North Stonington, CT, Major: EXS
Samantha Plasky, Prospect, CT, Major: HLS
Samantha Stroh, Wolcott, CT, Major: NUR
Samantha Widomski, Shelton, CT, Major: CMD
Sammi Huang, Uncasville, CT, Major: HLS
Sara Bernal-Garcia, Madison, CT, Major: HLS
Sarah Bender, Newtown, CT, Major: CMD
Sarah Foristel, Norwalk, CT, Major: PCH
Sarah Granese, Seymour, CT, Major: EXS
Sarah Gutman, Hamden, CT, Major: EXS
Sarah Reilly, Prospect, CT, Major: NUR
Sarah Salvati, Cheshire, CT, Major: NUR
Sarah Velez, Branford, CT, Major: CMD
Savannah Tibbetts, Hamden, CT, Major: HLS
Selah Casey, Preston, CT, Major: CMD
Selvie Rakiposki, Goshen, CT, Major: HLS
Serena Arduini, Woodbridge, CT, Major: NUR
Serena Rudman, Granby, CT, Major: CMD
Shaliegne Kaufman, Chester, CT, Major: HLS
Shanica Rochester, Bridgeport, CT, Major: SWK
Shanice Mckain, West Haven, CT, Major: NUR
Shannon Ferris, Wethersfield, CT, Major: SWK
Sheetal Sharma, Trumbull, CT, Major: NUR
Shelby Argersinger, Old Saybrook, CT, Major: NUR
Shelby Gaglio, West Haven, CT, Major: NUR
Shelby Segala, Fairfield, CT, Major: REC
Sheyenne Sinicrope, Meriden, CT, Major: NUR
Shyanne Lassen, Clinton, CT, Major: SWK
Sienna Peterson, Naugatuck, CT, Major: NUR
Sierra Penner, Cheshire, CT, Major: NUR
Sierra Pettway, Meriden, CT, Major: PCH
Sierrah Holder, Danbury, CT, Major: HLS
Sofia Brindisi, West Haven, CT, Major: SWK
Sofia Santiago, Stratford, CT, Major: SMT
Sophia Castellano, Lindenhurst, NY, Major: NUR
Stacy Medina, Stratford, CT, Major: HLS
Stefania Jarquin, Bridgeport, CT, Major: PCH
Stefania Pena Pineda, Waterbury, CT, Major: REC
Steffan Calderon-Mayette, Southington, CT, Major: SMT
Stephani Esposito, Niantic, CT, Major: NUR
Stephanie Gennette, Hamden, CT, Major: PCH
Stephanie Lamacchia, Shelton, CT, Major: SWK
Stephanie Lyons, New Haven, CT, Major: CMD
Stephanie Marquez, East Hartford, CT, Major: SMT
Stephanie Nesdale, North Haven, CT, Major: NUR
Stephanie Nieves, Meriden, CT, Major: REC
Stephanie Quinn, Willimantic, CT, Major: NUR
Stephanie Rivas, East Haven, CT, Major: NUR
Stephany Perez Estrada, Stamford, CT, Major: CMD
Stephen Colkos, Waterford, CT, Major: NUR
Steven Prussin, Orange, CT, Major: SMT
Stormy Coppola, East Haven, CT, Major: REC
Suhanee Patel, Berlin, CT, Major: NUR
Sydney Larsen, Shelton, CT, Major: CMD
Tabatha Novoa, Cromwell, CT, Major: NUR
Talisa Clay, Stratford, CT, Major: SWK
Talya Eriksen, Middletown, CT, Major: CMD
Tamara Miller, Waterbury, CT, Major: NUR
Tamera Henry, Stratford, CT, Major: PCH
Tanya Emmerich, Old Lyme, CT, Major: SWK
Tatiana Polanco, Meriden, CT, Major: CMD
Tatiana Rose, Cheshire, CT, Major: NUR
Taylor Davis, Millis, MA, Major: EXS
Taylor Fitzgerald, West Haven, CT, Major: CMD
Taylor Frissora, West Haven, CT, Major: REC
Taylor Peterson, Norwalk, CT, Major: NUR
Taylor Redding, East Haven, CT, Major: HLS
Teyah Green, Norwalk, CT, Major: NUR
Tianna Greco, Shelton, CT, Major: HLS
Tiffany Delia, Monroe, CT, Major: NUR
Tiffany McCormick, Meriden, CT, Major: SWK
Tiffany Mendez, Bridgeport, CT, Major: CMD
Timera Hawthorne, Waterford, CT, Major: HLS
Tiona Stewart, Hartford, CT, Major: NUR
Tomas Terrugi, Tornquist AR-B, Argentina, Major: HSC
Tracy Nham, Waterbury, CT, Major: NUR
Tram Nguyen, Bridgeport, CT, Major: NUR
Trevor Whalen, Rocky Hill, CT, Major: CMD
Tyeesha Williams, East Hartford, CT, Major: HLS
Tyler Rogers, Guilford, CT, Major: REC
Tyler Ruoff, Southington, CT, Major: EXS
Uruj Khan, Trumbull, CT, Major: PCH
Valentina Hines, Ledyard, CT, Major: SWK
Valeria Rangel, Waterbury, CT, Major: CMD
Valeria Rugerio, New Haven, CT, Major: CMD
Vanessa Ajodhi, Wethersfield, CT, Major: HLS
Vanessa Lopez, Shelton, CT, Major: HLS
Vanessa Misurale, Stratford, CT, Major: HLS
Veenita Govinden, Waterbury, CT, Major: SWK
Victoria Acampora, Woodbridge, CT, Major: EXS
Victoria Denegre, North Branford, CT, Major: CMD
Victoria Marino, Hamden, CT, Major: CMD
Victoria Uribe, New Hartford, CT, Major: SWK
Vonsai Keth, East Haven, CT, Major: EXS
Weronika Jachimowicz, Norwalk, CT, Major: CMD
William Heilshorn, New Haven, CT, Major: EXS
William Sullivan, Valley Cottage, NY, Major: SMT
Xhensila Cota, Shelton, CT, Major: HLS
Yan Soares-Silva, Naugatuck, CT, Major: EXS
Ying Lin, Hamden, CT, Major: NUR
Yvonne Malone, Hamden, CT, Major: CMD
Zachary Alicea, Newington, CT, Major: HLS
Zachary Bukowski, New Haven, CT, Major: EXS
Zachary Healy, Enfield, CT, Major: NUR
Zachary Horobin, Wallingford, CT, Major: NUR
Zachary Mullins, Milford, CT, Major: PCH
Zack Penn, New Hartford, CT, Major: SMT
Zahria Mcdaniel, Middletown, CT, Major: NUR
Zoe Morris, Rockfall, CT, Major: NUR
Zoe Stradinger, Stratford, CT, Major: HLS
Zubia Ahmad, North Haven, CT, Major: CMD
Zyaire Oliver, West Hartford, CT, Major: REC


Aaliyah Leiva, Greenwich, CT
Aldrika Schoburgh, West Haven, CT
Alexandra Leso, Milford, CT
Alissa Mineo, Oxford, CT
Anita Ahmetaj, Ansonia, CT
Anthony Ligi, Wolcott, CT
Anya Boyd, New London, CT
Ariana Taylor, Waterbury, CT
Benedicto Buono, Stamford, CT
Biance Troche, Waterbury, CT
Breanna Arce, Waterbury, CT
Brianna Serrano, Bridgeport, CT
Caitlin Bird, Liverpool, UK
Caitlin Kirby, Wallingford, CT
Carina Fortunato, Cromwell, CT
Caroline Alzamora, West Hartford, CT
Cerys Hubbard, Burntwood, UK
Christina Gleason, Milford, CT
Danielle Godejohn, Sandy Hook, CT
Elizabeth Simo, Norwalk, CT
Emily Cummings, West Haven, CT
Emma Jamieson, Branford, CT
Eric Lopes, Shelton, CT
Erin Crotty, New Haven, CT
Erin Middleton, Market Drayton, UK
Ernest Marsan, Milford, CT
Francis Lembo, Stratford, CT
George Heron, Liverpool, UK
Gina Volturno, Monroe, CT
Grace Andrade, Stratford, CT
Harriet Frost, Baildon, UK
Harvey Shields, Liverpool, UK
Helena Walch, Stockport, UK
Isabella Migliaro, Monroe, CT
Jadyn Harkness, New London, CT
James Hennessy, Neston, UK
Jessica Steward, Blackpool, UK
Jonathan Williams, Milford, CT
Jordan Davey, Norwalk, CT
Justin Maggiore, West Haven, CT
Katherine Kiernan, Milford, CT
Kee Jung Carlson, Naugatuck, CT
Kelsey Burr, Wallingford, CT
Kendahl Savoy, Twin Mountain, NH
Kevin Spencer, North Haven, CT
Lauren Merly, Bethany, CT
Lucrezia Salvi, Milan, Italy
Maddy Leclair, Glastonbury, CT
Marcel Maechler, Klettgau, Gerrnany
Marco Forgione, Easton, CT
Marcus Ronayne-Sambucci, Bebington, UK
Moenae Bryant, New Haven, CT
Mollie Craig, Hamden, CT
Ney Valdez, Milford, CT
Patrick Ebbs, Hamden, CT
Rosie Dunne, Liscard, UK
Samantha Foggle, Madison, CT
Sarah Howley, Old Saybrook, CT
Shlomit Weiss Grullon, New Haven, CT
Simon Galeano, Norwalk, CT
Stacey Uttley, Chester, UK
Stevie Lester, West Haven, CT
Thomas Symon, Liverpool, UK
Tyler Simeon, Norwalk, CT
Zhuoqun Ouyang, Shanghai, China

SCSU student studying at home

Teachers, students and parents are adjusting to a temporary “new normal” as classes have gone online.  Sousan Arafeh, associate professor of educational leadership and policy studies, has outlined some helpful hints for high school and college students, as well as their parents and teachers/professors.

“Attending (and teaching) class online by video is very different from being in a physical classroom,” Arafeh said. “With the amount of change that is going on, it is important to be realistic and gentle with ourselves and each other. Remember that things are not normal right now. But this is an opportunity to learn to live in new ways. Be open, flexible and creative. Embrace change and see where it takes you.”

For Students:

*Reach out and connect with your teachers/professors. Believe it or not, they REALLY miss you. While schooling from “home” has made it possible for many to have more flexible time, your teachers and professors are experiencing great change and loss. They miss being with you in class and, like you, they feel more isolated than usual. Do your school work, but also take a moment to reach out to your teacher and connect about the class. Your teacher/professor will appreciate it and you both will feel more connected to each other and the work.

*Reach out and connect with your fellow students. Believe it or not, they REALLY miss you, too. Now that you no longer see each other in class, you may want to talk about the classwork or plan time to study together. Using Teams, WebEx or other platforms, it is possible to meet in groups and share your screens to collaborate and study.

*Use your time for school wisely so you can maximize time with friends and family or for new interests. If possible, schedule yourself so you are focused on one thing at a time. One of the hardest aspects of working from home is that there are many distractions. Make a schedule. Work the schedule. Take your scheduled time to eat, exercise and have fun. Repeat.

*Find substitutes for what you can’t do right now. Many students have lost important parts of their lives and identities. Athletics and the performing arts are two areas where this is very evident. Some students also had summer activities cancelled. These disappointments have both a physical and psychological impact. Talk about these losses with your friends, family, coaches and teammates. Motivate each other to keep honing your skills. Use online resources to guide and pace yourself. Consider new types of training that will keep you in shape.

For Teachers/Professors:

*Congratulate yourself for a job well done. The past month has been a whirlwind of distressing information, multiple directives, and stressful retooling. During this time you have probably learned more about distance learning than ever and you have watched yourself rise to the occasion. Many of us have been working 12 to 14 hours a day to get our courses in place and support our students and parents. Take a moment. You have done good work and should be proud.

*Innovate and use available technology, but KISS (Keep It Simple Sweetheart). Our students and their families are likely more overwhelmed than us. In addition, they may not have strong technology and/or strong technology skills. In this context, less is more and simpler is better. Only use new technologies if they add to the content and its mastery. Talk with colleagues and IT personnel regarding best applications and best practices. Let your classes know you are in this together and that the learning curve may be long, but there is support.

*Connect with your students individually. One of my students shared that when her son’s teacher took the time to connect specifically with him by email, he felt more invested in the course and responsible for the work. Such connections are motivating for the student and for the teacher.

For Parents/Guardians:

*Make clear messages of love and support your top priority. All of us have had the rug pulled out from under us. For students, their futures may seem irreparably torn apart. High schoolers have had to put college visits and applications on hold. College students ready to graduate have watched the bottom fall out of the job market. Parents and guardians, too, are facing significant uncertainty. It is important to love and support each other as much as possible. Let them know they are loved, valued and supported.

