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Students at Southern are recognized for their high academic achievement by being placed on the dean’s list of their respective schools. In order for undergraduate students to qualify for the dean’s list, students must complete 12.0 or more credits in fall or spring and earn a semester GPA of 3.5 or better. These requirements apply to all undergraduate students, regardless of their academic class (i.e., freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior.) The students who made the SCSU Dean’s List for Fall 2020 are listed below, alphabetically by college/school and first name. Congratulations to all!

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General Studies


A’maya Bell, East Haven, CT, Major: BIO
Aaliyah Sanchez, Ansonia, CT, Major: BIO
Aaliyah Walker, East Gwillimbury, ON, Major: IDS
Abby Hespelt, Fairfield, CT, Major: COM
Abby Oladapo, Naugatuck, CT, Major: PSC
Abdul Osmanu, Hamden, CT, Major: PSC
Abigail Allen, Orange, CT, Major: MAT
Abigail Epstein, Crystal River, FL, Major: JRN
Abigail Hanlon, Brookfield, CT, Major: ENG
Abigail Lucas, Milford, CT, Major: ESSS
Abigail Marselli, Guilford, CT, Major: ART
Abigail Przybylowicz, Derby, CT, Major: SOC
Abigail Richards, Milford, CT, Major: COM
Abigail Wells, Shelton, CT, Major: MUS
Adam Bocco, Milford, CT, Major: CSC
Adam Pelz, Terryville, CT, Major: HIS
Adela Nikocevic, Waterbury, CT, Major: SOC
Adonijah Wilson, New Haven, CT, Major: PSY
Aidan Reilly, Orange, CT, Major: CSC
Aidan Simmons, Hamden, CT, Major: CSC
Alec Apuzzo, Wallingford, CT, Major: SOC
Aleksandra Koziol, Oxford, CT, Major: SOC
Alessandra Lupo, Fairfield, CT, Major: COM
Alex Colucci, Trumbull, CT, Major: IDS
Alex Cushman, Litchfield, CT, Major: CSC
Alex Lazar, Milford, CT, Major: SOC
Alex Mier, Bridgeport, CT, Major: IDS
Alexa Morris, New Haven, CT, Major: PSY
Alexa Phillips, Wolcott, CT, Major: PSY
Alexander Fritz, Norwich, CT, Major: COM
Alexander Grant, Woodbury, CT, Major: PSC
Alexander Rice, Waterbury, CT, Major: COM
Alexandra Kuhn, Bridgeport, CT, Major: PSY
Alexandra Nelson, New Haven, CT, Major: PSY
Alexia Andrews, Shelton, CT, Major: PSY
Alexina Cristante, North Branford, CT, Major: MUS
Alexis Light, North Haven, CT, Major: SOC
Ali Arfan, West Haven, CT, Major: CSC
Alia Abdulla, Waterbury, CT, Major: BIO
Alicia Gutierrez Moreno, West Haven, CT, Major: PSY
Alicia Reed, Ashburn, VA, Major: MUS
Alina Tran, East Haven, CT, Major: BIO
Alison Fernand, Sandy Hook, CT, Major: MUS
Allison Bennett, Milford, CT, Major: ESSS
Allison Hart, North Branford, CT, Major: BIO
Allison Pito, Meriden, CT, Major: PSY
Allison Wang, North Branford, CT, Major: BIO
Alyssa Couture, Portland, CT, Major: COM
Alyssa Dias, West Haven, CT, Major: ART
Alyssa Guarino, North Haven, CT, Major: PSY
Alyssa Haskins, Enfield, CT, Major: MAT
Alyssa Kronisch, Monroe, CT, Major: PSY
Alyssa Paz, Bridgeport, CT, Major: PSY
Alyssa Rolls, Guilford, CT, Major: CHE
Alyssa Tresselt, Meriden, CT, Major: BIO
Alyssa Ulrich, Naugatuck, CT, Major: CSC
Amanda Dustin, Marshfield, MA, Major: SOC
Amanda Hall, Tolland, CT, Major: MAT
Amanda Meyer, Oxford, CT, Major: STAR
Amanda Pascale, East Haven, CT, Major: PSY
Amanda Tkacs, North Haven, CT, Major: CSC
Amar Suljic, Torrington, CT, Major: CSC
Amaris Topper, Hamden, CT, Major: IDS
Ambar Gómez-Atamaint, East Haven, CT, Major: PSC
Amber Tatro, East Haven, CT, Major: SOC
Amelia Raucci, North Branford, CT, Major: ENG
Amina Rustemovic, Hartford, CT, Major: COM
Amira Madineh, Wolcott, CT, Major: BIO
Amy Leal, New Haven, CT, Major: ENG
Ana Reyes, New Haven, CT, Major: PSY
Analys Torres, New Haven, CT, Major: SOC
Andre Sweet, Naugatuck, CT, Major: BIO
Andrea Rooney, Seymour, CT, Major: COM
Andreina Barajas Novoa, Stratford, CT, Major: SOC
Andrew Dempsey, Naugatuck, CT, Major: HIS
Andrew Keeton, Wolcott, Ct, CT, Major: PSY
Andrew Schmitt, Madison, CT, Major: BIO
Angel Jimenez, Naugatuck, CT, Major: PSY
Angelique Smith, New Haven, CT, Major: SOC
Angelyn Graves, Westbrook, CT, Major: BIO
Angie Sandoval, Ansonia, CT, Major: SOC
Ania Simoncek, Milford, CT, Major: BIO
Anna Biewald, Oxford, CT, Major: ENG
Anna De Simone, Ansonia, CT, Major: JRN
Anna Jani, Milford, CT, Major: ANT
Anna Nowak, Meriden, CT, Major: PSC
Anne Widman, Madison, CT, Major: PSY
Anthony Ciaburri, Hamden, CT, Major: CSC
Antonella Moya, Stratford, CT, Major: SOC
Antonio Rotondo, Trumbull, CT, Major: CSC
Aquil Crooks, Stratford, CT, Major: SOC
Arbian Isaku, Wolcott, CT, Major: HIS
Ardita Sulejmani, Derby, CT, Major: IDS
Aren Seeger, Naugatuck, CT, Major: MDS
Aria DeFeo, Ansonia, CT, Major: ENG
Ariana Harris, Hamden, CT, Major: CHE
Ariane Cloutier, Danbury, CT, Major: ENG
Arianna Centore, Orange, CT, Major: PSY
Aridia Dorwart, Quaker Hill, CT, Major: SOC
Ariel Leston, Millford, CT, Major: CSC
Ashley Gaydowen, Wallingford, CT, Major: PSY
Ashley Guy, Stamford, CT, Major: COM
Ashley Nicholson, Bridgeport, CT, Major: PSY
Ashley Resto, Manchester, CT, Major: PSC
Ashley Slubowski, Northford, CT, Major: ENG
Ashley Tatro, East Haven, CT, Major: SOC
Ashley Thol, Norwalk, CT, Major: IDS
Ashley Zdeb, East Haven, CT, Major: IDS
Ashley-Ann Dacosta, Danbury, CT, Major: ENG
Asia Hannah, New Haven, CT, Major: IDS
Asia Newton, Stamford, CT, Major: SOC
Asjha Crayton, Vernon, CT, Major: PSY
Asma Rahimyar, Trumbull, CT, Major: PSC
Auday Shlash, West Haven, CT, Major: PSC
Audrey Gryak, Shelton, CT, Major: COM
Autumn Holm, Branford, CT, Major: PSY
Ava Britton, Southbury, CT, Major: BIO
Ava Krajewski, Groton, CT, Major: ENG
Avery Simmons, Hamden, CT, Major: COM
Baatinu Plair, Hamden, CT, Major: PSY
Bekah Burke, Preston, CT, Major: SPA
Belinda Bartley, Waterbury, CT, Major: ENG
Ben Valigorsky, Winsted, CT, Major: COM
Benjamin Byers, Branford, CT, Major: CSC
Benjamin Curry, Milford, CT, Major: MDS
Benson Rodrigues, Woodbridge, CT, Major: PHY
Bernadotte Sufka, Waterbury, CT, Major: STAR
Bianca Leon, Miami, FL, Major: PSY
Blair Snyder, New Fairfield, CT, Major: COM
Bojana Mitrovic, East Haven, CT, Major: BITC
Bonita Alisa, Stratford, CT, Major: CHE
Boyce Antrim, Stratford, CT, Major: SPA
Braeden Burke, North Branford, CT, Major: HIS
Brandon Iovene, North Branford, CT, Major: ENG
Brandon Soriano, Milford, CT, Major: PSY
Breanna Fredericks, East Hartford, CT, Major: ENG
Brenda Lopez, East Haven, CT, Major: IDS
Brendan Cleary, Portland, CT, Major: COM
Brendan Estacio, Stamford, CT, Major: PSC
Brenden Chicares, Wallingford, CT, Major: SOC
Brenden Garcia, Huntington Station, NY, Major: CSC
Brett Wabno, Seymour, CT, Major: GNS
Bria Fielding, New London, CT, Major: BITC
Brian Arbachouskas, Shelton, CT, Major: CSC
Briana Smith, Bridgeport, CT, Major: IDS
Brittany Perigyi, Monroe, CT, Major: ARTH
Brittany Wade, Old Saybrook, CT, Major: SOC
Brooke Dauphinee, Bristol, CT, Major: PSY
Brooke Isaacson, Wallingford, CT, Major: BIO
Bryan Bochicchio, Waterbury, CT, Major: BIO
Caileigh Brownell, Waterbury, CT, Major: SOC
Caitlin McLaughlin, Naugatuck, CT, Major: ESSS
Callie Hoyt, Waterbury, CT, Major: THR
Cameron Ryan, Oxford, CT, Major: BIO
Cameron Salas, Old Saybrook, CT, Major: PSY
Camila Ramos, Bridgeport, CT, Major: BIO
Camryn Arpino Brown, West Haven, CT, Major: PSY
Cara Conklin, Milford, CT, Major: CSC
Cara Richardson, Milford, CT, Major: PSY
Carina Malik, East Haven, CT, Major: BIO
Carissa Perone, Wallingford, CT, Major: ART
Carlos Huerta-Castillo, New Haven, CT, Major: PHY
Carlos Lebron, New Haven, CT, Major: ENG
Carly Buccitti, New Haven, CT, Major: COM
Carly Fedor, Bristol, CT, Major: PSY
Caroline Alzamora, West Hartford, CT, Major: PSY