*If you figure out how to balance the “help but don’t help” student message, bottle your recipe! In general, Generation Zers prefer to do things themselves, rather than asking for help or being perceived as needing help. Yet, they often need and want help. It’s a mixed message that is hard to address. Try to keep an eye on what they are doing by being curious about their work, but not overbearing about what needs to be done. When you see that they could use some support, ask teachers or school helplines for help. Your student will probably accept it a bit begrudgingly, but will likely be grateful in the end.

*Let students do their work on their own time schedule. More and more students are getting assignments one or two weeks in advance or, in college, all assignments are on the syllabus. There are students who want to do a lot of work at one time so they can have large chunks of time to do what they want to do. Other students just want to do the work as it is required day to day. Encourage your students to find their own rhythm for the work they are supposed to do. At the same time, help them understand if their chosen schedule makes it hard on you or others and encourage compromise.

*Ask what your children are working on. When you ask your children about what they are working on, it gives them a chance to distill what they are doing into bites of information that you can understand. In addition to helping students reinforce their learning, it is a way to start conversations about interests and the world around us. While some students may find your questions irritating, most will appreciate and benefit from your curiosity and you will learn a lot, too!

Southern's information and library science programs will give you solid experience in library science while offering an array of electives in areas like digital libraries, information architecture, network management, and instructional design.

Southern’s online Master of Library and Information Science (MLIS) program was judged among the best in the nation — coming in at number five on Online Schools Report’s ( rating of the top 35 such programs in the U.S. for 2020. Programs were evaluated on numerous factors, including admission rates and student satisfaction.

Southern is the only Connecticut-based institution of higher learning to offer a fully online library science master’s degree. The program was granted candidacy status for accreditation by the American Library Association — and is the only program in the state to have achieved this distinction as of January.

The master’s degree in sport and entertainment management program, which is offered fully online, was also evaluated among the nation’s best, included on’s guide to the Top 49 graduate programs in the field in 2020.

The organization reviewed 333 educational programs offered through 137 colleges and universities to compile the guide, evaluating curriculum quality, graduation rate, reputation, and post-graduate employment. Southern’s program was specifically lauded for its focus on experiential learning.

The School of Graduate and Professional Studies will be holding a Virtual Spring 2020 Graduate Open House on Thursday, April 2, 2020. Learn about these and Southern’s many other exceptional graduate programs.

The fully online graduate program allows students to choose between a specialization in either sport or entertainment management.

Students at Southern are recognized for their high academic achievement by being placed on the dean’s list of their respective schools. In order for undergraduate students to qualify for the dean’s list, students must complete 12.0 or more credits in fall or spring and earn a semester GPA of 3.5 or better. These requirements apply to all undergraduate students, regardless of their academic class (i.e., freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior.) The students who made the SCSU Dean’s List for Fall 2019 are listed below, alphabetically by college/school and last name. Congratulations to all!

College of Arts & Sciences

School of Business

College of Education

College of Health & Human Services



Aaron Kaszas, Cheshire, CT
Abaigheal Cassella, West Haven, CT
Abigail Allen, Orange, CT
Abigail Hanlon, Brookfield, CT
Abigail Lucas, Milford, CT
Abigail Oladapo, Naugatuck, CT
Abigail Richards, Milford, CT
Adaeze Iwuchukwu, Berlin, CT
Adam Pelz, Terryville, CT
Adriana Schull, Killingworth, CT
Aidan Cobb, Wallingford, CT
Aidan Reilly, Orange, CT
Aidan Simmons, Hamden, CT
Alan Bensen, Shelton, CT
Alana Cotton, Northford, CT
Alana Gianokos, Stamford, CT
Alec Apuzzo, Wallingford, CT
Aleksandra Koziol, Oxford, CT
Alenka Mora, Bridgeport, CT
Alessandra Lupo, Fairfield, CT
Alex Mercado, West Haven, CT
Alex Pichardo, East Hartford, CT
Alexa McIntosh, East Haven, CT
Alexander Cushman, New Hartford, CT
Alexander Kiss, Shelton, CT
Alexander Lenarchyk, Berlin, CT
Alexander Rice, Waterbury, CT
Alexander Tkacs, North Haven, CT
Alexandra Adams, Shelton, CT
Alexandra Berry, Wethersfield, CT
Alexandra Drezek, Seymour, CT
Alexandra Galla, Oxford, CT
Alexandra Nelson, New Haven, CT
Alexandra Pfeiffer, Hamden, CT
Alexandra Vickowski, Monroe, CT
Alexia Perez, Wallingford, CT
Alexina Cristante, North Branford, CT
Alexis Perry, Seymour, CT
Alfred Mascola, East Haven, CT
Alfred Mingrone, Milford, CT
Ali Arfan, West Haven, CT
Alicia Gutierrez Moreno, West Haven, CT
Alicia Reed, New Haven, CT
Allison Pito, Meriden, CT
Alyson Gontarski, Old Saybrook, CT
Alyssa Couture, Portland, CT
Alyssa Haskins, Enfield, CT
Alyssa Kronisch, Monroe, CT
Alyssa Paz, Bridgeport, CT
Alyssa Rolls, Guilford, CT
Alyssa Tresselt, Meriden, CT
Alyssa Ulrich, Naugatuck, CT
Amanda Auger, Clinton, CT
Amanda Brinkmann, Sandy Hook, CT
Amanda Cavoto, Milford, CT
Amanda Egan, Fairfield, CT
Amanda Jurgens, Bethel, CT
Amanda Meyer, Oxford, CT
Amanda Pascale, East Haven, CT
Amanda Torres, Bridgeport, CT
Amanda Walton, Wallingford, CT
Amar Suljic, Torrington, CT
Amaris Forte, Saint Albans, NY
Amber Frank, Milford, CT
Amber Recine, Seymour, CT
Amy Orenstein, Guilford, CT
Ana De Sousa, Fairfield, CT
Ana Pena, Waterbury, CT
Andrea Laudano, North Haven, CT
Andrea Salmeron, East Haven, CT
Andrew Dempsey, Naugatuck, CT
Andrew Keeton, Bethel, CT
Andrew Schmitt, Madison, CT
Andy Hernandez, Trumbull, CT
Angel Rodriguez, Waterbury, CT
Angela Casner, East Haven, CT
Angela Evans, Meriden, CT
Angela Toth, Shelton, CT
Anna Biewald, Oxford, CT
Anna De Simone, Ansonia, CT
Anna Nowak, Meriden, CT
Annie Beckett, New Haven, CT
Anthony Martorano, Derby, CT
Anthony Weitzler, Ansonia, CT
Antonella Moya, Stratford, CT
Aquil Crooks, Stratford, CT
Ardita Sulejmani, Derby, CT
Aren Seeger, Naugatuck, CT
Ariana Azarbad, Stamford, CT
Ariana Campano, East Haven, CT
Ariana Harris, Cheshire, CT
Ariana Nguyen, West Haven, CT
Ariane Cloutier, Danbury, CT
Arianna Centore, Orange, CT
Aridia Dorwart, Quaker Hill, CT
Asha Sneed, Bridgeport, CT
Ashley Carlson, Stratford, CT
Ashley Nicholson, Bridgeport, CT
Ashley Thol, Norwalk, CT
Asia Smith, Waterford, CT
Asjha Crayton, Vernon Rockville, CT
Asma Rahimyar, Trumbull, CT
Auday Shlash, West Haven, CT
Audrey Gryak, Shelton, CT
Austin Duffy, Orange, CT
Autumn Holm, Branford, CT
Avery Simmons, Hamden, CT
Avia Ferguson, Groton, CT
Belinda Bartley, Waterbury, CT
Benideliz Dickison, New Britain, CT
Benjamin Croll, New Haven, CT
Benjamin Johnson, North Branford, CT
Benjamin Palmieri, Cheshire, CT
Benjamin Sordo, Clinton, CT
Bianca Chernowsky, Waterbury, CT
Bianca Hanania, Milford, CT
Bianca Romano Sanchez, New Haven, CT
Blair Snyder, New Fairfield, CT
Blaise Berglund, New Haven, CT
Brandi Hernandez, Bridgeport, CT
Brandon Abate, Shelton, CT
Brandon Iovene, Higganum, CT
Brandon Soriano, Milford, CT
Breanna Pelosi, Prospect, CT
Brenda Fernandes, Bridgeport, CT
Brenda Lopez, East Haven, CT
Brendan Cleary, Portland, CT
Brenna Ross, Hamden, CT
Brennah Rogers, Milford, CT
Bria Fielding, New London, CT
Brian Arbachouskas, Shelton, CT
Brian Duphiney, New Haven, CT
Brian Kerr, Mystic, CT
Brian Petrucci, Southington, CT
Brianna Jones, Waterford, CT
Brianna Muscio, Wolcott, CT
Brittany Perigyi, Monroe, CT
Brooke Mercaldi, Monroe, CT
Bryan Potenziani, Madison, CT
Caitlin McLaughlin, Naugatuck, CT
Caitlyn Koster, Shelton, CT
Callie Hoyt, Waterbury, CT
Camila Ramos, Bridgeport, CT
Camryn Chester, Wallingford, CT
Candace Ben-elohim, New Haven, CT
Candace Naudé, Trumbull, CT
Carina Malik, East Haven, CT
Carissa Perone, Wallingford, CT
Carol Schmardel, Clinton, CT
Cassandra Bellavance, Beacon Falls, CT
Cassandra Kryger, Shelton, CT
Cassandra Veltri, Oxford, CT
Cayla Paoletti, Trumbull, CT
Caylea Landrie, Danbury, CT
Celeste Shelton, Hamden, CT
Celina Hunter, Norwalk, CT
Chanell Mundell, Manchester, CT
Chanpasith Phongthachit, Derby, CT
Chelsie Flournoy, Milford, CT
Cheta Ani, New Haven, CT
Chiara Manna, Durham, CT
Chloe Knight, New Milford, CT
Chloe Lecy, Quaker Hill, CT
Christian Gamauf, Oxford, CT
Christiana Rivera-Magda, Milford, CT
Christianna Peabody, Bristol, CT
Christianne Accurso, Glastonbury, CT
Christopher Arbelo, Bridgeport, CT
Christopher Atuahene, New Haven, CT
Christopher Berg, Mystic, CT
Christopher Buccitti, New Haven, CT
Christopher Parkin, Stratford, CT
Christopher Varanko, Watertown, CT
Christopher Wilson, Madison, CT
Chyna Sampson, Norwalk, CT
Claire Dupoux, Botsford, CT
Clare Oliver, Cheshire, CT
Clarissa Mahan, Waterbury, CT
Clayton Simses, Milford, CT
Cody Wilkinson, Cromwell, CT
Connor Redahan, Greenwich, CT
Cordel Ginger, New Haven, CT
Crosby Fox, Stamford, CT
Dainashly Lassalle, Waterbury, CT
Dan Labbadia, Berlin, CT
Dana Cote, Oxford, CT
Daniel Andrien, Guilford, CT
Daniel Lopez, Norwalk, CT
Daniel Skelly, Shelton, CT
Daniel Taylor, New Haven, CT
Danielle Elbert, Branford, CT
Danielle Jacovino, Oakville, CT
Daria Kraszewska, Shelton, CT
Darius Smith, Danbury, CT
David Betters, Terryville, CT
David Difabio, Trumbull, CT
David Donald, Seymour, CT
David Notholt, Milford, CT
Dawa Lama, North Haven, CT
Deanna Cleary, Bridgeport, CT
Derek Faulkner, Guilford, CT
Derek Pearson, Southbury, CT
Destany Funteral-Fine, Derby, CT
Destany Williams, Meriden, CT
Destiny Heery, Milford, CT
Destiny Santoni, Meriden, CT
Devin Sangster, Groton, CT
Devin White, New Haven, CT
Dianiley Deslandes, Norwich, CT
Dominique Dickenson, Middletown, DE
Donte Brooks, Hamden, CT
Dylan Willette, West Haven, CT
Eboni Traverso, Meriden, CT
Edis Lame, Waterbury, CT
Edith Plancarte-Solorio, Meriden, CT
Edward Cordero, Hamden, CT
Elaina Disalvo, New Haven, CT
Elena Lofgren, New Fairfield, CT
Elise Ryan, New Haven, CT
Elizabeth Healy, Wallingford, CT
Ella White, Gurnee, IL
Emanuela Elezi, Waterbury, CT
Emily Bigl, Willington, CT
Emily Davis, Clinton, CT
Emily Eckstrom, Bristol, CT
Emily Keyes, Branford, CT
Emily McElfresh, Oxford, CT
Emily Pall, Fairfield, CT
Emily Porga, Burlington, CT
Emily Rodrigue, Seymour, CT
Emily Stack, Waterbury, CT
Emma Clini, West Haven, CT
Emma Gallagher, Shelton, CT
Emma Norden, Branford, CT
Emma Sweeney, Stratford, CT
Emma Justine Conley, Norwalk, CT
Erika Stabile, Rocky Hill, CT
Erin Dillman, Milford, CT
Erin Fitzgerald, Shelton, CT
Erin Schofield, Naugatuck, CT
Ethan Kaisen, Guilford, CT
Ethan West, Deep River, CT
Evan Adamowicz, Meriden, CT
Evan Collier, Kenilworth, NJ
Evan Faline, New Haven, CT
Evan Murray, Monroe, CT
Fabiana Chavez-Castro, Norwalk, CT
Faith Jano, Ledyard, CT
Faith Littleton, Jackson, MO
Gabriela Rodriguez, Bridgeport, CT
Gabriela Triay, Middletown, CT
Gabriela Vazquez, Meriden, CT
Gabriella Fico, Northford, CT
Gabrielle Giammattei, North Branford, CT
Gabrielle Tunucci, Milford, CT
Garrett Cyr, Bristol, CT
Garrett Green, Woodbury, CT
Garrhett Watrous, Deep River, CT
Genevieve Jaser, Milford, CT
George Chamberlain, New Haven, CT
Gia Mentillo, Orange, CT
Gillian Farina, PROSPECT, CT
Gillian Hotchkiss, Beacon Falls, CT
Gillian Mattern, Gales Ferry, CT
Gillian Ofori-Ntiamoah, West Haven, CT
Giuliana Gaudio, Cheshire, CT
Gleeson Edwards, Guilford, CT
Habbiegale Brown, Bridgeport, CT
Haley Daigle, New Hartford, CT
Halley King, Terryville, CT
Hanaa Hussein, North Haven, CT
Hanna Birenbaum, Milford, CT
Hannah Kloster, Fairfield, CT
Hannah Lebeau, East Lyme, CT
Hannah LeMire, Old Saybrook, CT
Hannah Rosario, Waterbury, CT
Hannah Smith, Ledyard, CT
Hanxin Liu, Milford, CT
Hazel Rosario, Waterbury, CT
Heather Messore, Naugatuck, CT
Heather Sherrick, Milford, CT
Heidi Schulte, Bethany, CT
Herta Sufka, Waterbury, CT
Hugo Castaneda, Meriden, CT
Hunter Komm, Wallingford, CT
Ian Bergemann, Branford, CT
Idongesit Udo-okon, New Haven, CT
Iesha Brown, Bridgeport, CT
Imani Gordon, Branford, CT
Isabella Collier, Mystic, CT
Isabella Corradi, Cheshire, CT
Isabella Sandoval, Ansonia, CT
Isabelle Lucarelli, Oxford, CT
Isabelle Seward, Ridgefield, CT
Isaiah Yopp, Bridgeport, CT
Isam Elmaiss, Washington, DC
Ivelisse Hernandez, Hamden, CT
Ivey Collins, New Milford, CT
Izaiah Mcneil, New Britain, CT
Jaclyn Pensiero, Shelton, CT
Jacob Bojnowski, Middletown, CT
Jacob Booth, west hartford, CT
Jacob Brainsky, Trumbull, CT
Jacob Budris, Oxford, CT
Jacob Davila, Bristol, CT
Jacob Miko, Stratford, CT
Jacob Tellier, Terryville, CT
Jacqueline Fuentes, New Haven, CT
Jacqueline Tapia, Bridgeport, CT
Jade Clary, Danbury, CT
Jade Serrano, Shelton, CT
Jahi Locke, Southbury, CT
Jaime Roy, Meriden, CT
Jake Pluchino, Madison, CT
Jalitza Mathews, East Hartford, CT
Jalon White, New Haven, CT
James Ferstler, Canton, MA
James Standish, Terryville, CT
Jamie Longobardi, Derby, CT
Jamie Marti, New Haven, CT
Janee Johnson, Waterbury, CT
Janelle Ward, Kitchener, ON
Jared Dennehy, Cheshire, CT
Jared Simpson, Milford, CT
Jared Smith, Orange, CT
Jasmin Williamson, Hartford, CT
Jasmine Benavides, Ansonia, CT
Jasmine Brown, Hamden, CT
Jason Aceto, Naugatuck, CT
Jason Edwards, Ansonia, CT
Jason Ponce, Wallingford, CT
Jason Summerfield, Seymour, CT
Jason Tkacs, North Haven, CT
Jassiah Winston, Bronx, NY
Jay Cohen, Branford, CT
Jazmine Vega, New Haven, CT
Jedidiah Alziphat, Waterbury, CT
Jeffrey Stofko, Monroe, CT
Jelisa Gonzalez, Fairfield, CT
Jenaisha Green, Stratford, CT
Jenna Boccio, Southington, CT
Jenna Krechko, Tolland, CT
Jenna Mahmoud, North Haven, CT
Jenna Stepleman, Derby, CT
Jennifer Dagraca, Bridgeport, CT
Jennifer Giddings, New Fairfield, CT
Jennifer Reynoso, Middletown, CT
Jenoi South, Stratford, CT
Jeremy Collette, Watertown, CT
Jeremy Andrei Corpuz, Stratford, CT
Jeshanah Berkeley, Hamden, CT
Jessica Clark, West Hartford, CT
Jessica Guerrucci, Stratford, CT
Jessica Hunt, Seymour, CT
Jessica L’Heureux, Durham, CT
Jessica Mcmahon, Madison, CT
Jessica Petry, Hamden, CT
Jessica Riley, Meriden, CT
Jessica Sheehy, Shelton, CT
Jessica Veliz, Stratford, CT
Jesus Burgos, Bridgeport, CT
Jillian Martins, Trumbull, CT
Jin Jang, New Haven, CT
Joaquin Selmeski, East Lyme, CT
Jobin Valiyaveettil, North Haven, CT
Johanna Wahlen, Karlsruhe,
John Baldino, New Haven, CT
John Nitka, Milford, CT
John Pascale, Madison, CT
John Saksa, Shelton, CT
John Spoto, Stamford, CT
Johnesha Brown, New Haven, CT
Jonah Gosnay, Danbury, CT
Jonah Santiana, Monroe, CT
Jonathan Godfrey, North Haven, CT
Jonathan Hiebert, Hamden, CT
Jonathan Meyers, Cheshire, CT
Jonathan Warren, Naugatuck, CT
Jordan Thompson, Wurtsboro, NY
Joseph Federation, New Haven, CT
Joseph Freer, Southington, CT
Joseph Genua, Branford, CT
Joseph Lombardi, Shelton, CT
Joseph Lynn, Milford, CT
Joseph McClean, Stratford, CT
Joseph Neumann, Woodbridge, CT
Joseph Vigliotti, Milford, CT
Joseph Vincenzi, Cromwell, CT
Josette Landolfi, North Haven, CT
Josh Cornell, Bridgeport, CT
Joshua Brown, Stratford, CT
Joshua Diglio, Wallingford, CT
Joshua Fitzpatrick, Naugatuck, CT
Joshua Gilardi, Norwalk, CT
Joshua Mason, Hamden, CT
Joshua Pulfrey, Milford, CT
Joshua Thiede, Trumbull, CT
Joshua Tolokan, Madison, CT
Josue Bonilla, Bridgeport, CT
Juan Gutierrez, Hamden, CT
Julia Borsukivich, Stamford, CT
Julia Bowen, Branford, CT
Julia Caruso, Prospect, CT
Julia Delguidice, East Haven, CT
Julia Galuppo, Wolcott, CT
Julia Munroe, Branford, CT
Julia Silva, Shelton, CT
Julia Wargo, Milford, CT
Julian Saria, New Haven, CT
Juliana Pinto, New Haven, CT
Juliana Thomasson, East Haven, CT
Julianna Santiago, Stratford, CT