Caroline Kohnert, Fairfield, CT, Major: CSC
Caroline White, Madison, CT, Major: COM
Casey Sederquest, Monroe, CT, Major: PSY
Cassandra Harris, East Haddam, CT, Major: SPA
Cassidy Maciel, New Milford, CT, Major: COM
Catherine Chmielewski, Stratford, CT, Major: PSY
Catherine Sheehan, Brookfield, CT, Major: PSY
Catherine Tyghter, New Haven, CT, Major: SOC
Celeste Shelton, Hamden, CT, Major: STAR
Chad Neri, Clinton, CT, Major: HIS
Chandra Moore-Shorey, Hamden, CT, Major: PSY
Chanpasith Phongthachit, Derby, CT, Major: PSC
Chard Felix, Bridgeport, CT, Major: PSY
Charise Irby, Hamden, CT, Major: SOC
Chase Walker, Madison, CT, Major: ESC
Chelsea King, Hamden, CT, Major: STAR
Cherika Urquhart, East Hartford, CT, Major: PSY
Cheta Ani, New Haven, CT, Major: BIO
Chiara Manna, Durham, CT, Major: SOC
Chloe Lecy, Quaker Hill, CT, Major: ENG
Chourouk Aboubakar Aboudourafiou, West Haven, CT, Major: BIO
Chris Aiudi, South Glastonbury, CT, Major: COM
Chris Bahr, Stratford, CT, Major: SOC
Christelle Samedi, Shelton, CT, Major: PSY
Christianna Peabody, Bristol, CT, Major: SOC
Christianne Accurso, Glastonbury, CT, Major: ANT
Christina Jones, West Haven, CT, Major: STAR
Christopher Arbelo, Bridgeport, CT, Major: CSC
Christopher Buccitti, New Haven, CT, Major: COM
Christopher Frank, Northford, CT, Major: STH
Christopher Jillson, Guilford, CT, Major: BIO
Christopher Wilson, Madison, CT, Major: COM
Clare Oliver, Cheshire, CT, Major: IDS
Clayton Simses, Milford, CT, Major: HIS
Clea Biagetti, West Haven, CT, Major: SOC
Codey Borchert, East Haven, CT, Major: HIS
Cody Wilkinson, Cromwell, CT, Major: PSC
Connor Reed, Wallingford, CT, Major: HIS
Connor Skarzynski, West Hartford, CT, Major: PSC
Conor Keane, Wethersfield, CT, Major: SOC
Cornelius Monahan, Terryville, CT, Major: PSY
Cory Fullana, Manchester, CT, Major: SOC
Crosby Fox, Stamford, CT, Major: ENG
Dacie Mccloud, Cheshire, CT, Major: PSY
Dan Baronski, East Haven, CT, Major: PSY
Daniel Andrien, Guilford, CT, Major: ESSS
Daniel Labbadia, Berlin, CT, Major: HIS
Daniel Rapuano, Branford, CT, Major: CSC
Daniel Skelly, Shelton, CT, Major: BIO
Daniella Occhineri, West Haven, CT, Major: HIS
Danielle Jacovino, Oakville, CT, Major: PSY
Danielle Klaskin, Madison, CT, Major: BITC
David Difabio, Trumbull, CT, Major: THR
Dealex Vergara, Hamden, CT, Major: ART
Deanna Cleary, Bridgeport, CT, Major: PSY
Debbie Yerinides, Stratford, CT, Major: PSY
Declan Donnelly, Stamford, CT, Major: SOC
Dempsey Skovich, Newington, CT, Major: PSY
Derek Faulkner, Guilford, CT, Major: ESSS
Derek Melanson, Plantsville, CT, Major: PSY
Derrick Arnold, Wallingford, CT, Major: DTS
Destany Funteral-Fine, Derby, CT, Major: PSY
Destiny Fabian, Glastonbury, CT, Major: ESSS
Destiny Santoni, Meriden, CT, Major: PSY
Devin Pascale, West Haven, CT, Major: ANT
Devin Sangster, Groton, CT, Major: ESC
Dianiley Deslandes, Norwich, CT, Major: SOC
Diazhia Small, Waterbury, CT, Major: IDS
Dillon Alterio, Milford, CT, Major: CSC
Domenic Longobardi, Brooklyn, NY, Major: ENG
Dominic D’Aurio, Middletown, CT, Major: PSC
Dominique Dickenson, Middletown, DE, Major: PSY
Donovan Banks, Unionville, CT, Major: PSY
Dylan Hegedus, Guilford, CT, Major: BITC
E. Eric Kropiwnicki, New Haven, CT, Major: GNS
Eboni Traverso, Meriden, CT, Major: BIO
Edele Theodore, East Haven, CT, Major: BIO
Edilson Godinez Garcia, New Haven, CT, Major: MUS
Edward Harrison, Higganum, CT, Major: SOC
Edwin Perez, New Haven, CT, Major: PHI
Elana Craft, Hamden, CT, Major: ART
Elena Lofgren, New Fairfield, CT, Major: SOC
Eleni Manesiotis, Trumbull, CT, Major: ESC
Eliana Tolentino, Wallingford, CT, Major: PSY
Elias Papadimitriou, Milford, CT, Major: HIS
Elisabeth Warren, West Haven, CT, Major: STAR
Elisabetta Pellino, Hamden, CT, Major: IDS
Elizabeth Getts, Shelton, CT, Major: ENG
Elizabeth Kita, Broad Brook, CT, Major: SPA
Elizabeth Mercado, Shelton, CT, Major: ENG
Elizabeth Saddig, Naugatuck, CT, Major: PSY
Elliot Brock, Boston, MA, Major: MAT
Ellis Mcginley, Ashford, CT, Major: ENG
Emalie Peters, Bridgeport, CT, Major: COM
Emelia Arroyo, Berlin, CT, Major: PSY
Emely Rodriguez, Stratford, CT, Major: PSY
Emily Beck, Killingworth, CT, Major: IDS
Emily Bigl, Willington, CT, Major: ESSS
Emily Carroll, Derby, CT, Major: PSC
Emily Davis, Clinton, CT, Major: PHY
Emily Lynch, Seymour, CT, Major: CHE
Emily Sosnovich, Beacon Falls, CT, Major: ENG
Emily Stack, Waterbury, CT, Major: SOC
Emily Thomas, Seymour, CT, Major: ENG
Emma Gallagher, Shelton, CT, Major: BIO
Emma Jamieson, Branford, CT, Major: CSC
Emma Sweeney, Stratford, CT, Major: ESSS
Endea Smith, Gainesville, GA, Major: BIO
Enrico Dunmore, Stamford, CT, Major: COM
Eric Regan, Fairfield, CT, Major: ESC
Erik Russo, Wallingford, CT, Major: ENG
Erika Dandonoli, Watertown, CT, Major: PSY
Erika Ventura, Stratford, CT, Major: BIO
Erin Barrett, Madison, CT, Major: PSY
Erin Murray, Wallingford, CT, Major: ESSS
Erin Reemsnyder, New London, CT, Major: ART
Erin Schofield, Naugatuck, CT, Major: SOC
Esiana Frank, New Haven, CT, Major: IDS
Ethan West, Deep River, CT, Major: SPA
Evan Adamowicz, Meriden, CT, Major: COM
Evan Bocchino, Trumbull, CT, Major: IDS
Evan Faline, New Haven, CT, Major: ENG
Evan Murray, Monroe, CT, Major: PSC
Everett Rende, Trumbull, CT, Major: ANT
Fabian Plummer, Stratford, CT, Major: CSC
Faith Kim, New Haven, CT, Major: GEO
Faith Littleton, Jackson, MO, Major: PSY
Feezan Mazhar, Hamden, CT, Major: CSC
Fernanda Mahr, Westport, CT, Major: COM
Francisco Ramos, Waterbury, CT, Major: COM
Gabriella Fico, Northford, CT, Major: PSY
Gabrielle DeRusha, Clinton, CT, Major: PSY
Gabrielle Tunucci, Milford, CT, Major: ENG
Genevieve Jaser, Milford, CT, Major: IDS
Georgi Savov, Milford, CT, Major: CHE
Gia Mentillo, Orange, CT, Major: GEO
Gianna Ciarleglio, Branford, CT, Major: PSY
Gianna Massaro, West Haven, CT, Major: ENG
Gianna Sia, Shelton, CT, Major: ENG
Gianna Ziniak, Shelton, CT, Major: CSC
Gillian Hotchkiss, Beacon Falls, CT, Major: SOC
Gillian Mattern, Gales Ferry, CT, Major: COM
Gillian Ofori-Ntiamoah, West Haven, CT, Major: CHE
Giselle Ramos, Bridgeport, CT, Major: PSY
Hailey Buinauskas, Oxford, CT, Major: STAR
Hanaa Hussein, North Haven, CT, Major: CHE
Hanna Birenbaum, Milford, CT, Major: COM
Hannah Jones, Bristol, CT, Major: PSC
Hannah Kloster, Fairfield, CT, Major: SOC
Hannah LeMire, Old Saybrook, CT, Major: ESSS
Hannah Pokornowski, Milford, CT, Major: SOC
Hannah Rosario, Waterbury, CT, Major: PSY
Hannah Smith, Ledyard, CT, Major: PSY
Hannah West, Waterbury, CT, Major: PSY
Heather Cushing, Clinton, CT, Major: GEO
Heather Reilly, North Haven, CT, Major: PSY
Heather Savoyski, Northford, CT, Major: PSY
Hugo Castaneda, Meriden, CT, Major: SPA
Hunter Nadeau, Groton, CT, Major: BIO
Ian Bergemann, Branford, CT, Major: ESSS
Ian Gilbert, Fairfield, CT, Major: COM
Inanca Blake, Waterbury, CT, Major: IDS
Irene Machia, Brookfield, CT, Major: PSC
Isabella Colangelo, Stamford, CT, Major: BITC
Isabella Corradi, Cheshire, CT, Major: ENG
Isabella Hodson, Trumbull, CT, Major: ART
Isabella Manzo, Oxford, CT, Major: HIS
Isabella Sandoval, Seymour, CT, Major: COM
Isabelle Seward, Ridgefield, CT, Major: STAR
Isael Jimenez, Hamden, CT, Major: PSY
Ivey Collins, New Milford, CT, Major: PSY
Jaci Adams, Rockfall, CT, Major: PSY
Jack Storm, Plantsville, CT, Major: BITC
Jacklyn Ramos-Arvelo, New Haven, CT, Major: PSY
Jacob Bojnowski, Middletown, CT, Major: PSY
Jacob Collette, Terryville, CT, Major: PSC
Jacob Tellier, Terryville, CT, Major: PSC
Jacque Jurewicz, Madison, CT, Major: PSY
Jacqueline Penarrieta, Hamden, CT, Major: CHE
Jade Clary, Danbury, CT, Major: PSY
Jahnesha Lewis, Waterbury, CT, Major: SOC