Julie Waxler, Unionville, CT
Justin Hirshfield, Trumbull, CT
Justin Veilleux, Branford, CT
Justine Roy, Wallingford, CT
Kaleigh Albert, Killingworth, CT
Karl Grannan, Canaan, CT
Karlos Mate, East Haven, CT
Karlyn Jackson, Hamden, CT
Karthik Gomathinayagam, Cheshire, CT
Katelin Chamberland, Southington, CT
Katelyn Fillion, Northford, CT
Katelyn Ross, Stamford, CT
Katelyn Russell, Shelton, CT
Katelynn Gradia, Norwalk, CT
Katherine Farnham, Monroe, CT
Katherine Harding, New Haven, CT
Kathleen Watson, Branford, CT
Kathryn Danyluk, Bridgeport, CT
Kathryn Duffner, Middletown, CT
Kathryn Schoberle, East Haddam, CT
Katie Doyle, Southbury, CT
Kayla Krenicki, Bristol, CT
Kayla Musante, Wallingford, CT
Kayla Otero, Enfield, CT
Kaylah Howard, Mystic, CT
Kaylee Carasone, Terryville, CT
Kaylee Paladino, New Canaan, CT
Kaylee Roux, Plainville, CT
Kaylie Mavricz, Oxford, CT
Kaylin Williams, New Haven, CT
Keara Loughlin, Lowell, MA
Keegan Smith, Plantsville, CT
Kelli Krofssik, Shelton, CT
Kelly Mckiernan, Wallingford, CT
Kelly Mjos, Tolland, CT
Kelly Redmond, Naugatuck, CT
Kelly Sullivan, West Haven, CT
Kelsey Tonge, Wallingford, CT
Kelvin Mintah, New Haven, CT
Kemal Orahovac, Waterbury, CT
Kemberly Erazo P, Bridgeport, CT
Kennan Martin, South Glastonbury, CT
Kenndra Espinoza, Stamford, CT
Kevin Chesler, Meriden, CT
Kevin Lam, Stamford, CT
Kevin Lenhart, Milford, CT
Kevin Lucey, North Haven, CT
Keylea Brothers, Lexington, KY
Khushbu Patel, Wallingford, CT
Kiara Smith, Milford, CT
Kiersten Conner, Milford, CT
Kirsten Wilson, Wallingford, CT
Krista Jones, Pawcatuck, CT
Krista Lencovich, Shelton, CT
Kristen Amarone, Wallingford, CT
Kristina Ercolani, Wethersfield, CT
Kulsoom Farid, Hamden, CT
Kwabena Appiah-yeboah, Manchester, CT
Kyle Broderick, Trumbull, CT
Kyle Charron, New Haven, CT
Kylie Cacace, Guilford, CT
Kyra Jayne Catubig, West Haven, CT
Kyriaki Marinos, Trumbull, CT
La-Jean Henry, Bridgeport, CT
Laney Lopez, Derby, CT
Larissa Anderson, New Haven, CT
Larissa Topalis, Ledyard, CT
Latasha Neal, Middletown, CT
Laura Abreu, Hamden, CT
Laura Freiss, Branford, CT
Laura Lopez, Norwalk, CT
Lauren Brideau, Shelton, CT
Lauren Cagle, Stamford, CT
Lauren Colaiacovo, Hamden, CT
Lauren Conner, Milford, CT
Lauren Hajjar, Cheshire, CT
Lauren Oken, West Hartford, CT
Lauren Reilly, Naugatuck, CT
Lauryn Giuliano, Orange, CT
Leah Hushion, Newtown, CT
Leah Sause, Wallingford, CT
Leana Mauricette, East Hartford, CT
Leily Ayala, Trumbull, CT
Lekiyah Fraser, West Haven, CT
Leo Sweeney, Norwalk, CT
Lia Davido, Middletown, NJ
Liam Norton, Bethany, CT
Liang Lin, Cheshire, CT
Lily Barragan, East Haven, CT
Linda Brown, Middletown, CT
Lindsay Kashuba, Hamden, CT
Lindsey Hotchkiss, Plymouth, CT
Lindsey Rodorigo, Beacon Falls, CT
Loanis Cabrera, Bridgeport, CT
Lorenzo Burgos, Wethersfield, CT
Lorette Feivelson, Bristol, CT
Louisa Bangam, Waterbury, CT
Luke Hansted, North Haven, CT
Lupita Barajas, Stratford, CT
Luzadriana Cante, New Haven, CT
Lydia Masala, Bridgeport, CT
Lyle Murphy, new haven, CT
Maame Osei-Wusu, West Haven, CT
Madeline Scharf, Guilford, CT
Madelyn Vinsel, Guilford, CT
Madison Brenning, Seymour, CT
Madison Cacciato, Oakville, CT
Madison Fries, North Branford, CT
Madison Rybak, Salem, CT
Madison Zimmerman, Madison, CT
Maeve Rourke, Milford, CT
Maeve Salamida, Cromwell, CT
Makenna Perry, Groton, CT
Makenna Wollmann, Burlington, CT
Malcolm Jefferson, New Haven, CT
Manjot Kailey, Branford, CT
Maria Beltran, Middlebury, CT
Maria Jano, Glastonbury, CT
Mariajose Valdez, Stratford, CT
Mariana Fontinele Dias da Silva, Stratford, CT
Marisa DeCiucis, Shelton, CT
Marissa Fiori, Trumbull, CT
Marissa Hackett, North Branford, CT
Marissa Simos, Guilford, CT
Mark Schriever, Norwich, CT
Marquis Lockhart, West Haven, CT
Martin Lippai, Naugatuck, CT
Mary Schulten, Middlefield, CT
Maryah Dart, Groton, CT
MaryColleen Whitney, Branford, CT
Matthew Dever, Ansonia, CT
Matthew Hicks, Beacon Falls, CT
Matthew Rooney, Monroe, CT
Matthew Russell, New Milford, CT
Matthew Taylor, Fairfield, CT
Matthews Jordao, Trumbull, CT
Max Vadakin, New Haven, CT
Maxwell Gaulin, Bethany, CT
Maya Obeid, Trumbull, CT
Mayah Brown, New London, CT
Mayle Perez-Crespo, Hamden, CT
Megan Ferreira, Shelton, CT
Megan Latte, Newtown, CT
Megan Mendell, Shelton, CT
Megan Poulin, New Haven, CT
Meghan Gavaghan, Monroe, CT
Meghan Miller, Hamden, CT
Meghan Murphy, Seymour, CT
Mekhi Reeves, New Haven, CT
Melissa Betancourt, New Britain, CT
Melissa Burwell, Branford, CT
Melissa Howley, Old Saybrook, CT
Melissa Palma Cuapio, East Haven, CT
Meredith Miller, New Haven, CT
Mia Torgerson, West Haven, CT
Mia Varney, Wallingford, CT
Micahl Derosa, North Haven, CT
Micahlyn Vaichus, Waterbury, CT
Michael Burden, Shelton, CT
Michael Chernesky, Shelton, CT
Michael Fonda, Stratford, CT
Michael Hope, Willimantic, CT
Michael Jacobs, Trumbull, CT
Michael Lauer, Naugatuck, CT
Michael Lee, East Haven, CT
Michael Macesker, Waterford, CT
Michael Miceli, North Haven, CT
Michael Sanger, New Haven, CT
Michael Sendra, Oxford, CT
Michael Shashaty, Washington, CT
Michael Smith, Middletown, CT
Michael Smith, Shelton, CT
Michael Tompkins, Stamford, CT
Michaela Tiani, North Branford, CT
Michele Furnaros, Stamford, CT
Michelle Morales, Wallingford, CT
Miguel Diaz, Bridgeport, CT
Miranda Holland, Hamden, CT
Miranda Kross, North Haven, CT
Misbea Baffour Addo, West Haven, CT
Molly Flanagan, Milford, CT
Monica Collette, Waterbury, CT
Montana Honafius, Stratford, CT
Morgan Chase, Windsor, CT
Morgan Douglas, Beacon Falls, CT
Morgan Lussier, South Windsor, CT
Muhammet Faruk Senturk, Madison, CT
Mychelle Barnes, East Hartford, CT
Nadine Hilkert, Bretzfeld,
Natalie Hinton, Bridgeport, CT
Natalie Rogers, Wallingford, CT
Natalie Stoffel, New Fairfield, CT
Natasha Tarbell, Old Saybrook, CT
Nathan Aviles, Waterbury, CT
Nathan Shilling, Bethany, CT
Nathaniel Gerrish, Naugatuck, CT
Nathaniel Ziobron, East Haddam, CT
Nautica Schaefer, Waterbury, CT
Nicholas Alexiades, Woodbridge, CT
Nicholas Bradley, Clinton, CT
Nicholas Demet, Old Lyme, CT
Nicholas Dimaggio, Northford, CT
Nicholas Isabella, Monroe, CT
Nicholas White, New Haven, CT
Nick Falcha, Milford, CT
Nicole Gigas, Ansonia, CT
Nicole Healy, Naugatuck, CT
Nicole Huntsman, Bridgeport, CT
Nikola Tili, Waterbury, CT
Nilay Durdu, Derby, CT
Nina Bartlomiejczyk, Monroe, CT
Nina Henriques, Newtown, CT
Noah Jackson, Groton, CT
Noel Womack, Hamden, CT
Nolan Cloutier, Wallingford, CT
Nolan Greene, North Branford, CT
Noor Rahim, Milford, CT
Nora Skoczen, Fairfield, CT
Norman Whitney, Bristol, CT
Noureen Nassra, Stratford, CT
Olivia Angelo, East Haven, CT
Olivia Delisle, Portland, CT
Olivia Liebler, Guilford, CT
Olivia Mason, Bristol, CT
Olivia Moreno, Trumbull, CT
Olivia Seger, Northville, CT
Olivia Strelevitz, Gales Ferry, CT
Olivia Trail, East Hartford, CT
Pablo Bastida Ruiz, Hamden, CT
Paige Darcy, Southington, CT
Paige Gorry, Wallingford, CT
Paige Hansen, Kings Park, NY
Paisley Tucker, Bristol, CT
Paris Robberstad, New Haven, CT
Patricia Castle, Milford, CT
Patrick Ballard, Belford, NJ
Patrick Kearney, Durham, CT
Patrick Korwek, Hamden, CT
Patrick Moore, Fayetteville, NC
Patrick Templeton, Ledyard, CT
Paul Mckee, New Haven, CT
Paula Hernandez, Stamford, CT
Perpetual Taylor, Cromwell, CT
Peter McEachern, Hamden, CT
Peyton King, Trumbull, CT
Phil Dinh, Milford, CT
Philopater Abdelsied, Wallingford, CT
Pooja Ali, Branford, CT
Qamar Al-salihi, East Haven, CT
Rachael DaCunto, North Branford, CT
Rachael Johnson, New Haven, CT
Rachel Goldstein, New Haven, CT
Rachel Hermanns, Bridgeport, CT
Rachel Silver, Vernon Rockville, CT
Rachel Stark, West Haven, CT
Rafaela Martinez, New Haven, CT
Raianna Grant, Waterbury, CT
Rakim Grant, Middletown, CT
Ray Tian, Orange, CT
Rayleen Paret, New Haven, CT
Raymond Boucher, Hamden, CT
Rebecca Lubbert, Guilford, CT
Rebecca Mangs, Branford, CT
Rebecca Sabetta, Northford, CT
Rebecca Shamp, Clinton, CT
Rebekah Burke, Preston, CT
Regina Misercola, Trumbull, CT
Renea Dacosta, East Hartford, CT
Renee Chabot, Oakville, CT
Renel Desrosins, Norwalk, CT
Rhema Phillips, New London, CT
Rian Tucci, Ridgefield, CT
Ricardo Vivar, Stamford, CT
Richard Szeligowski, Guilford, CT
Richard Vollmer, Madison, CT
Rijad Brkic, Milford, CT
Risper Githinji, Waterbury, CT
Robert Gonzalez, Manchester, CT
Roberto Sostre, Binghamton, NY
Rock-Edens Lamour, Danbury, CT
Roni Levit, Bethany, CT
Rosana Duarte, New Haven, CT
Ryan Harvey, North Haven, CT
Ryan Kelly, Madison, CT
Ryan Pastor, New Haven, CT
Ryan Pollard, Madison, CT
Ryan Risley, North Haven, CT
Ryan Stickles, Sharon, CT
Samantha Adams, Milford, CT
Samantha Kaplan, Trumbull, CT
Samantha Mccarthy, Milford, CT
Samantha Rothermel-Peters, New Haven, CT
Sandra Theoharatos, Milford, CT
Sara Nordgren, Stratford, CT
Sara Targouski, Ansonia, CT
Sarah Culver, New Haven, CT
Sarah Garcia, North Haven, CT
Sarah Gossman, Trumbull, CT
Sarah Holodnak, Bridgeport, CT
Sarah Houde, Wallingford, CT
Sarah Shelton, Oakwille, CT
Sarah Tsacoyannis, Westport, CT
Sarena Salmeri, Plantsville, CT
Sarina Maynard, Oakville, CT
Sebastian Gonzalez, Hamden, CT
Sebastian Moraga, West Haven, CT
Sejmir Basuljevic, Derby, CT
Selena Morales, Bridgeport, CT
Seong Seok, North Haven, CT
Shane Da Silva-Novotny, Bridgeport, CT
Shane Smith, Pawcatuck, CT
Shannon Winters, Milford, CT
Sharian Watkiss, Waterbury, CT
Shayla Hill, Waterbury, CT
Shayla Peterson, Baltic, CT
Sierra Ransom, New Haven, CT
Skye Blanchette, Torrington, CT
Skyler Puckett, Wallingford, CT
Sofia Robinson, Middlefield, CT
Sophia Al-Meshrefawi, North Grosvenordale, CT
Sophia Huang, Cheshire, CT
Sophia Lonardo, Monroe, CT
Sophia Oneto, Prospect, CT
Sophia Whipple, Colchester, CT
Stache Jones, West Haven, CT
Stephanie Gable, New Haven, CT
Stephanie Melanson, Orange, CT
Stephanie Mirando, Branford, CT
Stephanie Preising, Stamford, CT
Stephanie Richard, Naugatuck, CT
Stephanie Sirois, Cheshire, CT
Stephen Casinelli, Shelton, CT
Stephen Fengler, Wallingford, CT
Stephen Pansa, Newtown, CT
Steven Massaro, Hamden, CT
Summer Reid, Stratford, CT
Summer Sylvestre, Plainfield, CT
Susannah Goeters, Clinton, CT
Suzane Filipe, Bethel, CT
Sydney Camacho, Shelton, CT
Sydney Carter, Derby, CT
Sydney French, Shelton, CT
Sydney King, Milford, CT
Sydney Peacock, Deep River, CT
Sydnie Drezek, Seymour, CT
Syeda Minahil Gilani, Bridgeport, CT
Talia Lent, New Milford, CT
Talicia Martins, Hamden, CT
Tamara Michel, Woodbridge, CT
Tamera Sternberger, New Haven, CT
Tamia Williams, Windsor, CT
Tate Kassery, Shelton, CT
Taya Campbell, Hamden, CT
Taylar Forte, Wolcott, CT
Tayler Cowles, Oakdale, CT
Taylor Brockett, North Haven, CT
Taylor Downs, Sandy Hook, CT
Taylor Gudzinski, Waterbury, CT
Taylor Havrilla, Guilford, CT
Taylor Lubin, Vernon, CT
Taylor Thomas, Yonkers, NY
Tea Carter, Modesto, CA
Tea Pozzi, Guilford, CT
Tenaira Greene, Hamden, CT
Teresina Peters, Oxford, CT
Tess Buschmann, East Haddam, CT
Therese Ziaks, Branford, CT
Thomas Healy, West Haven, CT
Thomas Pelletier, Bristol, CT
Thomas Pelton, Portland, CT
Tianna Lewis, New Haven, CT
Tiffanie Edwards, Bridgeport, CT
Timothy Baize, Waterford, CT
Timothy Levesque, Avon, CT
Timothy Tremaglio, New Haven, CT
Tomas Stisi, Shelton, CT
Tommi Crowley, Bristol, CT
Trent Kaisen, Guilford, CT
Troy Stegman, Wethersfield, CT
Tyler Criscuolo, Branford, CT
Tyler Rettberg, Haddam, CT
Tyler Shaw, Lisbon, CT
Tyra Hultgren, Rockfall, CT
Valentina Hernandez, New Britain, CT
Valerie Neyra, Stamford, CT
Vanessa Riccardi, Sherman, CT
Vanessa Ricchetti, Fairfield, CT
Varsha Jorawar, Waterbury, CT
Vasana Francois, North Haven, CT
Vesilenur Yildiz, West Haven, CT
Victor Corona Galan, Fairfield, CT
Victoria Blake, Trumbull, CT
Victoria Gould, Shelton, CT
Victoria Lacafta, Storrs Mansfield, CT
Vittoria Cristante, North Branford, CT
William Aliou, Derby, CT
William Broome, Norwalk, CT
William Dacey, Guilford, CT
William Perkin, New Fairfield, CT
Wilson Valois, West Haven, CT
Yadinitza Torres, Waterbury, CT
Yesenia Hernandez, Meriden, CT
Zachary Baran, Oxford, CT
Zachary Sousa, Milford, CT
Zahia Tayoubi-Idrissi, Wallingford, CT
Zainab Seyal, Fairfield, CT
Zakai James, Waterbury, CT
Zariah Council, Bridgeport, CT
Zhane Ellison, New Haven, CT
Zina Mcbride, Milford, CT


Abdulhadi Almatiet, Hamden, CT
Adam Weber, Newtown, CT
Akeem Douglas, Bridgeport, CT
Alejandro Quijada, West Haven, CT
Alessandro Ward, Waterbury, CT
Alexander DeMeis, Shelton, CT
Alexander O’neal, Wilton, CT
Alexander Potocsny, New Haven, CT
Alexandra Bucci, Shelton, CT
Alexi McNair, Quaker Hill, CT
Alexis Rodriguez, New Haven, CT
Alexis Young, Hamden, CT
Allison Misbach, Meriden, CT
Alyssa Weisberger, Orange, CT
Alyssa Zaroogian, Smithtown, NY
Ana Alvarez-Ovalle, Derby, CT
Ana Caka, Wolcott, CT
Andrew Marotti, Madison, CT
Andrew Seibert, Oxford, CT
Andrey Bastos De Carvalho, Alumínio,
Anna Khalid, Beacon Falls, CT
Anthony Gazsi, Oxford, CT
Anthony Lancia, Hamden, CT
Anthony Zambito, Ridgewood, NJ
Ashley Rossi, Ledyard, CT
Avneet Benipal, Branford, CT
Azaria Porter, West Hartford, CT
Bobby Ewing, Bridgeport, CT
Branden Laneuville, Milford, CT
Brandon Lirio, Newington, CT
Brendan Purcell, Woodbridge, CT
Briana Wilson, Derby, CT
Brianna Ferraiolo, Branford, CT
Bryce Castellone, South Windsor, CT
Caden Farrow, New Haven, CT
Carlos Lugo, New Haven, CT
Caroline Shadwick, Bronx, NY
Chris Georgoulis, New Milford, CT
Christian Krysinski, Ansonia, CT
Christian Rubio, Shelton, CT
Christopher LeBeau, Bristol, CT
Cindy Velez, East Hampton, CT
Cody Conlon, Bethlehem, CT
Cody Rogers, Waterbury, CT
Collin Dunn, Litchfield, CT
Conor Callahan, Hamden, CT
Cullan Contos, Windham, CT
Daelyn Yasgar, Wallingford, CT
Daniel Gagne, East Haven, CT
Daniel Goa Utgaard, Kristiansand,
Danielle Caselli, Stratford, CT
David Chuhta, Trumbull, CT
Derek Difronzo, Manchester, CT
Dezirae Miller, Enfield, CT
Dylan Beck, Fairfield, CT
Dylan Martinson, Westbrook, CT
Eldi Shahini, Ansonia, CT
Emily Maffeo, East Haven, CT
Emily Rossini, West Hartford, CT
Emily Thompson, Higganom, CT
Emine Elezi, Waterbury, CT
Eric Borea, Stamford, CT
Farith Vilchez-Morales, West Haven, CT
Fatima Garcia-Ramirez, Bridgeport, CT
Francisco Cortez, Waterbury, CT
Francisco Roldan, Malaga,
Gabriella Zuk, Southington, CT
Goldy Previlus, Bridgeport, CT
Griffin Weiss, Norwalk, CT
Gulizar Er, Meriden, CT
Hannah Endri, Norwalk, CT
Hariel Shoto, Waterbury, CT
Harry Kim, Fairfield, CT
Hassen Shilleh, Monroe, CT
Ignasi Perez Cererols, Sant Cugat del Valles,
Isaac Burg, Killingworth, CT
Isabella Presutto, Trumbull, CT
Isabelle Stowik, Wallingford, CT
Jacob Forrester, Middletown, CT
Jacob Lessne, West Hartford, CT
Jafiah Edwards, Watertown, MA
James Abercrombie, Trumbull, CT
James Orourke, Bridgeport, CT
Jamiy Burey, Shelton, CT
Janaisha Twyne, Bridgeport, CT
Jared Vargas, West Haven, CT
Jarod King, East Haven, CT
Jarod Teixeira, Seymour, CT
Jay Donlan, Westbrook, CT
Jayne Maranda, Mystic, CT
Jeet Patel, New Haven, CT
Jeff Miller, Wallingford, CT
Jenna Zakala, Rome, NY
Jesse Nelson, Rockfall, CT
Jessica Carducci, Rocky Hill, CT
Jessica Gray, Torrington, CT
John Bucci, Ansonia, CT
John Gaudio, Cheshire, CT
John Migliazza, Monroe, CT
John Perry, Waterbury, CT
John Turenne, Wallingford, CT
John Wypychoski, Milford, CT
Joseph Balog, Derby, CT
Joseph Nemchek, Trumbull, CT
Joseph Rocco, Wolcott, CT
Joshua Moro, Clinton, CT
Joshua Prouty, Ellington, CT
Joshua Stagon, Durham, CT
Joshua West, Deep River, CT
Josip Jukic, Milford, CT
Juan Orozco, East Haven, CT
Judaya Foster, Hartford, CT
Julia Dichello, Meriden, CT
Kacie Velasquez, Stratford, CT
Kaitlyn Carlson, West Haven, CT
Kaitlyn Paradis, Orange, CT
Kaleen Barbieri, Seymour, CT
Karl-Marx Delphonse, Bridgeport, CT
Katherine Fuentes, Bridgeport, CT
Katherine Neilan, Wethersfield, CT
Katherine Wojcik, Ansonia, CT
Kevin Inahuazo, New Haven, CT
Kevin Joergen van der Pol, Drammen,
Keyshla Chaparro, New Haven, CT
Kiersten Snyder, Waterbury, CT
Krista Haray, Shelton, CT
Kwadir Delgado-McIntyre, Hamden, CT
Kyle Tuttle, Brookfield, CT
Landon Silbert, Fairfield, CT
Lauren Silvia, Higganum, CT
Lauryn Benoit, Oakdale, CT
Lily Mccarthy, East Granby, CT
Lissette Rivera, West Haven, CT
Lukas Garcia, Suffield, CT
Madeline Siegel, Malvern, PA
Madison Nastri, Rocky Hill, CT
Madison Trask, Southington, CT
Madly Lima, West Haven, CT
Marckendy Jean-Baptiste, Waterbury, CT
Margaux Rigoland, Hamden, CT
Mariam Noorzad, Milford, CT
Marissa Klimovich, Meriden, CT
Mary Maguire, Seymour, CT
Matthew Giambazi, Shelton, CT
Matthew Kerrigan, Branford, CT
Matthew Peterson, Northford, CT
Matthew Vidalis, Derby, CT
Matthew Wells, Shelton, CT
Megan Bari, Naugatuck, CT
Melany Henriquez-Schmutz, West Haven, CT
Merina Sabatucci, Meriden, CT
Michael Burek, Southington, CT
Michael Charest, Meriden, CT
Michael Masa, West Haven, CT
Michael Sheridan, Milford, CT
Michele Alvarez, Norwalk, CT
Michelle Oravec, Bridgeport, CT
Mikayla Hartman-Brown, Stratford, CT
Modeste Koicou-Hangban, New Haven, CT
Muhaymina Plair, New Haven, CT
Nailah Franklin, New Haven, CT
Nasir Williams, Windsor, CT
Nicholas Perrone, Berlin, CT
Nicholas Yedowitz, New Milford, CT
Nicolas Ruiz Colodrero, Zaragoza,
Nicole Kopek, Milford, CT
Nina Filippone, Ansonia, CT
Noah Campbell, Uncasville, CT
Noah Falcioni, Ansonia, CT
Olivia Pocock, Guilford, CT
Paulina Lamot, North Branford, CT
Peter Bresh, West Haven, CT
Peter Kuroghlian, Stratford, CT
Preston Young, North Haven, CT
Randy Boyne, Bristol, CT
Raxena Husain, Waterbury, CT
Raymond Cervone, Stratford, CT
Rhodaline Osei, Hamden, CT
Richard Simics, Shelton, CT
Robert Mucka, East Haven, CT
Ronan Goncalves, Bridgeport, CT
Ronnie Pinkard, South Windsor, CT
Ryan Allen, Fairfield, CT
Ryan Miner, Oakdale, CT
Ryan Rees, Seymour, CT
Samantha D’elia, Prospect, CT
Samantha Matusiak, Hamden, CT
Sameed Iqbal, Hamden, CT
Santia Samson, Stratford, CT
Sara Gaccione, North Stonington, CT
Sara Sebastjanska, Seymour, CT
Sarah Ewert, Hamden, CT
Sarah Lemere, Durham, CT
Scott Bohannon, New Haven, CT
Sebastian Garzon, West Haven, CT
Shanikqua Thompson, Hamden, CT
Shaun Walsh, Naugatuck, CT
Stephanie Blazzi, Monroe, CT
Stephen Thibault, Guilford, CT
Sukhpreet Behal, Branford, CT
Thomas Beaudin, Branford, CT
Thomas Gironda, Fairfield, CT
Thomas Mccarthy, Trumbull, CT
Tingting Xia, New Haven, CT
Tommaso Esposito, Seymour, CT
Tommi Bonomo, Marlborough, CT
Tristan Garcia, Suffield, CT
Tyler Augur, Milford, CT
Tyler Karr, Monroe, CT
Valerie Zheng, New Haven, CT
Victoria Neves, Shelton, CT
Wendy Ann Santillan, Wallingford, CT
William Webb, Shelton, CT
Zachary Bedryczuk, Beacon Falls, CT
Zachary Burleigh, Southington, CT
Zachary Deneen, Uncasville, CT
Zahid Bung, Bridgeport, CT
Zain Haseeb, Shelton, CT