Jaime Roy, Meriden, CT, Major: STAR
Jake Filippone, Wolcott, CT, Major: HIS
Jalisse Vazquez, Waterbury, CT, Major: BIO
Jalitza Mathews, East Hartford, CT, Major: PSY
James Ferstler, Canton, MA, Major: SOC
James Standish, New Haven, CT, Major: BITC
Janel Harrison, Stamford, CT, Major: IDS
Janelle Ward, Kitchener, ON, Major: SOC
Janyra Whitmore, Waterbury, CT, Major: COM
Jared Sales, Fairfield, CT, Major: PSY
Jasmine Estinfil, Bridgeport, CT, Major: IDS
Jasmine Portugal, Norwalk, CT, Major: PSY
Jason Aceto, Naugatuck, CT, Major: CHE
Jason Edwards, Ansonia, CT, Major: JRN
Jaycen Munro, Branford, CT, Major: ESC
Jazmyn Martinez, Middletown, NY, Major: PSY
Jedidiah Alziphat, Waterbury, CT, Major: PSY
Jedrek Wittenberger, Monroe, CT, Major: PHY
Jelise Nimmons, Massapequa, NY, Major: PSY
Jenica Sweeney, Windsor, CT, Major: BIO
Jenna Curl, Branford, CT, Major: IDS
Jenna Krechko, Tolland, CT, Major: CHE
Jenna Mahmoud, North Haven, CT, Major: PSY
Jennifer Moses, New Haven, CT, Major: CHE
Jennifer Way, Watertown, CT, Major: PSY
Jenoi South, Stratford, CT, Major: ECO
Jeremy Deluca, Stamford, CT, Major: HIS
Jessenia Fuentes, Guilford, CT, Major: COM
Jessica Guerrucci, Stratford, CT, Major: JRN
Jessica Mcmahon, Madison, CT, Major: PSY
Jessica Pireaux, Madison, CT, Major: BIO
Jesus Burgos, Bridgeport, CT, Major: CSC
Jill Cooke, Milford, CT, Major: PSY
Jillian Martins, Trumbull, CT, Major: ENG
Jillian Valeta, West Haven, CT, Major: MUS
Joaquina Travia, Milford, CT, Major: PSY
Jocelyn Boursiquot, Bridgeport, CT, Major: COM
Jonah Gosnay, Danbury, CT, Major: ANT
Jonah Santiana, Monroe, CT, Major: HIS
Jonathan Hiebert, Hamden, CT, Major: CSC
Jordyn McBride, Bridgeport, CT, Major: IDS
Jorge Cruz, Waterbury, CT, Major: SOC
Joseph Cortez, Ansonia, CT, Major: MAT
Joseph Delgado, West Haven, CT, Major: CSC
Joseph Genua, Waterbury, CT, Major: COM
Joseph Vigliotti, Milford, CT, Major: HIS
Joseph Vincenzi, Cromwell, CT, Major: ENG
Joseph Williams, Bridgeport, CT, Major: IDS
Josh Weizel, Milford, CT, Major: PSC
Joshua Ayala, New Haven, CT, Major: STAR
Joshua Dublin, Hamden, CT, Major: IDS
Joshua Mason, Hamden, CT, Major: ESC
Joshua Schumacher, Wolcott, CT, Major: HIS
Jovonnie Hines, Waterbury, CT, Major: SOC
Juan Gutierrez, Hamden, CT, Major: PSY
Julia Antunes, Shelton, CT, Major: BIO
Julia Caruso, Prospect, CT, Major: PSY
Julia Galuppo, Wolcott, CT, Major: IDS
Julia Glenn, Shelton, CT, Major: PSY
Julia Mansfield, Wallingford, CT, Major: BIO
Juliet Hryniszyn, Portland, CT, Major: IDS
Justin Glennon, Milford, CT, Major: ANT
Justin Hirshfield, Trumbull, CT, Major: SOC
Justin Lazarus, Guilford, CT, Major: CHE
Justin Veilleux, Branford, CT, Major: HIS
Justyn Wongwiwat, Hamden, CT, Major: MUS
Kady Pedersen, Terryville, CT, Major: ENG
Kaitlin Poznick, Milford, CT, Major: ESSS
Kaitlyn Gerckens, Derby, CT, Major: STAR
Kaitlyn Johnson, West Haven, CT, Major: PSY
Kaleb Boudreaux, West Haven, CT, Major: PSC
Kaleb Roman, Wolcott, CT, Major: PHY
Kaleigh Albert, Killingworth, CT, Major: ANT
Kaliegh Garris, Quaker Hill, CT, Major: COM
Kalin Mcquade, Haddam, CT, Major: PSY
Karina Coros, Hamden, CT, Major: SOC
Karina Granados, New Haven, CT, Major: PSY
Karlos Mate, New Haven, CT, Major: PSY
Kat Schoberle, East Haddam, CT, Major: IDS
Kate Schulten, Middlefield, CT, Major: ENG
Katelin Donnelly, Prospect, CT, Major: PSY
Katelyn Fillion, Northford, CT, Major: HIS
Katherine Harding, New Haven, CT, Major: ANT
Katherine Kiernan, Milford, CT, Major: DTS
Katherine Ventresca, Trumbull, CT, Major: ITA
Kathryn Danyluk, Bridgeport, CT, Major: PSY
Kathryn Duffner, Middletown, CT, Major: THR
Kathryn Pollard, Clinton, CT, Major: MUS
Kathryn Sweeney-Amidon, New Haven, CT, Major: ARTH
Katie Kost, Sandy Hook, CT, Major: ESSS
Katya Furda, Milford, CT, Major: ENG
Kayla Brown, Stratford, CT, Major: ENG
Kayla Corey, New Haven, CT, Major: PSY
Kayla Kendall, New Haven, CT, Major: IDS
Kayla Krenicki, Bristol, CT, Major: PSY
Kayla Otero, Enfield, CT, Major: CHE
Kayla Shea, North Haven, CT, Major: MUS
Kaylee Savvaides, Trumbull, CT, Major: COM
Kaylin Williams, New Haven, CT, Major: IDS
Kayloni Hall, New Haven, CT, Major: SOC
Kaytlyn Caban, Wallingford, CT, Major: PSY
Keara Loughlin, Lowell, MA, Major: MAT
Keegan Smith, Plantsville, CT, Major: PSY
Kelly Mjos, Tolland, CT, Major: ESSS
Kelly Redmond, Naugatuck, CT, Major: BIO
Kelsey Poronteau, Branford, CT, Major: PSY
Kelsey Tonge, Wallingford, CT, Major: COM
Kelsey White, Middletown, CT, Major: PSY
Kenneth Baah, Hamden, CT, Major: COM
Kenya Dixon, East Hartford, CT, Major: SOC
Kessiah-Ali Powell-Keyton, New London, CT, Major: PSY
Kevin Castillo, Bridgeport, CT, Major: PSY
Kevin Stapleton, Milford, CT, Major: CSC
Keyri Barrera Aquino, Stamford, CT, Major: STAR
Khavita Becker, Deep River, CT, Major: PSY
Kiara Smith, Milford, CT, Major: JRN
Kiersten Conner, Milford, CT, Major: ENG
Kira Fitch, Monroe, CT, Major: CHE
Kori Ligon, West Haven, CT, Major: THR
Krista Jones, Pawcatuck, CT, Major: PSC
Krista Skerpan, Milford, CT, Major: PSC
Kristina Qubick, Monroe, CT, Major: PSY
Kristopher Jackson, Wallingford, CT, Major: PSY
Krystal Mara, Pelham, NH, Major: IDS
Kyle Mashia-Thaxton, Groton, CT, Major: HIS
Kyle Russell, Branford, CT, Major: CSC
Lakaelin Burbage, New Britain, CT, Major: SOC
Larissa Anderson, New Haven, CT, Major: ESSS
Larissa Topalis, Ledyard, CT, Major: STAR
Lauren Conner, Milford, CT, Major: BIO
Lauren Hoerner, Manchester, CT, Major: THR
Lauryn Gause, Brookfield, CT, Major: ENG
Lauryn Giuliano, Orange, CT, Major: PSY
Leah Coleman, East Hartford, CT, Major: COM
Leah Hushion, Newtown, CT, Major: PSY
Leah Sause, Wallingford, CT, Major: HIS
Leana Mauricette, East Hartford, CT, Major: ESSS
Leila Kabbani, Trumbull, CT, Major: PSY
Leily Ayala, Trumbull, CT, Major: LBS
Lekiyah Fraser, West Haven, CT, Major: PSY
Leslie Baca, New Haven, CT, Major: SOC
Liang Lin, Cheshire, CT, Major: PSC
Lily Barragan, East Haven, CT, Major: STAR
Linda Nguyen, Stratford, CT, Major: CSC
Lindsay Leblanc, Avon, CT, Major: SOC
Lishana Daniel, New Haven, CT, Major: PSY
Liza Frassinelli, Willington, CT, Major: GEO
Loanis Cabrera, Bridgeport, CT, Major: COM
London Mueller, Omaha, NE, Major: IDS
Lorette Feivelson, Bristol, CT, Major: HIS
Luci Kanios, Meriden, CT, Major: BIO
Lukas Szymecki, Wethersfield, CT, Major: COM
Luz Vargas, East Hartford, CT, Major: BITC
Lydia Masala, Bridgeport, CT, Major: BIO
Lyndsey Robinson, Oakdale, CT, Major: IDS
Mackenzie Montesi, North Haven, CT, Major: PSY
Maddi Rybak, Salem, CT, Major: ANT
Madeline Scharf, Guilford, CT, Major: ENG
Madelyn Dean, LAWRENCE, KS, Major: PSC
Madison Brenning, Seymour, CT, Major: PSY
Madison Cacciato, Oakville, CT, Major: SOC
Madison Fries, North Branford, CT, Major: BIO
Madison Goodson, Bridgeport, CT, Major: ENG
Madison Johnson, Manchester, CT, Major: PSC
Madison Ramsby, Branford, CT, Major: SPA
Maeve Pierce, New London, CT, Major: STAR
Maeve Rourke, Milford, CT, Major: ESSS
Maeve Salamida, Cromwell, CT, Major: ENG
Mahagany Rawls, New Haven, CT, Major: THR
Makayla Chambers, East Haven, CT, Major: PSY
Makenna Perry, Groton, CT, Major: ESSS
Makenna Wollmann, Burlington, CT, Major: COM
Mandy Vizziello, Guilford, CT, Major: ENG
Manjot Kailey, Branford, CT, Major: BIO
Maria Barrios, New Haven, CT, Major: ENG
Maria Colandrea, Meriden, CT, Major: SOC
Maria Diamantidis, Stamford, CT, Major: PSY
Maria Nunez Bonilla, Danbury, CT, Major: GNS
Maria Tomas, New Haven, CT, Major: STAR
Marisa DeCiucis, Shelton, CT, Major: BITC
Marissa Fiori, Trumbull, CT, Major: GNS
Marissa Salazar, East Haven, CT, Major: PSY
Mark Hickman, Ellington, CT, Major: SOC