Abbigale Pitarra, Clinton, CT
Abby Hogan, Stamford, CT
Alexa Malchiodi, Wallingford, CT
Alexandra Guido, Wallingford, CT
Alexandra LesPerance, Valrico, FL
Alexis Peck, Wallingford, CT
Alexus Lee, Watertown, CT
Alina Marcelynas, Wolcott, CT
Alizabeth Sullivan, Waterbury, CT
Allison Vanderlyn, Watertown, CT
Allyson Petrella, Willington, CT
Alyssa Bellizzi, Newington, CT
Alyssa Kopjanski, Cheshire, CT
Alyssa Martorelli, Middlebury, CT
Alyssa-Marie Proto, New Haven, CT
Amanda Bringman, Danbury, CT
Amanda Japs, Wolcott, CT
Amanda O’shea, Milford, CT
Ana Rivera, New Britain, CT
Angela Petano, Newington, CT
Anna Cullen, Fairfield, CT
Annamarie Slevinsky, Terryville, CT
Annmarie Dinicola, East Haven, CT
Anthony Deponte, Wallingford, CT
Anthony Pelaccia, Oxford, CT
Antonae Mcpherson, Bridgeport, CT
Arielle Eighmy, Milford, CT
Ashley Ayers, Derby, CT
Ashley Connolly, Shelton, CT
Ashley Maebry, New Haven, CT
Ashley Preusse, Danbury, CT
Ashley Walker, East Haven, CT
Ashlie Forsberg, Branford, CT
Brandon Davison, Middletown, CT
Brett Ewing, East Haven, CT
Brian Coughlin, Hamden, CT
Bridgette Burr, Brookfield, CT
Brittainie Mooney, West Haven, CT
Brittney Dubret, New Milford, CT
Brooke Kuryan, Madison, CT
Carissa O’meara, Trumbull, CT
Carla Piccolo, Prospect, CT
Carley Bergamini, Somers, CT
Carly Holding, Stamford, CT
Carly Martinson, Westbrook, CT
Caroline Adams, Trumbull, CT
Caroline Sopp, Bethany, CT
Cassidy Cappannelli, Chappaqua, NY
Chelsey Cerrato, Norwalk, CT
Christiano DeLucia, east haven, CT
Christina Gubetta, Winsted, CT
Christina Horne, Pawcatuck, CT
Christina Silva, East Lyme, CT
Christina Zaino, West Haven, CT
Christopher Hughes, Orange, CT
Cindy Tema, hamden, CT
Claudia Cross, Stamford, CT
Colleen Oesterle, Monroe, CT
Courtney Jorde, Katonah, NY
Courtney Sandora, Waterford, CT
Crystal Wooster, Naugatuck, CT
Daniela Curcio, Branford, CT
Daniela Lara Quintana, Stamford, CT
Danielle Damone, Sheton, CT
David Casole, Stamford, CT
David Lee, North Haven, CT
Deidre Dimaggio, Northford, CT
Derrick D’Amato, Cheshire, CT
Diana Garcia, Bridgeport, CT
Dominique Cermele, Scarsdale, NY
Elizabeth Larsen, Stratford, CT
Ellen Stansfield, Monroe, CT
Elyse Mccarthy, Stratford, CT
Emily Silver, New Milford, CT
Emily Tucker, Seymour, CT
Emily Vilhotti, Thomaston, CT
Emily Rose Folsom, Middletown, CT
Emma Salvatore, Branford, CT
Emma Soltis, Trumbull, CT
Emma Stein, Weston, CT
Erin Connor, Guilford, CT
Erin Montaine, Norwalk, CT
Faith Tracey, Hamden, CT
Farrah Siciliano, Northford, CT
Fidana Ha, Houston, TX
Gabriella Belli, Wallingford, CT
Gabriella D’Elia, Prospect, CT
Gabriella Lavorgna, Northford, CT
Gabrielle Camarero, Stratford, CT
Gabrielle Klementon, Wethersfield, CT
Georgia Teixeira, Bristol, RI
Giana Cardonita, Guilford, CT
Glenda Zuniga, Wallingford, CT
Grace Awodele, Bridgeport, CT
Grace Godeski, Norwalk, CT
Gregory Doms, Naugatuck, CT
Hailey Ralls, Rocky Hill, CT
Haley Grammatico, Derby, CT
Haley Smith, Clinton, CT
Hannah Clark, Sherman, CT
Hannah Kearns, Goshen, CT
Hannah Marcano, New Haven, CT
Hannah Milles, Branford, CT
Heather Natter-Gauthier, Wallingford, CT
Heather Uphold, Old Saybrook, CT
Heidi Matias, Danbury, CT
Ian Shannon, Danbury, CT
Irma Cirikovic, Fairfield, CT
Isabella Martinez, Orange, CT
Jacqueline Pyrek-Bennett, Monroe, CT
Jacquelinne Marroquin, Milford, CT
Jake Velleco, Seymour, CT
Jasmine Morrison, East Haven, CT
Jaspreet Sandhu, Wallingford, CT
Jeffrey Garza, Danbury, CT
Jeffry Reyes, Stamford, CT
Jenna Barcello, Easton, CT
Jessenia Searles, Wallingford, CT
Jessi Rudewicz, Wallingford, CT
Jessica Atkins, Groton, CT
Jessica Fressle, Levittown, NY
Jessica Gilbert, New Canaan, CT
Jessica Koproski, Stamford, CT
Jessica LeClerc, Thomaston, CT
Jessica Maier, Enfield, CT
Jessica Milsom, Stamford, CT
Jessica Monegro, Waterbury, CT
Jessica Reynolds, Guilford, CT
Jocelyn Gladwin, East Haven, CT
John Madden, New London, CT
Jordan Brangi, North Haven, CT
Jordan Paine, West Haven, CT
Julia Burns, Fairfield, CT
Julia Chambers, Norwalk, CT
Julia Raucci, West Haven, CT
Julian Sandoval, West Haven, CT
Juliana Gonzalez, Fairfield, CT
Julianna Nunez, Stratford, CT
Kaitlyn Peaslee, Vernon Rockville, CT
Kalyrin Rivera, Waterbury, CT
Karlene Welles, Newington, CT
Katelyn Brodeur, Naugatuck, CT
Katelynn Brody, Prospect, CT
Katherine Gilmore, West Haven, CT
Katherine Mccabe, Sandy Hook, CT
Kathryn Cullen, Stratford, CT
Kathy Tran, Shelton, CT
Kayla Metzger, North Branford, CT
Kaylee Savvaides, Trumbull, CT
Kaylie Broadhurst, Stratford, CT
Kelly Fabrizio, Easton, CT
Kelly Maduri, Oxford, CT
Kelsey Murzak, Wallingford, CT
Kendra Kochol, Southington, CT
Kennedy Ballard, Brookfield, CT
Kennedy DelVecchio, North Haven, CT
Kiley Burrows, Naugatuck, CT
Krishna Soni, Naugatuck, CT
Kristen Robertson, Stratford, CT
Kristine Oulman, Easton, CT
Krysta Pindar, Chester, CT
Lamesha Randolph, West Haven, CT
Lauren Thibodeau, Branford, CT
Leah Pearson, Trumbull, CT
Lyndsey Taylor, Durham, CT
Macey Paradis, Terryville, CT
Mackenzie Dimauro, Berlin, CT
Madison Patkoske, Wethersfield, CT
Makayla Teixeira, Naugatuck, CT
Marie Chutjian, Milford, CT
Marina Callahan, Milford, CT
Marissa Mazzetta, Manchester, CT
Marissa Panzo, North Branford, CT
Mark Rosario, New Haven, CT
Marly Ahearn, Wolcott, CT
Mary Durso-Smith, Guilford, CT
Mary Luz Heidtmann, West Haven, CT
Matthew Mainieri, Milford, CT
Maureen Hesney, Waterford, CT
Mayra Vitorino, New London, CT
McKenzie Mcdermott, Orange, CT
Meagan Dooley, Hamden, CT
Meaghan Reilly, Sherman, CT
Megan Garner, Hamden, CT
Megan Ralston, Suffield, CT
Megan Robertson, Stratford, CT
Melanie Chevarella, Oxford, CT
Melanie Vieira, Beacon Falls, CT
Melia Wilcox, Pawcatuck, CT
Mia Mazzola, Madison, CT
Michael Delgado, Fairfield, CT
Michael Ferrett, Hamden, CT
Michelle Vitelli, Milford, CT
Milana Bartolomeo, Wallingford, CT
Miranda Corbin, Meriden, CT
Molly Callahan, Shelton, CT
Morgan Damato, Stratford, CT
Morgan Hines, Oxford, CT
Morgan Kane, Hamden, CT
Morgan Williams, Darien, CT
Natalie Delin, West Haven, CT
Natalie Ferris, Shelton, CT
Nicholas Lucatino, Southbury, CT
Nicholas Wheeler, Oxford, CT
Nicole Petit, Wallingford, CT
Nicole Plourde, Wolcott, CT
Nicole Waibel, Fairfield, CT
Nikayla Diamond, Bethel, CT
Nora Raccio, Milford, CT
Olivia Giannone, Meriden, CT
Olivia Jameson, Wallingford, CT
Olivia O’connor, North Haven, CT
Olivia Santoro, Hamden, CT
Olivia Whitehead, Higganum, CT
Orlian Senior, Trumbull, CT
Pamela Karabeinikoff, Meriden, CT
Parisa Amiri, Waterbury, CT
Patrick Murphy, Naugatuck, CT
Peyton Northrop, Southbury, CT
Peyton Tiriolo, Cheshire, CT
Rachael Garcia, Woodbridge, CT
Rachael Radwill, Milford, CT
Rachel Melia, Stamford, CT
Rachel Schaffer, Fairfield, CT
Rebeca Pena, Bridgeport, CT
Rebecca Doyle, Orange, CT
Renee Villarreal, Meriden, CT
Ryan Plourde, Naugatuck, CT
Sabrina Dicarlo, East Haven, CT
Samantha Conway, Seymour, CT
Samantha Crans, Madison, CT
Samantha Hanrath, Coventry, CT
Samantha Koproski, Stamford, CT
Samantha Weinreb, Stamford, CT
Samantha White, Watertown, CT
Samuel Martin, Woodbridge, CT
Sandra Britton, Woodbridge, CT
Sandra Taylor, Meriden, CT
Sara Dibenedictis, Cheshire, CT
Sara O’shea, Milford, CT
Sarah Raucci, Milford, CT
Savannah Wilkinson, Cromwell, CT
Sawyer Nicholas, Trumbull, CT
Selena Pacheco, Pawcatuck, CT
Shannon Dugan, Stratford, CT
Shannon Ginnetti, East Haven, CT
Simone Sheats, Hamden, CT
Siomara Rodriguez, Stamford, CT
Stephanie Mazo, Bridgeport, CT
Stephanie Wenning, Trumbull, CT
Sydney Capezzone, Bristol, CT
Sydney Wichmann, Granby, CT
Synthia Saulnier, Milford, CT
Taylor Bova, Orange, CT
Taylor Burkle, Guilford, CT
Taylor Kelly, Durham, CT
Teodora Costello-Guevara, Bridgeport, CT
Tonianne Ferraro, Stamford, CT
Valerie Vasquez, Waterbury, CT
Viktoria Notholt, Milford, CT
Violetta Konopka, Derby, CT
Whitney Breland, Hamden, CT
William Steinbrick, Orange, CT
Xia’ian Carrasco, Bristol, CT
Zehra Guven, New Haven, CT