Mark Nowak, Meriden, CT, Major: BITC
Martine Senecal, Stamford, CT, Major: PSY
Mary Pelkey, Beacon Falls, CT, Major: HIS
Mathew Soto, Stratford, CT, Major: ENG
Matthew Banks, Old Greenwich, CT, Major: SOC
Matthew Giaquinto, Beacon Falls, CT, Major: COM
Matthew Lingenfelter, North Haven, CT, Major: CSC
Matthew Rooney, Trumbull, CT, Major: SOC
Maxwell Gaulin, Bethany, CT, Major: ECO
Mayah Brown, New London, CT, Major: PSY
Megan Cote, Shelton, CT, Major: PSY
Megan Daly, Cheshire, CT, Major: PSY
Megan Eldridge, Shelton, CT, Major: PSY
Megan Ferreira, Shelton, CT, Major: HIS
Megan Latte, Newtown, CT, Major: PSY
Meghan Anderson, Hamden, CT, Major: PHI
Mekhi Reeves, New Haven, CT, Major: SOC
Melanie Burgos, New Haven, CT, Major: BIO
Melanie Dejesus, New Haven, CT, Major: PSC
Melinda Knopf, Berlin, CT, Major: BIO
Melissa Garcia-Kiehnle, Shelton, CT, Major: BIO
Mia Tomasello, Branford, CT, Major: PSY
Mia Varney, Wallingford, CT, Major: BIO
Micahl Derosa, North Haven, CT, Major: CSC
Michael Alisa, Stratford, CT, Major: CHE
Michael Anderson, East Haven, CT, Major: PSC
Michael Burden, Shelton, CT, Major: HIS
Michael Catalano, Madison, CT, Major: BIO
Michael Duguay, Wolcott, CT, Major: STAR
Michael Jacobs, Trumbull, CT, Major: CSC
Michael Macesker, Waterford, CT, Major: CSC
Michael Sendra, Oxford, CT, Major: SPA
Michael Shashaty, Washington, CT, Major: HIS
Michael Smith, Shelton, CT, Major: MAT
Michele Furnaros, Stamford, CT, Major: ENG
Michelle Castelan, New Haven, CT, Major: STAR
Michelle Coughlin, Trumbull, CT, Major: PSY
Michelle Lundstrom, Bridgeport, CT, Major: SOC
Michelle Morales, Wallingford, CT, Major: PSC
Michelle Morocho, Greenwich, CT, Major: CSC
Miles Goritski, Hamden, CT, Major: HIS
Miles Meade, Shelton, CT, Major: CSC
Minahil Gilani, Stratford, CT, Major: BIO
Miranda Holland, Hamden, CT, Major: ESSS
Miranda Kross, North Haven, CT, Major: ENG
Mirza Martinez Pinto, Stamford, CT, Major: PSY
Mitchell Santiago, Quaker Hill, CT, Major: CSC
Mo Togbah, West Haven, CT, Major: SOC
Mollie Craig, Hamden, CT, Major: PSC
Mollie Roman, Norwalk, CT, Major: ENG
Molly Major, Madison, CT, Major: BIO
Molly Whittington, Meriden, CT, Major: ART
Morgan Gatewood, Dry Ridge, KY, Major: BIO
Morgan Hines, Oxford, CT, Major: ENG
Morgan Lambert, West Haven, CT, Major: BIO
Mustafa Kangal, Wallingford, CT, Major: PSC
Mychelle Barnes, East Hartford, CT, Major: ENG
Nadine Hilkert, Bretzfeld, , Major: PSY
Nancy Kelly, New Haven, CT, Major: MUS
Naszier Torrence-Robinson, New Haven, CT, Major: SOC
Natalie Hinton, Hamden, CT, Major: SOC
Natalie Jones, Clinton, CT, Major: PSC
Natalie Stoffel, New Fairfield, CT, Major: ENG
Natalie Wright, Milford, CT, Major: CSC
Nathaniel Gerrish, Naugatuck, CT, Major: PHY
Nayeli Delgado Santiago, Tariffville, CT, Major: SPA
Neil Merola, East Haven, CT, Major: ESC
Ney Valdez, Milford, CT, Major: IDS
Nicholas Bradley, Clinton, CT, Major: CHE
Nicholas Dimaggio, Northford, CT, Major: PSY
Nicholas Post, West Haven, CT, Major: STH
Nicholas Soucy, Naugatuck, CT, Major: COM
Nick Isabella, Monroe, CT, Major: BIO
Nicole Santiago, New Haven, CT, Major: SOC
Nicole Thomas, Waterbury, CT, Major: THR
Nicoletta Blevins, Derby, CT, Major: PSC
Nikeila Thompson, New London, CT, Major: SOC
Nikola Tili, Waterbury, CT, Major: SOC
Nina Henriques, Newtown, CT, Major: BIO
Noah Farnham, Baltimore, MD, Major: COM
Noelle King, Bridgeport, CT, Major: ESSS
Noelle Stepensky, Southington, CT, Major: SOC
Nolan Greene, North Branford, CT, Major: PSC
Nora Skoczen, Fairfield, CT, Major: PSC
Norman Whitney, Bristol, CT, Major: PSC
Noureen Nassra, Stratford, CT, Major: BIO
Nurilys Cintron, New Haven, CT, Major: COM
Olivia Daniello, East Haven, CT, Major: SOC
Olivia Delisle, Portland, CT, Major: COM
Olivia Liebler, Guilford, CT, Major: CSC
Olivia Pocock, Guilford, CT, Major: ANT
Olivia Strelevitz, Gales Ferry, CT, Major: ENG
Pablo Bastida Ruiz, Hamden, CT, Major: PSC
Palak Patel, Danbury, CT, Major: PSC
Patricia Castle, Milford, CT, Major: MUS
Patrick Ballard, Belford, NJ, Major: COM
Patrick Kearney, Durham, CT, Major: ENG
Paul Broughton, Stamford, CT, Major: PSY
Paul Duncanson, Stratford, CT, Major: HIS
Paul Mckee, New Haven, CT, Major: PSY
Paulina Smaga, Shelton, CT, Major: BIO
Pennie Bellios, Trumbull, CT, Major: HIS
Peyton King, TRUMBULL, CT, Major: CSC
Philip Trudel, Ivoryton, CT, Major: ENG
Rachel Bouffard, Oakville, CT, Major: PSY
Rachel Garcia, Naugatuck, CT, Major: PSY
Rachel Martins, Southington, CT, Major: HIS
Rachel Miller, Waterford, CT, Major: MAT
Rachel Stark, West Haven, CT, Major: PSY
Rachel Zumbo, Monroe, CT, Major: PSY
Radeka Parchment, Bridgeport, CT, Major: PSY
Rajay Robinson, East Hartford, CT, Major: SOC
Rakim Grant, Middletown, CT, Major: COM
Raphaela James, New Haven, CT, Major: IDS
Raymond Boucher, Hamden, CT, Major: COM
Rebecca Bergman, New Haven, CT, Major: GNS
Rebecca Foster, Windsor Locks, CT, Major: PSY
Rebecca Lubbert, Guilford, CT, Major: MAT
Rebecca Sabetta, Northford, CT, Major: BIO
Rebecca Shamp, Clinton, CT, Major: ESC
Rebecca Stanton, Berlin, CT, Major: ESSS
Regina Misercola, Trumbull, CT, Major: ENG
Reinaldo Martinez, East Haven, CT, Major: IDS
Reinyl Neri, Hamden, CT, Major: CSC
Renee Robles, Milford, CT, Major: PSY
Rigby Conyers, New Haven, CT, Major: STAR
Rijad Brkic, Milford, CT, Major: BIO
Riley Dunican, Beacon Falls, CT, Major: PSY
Robert Hahn, Niantic, CT, Major: COM
Robert Ramos, West Haven, CT, Major: SOC
Robert Trau, Monroe, CT, Major: BIO
Robert Valeri, Shelton, CT, Major: HIS
Robert Ziaks, Branford, CT, Major: CSC
Roberto Sostre, Binghamton, NY, Major: GNS
Roma Bartolomeo, Wallingford, CT, Major: PSY
Rosana Duarte, New Haven, CT, Major: PSC
Ross Hakala, Milford, CT, Major: PHY
Royan Anoh, New Haven, CT, Major: STAR
Ryan Doko, Oakville, CT, Major: ENG
Ryan Gemme, North Granby, CT, Major: HIS
Ryan Harvey, North Haven, CT, Major: PSY
Ryan Kelems, Shelton, CT, Major: COM
Ryan Mays, New Haven, CT, Major: PSY
Ryan Pastor, Meriden, CT, Major: ESC
Ryan Pollard, Madison, CT, Major: MAT
Ryann Giuliani, Beacon Falls, CT, Major: PSY
Ryleigh Rivas, Milford, CT, Major: THR
Sabrina Kosky, East Haven, CT, Major: SPA
Sam Uhelsky, Cheshire, CT, Major: PSY
Samantha Atencio-Roos, Naugatuck, CT, Major: BIO
Samantha Egan, Fairfield, CT, Major: ENG
Samantha Glander, Stamford, CT, Major: ENG
Samantha Kaplan, Trumbull, CT, Major: COM
Samantha McCarthy, Milford, CT, Major: HIS
Samantha Melendez, New Haven, CT, Major: STAR
Samantha Ricciardi, Oakville, CT, Major: PSY
Samantha Saengsuwan, New Haven, CT, Major: CHE
Samantha Salisbury, Stratford, CT, Major: BIO
Samantha Scott, Windsor, CT, Major: ART
Samuel Hilliman, East Windsor, CT, Major: BIO
Samuel Tapper, Suffield, CT, Major: JRN
Samuel Trumbley, Beacon Falls, CT, Major: CSC
Sara Csefai, Suffield, CT, Major: PSY
Sara Gerckens, Derby, CT, Major: ESSS
Sara Lareau, Guilford, CT, Major: ART
Sarah Blodgett, Wallingford, CT, Major: SOC
Sarah Chard, Old Lyme, CT, Major: IDS
Sarah Gossman, Trumbull, CT, Major: HIS
Sarah Houde, Wallingford, CT, Major: IDS
Sarah Lemere, Durham, CT, Major: IDS
Sarah Shelton, Oakville, CT, Major: JRN
Sarah Vedder, East Haven, CT, Major: IDS
Sarah Zuiewski, Stratford, CT, Major: SOC
Sarai Genua, Waterbury, CT, Major: ENG
Sarena Salmeri, Plantsville, CT, Major: ANT
Sarina Maynard, Oakville, CT, Major: PSY
Saul Pujols, Naugatuck, CT, Major: CSC
Savannah Cruz, New Haven, CT, Major: ESSS
Scarlett Naples, Gaylordsville, CT, Major: BIO
Scott Brossman, Branford, CT, Major: CHE
Sebastian Moraga, West Haven, CT, Major: CHE
Sejmir Basuljevic, Derby, CT, Major: CSC
Shamir Hughes, Ansonia, CT, Major: STAR
Shannon Winters, Milford, CT, Major: ENG
Shanti Madison, New Haven, CT, Major: ESSS
Shaoshi Huang, Cheshire, CT, Major: HIS
Shawn Gokey, Wallingford, CT, Major: PSC
Shayla Peterson, Baltic, CT, Major: ESSS
Sheikh Sameera, Fairfield, CT, Major: BIO
Shlomit Weiss Grullon, New Haven, CT, Major: BIO
Siddhi Suresh, Southington, CT, Major: CSC
Sidney Levine, Westbrook, CT, Major: CSC
Skyler Puckett, Wallingford, CT, Major: PSY
Sophia Al-Meshrefawi, North Grosvenordale, CT, Major: BITC
Sophia George, West Haven, CT, Major: STAR
Sophia Lonardo, Monroe, CT, Major: PSY
Sophia Oneto, Prospect, CT, Major: ENG
Spencer Rogers, Guilford, CT, Major: ANT
Spencer Tesch, Middlebury, CT, Major: PSY
Stache Jones, West Haven, CT, Major: SOC
Stephen Fengler, Wallingford, CT, Major: ESC
Steven Butler, Orange, CT, Major: GNS
Summer Sylvestre, Plainfield, CT, Major: MAT
Sunni Lakhaisy, West Haven, CT, Major: CSC
Susannah Goeters, Clinton, CT, Major: ANT
Sutherland Lamond, Litchfield, CT, Major: ESSS
Sydney Carter, Derby, CT, Major: COM
Sydney King, Milford, CT, Major: ANT
Sydney Manzo, Oxford, CT, Major: ENG
Sydney Peacock, Deep River, CT, Major: ESSS
Sydney Rossi, Milford, CT, Major: BIO
T’Aja Henry, New Britian, CT, Major: PSY
Taijzeeaunna Kelley- Anderson, Hamden, CT, Major: PSY
Talia Gaudio, Cheshire, CT, Major: PSY
Talia Lent, New Milford, CT, Major: ESSS
Talicia Martins, Hamden, CT, Major: ENG
Tamara Febus, Trumbull, CT, Major: PSY
Tamarko Oakes, West Haven, CT, Major: BIO
Tammy Michel, Woodbridge, CT, Major: HIS
Tanner Bryant, Guilford, CT, Major: COM
Tanyra Myers, West Haven, CT, Major: BIO
Tasnia Hossain, Bridgeport, CT, Major: BIO
Tatiania Bond-Elahi, Hamden, CT, Major: SOC
Tavonne Williams, New Haven, CT, Major: THR
Taylor Garlock, Madison, CT, Major: PSY
Taylor Gudzinski, Waterbury, CT, Major: BIO
Taylor Hayes, MANCHESTER, CT, Major: HIS
Taylor Lubin, Vernon, CT, Major: STAR
Taylor Thomas, Yonkers, NY, Major: STAR
Tessiny Colon, Bridgeport, CT, Major: SOC
Thalia Troche-O’farrill, Meriden, CT, Major: SOC
Thien Dang, Bridgeport, CT, Major: CHE
Thomas Blotney, West Haven, CT, Major: THR
Thomas Healy, West Haven, CT, Major: GNS
Thomas Pelletier, Bristol, CT, Major: PSC
Thomas Wylie, Hamden, CT, Major: HIS
Tierra Garner, Hamden, CT, Major: BIO
Tim O’Shea, Southington, CT, Major: COM
Timothy Levesque, Avon, CT, Major: PSY
Timothy Mccrae, Trumbull, CT, Major: ESSS
Tomas Stisi, Shelton, CT, Major: HIS
Tommi Bonomo, Marlborough, CT, Major: STAR
Travis Thomson, Stratford, CT, Major: HIS
Trent Kaisen, Guilford, CT, Major: PHI
Tucker Doyle, Oakdale, CT, Major: CSC
Tyeanna Hunter, New Haven, CT, Major: PSY
Tyler Auger, Trumbull, CT, Major: CSC
Tyler Carey, Ridgefield, CT, Major: ESC
Tyler Cusano, Hamden, CT, Major: PSY
Tyler Holloway, Orange, CT, Major: CSC
Tyler Niles, Wallingford, CT, Major: SOC
Tyler Santiago-Gamble, Cromwell, CT, Major: ESC
Tyler Verissimo, bridgeport, CT, Major: ECO
Tyrone Moore, Hamden, CT, Major: COM
Valencia Joseph-Duncan, Norwalk, CT, Major: PSY
Valeria Sotomayor, Waterbury, CT, Major: BIO
Valerie Neyra, Stamford, CT, Major: COM
Vanessa Adamski, Derby, CT, Major: PHY
Vanessa Heigel, Plantsville, CT, Major: ESSS
Vanessa Phommahaxay, Danbury, CT, Major: PSY
Vanessa Riccardi, Sherman, CT, Major: BIO
Varsha Jorawar, Waterbury, CT, Major: PSC
Vicky Hu, Clinton, CT, Major: BIO
Victor Corona Galan, Fairfield, CT, Major: CSC
Victoria Cortes, Wallingford, CT, Major: PHI
Victoria Gould, Shelton, CT, Major: PSY
Victoria Ingram, Hamden, CT, Major: STAR
Vittoria Cristante, North Branford, CT, Major: MAT
Will Broome, Norwalk, CT, Major: PSY
William Michaud, West Haven, CT, Major: ART
William Perkin, New Fairfield, CT, Major: CSC
Willian Silva, Waterford, CT, Major: HIS
Xavier Swilling, Bridgeport, CT, Major: COM
Xhuana Hyska, Ansonia, CT, Major: SOC
Yadinitza Torres, Waterbury, CT, Major: BIO
Yesenia Hernandez, Meriden, CT, Major: PSY
Yolanda Grajalez, Derby, CT, Major: SOC
Zachary Brocklehurst, Woodbridge, CT, Major: ART
Zainab Seyal, Fairfield, CT, Major: BIO
Zane Bendici, Shelton, CT, Major: THR
Zariah Council, bridgeport, CT, Major: IDS
Ze Wei Weng, Orange, CT, Major: PSC
Zein Dib, Bridgeport, CT, Major: CHE
Zia Gardner, new haven, CT, Major: ANT
Zina Mcbride, Milford, CT, Major: STAR
Zoe Pringle, Milford, CT, Major: PSY


Aaron White, Hamden, CT, Major: BUS
Aidan Holroyd, Cheshire, CT, Major: BUS
Ajay Timaul, Waterbury, CT, Major: BUS
Alaina Pierce, Meriden, CT, Major: BUS
Alexa Bedini, Sandy Hook, CT, Major: BUS
Alexander Fetherston, Madison, CT, Major: BUS
Alexander Prial, Stamford, CT, Major: BUS
Alexandra Bucci, Shelton, CT, Major: BUS
Alexandra Cerrone, Branford, CT, Major: BUS
Alexandra Leso, Milford, CT, Major: BUS
Alexandria Grenier, Durham, CT, Major: BUS
Alexi Giantomidis, Milford, CT, Major: BUS
Alexis Rodriguez, New Haven, CT, Major: BUS
Alfred Mascola, East Haven, CT, Major: BUS
Alisia Hart, Middletown, CT, Major: BUS
Allyssa Cassella, Wallingford, CT, Major: BUS
Alyssa Guerreri, Hamden, CT, Major: BUS
Ana Caka, Wolcott, CT, Major: BUS
Andrae Banks, Meriden, CT, Major: BUS
Andres Arango, Seymour, CT, Major: BUS
Andrew Lucas, Clinton, CT, Major: BUS
Andrew Seibert, Oxford, CT, Major: BUS
Angel McCall, Norwalk, CT, Major: BUS
Anthony Romanelli, West Simsbury, CT, Major: BUS
Arda Yilmaz, Stratford, CT, Major: BUS
Barry Belardinelli, Norwalk, CT, Major: BUS
Bayleigh Takacs, Sparta, NJ, Major: BUS
Belaid Zusi, Woodbridge, CT, Major: BUS
Ben Wunder, Easton, CT, Major: BUS
Benjamin Pierce, Meriden, CT, Major: BUS
Berlove Lelain, Naugatuck, CT, Major: BUS
Bianca Souza, Wallingford, CT, Major: BUS
Brandon Blanco, Stamford, CT, Major: BUS
Brianna Ferraiolo, Branford, CT, Major: BUS
Brittney Barbato, Old Lyme, CT, Major: BUS
Brittny Adebowale, Stamford, CT, Major: BUS
Brooke Armistead, Ansonia, CT, Major: BUS
Bryan Firmender, Milford, CT, Major: BUS
Bryce Castellone, South Windsor, CT, Major: BUS
Bryce Koloseus, New Haven, CT, Major: BUS
Calvert Hendershot, Woodbury, CT, Major: BUS
Carlie Freiler, West Haven, CT, Major: BUS
Carly Champagne, Shelton, CT, Major: BUS
Christian Clark, Cheshire, CT, Major: BUS
Christian Flores, Bridgeport, CT, Major: BUS
Christian Minaya, Brooklyn, NY, Major: BUS
Christian Rubio, Shelton, CT, Major: BUS
Christopher Gonzalez, Fairfield, CT, Major: BUS
Christopher LeBeau, Bristol, CT, Major: BUS
Christopher Meshack, Hamden, CT, Major: BUS
Christopher Roewer, Danbury, CT, Major: BUS
Cody Conlon, Bethlehem, CT, Major: BUS
Cody Recanati, Guilford, CT, Major: BUS
Collin Doyle, Hartford, CT, Major: BUS
Daequan Nicholson, New Haven, CT, Major: BUS
Dan Torres, Hamden, CT, Major: ACC
Daniel Barrera, Branford, CT, Major: BUS
Daniella Chasse, Wallingford, CT, Major: BUS
Danielle Elliott, Wethersfield, CT, Major: BUS
Dardan Dedushaj, Essex, CT, Major: BUS
Derek Difronzo, Manchester, CT, Major: BUS
Derrick Jagello, Naugatuck, CT, Major: BUS
Diana Alcazar, Hamden, CT, Major: BUS
Dominic Papiro, Shelton, CT, Major: BUS
Donovan Harris, Rocky Point, NY, Major: BUS
Dylan Batlle, Oxford, CT, Major: BUS
Eden Foley, Vernon, CT, Major: BUS
Edgar Valencia, Bridgeport, CT, Major: BUS
Elizabeth Gibson, South Windsor, CT, Major: BUS
Elizabeth Terry, Bridgeport, CT, Major: BUS
Emily Rossini, West Hartford, CT, Major: BUS
Emine Elezi, Waterbury, CT, Major: BUS
Emma Gorham, Ellington, CT, Major: BUS
Eric Lopes, Shelton, CT, Major: BUS
Eric Ross, Uncasville, CT, Major: BUS
Erick Pasqualone, White Plains, NY, Major: BUS
Ethan Cross, Westport, CT, Major: BUS
Evan Dunn, Middletown, CT, Major: BUS
Evan Gutowski, Trumbull, CT, Major: BUS