Abby Karbowicz, Naugatuck, CT
Abigail Ashbey, Waterford, CT
Abigail Chamberlain, Orange, CT
Abigail Hazel, Waterbury, CT
Abigail Karabeinikoff, Meriden, CT
Adaobi Okoro, Cheshire, CT
Adjo Hiheglo, Manchester, CT
Adrian Haughton, New Haven, CT
Adrianna Allevo, Stafford Springs, CT
Ahtera Booker, Bridgeport, CT
Aidonee Blackstock, New Britain, CT
Alecia Mclean, New Haven, CT
Alex Cooke, Danbury, CT
Alexa Catania, Durham, CT
Alexa Farkash, Northford, CT
Alexa Kellner, Stamford, CT
Alexandra Arcaria, Colchester, CT
Alexis Cran, Branford, CT
Alexis Negron, Milldale, CT
Alexis Scott, Pawcatuck, CT
Alexis Simons, South Windsor, CT
Alexis Zhitomi, Shelton, CT
Alexus Trudeau, Coventry, CT
Alisha Botelho, Central, SC
Allie Moore, Milford, CT
Allie Warinsky, Storrs Mansfield, CT
Allison Dube, Middletown, CT
Allison Edwards, New Fairfield, CT
Allison Morris, Southington, CT
Allison Perrault, New Milford, CT
Alyssa Caldarella, North Haven, CT
Alyssa Lukeski, Prospect, CT
Alyssa Marin, Bristol, CT
Alyssa Martinez, Stratford, CT
Alyssa Pannone, Wallingford, CT
Amanda Dejlitko, West Haven, CT
Amanda Lewis, Branford, CT
Amanda Michaud, Seymour, CT
Amanda Murray, Bow, NH
Amanda Potvin, Durham, CT
Amanda Valentin, Hamden, CT
Amanda-Lynn Bernardo, Prospect, CT
Amaya Faust, East Hartford, CT
Amber Archambault, Windsor Locks, CT
Amber Belval, Wolcott, CT
Amber Drobnak, East Haven, CT
Amber Lucatino, Southbury, CT
Amelia Aspinwall, Stratford, CT
Amelia Trapp, Milford, CT
Andrea Caceres-Autunno, New Haven, CT
Andrew Horobin, Wallingford, CT
Andrew Huston, New Haven, CT
Anesha Smart, Manchester, CT
Angel Kennedy, Hamden, CT
Angel Nicole Garcia, North Haven, CT
Angelica Herrera, Waterbury, CT
Angie Suquilanda, Trumbull, CT
Anika Bonaparte, New Haven, CT
Anna Ouellette, Wallingford, CT
Anna Sweeney, Cherry Hill, NJ
Anna Venard, Thornton, CO
Annalisa Pope, Stratford, CT
Anne Prusak, Fairfield, CT
Annie Ricupero, Uncasville, CT
Anson Wang, New London, CT
Anthony Raccio, Milford, CT
Antoinette Higgins, Branford, CT
Anuj Khadka, Branford, CT
April Blango, New Haven, CT
April Groulx, New Haven, CT
Arden Rand, Old Saybrook, CT
Ariella Piekarz, Branford, CT
Arthur Ziegler, Trumbull, CT
Aschlyn Dawson, Terryville, CT
Ashley Barry, Southington, CT
Ashley Burkell, Wethersfield, CT
Ashley D’Andrea, Litchfield, CT
Ashley Harris, New Haven, CT
Ashley Labonte, Meriden, CT
Ashley Munoz, Manchester, CT
Ashley Olsen, Waterford, CT
Ashley Sloan, Maywood, NJ
Ashley Vogt, Deep River, CT
Autumn Cipriano, Wolcott, CT
Autumn Thomas, West Haven, CT
Ava Calabrese, Watertown, CT
Ava Reinholz, Milford, CT
Basima Karzoun, Milford, CT
Benjamin Jose Paz, Stamford, CT
Beverly Rodriguez Alicea, New Haven, CT
Blaise Biju, Hamden, CT
Brendon Mansaku, Wethersfield, CT
Brian Kennedy, West Haven, CT
Briana Cotton, South Windsor, CT
Briana Yepes, Higganum, CT
Brianna Craft, Hamden, CT
Brianna Green, Northford, CT
Brianna Hanley, Guilford, CT
Brianna Lenotti, Milford, CT
Brianna Parham, Watertown, CT
Brianna Talarico, Oxford, CT
Brianna Trzcinski, Shelton, CT
Brianna Vallejo, Prospect, CT
Brittney Baker, Milford, CT
Brooke Dauphinee, Bristol, CT
Brooke Pope, Beacon Falls, CT
Bryan Rowland, Hamden, CT
Cadence Richmond, Guilford, CT
Cadi Borsellino, Channahon, IL
Cailey Botteon, Moodus, CT
Cailey Korwek, East Haven, CT
Caitlin Hebert, Watertown, CT
Caleigh Guerra, Bethany, CT
Cameron Diaz, Naugatuck, CT
Cameron O’Toole, Grafton, MA
Cameron Wong, Wethersfield, CT
Caraline Mee, Milford, CT
Carly Yearsley, Stratford, CT
Carmen Jacobson, New London, CT
Caroline Henry, Watertown, CT
Carson Neilander, New Haven, CT
Casey Rozarie, Stratford, CT
Cassidy Allen, West Haven, CT
Cassidy Girolamo, Newington, CT
Celeste Stewart, Stratford, CT
Cephas Ayellakai, Hamden, CT
Chanel Bonsu, East Hartford, CT
Charles Ritchel, Seymour, CT
Chelsea Morin, Broad Brook, CT
Chelsea Perrotta, Middletown, CT
Christa Malan, Bridgeport, CT
Christen Carnes, Darien, CT
Christian Silvernale, New Haven, CT
Christian Torres, New Britain, CT
Christina Prevot, Stamford, CT
Christine O’Connor-Hall, Bethany, CT
Christopher Bruno, New Haven, CT
Christopher Maisto, Wolcott, CT
Chynnia Piland, Waterbury, CT
Ciara Haensel, Cheshire, CT
Ciera Youmell, Hinsdale, NH
Claire Boncek, New Haven, CT
Claire Taylor, Middletown, CT
Claudia Oeges, Orange, CT
Codi Sealund, Bridgeport, CT
Colby White, Stratford, CT
Cole Kabel, Monroe, CT
Colleen Fitzgerald, Cheshire, CT
Colleen Sosnoski, Colchester, CT
Connor Shannahan, Enfield, CT
Corey Martin, Cheshire, CT
Corinne Sadinsky, Woodbridge, CT
Courtney Harkins-Latimer, Wolcott, CT
Courtney Panek, Newington, CT
Crystal Batson-Jones, New Haven, CT
Daisy Green, Milford, CT
Daniella Suazo, Norwalk, CT
Danielle Alves, Waterbury, CT
Danielle Elliott, Wethersfield, CT
Danielle Gonzalez, Meriden, CT
Danielle Jackson, New Britain, CT
Danielle Ott, Guilford, CT
David Samaroo, Waterbury, CT
David Spears, Springfield, MA
Dayana Lituma, New Haven, CT
Deidra James, Plainville, CT
Deidra O’connor, East Haven, CT
Denisse Sanchez, Norwalk, CT
Destine Lane, Manchester, CT
Destini Montgomery, Waterbury, CT
Destiny Ortiz, Manchester, CT
Diana Meneses, Durham, CT
Doishellys Rodriguez, New Haven, CT
Donald Burns, Bristol, CT
Donia Alkandry, Stratford, CT
Donnie Higgins, Branford, CT
Drew Dossias, Bristol, CT
Dreyanna Chesnut, Groton, CT
Edward Martinez, Winsted, CT
Eirenie Athanasoulis, Newtown, CT
Eleni Totonis, Glastonbury, CT
Eleni Tsetsos, Waterbury, CT
Elizabeth Dipiero, Enfield, CT
Elizabeth Gray, Pawcatuck, CT
Elizabeth Raber, Wallingford, CT
Elizabeth Villano, North Haven, CT
Emily Aguirre, New Haven, CT
Emily Balasco, Seekonk, MA
Emily Bonsignore, Fairfield, CT
Emily Brennan, Milford, CT
Emily Flores, East Hartford, CT
Emily Kowalski, Gales Ferry, CT
Emily Lopez, Wallingford, CT
Emily Mancini, Branford, CT
Emily Nadile, Southington, CT
Emily Russo, Wallingford, CT
Emily Sasseville, Vernon Rockville, CT
Emily Skinner, Bristol, CT
Emily Sosnovich, Beacon Falls, CT
Emily Wisniewski, Waterbury, CT
Emily Ziemba, Wallingford, CT
Emily Rose Ryan, Wolcott, CT
Emma Cayward, Hamden, CT
Emma Gagnon, Litchfield, CT
Emma Martone, Higganum, CT
Emma Piatek, Rockfall, CT
Emma Riebe, Newton, CT
Erica Royle, Prospect, CT
Erin Leirey, Lake Katrine, NY
Evan Rubin, Uncasville, CT
Evans Jean, Stratford, CT
Evelin Gonzalez, Norwalk, CT
Faith Mancarella, Durham, CT
Felicia Laguerre, Attleboro, MA
Frederick Klaus, North Haven, CT
Gabriela Simoes, Waterbury, CT
Gabriella Gaytan, Norwalk, CT
Gabriella Mckeon, Waterbury, CT
Gabrielle Tenta Bergeron, New London, CT
Garrett Guite, Berlin, CT
Gemma Sherman, Waterford, CT
George Anne Amar, New London, CT
Giana Pedevillano, Meriden, CT
Gilbert Castaneda, Monroe, CT
Gillian Penna, North Branford, CT
Gina Monelli, Stratford, CT
Gio Fernandez, Shelton, CT
Giovanna Pascale, North Haven, CT
Gozde Citlak, New Haven, CT
Grace Beckley, Wallingford, CT
Grace Beliveau, Ansonia, CT
Greta Brunello, Carisolo,
Griff Radulski, Branford, CT
Hailee Corona, Durham, CT
Hailee Schmidt, Wallingford, CT
Hailey Gonsalves, East Haven, CT
Haille Cash, Thomaston, CT
Hakeem Moore, New Haven, CT
Haley Manning, Lebanon, CT
Haley Mocker, Trumbull, CT
Hallie Granoth, Cheshire, CT
Hannah Aforismo, Newington, CT
Hannah Augur, Northford, CT
Hannah Bassett, Windham, CT
Hannah Bowen, Enfield, CT
Hannah Morse, Loveland, CO
Hannah Roche, New Milford, CT
Harrison Newlin, New Canaan, CT
Hayley Colon, Willimantic, CT
Hazel Kurak, New Haven, CT
Hunter Conklin, Killingworth, CT
Ian Agnew, Meriden, CT
Irene Laramie, Wethersfield, CT
Isabella Antonangeli, West Bridgewater, MA
Isabella Corniello, North Haven, CT
Isaiah Boissard, Walden, NY
Isenia Ramos-Carbajal, Groton, CT
Ishara Mufungizi, New Haven, CT
Jacia Oquendo, Manchester, CT
Jackson Halligan, Middlefield, CT
Jacqulynn Espinet, Barkhamsted, CT
Jada Jeffrey, Oakville, CT
Jada Johnson, Bloomfield, CT
Jaely Manso, South Windsor, CT
Jaime Conklin, Falls Village, CT
Jake Reichelt, Wethersfield, CT
Jakeline Ceja, West Haven, CT
Jamal Barrett, Stratford, CT
James Manzo, North Haven, CT
James Michaud, Wallingford, CT
James Starr, Southington, CT
Jamie Karas, Ansonia, CT
Jamie Malaterra, Trumbull, CT
Jamie Slubowski, Northford, CT
Janaya Edwards, New Haven, CT
Jane Lovejoy, Colebrook, CT
Jane Marlor, Bethany, CT
Jane Sherman, Mystic, CT
Jared Henry, Housatonic, MA
Jase Trelli, Meriden, CT
Jason Crowell, Hamden, CT
Jay Boynton, Bethany, CT
Jayda Benjamin, Waterbury, CT
Jeanie Dunleavy, Wallingford, CT
Jeffery Glazier, Wallingford, CT
Jeffrey Stevenson, Shelton, CT
Jeffrey Varesio, Prospect, CT
Jena Varley, new hartford, CT
Jenixza Febles, Meriden, CT
Jenna Dorosh, Seymour, CT
Jenna Lang, Southington, CT
Jenna Papallo, Meriden, CT
Jenna Papandrea, Colchester, CT
Jenna Salters, Suffield, CT
Jennifer Adorno, Bridgeport, CT
Jennifer Brubacher, North Haven, CT
Jennifer Forsyth, Seymour, CT
Jennifer Lupercio, Bridgeport, CT
Jennifer Ramirez, Wallingford, CT
Jennifer Rodriguez, Hamden, CT
Jennyfer Jarrin, East Haven, CT
Jesmar Suarez, Stamford, CT
Jessah Doctor, Waterbury, CT
Jessica Bryan, Monroe, CT
Jessica Cunningham, Suffield, CT
Jessica Curello, Cheshire, CT
Jessica Fox, Prospect, CT
Jessica Isberg, Oxford, CT
Jessica Komacki, Naugatuck, CT
Jessica Linder, Clinton, CT
Jessica Maguire, Naugatuck, CT
Jessica Paradis, Orange, CT
Jessica Perley, Shelton, CT
Jessica Perucki, West Milford, NJ
Jessica Villa, Bridgeport, CT
Jewell Quashie, Stratford, CT
Jillian Chambers, Shelby Township, MI
Jillian Chicano, Prospect, CT
Jillian Murphy, Seymour, CT
Jillian Russo, Meriden, CT
Jocelyn Torres, West Haven, CT
Jodi Steeves, Wallingford, CT
John Guaraca Llivicura, West Haven, CT
John Rivers, Southington, CT
Jordan Peloquin, Greenville, RI
Jose Zapata Cabrera, Shelton, CT
Joseph Bonsanti, New Canaan, CT
Joseph Delgado, West Haven, CT
Joseph Zilinski, Guilford, CT
Joshua Huebner, Milford, CT
Juan Zecena, Stamford, CT
Judeen Forth, Hartford, CT
Julia Antunes, Shelton, CT
Julia Casimiro, Prospect, CT
Julia Filiault, Durham, CT
Julia Gaiser, North Haven, CT
Julia Jenkins, Chester, CT
Julia Lener, Danbury, CT
Julia Miller, West Haven, CT
Julia Schaff, Groton, MA
Julianne Hancock, South Windsor, CT
Julie Golebiewski, Old Lyme, CT
Justin Bennett, Stratford, CT
Kaitlyn Estrada, Woodbury, CT
Kaitlyn Swoverland, Wethersfield, CT
Kaliegh Garris, Quaker Hill, CT
Karina Vasquez, Stratford, CT
Karla Mayorga, Norwalk, CT
Karla Pena, Waterbury, CT
Kate Goss, Trumbull, CT
Katharine Buckheit, Milford, CT
Katherine Rodriguez, Waterbury, CT
Kathleen Griffin, Harwinton, CT
Kathleen Tackos, East Haven, CT
Kathrine Brown, Naugatuck, CT
Katie Pelletier, Waterbury, CT
Katrina Corbeil, Groton, CT
Kayla Punter, Waterbury, CT
Kaylee Fuentes, Bridgeport, CT
Kayleigh Kowal, Granby, CT
Kaylianna Bryant, Wallingford, CT
Kei-Arah Love, Waterbury, CT
Keith Murphy, Stratford, CT
Kelly Coster, Poughquag, NY
Kelly Lockwood, Orange, CT
Kenisha Villanueva, New Britain, CT
Kenny Perez, Hamden, CT
Keri Gargiullo, Bridgeport, CT
Keriany Otero, New Haven, CT
Kevin Reilly, Southbury, CT
Keyla Cardenas, East Haven, CT
Kiley Davies, Newington, CT
Kim Fontanilla, Greenwich, CT
Kimberly Zapata, Bridgeport, CT
Kirsten Caffrey, Woodbridge, CT
Korinn Chelednik, Waterbury, CT
Kourtney Costello, Dedham, MA
Krista Powell, Wallingford, CT
Kristen Gayle, Danbury, CT
Kristin Torre, Guilford, CT
Kyla Houston, Wallingford, CT
Kyle Menta, Prospect, CT
Kyley Fiondella, Wallingford, CT
Kylie Carino, Milford, CT
Kylie Pappas, Milford, CT
Larissa Avino, North Haven, CT
Laura Moncada, Meriden, CT
Lauren Girouard, Berlin, CT
Lauren Graef, Southington, CT
Lauren Mccall, Wallingford, CT
Lauren Ross, Uncasville, CT
Lauren Wright, Westbrook, CT
Lauren Yorski, Plainville, CT
Leah Burby, New Haven, CT
Leah Karaban, Wallingford, CT
Leah Olmstead, Wolcott, CT
Lianne Iassogna, Trumbull, CT
Lilian Homann, New Haven, CT
Lilly Macfadyen, Ellington, CT
Lilly Partridge, Waterford, CT
Lily Ferranti, New Haven, CT
Lily Heidgerd, Southington, CT
Lindsay Carloni, Orange, CT
Lindsay Clark, Hamden, CT
Lindsey Witte, Southington, CT
Lisa Cormier, New Haven, CT
Lisa McLaurin, Hamden, CT
Logan Flamigan, Derby, CT
Lucas Beesley, Champaign, IL
Lydia Cooper, Orange, CT
Madeline Lynch, Seymour, CT
Madison Gregory, Danbury, CT
Madison Jura, Cheshire, CT
Madison Lawley, Bristol, CT
Madison Miceli, Colchester, CT
Madison Sosa, Milford, CT
Madison Whalen, Wallingford, CT
Madyson Carroll, East Hartford, CT
Maeve Kennelly, Prospect, CT
Maggie Yeh, West Haven, CT
Makaila Vasquez-Steele, West Hartford, CT
Makayla Clarke, Stratford, CT
Makenna Calabrese, Plantsville, CT
Malisa Khamphouy, North Haven, CT
Marc Soto, Waterbury, CT
Marcella Hundt, Shelton, CT
Marcos Torres, Torrington, CT
Margaret Mcneil, Stratford, CT
Mariella Landry, Waterbury, CT
Marisa Tomaso, North Branford, CT
Marissa Colafati, North Branford, CT
Marissa Mastroianni, Southington, CT
Marissa Mocarski, Wallingford, CT
Marissa Ortiz, Oakville, CT
Marissa Qualich, Oakdale, CT
Marquise Barham, Hamden CT, CT
Marwa Abdelati, West Haven, CT
Mary Beames, Guilford, CT
Mary Charlebois, New Haven, CT
Mary Seward, Waterbury, CT
Marybeth Nwagboli, Branford, CT
Matilda Odozi, Hamden, CT
Matthew Coppola, Wallingford, CT
Matthew Diurno, Norwalk, CT
Matthew Laporta, Ansonia, CT
Matthew Surette, Bowie, MD
Mclaine Rutan, Deep River, CT
Meagan Giwoyna, Groton, CT
Medina Duracak, Wallingford, CT
Meg Christoforo, North Haven, CT
Megan Dombrowski, Valencia, CA
Megan Mercer, Danbury, CT
Megan Sack, Ellington, CT
Megan Tallberg, Derby, CT
Melissa Collado, Hamden, CT
Melissa Fernandez-Castillo, Meriden, CT
Melquicedex Hernandez, Waterbury, CT
Mestude Vertusma, New Haven, CT
Mia Pulisciano, Cheshire, CT
Michael Caprio, North Haven, CT
Michael Centoni, Bristol, CT
Michael Keating, Waterbury, CT
Michaela Grenier, Middlefield, CT
Michelle Jobes, South Windsor, CT
Michelle Pomeroy, Guilford, CT
Mikaela Bourgoin, Berlin, CT
Mikaela Magee, New Fairfield, CT
Mikaela Rivera, Manchester, CT
Mikayla Bruton, Deep River, CT
Mikayla Macclain, Glastonbury, CT
Mikenzy Golebiewski, Cheshire, CT
Min Kim, Cromwell, CT
Miranda Fabre, Norwich, CT
Miranda Tranquillo, Barkhamsted, CT
Molly Wheeler, Southport, CT
Monique Cloutier, East Hampton, CT
Monique Szabo, Southington, CT
Morrissa Ramsay, Stratford, CT
Mouna Kafel, Branford, CT
Muna Mah, Trumbull, CT
Mychael Lotocky, Northford, CT
Myra Best, New Haven, CT
Nacham Miranda, Cromwell, CT
Nadia Arnaout, New Haven, CT
Nadia Wilson, Shelton, CT
Nailah Bell, Waterbury, CT
Naissie Dumarsais, Stamford, CT
Natalee Giacondino, Wallingford, CT
Natalia Adamczyk, Southington, CT
Natalie Arneson, Cheshire, CT
Natalie Murphy, New Haven, CT
Natalie Van Komen, Oxford, CT
Natalie Vetto, Cheshire, CT
Nataly Magana, West Haven, CT
Natasha Whyte, Bloomfield, CT
Nathan Huvelle, Woodbridge, CT
Natonia Allen, Hamden, CT
Nava Cotton, Norwich, CT
Neo Neal Natividad, Shelton, CT
Nicholas Crowley, North Haven, CT
Nicholas Vollero, West Haven, CT
Nicolas Grosso, Monroe, CT
Nicole Aboagye, Stratford, CT
Nicole Alvarez, Brookfield, CT
Nicole Benedetto, Monroe, CT
Nicole Cislo, Wallingford, CT
Nicole Dunn, Fairfield, CT
Nicole Hyman, Fairfield, CT
Nicole Kirby, North Franklin, CT
Nicole Lara, Bridgeport, CT
Nicole Paquette, Milford, CT
Nicole Richards, Stratford, CT
Nicole Rizzo, Derby, CT
Nicole Sampietro, New Haven, CT
Nicole VanEtten, Stratford, CT
Noelle Brideau, Shelton, CT
Noely Macias, Fitchburg, MA
Noor Khalid, Orange, CT
Nytoni Jones, Waterbury, CT
Olivia Coppola, West Haven, CT
Olivia Courtemanche, Wallingford, CT
Olivia Ferrara, New Haven, CT
Olivia Holubecki, Ledyard, CT
Olivia Pineau, Shelton, CT
Olivia Rogers, Ansonia, CT
Oluwarotimi Alli-balogun, West Haven, CT
Paige Koba, Middletown, CT
Pamela Nowak, Madison, CT
Patricia Obas, New London, CT
Paula Marte, Groton, CT
Paulina Serafin, Bristol, CT
Peri Combs, Wallingford, CT
Peter Lofaro, Stamford, CT
Phillip Bodurtha, Stratford, CT
Pilarose Bailon, Groton, CT
Qristopher Johnson, New Haven, CT
Rachael Edlund, West Hartford, CT
Rachel Fitzpatrick, Vernon Rockville, CT
Rachel Giatrelis, Wallingford, CT
Rachel Iassogna, Trumbull, CT
Rachel Korwek, East Haven, CT
Rashawna Brown, Bridgeport, CT
Reaghan Bathrick, North Haven, CT
Rebecca Banning, Rocky Hill, CT
Rebecca Barrett, Easton, CT
Rebecca Brewer, Milford, CT
Rebecca Swindon, Sandy Hook, CT
Rebekah Lockery, Stamford, CT
Renae Musco, Wallingford, CT
Riley Walker, Oxford, CT
Robert Esposito, Cromwell, CT
Robert Vojt, Trumbull, CT
Rocco Veltri, Oxford, CT
Rocio Martinez, Derby, CT
Roger Santana, Norwalk, CT
Rosa Conte, Norwich, CT
Rosa Genao, Hamden, CT
Rossella Graniero, Wappingers Falls, NY
Rukhma Mazhar, Hamden, CT
Ryan Conway, Shelton, CT
Ryan Johnson, Guilford, CT
Ryan Koellhoffer, Danbury, CT
Sally Inahuazo, New Haven, CT
Salma Manu, Manchester, CT
Samantha Enders, Milford, CT
Samantha Falango, Hamden, CT
Samantha Klapproth, Stafford Springs, CT
Samantha Plasky, Prospect, CT
Samantha Pope, Quaker Hill, CT
Samantha Soto, Matawan, NJ
Samantha Widomski, Shelton, CT
Sandi Gonzalez, Bristol, CT
Sara Bernal-Garcia, Madison, CT
Sara Meza, Norwalk, CT
Sarah Bender, Newtown, CT
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Alumna wins the "Oscars of Teaching," becoming the first Milken Educator Award recipient of the 2019-20 season.