Farith Vilchez-Morales, West Haven, CT, Major: BUS
Fatima Garcia-Ramirez, Bridgeport, CT, Major: BUS
Francisco Roldan, Malaga, , Major: BUS
Gabe Durante, North Haven, CT, Major: BUS
Gabriela Oviedo, Waterbury, CT, Major: BUS
Gavin Scully, Monroe, CT, Major: BUS
George Mott, Wallingford, CT, Major: BUS
Gianfranco Alvarez, Bridgeport, CT, Major: BUS
Gianna D’Angelo, Trumbull, CT, Major: BUS
Giovanni Tirollo, North Branford, CT, Major: BUS
Giuliana Gaudio, Cheshire, CT, Major: BUS
Grace Conselyea, Milford, PA, Major: BUS
Greg Wyckoff, Trumbull, CT, Major: BUS
Gregory Travis, Naugatuck, CT, Major: BUS
Guillermo Malpartida, Bridgeport, CT, Major: ACT
Gulizar Er, Meriden, CT, Major: BUS
Gwen Teixeira, Shelton, CT, Major: BUS
Hanna Natalino, Derby, CT, Major: BUS
Heather Nolan, West Haven, CT, Major: BUS
Herlinda Rodriguez, Bridgeport, CT, Major: BUS
Ian Brown, West Haven, CT, Major: BUS
Ignasi Perez Cererols, Sant Cugat del Valles, , Major: BUS
Isabella Pitarra, Clinton, CT, Major: BUS
Isabella Presutto, Trumbull, CT, Major: BUS
Isabelle Stowik, Wallingford, CT, Major: BUS
Jacob Comeau, Milford, CT, Major: BUS
Jacob Lessne, West Hartford, CT, Major: BUS
Jalen Coleman, Middletown, CT, Major: BUS
James Reilly, Shelton, CT, Major: BUS
Jamiy Burey, Shelton, CT, Major: BUS
Jared Dobkowski, Shelton, CT, Major: BUS
Jared Propis, West Hartford, CT, Major: BUS
Jared Valdes, Seymour, CT, Major: BUS
Jarod Teixeira, Seymour, CT, Major: BUS
Jasmin Cortes, Waterbury, CT, Major: BUS
Jasmine Diglio, Branford, CT, Major: BUS
Jasmine Griswold, Haddam, CT, Major: BUS
Jay Donlan, Westbrook, CT, Major: BUS
Jayne Maranda, Mystic, CT, Major: BUS
Jayson DeFrance, Middletown, CT, Major: BUS
Jenna Remaly, Beacon Falls, CT, Major: BUS
Jesse Nelson, Rockfall, CT, Major: BUS
Jessica Baka, Wallingford, CT, Major: BUS
Jillian Martin, Orange, CT, Major: BUS
John Bucci, Ansonia, CT, Major: BUS
John Migliazza, Monroe, CT, Major: BUS
John Santos, Bridgeport, CT, Major: BUS
Jonathan Foster, Wappingers Falls, NY, Major: BUS
Jordan Pennatto, Stratford, CT, Major: BUS
Jordan Silbert, New Haven, CT, Major: BUS
Joseph Bottino, Norwalk, CT, Major: BUS
Joseph Gaudet, Wethersfield, CT, Major: BUS
Joseph Nemchek, Fairfield, CT, Major: BUS
Joseph Russell, Windsor, CT, Major: BUS
Joshua Moro, Clinton, CT, Major: BUS
Juan Sandoval, Seymour, CT, Major: BUS
Justin Abe, Milford, CT, Major: BUS
Justin Loomer, Ansonia, CT, Major: BUS
Kaitlyn Paradis, Orange, CT, Major: BUS
Kaleen Barbieri, Seymour, CT, Major: BUS
KARL-MARX Delphonse, Bridgeport, CT, Major: BUS
Kassandra Espinoza, Avon, CT, Major: BUS
Kat Wojcik, Ansonia, CT, Major: BUS
Katherine Cappetta, Wallingford, CT, Major: BUS
Katherine Fuentes, Bridgeport, CT, Major: BUS
Katherine Giangrande, Westbrook, CT, Major: BUS
Kathleen Crawford-Hawkins, New Haven, CT, Major: ACC
Katrina Roy, Bristol, CT, Major: BUS
Kevin Salguero, Startford, CT, Major: BUS
Kevin Vazquez, New Haven, CT, Major: BUS
Kevin Joergen van der Pol, Drammen, , Major: BUS
Khizer Ali, Orange, CT, Major: BUS
Krista Haray, Shelton, CT, Major: BUS
Kyhanna Burgess, East Hartford, CT, Major: BUS
Kyle Apicelli, Oakdale, CT, Major: BUS
Kyle Barth, Wallingford, CT, Major: BUS
Kyle Handy, Durham, CT, Major: BUS
Lauren Silvia, Higganum, CT, Major: BUS
Lauren Spino, Hamden, CT, Major: BUS
Lauryn Benoit, Oakdale, CT, Major: BUS
Lillian Olson, Savage, MN, Major: BUS
Lily Mccarthy, East Granby, CT, Major: BUS
Lukas Garcia, Suffield, CT, Major: BUS
Madeline Siegel, Malvern, PA, Major: BUS
Madelyn Sekscenski, Wallingford, CT, Major: BUS
Madison Nastri, Rocky Hill, CT, Major: BUS
Madison Trask, Southington, CT, Major: BUS
Maisam Khan, Bridgeport, CT, Major: BUS
Marcel Miller, Branford, CT, Major: BUS
Marcelo Giantomidis, Milford, CT, Major: BUS
Marckendy Jean-Baptiste, Waterbury, CT, Major: BUS
Maria Lujan, New Haven, CT, Major: BUS
Maria Sofia Lequerica, Fairfield, CT, Major: BUS
Mariam Noorzad, Milford, CT, Major: BUS
Mary Foley, West Haven, CT, Major: BUS
Matthew Desrosiers, North Haven, CT, Major: BUS
Matthew Kubel, Fairfield, CT, Major: BUS
Matthew Maignan, Stamford, CT, Major: BUS
Matthew Milano, New Fairfield, CT, Major: BUS
Matthew Peterson, Northford, CT, Major: BUS
Max Paolillo, North Haven, CT, Major: BUS
Megan Bari, Naugatuck, CT, Major: BUS
Megan Houston, West Haven, CT, Major: BUS
Meghan Kane, Bridgeport, CT, Major: BUS
Melany Henriquez-Schmutz, West Haven, CT, Major: BUS
Metin Tandogan, Mystic, CT, Major: BUS
Micahlyn Vaichus, Waterbury, CT, Major: BUS
Michael Cardone, Norwalk, CT, Major: BUS
Michael Pernel, East Hartford, CT, Major: BUS
Michael Rayo, Hamden, CT, Major: BUS
Michael Szturma, Beacon Falls, CT, Major: BUS
Michelle Oravec, Bridgeport, CT, Major: BUS
Mikayla Hartman-Brown, Stratford, CT, Major: BUS
Milagritos Del Pilar Izaguirre, Stamford, CT, Major: BUS
Minellys Dejesus, Bridgeport, CT, Major: BUS
Morgan Tuscano, Wallingford, CT, Major: BUS
Nailah Franklin, New Haven, CT, Major: BUS
Nia Atwood, waterbury, CT, Major: BUS
Nicholas Braga, Chester, CT, Major: BUS
Nicholas Nesdale, North Haven, CT, Major: BUS
Nicholas Picheco, Derby, CT, Major: BUS
Nicolas Ruiz Colodrero, Zaragoza, , Major: BUS
Nicole Abbati, Shelton, CT, Major: BUS
Nicole Kopek, Milford, CT, Major: BUS
Nielsen Felipe, New Haven, CT, Major: BUS
Niko Mao, New Haven, CT, Major: BUS
Nini Yangga, Waterford, CT, Major: BUS
Noah Campbell, Uncasville, CT, Major: BUS
Noah Falcioni, Ansonia, CT, Major: BUS
Noah Foster, Stamford, CT, Major: BUS
Patrick Martin, Seymour, CT, Major: BUS
Peter Cappetta, Guilford, CT, Major: BUS
Phoebe Corey, Higganum, CT, Major: BUS
Preston Baldovin, Oxford, CT, Major: BUS
Quentin Askew, Middletown, CT, Major: BUS
Rachel Papa, North Haven, CT, Major: BUS
Ramesh Reid, Shelton, CT, Major: BUS
Ramon Pons, Bridgeport, CT, Major: BUS
Raxena Husain, Waterbury, CT, Major: BUS
Raymond Cervone, Stratford, CT, Major: BUS
Riley Bjornberg, Wallingford, CT, Major: BUS
Romi Patel, Orange, CT, Major: BUS
Ronan Goncalves, Bridgeport, CT, Major: BUS
Ronnie Pinkard, South Windsor, CT, Major: BUS
Ross Roberts, Middletown, CT, Major: BUS
Ryan Celini, Shelton, CT, Major: BUS
Sachin Manning, New Haven, CT, Major: BUS
Samir Murga, Derby, CT, Major: BUS
Sarah Beverage, Wallingford, CT, Major: BUS
Sarah Ewert, Hamden, CT, Major: BUS
Sarah Howley, Old Saybrook, CT, Major: BUS
Sarah Santini, Orange, CT, Major: BUS
Scott Bohannon, New Haven, CT, Major: BUS
Shahnawaz Sherwani, Avon, CT, Major: BUS
Shanikqua Thompson, Hamden, CT, Major: BUS
Sharmila Nishi, New Haven, CT, Major: BUS
Shay Murphy, Thomaston, CT, Major: BUS
Sheleice Fair, Waterbury, CT, Major: BUS
Shivam Patel, Killington, VT, Major: BUS
Sienna Santiago, Norwalk, CT, Major: BUS
Stephanie De Oliveira, Stratford, CT, Major: BUS
Stephanie Soto, West Haven, CT, Major: BUS
Steven Romano, Milford, CT, Major: BUS
Susan Minkowski, Stratford, CT, Major: BUS
Talia Ranocchia, Stratford, CT, Major: BUS
Tanner Correia, Waterford, CT, Major: BUS
Tapiwa Musandu, Waterbury, CT, Major: BUS
Tea Hima, Wethersfield, CT, Major: BUS
Thomas Faller, Jupiter, FL, Major: BUS
Thomas Mccarthy, Trumbull, CT, Major: BUS
Tingting Xia, New Haven, CT, Major: BUS
Tony Zambito, Ridgewood, NJ, Major: BUS
Trevor Boczer, Shelton, CT, Major: BUS
Tristan Garcia, Suffield, CT, Major: BUS
Tyler Martin, Cheshire, CT, Major: BUS
Valentina Rrapi, Monroe, CT, Major: BUS
Victor Colorado, Norwalk, CT, Major: BUS
Walter Martinez, Stamford, CT, Major: BUS
Zachary Bedryczuk, Beacon Falls, CT, Major: BUS
Zachary Burleigh, Southington, CT, Major: BUS
Zari Williams, Windsor, CT, Major: BUS