A group of students come in for a group hug to support their award-winning teacher.
Excited students swarm Sepulveda for a group hug. Photo: Milken Family Foundation

Social studies teacher Lauren Sepulveda, ’10, entered the gym prepared for an upbeat but typical morning assembly at Clinton Avenue School in New Haven. Instead she received the surprise of a lifetime when her name was announced as the first recipient of the 2019-20 Milken Educator Award and its $25,000 prize. Watch Sepulveda receive the award.

Hailed by Teacher magazine as the “Oscars of Teaching,” the Milken Educator Awards are designed to “celebrate, elevate, and activate the American teaching profession.” It is not a lifetime achievement award. Instead, the recipients are recognized for exceptional mid-career achievements — and the promise of what they might accomplish given the resources provided with the award.

Jane Foley, senior vice president of the Milken Educator Awards, made the presentation to a shocked Sepulveda in front of a cheering crowd of students, colleagues, and local and state officials. “Lauren Sepulveda brings history to life by demonstrating how past events have shaped our nation, world, and people today. Students develop a greater understanding of the responsibilities as global citizens and lifelong learners,” said Foley.

Sepulveda, who earned a B.S. in history 7-12 at Southern is the sole award recipient in Connecticut. Nationwide, no more than 40 educators will be honored during the 2019-20 season.

Sepulveda, who teaches seventh and eighth grade, was lauded for efforts to help her students become global thinkers and empathetic citizens. In her classroom, students have met guest speakers who share personal stories of their experiences during World War II, the Korean War, and the Rwandan genocide. Another assignment challenged students to review coverage of the Revolutionary War in their text books — and determine whose perspectives were missing. The students next drafted a new chapter that included the stories of significant minorities. Sepulveda then helped the students submit their work to the text book publisher for consideration for the next edition.

In addition to the cash prize, the award includes networking and mentoring components. Sepulveda will join the other 2019-20 honorees at an all-expenses-paid trip to the Milken Educator Forum in Indianapolis from March 26-28, to connect with other educational trailblazers. In addition, each 2019 recipient will be paired with a veteran Milken Educator mentor.

West Haven High's Liam Leapley is an incredibly inspiring teacher, says recent college grad Alice Obas -- which is why she successfully nominated him for a highly prestigious teaching award.

West Haven High School teacher Liam Leapley, '00, was nominated for the award by Alice Obas. "Mr. Leapley has not only upheld the values of equity and inclusion during his teaching career but has also instilled those values in his hundreds of students, and in me," says Obas, who recently graduated from Williams College.

With graduation fast approaching, Alice Obas, then a senior at Williams College, was considering an important question in addition to planning her next phase of life: who, among her former teachers at West Haven High School, had the most influence on her education?

Such contemplation is a rite of passage for seniors at Williams, who, each year, are invited to nominate their former teachers for the George Olmsted Jr. Class of 1924 Prize for Excellence in Secondary Education.

For Obas, the choice was obvious: Southern alumnus Liam Leapley, ’00, a special education teacher at West Haven High who also leads the Program for Accelerated Credit Recovery in Education (PACE) at the school. Leapley designed and implemented PACE and, years ago, worked closely with Obas when she was a talented high school student serving as a teaching assistant with the program.

“While the Olmsted Prize is for nominating former teachers, and I was not a part of the PACE program, I feel that I learned and was taught more from Mr. Leapley than my AP [advanced placement] and Honors classes taught me out of a book,” says Obas. The judging committee was inspired as well, selecting Leapley as one of only four recipients of the Olmsted Award. In recognition, he received $3,000, and an additional $5,000 was presented to West Haven High. The award is particularly prestigious in light of the college’s standing: it’s been cited repeatedly as the top liberal arts college in the nation by U.S. News & World Report and Forbes, including this year.

PACE — an intervention program for at-risk youth in grades 8 through 12 — incorporates outside the box approaches to education, including a community-based work experience component, to reignite students’ interest in learning, “Every child can move forward, but you must be willing to work with them no matter where they begin and at which pace they move,” says Leapley, who’s been a special education teacher since 2000 and led the PACE program since 2009.

Award recipient Liam Leapley, ’00, receives an award for exceptional teaching at the high school level at Williams College’s Ivy Exercises.

His influence, notes Obas, has been profound and far-reaching. “Mr. Leapley has not only upheld the values of equity and inclusion during his teaching career but has also instilled those values in his hundreds of students, and in me,” she says.

Southern has historically been a leader in the field of education, with graduates of the School of Education earning many top awards at the state level and beyond. Among the honorees is Jahana Hayes,’05, who was named the National Teacher of the Year in 2016 and went on to be elected to the U.S. House of Representatives.