Ziyi Gao, Norwalk, CT, Major: BUS


Abby Hogan, Stamford, CT, Major: EDU
Abigail Mcmenemy, Bristol, CT, Major: ECH
Alexandra Guido, Wallingford, CT, Major: SED
Alexia Dottori, East Haven, CT, Major: SED
Alexia Petremont, Derby, CT, Major: SED
Alexis Lee, Wallingford, CT, Major: EME
Alexis Luft, Tolland, CT, Major: EME
Alexis Peck, Wallingford, CT, Major: SED
Alexis Tucker, Sandy Hook, CT, Major: EDU
Allison Vanderlyn, Watertown, CT, Major: EDU
Ally Petrella, Willington, CT, Major: SED
Alyssa Bartlett, Shelton, CT, Major: EDU
Alyssa Charlton, Trumbull, CT, Major: ECH
Alyssa-Marie Proto, New Haven, CT, Major: SED
Alysse Buzzeo, Trumbull, CT, Major: ECH
Alyvia Frobel, West Haven, CT, Major: EME
Amanda Hendrick, Bethany, CT, Major: EME
Amanda Marquis, Wallingford, CT, Major: EME
Amanda O’shea, Milford, CT, Major: SED
Amber Bowker, Old Lyme, CT, Major: SED
Amber Elusma, West Haven, CT, Major: SED
Amber Vane, Patterson, NY, Major: EDU
Andrea Palencia, Stamford, CT, Major: EDU
Angela Duro, Orange, CT, Major: EME
Anna Marvin, Westbrook, CT, Major: EME
Annmarie Dinicola, East Haven, CT, Major: EDU
Anthony Deponte, Wallingford, CT, Major: EDU
Anthony Pelaccia, Oxford, CT, Major: SED
Anthony Saglimbeni, Chester, CT, Major: SCE
Antonae Mcpherson, Bridgeport, CT, Major: EDU
Areli Rojas, Cromwell, CT, Major: EME
Ariana Cotto, Milford, CT, Major: EDU
Arielle Eighmy, Milford, CT, Major: SED
Ashley Ayers, Derby, CT, Major: EDU
Ashley Maebry, New Haven, CT, Major: EDU
Ashley Walker, west Haven, CT, Major: SED
Billy Allen, Bristol, CT, Major: SED
Breanne Carbone, Monroe, CT, Major: EDU
Britny Gildersleeve, N BRANFORD, CT, Major: SED
Brittainie Mooney, West Haven, CT, Major: EDU
Brittany Ursini, Fairfield, CT, Major: EDU
Brooke Kuryan, Madison, CT, Major: SED
Caitlin Thompson, Southbury, CT, Major: SED
Carissa O’meara, Trumbull, CT, Major: SED
Carley Bergamini, Somers, CT, Major: SED
Carly Holding, Stamford, CT, Major: EDU
Carly Martinson, Middletown, CT, Major: SED
Caroline Adams, Trumbull, CT, Major: EDU
Cassidy Cappannelli, New Haven, CT, Major: SED
Cassidy Marchitto, Woodbridge, CT, Major: EME
Catherine Allen, Trumbull, CT, Major: SED
Catrina Aszklar, Southington, CT, Major: EDU
Christina Gubetta, Winsted, CT, Major: SED
Christina Zaino, West Haven, CT, Major: EDU
Claudia Stavidlo, Southington, CT, Major: EDU
Cora Welsh, Shelton, CT, Major: EME
Cortnee Darga, East Haven, CT, Major: EDU
Courtney Jorde, Katonah, NY, Major: EDU
Courtney Sandora, Waterford, CT, Major: SED
Crystal Garcia, Hamden, CT, Major: EDU
Danaisa Rivera, Norwalk, CT, Major: EDU
Daniela Lara Quintana, Stamford, CT, Major: EDU
Danielle Fletcher, Cheshire, CT, Major: EDU
Danielle Socci, Stamford, CT, Major: SED
David Casole, Stamford, CT, Major: SED
Debra Hutchinson, East Haven, CT, Major: EDU
Delaney Connors, West Hartford, CT, Major: SED
Derrick D’amato, Cheshire, CT, Major: EDU
Diana Garcia, Bridgeport, CT, Major: EDU
Elizabeth Larsen, Stratford, CT, Major: EDU
Elizabeth Simo, Norwalk, CT, Major: EDU
Ellen Stansfield, Monroe, CT, Major: SED
Elyse Mccarthy, Stratford, CT, Major: SED
Emily Lange, Monroe, CT, Major: EME
Emily Sosik, Stratford, CT, Major: EDU
Emily Tucker, Seymour, CT, Major: SED
Emma Ng, Branford, CT, Major: EME
Emma Stein, Weston, CT, Major: SED
Erin Foley, Plymouth, MA, Major: IMS
Francesca Lupo, Fairfield, CT, Major: EDU
Gabriella D’Elia, Prospect, CT, Major: EDU
Gabriella Piscitelli, Branford, CT, Major: SED
Gabrielle Klementon, Wethersfield, CT, Major: EDU
Georgia Teixeira, Bristol, RI, Major: SED
Gezime Spahiu, Shelton, CT, Major: EDU
Giana Cardonita, Guilford, CT, Major: SED
Giavanna Nicefaro, Shelton, CT, Major: EDU
Gillian Murray, West Haven, CT, Major: ECH
Gina Barron, North Haven, CT, Major: SED
Gladys Pauta Lafebre, Danbury, CT, Major: ECH
Grace Godeski, Norwalk, CT, Major: SED
Grace Mclean, Trumbull, CT, Major: EDU
Grace Parker, Prospect, CT, Major: EME
Hailey Coleman, Oxford, CT, Major: SED
Haley Grammatico, Derby, CT, Major: EDU
Haley Smith, Clinton, CT, Major: SED
Hanna Forsten, Brooklyn, CT, Major: SED
Hannah Clark, Sherman, CT, Major: SED
Hannah Hogan, Trumbull, CT, Major: EDU
Hannah Marcano, New Haven, CT, Major: EDU
Hannah Milles, Branford, CT, Major: EDU
Hannah Schmidt, Norwich, CT, Major: ECH
Heather Uphold, Old Saybrook, CT, Major: EDU
Idarmis Rodriguez Osorio, Waterbury, CT, Major: EME
Indiana Whiteman, Fairfield, CT, Major: IMS
Isabel Marchevsky, New Haven, CT, Major: IMS
Isabella Alogna, North Haven, CT, Major: EME
Isabella Martinez, Orange, CT, Major: EDU
Jackie Bennett Pyrek-Bennett, Monroe, CT, Major: SED
Jacquelinne Marroquin, Milford, CT, Major: EDU
Jada Stewart, Trumbull, CT, Major: ECH
Jason Vinisko, Torrington, CT, Major: SED
Jay Dacosta, Hamden, CT, Major: ECH
Jayde Eggert, Bethel, CT, Major: SED
Jenna Barcello, Easton, CT, Major: EDU
Jennifer Lemus-Amaya, Bridgeport, CT, Major: ECH
Jessica Gilbert, New Canaan, CT, Major: SED
Jessica Koproski, Stamford, CT, Major: SED
Jessica Maier, Enfield, CT, Major: SED
Johanna Zhunio, New Milford, CT, Major: EME
Jordan Paine, West Haven, CT, Major: EDU
Josephine Kendrick, Wethersfield, CT, Major: ECH
Judy Emery, West Haven, CT, Major: ECH
Julia Burns, Fairfield, CT, Major: EDU
Julia Raucci, West Haven, CT, Major: SED
Julia Sevell, Oxford, CT, Major: EME
Julia Sitaro, Avon, CT, Major: SED
Juliana Zaccagnino, Trumbull, CT, Major: SED
Julie Antonini, Milford, CT, Major: EDU
Justine Winiarski, Cromwell, CT, Major: SED
Kaitlyn Redente, Hamden, CT, Major: EDU
Kameron DeMartin, North Haven, CT, Major: SED
Karlene Welles, Newington, CT, Major: SED
Katelyn Quinn, Stratford, CT, Major: EME
Katelyn Suarez, Stamford, CT, Major: SED
Katelynn Brody, Prospect, CT, Major: SED
Katherine Gilmore, West Haven, CT, Major: EDU
Kathryn Cullen, Stratford, CT, Major: SED
Kathy Tran, Shelton, CT, Major: EDU
Katie Williamson, Dublin 15, , Major: EME
Kayla Metzger, North Branford, CT, Major: EDU
Kaylie Broadhurst, Stratford, CT, Major: SED
Kee Jung Carlson, Naugatuck, CT, Major: EDU
Kelly Maduri, Oxford, CT, Major: SED
Kelsey Improta, West Haven, CT, Major: EDU
Kelsey Murzak, Wallingford, CT, Major: SED
Kendra Kochol, Southington, CT, Major: SED
Kennedy Ballard, Brookfield, CT, Major: SED
Keyaira Louis-Fin, Norwalk, CT, Major: EDU
Kiersten Ignatowski, Orange, CT, Major: EDU
Kira Hartnett, Cromwell, CT, Major: SED
Kirstin Colwell, Parkland, FL, Major: EDU
Krishna Soni, Naugatuck, CT, Major: EDU
Kristen Castro, Danbury, CT, Major: EME
Kristen Robertson, Stratford, CT, Major: SED
Kristina Fiallos, Ansonia, CT, Major: EDU
Kristina Long, Stamford, CT, Major: EME
Kylee Gustafson, Orange, CT, Major: ECH
Kylie Swatt, Shelton, CT, Major: SED
Kyoko Yoshida, Stratford, CT, Major: ECH
Lamesha Randolph, West Haven, CT, Major: EDU
Lauren Dooley, Hamden, CT, Major: EME
Lauren Marini, Trumbull, CT, Major: EME
Lex Lee, Watertown, CT, Major: EDU
Liliana Cremonini, New Fairfield, CT, Major: EME
Lily Deloma, Trumbull, CT, Major: EME
Macey Paradis, Terryville, CT, Major: EDU
Maddie Westcott, Wallingford, CT, Major: EDU
Madeline Carter, Stamford, CT, Major: SED
Madison Barron, Stamford, CT, Major: EDU
Madison Longobardi, East Haven, CT, Major: SED
Madison Patkoske, Wethersfield, CT, Major: EDU
Maeve Mcadams, Southport, CT, Major: EDU
Maia Strong, Hamden, CT, Major: EDU
Makayla Teixeira, Naugatuck, CT, Major: SED
Makedonusa Konstandinidis, Bridgeport, CT, Major: EDU
Marisa D’amico, North Branford, CT, Major: SED
Marissa Alfield, Gales Ferry, CT, Major: ECH
Marissa Mazzetta, Manchester, CT, Major: EDU
Marly Ahearn, Wolcott, CT, Major: SED
Mary Durso-Smith, Guilford, CT, Major: EDU
Mary Luz Heidtmann, West Haven, CT, Major: SED
Matthew Mainieri, Milford, CT, Major: SED
Matthew Osora, Middletown, CT, Major: SED
McKenzie Mcdermott, Orange, CT, Major: SED
Meaghan Reilly, Sherman, CT, Major: SED
Megan Nelson, Berlin, CT, Major: EDU
Megan Robertson, Stratford, CT, Major: SED
Megan Sterpka, New Hartford, CT, Major: SED
Melanie Vieira, Shelton, CT, Major: EDU
Melia Wilcox, Pawcatuck, CT, Major: SED
Melissa Grenier, Durham, CT, Major: SED
Mengwen Ren, Beacon Falls, CT, Major: EDU
Mercedes Valentin, Meriden, CT, Major: EDU
Merci-Grace Jenkins, Northfield, CT, Major: ECH
Mia Mazzola, Madison, CT, Major: SED
Michael Delgado, Fairfield, CT, Major: SED
Michela Rutigliano, East Norwich, NY, Major: SED
Mike Ferrett, Hamden, CT, Major: SED
Miranda Anderson, Old Greenwich, CT, Major: SED
Miranda Corbin, Meriden, CT, Major: EDU
Mirna Marji, Newtown, CT, Major: EDU
Molly Smalley, Stamford, CT, Major: EDU
Morgan Armstrong, Woodbridge, CT, Major: EDU
Morgan Kane, Hamden, CT, Major: EDU
Morgan Williams, Stamford, CT, Major: SED
Natalie Ferris, Shelton, CT, Major: SED
Natasha James, Bridgeport, CT, Major: SED
Neissa Celik, Wallingford, CT, Major: EDU
Nelsy Rivas, Norwalk, CT, Major: EDU
Nicolas Salvatore, Stamford, CT, Major: SED
Nicole Petit, Wallingford, CT, Major: EDU
Noelle Couture, Hamden, CT, Major: EDU
Nora Raccio, Milford, CT, Major: EDU
Olivia Capobianco, Waterbury, CT, Major: SED
Olivia Coppola, West Haven, CT, Major: EDU
Olivia Destefani, Wethersfield, CT, Major: ECH
Olivia Jameson, Wallingford, CT, Major: EDU
Olivia O’connor, North Haven, CT, Major: SED
Olivia Santoro, Hamden, CT, Major: EDU
Olivia Stella, Wilton, CT, Major: EDU
Olivia Zembruski, Naugatuck, CT, Major: EDU
Paige Roosa, Cheshire, CT, Major: EDU
Pamela Karabeinikoff, Meriden, CT, Major: EDU
Rachael Radwill, Milford, CT, Major: EDU
Rachel Rowland, Shelton, CT, Major: EME
Rachel Schaffer, Fairfield, CT, Major: EDU
Rossano Digiacomo, Wethersfield, CT, Major: SED
Ryan Lopez, Shelton, CT, Major: SED
Sage Dutton, Glastonbury, CT, Major: SED
Samantha Hanrath, Coventry, CT, Major: SED
Samantha Koproski, Stamford, CT, Major: SED
Samantha Weinreb, Stamford, CT, Major: EDU
Samira Zuniga, Wallingford, CT, Major: EDU
Samuel Martin, Woodbridge, CT, Major: SED
Sandra Taylor, Meriden, CT, Major: EDU
Sara O’shea, Milford, CT, Major: SED
Sarah Genn, New Haven, CT, Major: EDU
Sarah Houston, North Haven, CT, Major: EDU
Sarah Inglese, North Haven, CT, Major: EDU
Sawyer Hanlon, Guilford, CT, Major: IMS
Selena Pacheco, Pawcatuck, CT, Major: EDU
Shania Blake, Stamford, CT, Major: EDU
Shanice Rhodes, Hamden, CT, Major: EDU
Shannon Downer, Milford, CT, Major: ECH
Shelliana Richard, Norwalk, CT, Major: EDU
Sierra Andrews, Monroe, CT, Major: EME
Simone Sheats, Hamden, CT, Major: EDU
Sonia Teixeira, Shelton, CT, Major: EDU
Stephanie Mazo, Bridgeport, CT, Major: EDU
Sydney Caccamo, Farmington, CT, Major: SED
Sydney Gigliotti, Wolcott, CT, Major: SED
Synthia Saulnier, Milford, CT, Major: SED
Tamesha Carr, New Haven, CT, Major: EDU
Tania Jimenez, Waterbury, CT, Major: EDU
Tania Johnson, East Hartford, CT, Major: EDU
Taylor Bova, Orange, CT, Major: EDU
Tehya Sweeney, Ridgefield, CT, Major: EDU
Timothy Kanaley, Sayville, NY, Major: EDU
Valerie Vasquez, Waterbury, CT, Major: EDU
Viktoria Notholt, Milford, CT, Major: EDU
William Steinbrick, Orange, CT, Major: EDU
Zehra Guven, New Haven, CT, Major: EDU
Zoie Rinaldi, Morris, CT, Major: SED


Aaliyah Anthony, New Britain, CT, Major: NUR
Aaliyah Heyward-Scott, Branford, CT, Major: SWK
Aaron Kaszas, Cheshire, CT, Major: CMD
Abigail Ashbey, Waterford, CT, Major: CMD
Abigail Karabeinikoff, Meriden, CT, Major: SWK
Abigail Kellerman, Fairfield, CT, Major: HLS
Adrian Haughton, New Haven, CT, Major: EXS
Aidoneé Blackstock, New Britain, CT, Major: HLS
Ailis Wargin, New Fairfield, CT, Major: NUR
Aleksandra Sandomierz, Stamford, CT, Major: CMD
Alex Cooke, Danbury, CT, Major: SMT
Alexa Catania, Durham, CT, Major: NUR
Alexa Corsa, Milford, CT, Major: HLS
Alexa Farkash, Northford, CT, Major: SWK
Alexa Kellner, Stamford, CT, Major: EXS
Alexander Bohen, New Haven, CT, Major: NUR
Alexandra Hidalgo, East Haven, CT, Major: SWK
Alexia Alexander, Walden, NY, Major: HLS
Alexis Lopez, Monroe, CT, Major: HLS
Alexis Scott, Pawcatuck, CT, Major: ATH
Alexis Trovarelli, Stratford, CT, Major: HLS
Aleysia Watson, New Haven, CT, Major: REC
Alisa Boutsady, East Hartford, CT, Major: HLS
Alisa Delaney, Stratford, CT, Major: REC
Allie Warinsky, Mansfield Center, CT, Major: HLS
Allison Dube, Middletown, CT, Major: NUR
Allison Essig, Ellington, CT, Major: HLS
Allison Perrault, New Milford, CT, Major: SWK
Alycia Calabrese, Plymouth, CT, Major: NUR
Alyson Wentzell, Wallingford, CT, Major: CMD
Alyssa Barletta, North Haven, CT, Major: NUR
Alyssa Caldarella, North Haven, CT, Major: CMD
Alyssa Lukeski, Prospect, CT, Major: CMD
Alyssa Marin, Bristol, CT, Major: PCH
Amanda Bernardo, Prospect, CT, Major: SWK
Amanda Cusumano, Trumbull, CT, Major: NUR
Amanda Dejlitko, West Haven, CT, Major: SWK
Amanda Lacroix, Hamden, CT, Major: NUR
Amanda Potvin, Durham, CT, Major: CMD
Amanda Wallace, Seymour, CT, Major: CMD
Amaya Faust, East Hartford, CT, Major: SWK
Amber Deluca, Ivoryton, CT, Major: NUR
Amber Drobnak, East Haven, CT, Major: SWK
Amber Lucatino, Southbury, CT, Major: NUR
Amoy Austin, Bridgeport, CT, Major: HLS
Ana Torres Cervantes, Meriden, CT, Major: SWK
Andrea Barzola, Newington, CT, Major: NUR
Andrea Grzedzinski, East Haven, CT, Major: CMD
Andrea Mastroianni, North Branford, CT, Major: ESP
Andrew Horobin, Wallingford, CT, Major: NUR
Andrew Huston, New Haven, CT, Major: CMD
Andriy Grynyk, Newington, CT, Major: NUR
Ang Herrera, Waterbury, CT, Major: SWK
Angela Broadway, Wallingford, CT, Major: NUR
Angela Corsino, Bristol, CT, Major: PCH
Angela Urena, New Haven, CT, Major: SWK
Angelica Herrera, Waterbury, CT, Major: SWK
Angie Louis, West Haven, CT, Major: EXS
Anjali Rampersaud, Waterbury, CT, Major: HLS
Anna Cenzalli, East Falmouth, MA, Major: REC
Anna Hunter, Waterford, CT, Major: NUR
Annie Ricupero, Uncasville, CT, Major: PCH
Anson Wang, New Haven, CT, Major: EXS
Anthony Esposito, Wallingford, CT, Major: EXS
Anthony Ligi, Wolcott, CT, Major: EXS
Antione Connor, Hamden, CT, Major: CMD
Antoinette Higgins, Branford, CT, Major: NUR
Anuj Khadka, Branford, CT, Major: HLS
Anya Celmer, West Haven, CT, Major: SMT
April Hackenson, Upton, MA, Major: REC
Areina Ransom, East Hartford, CT, Major: ESP
Ari Rivera, New Haven, CT, Major: SWK
Ariana Oeung, New Haven, CT, Major: HLS
Arielle Segal-Gould, Hamden, CT, Major: SWK
Aschlyn Dawson, Terryville, CT, Major: NUR
Ashleigh Fusco, torrington, CT, Major: SWK
Ashley Barry, Southington, CT, Major: CMD
Ashley Burkell, Wethersfield, CT, Major: PCH
Ashley Cisneros, West Haven, CT, Major: HLS
Ashley Coleman, Farmington, CT, Major: HLS
Ashley Landry, Bristol, CT, Major: SWK
Ashley Munoz, Southington, CT, Major: HLS
Ashley Sloan, Maywood, NJ, Major: SMT
Ashley Vogt, Deep River, CT, Major: HLS
Audra Etes, Guilford, CT, Major: SWK
Autumn Cipriano, Wolcott, CT, Major: CMD
Autumn Thomas, West Haven, CT, Major: SWK
Ava Blashke, Stratford, CT, Major: SWK
Ava Calabrese, Watertown, CT, Major: CMD
Ava Fernand, New Fairfield, CT, Major: CMD
Basima Karzoun, Milford, CT, Major: PCH
Begotty Laroche, Manchester, CT, Major: EXS
Bella Lanata, Glastonbury, CT, Major: EXS
Ben Jesulaitis, Ansonia, CT, Major: CMD
Benjamin Eichman, Merrimack, NH, Major: PCH
Benjamin Godlewski, Unionville, CT, Major: PCH
Berrit Ilunga, Naugatuck, CT, Major: HLS
Beverly Rodriguez, New Haven, CT, Major: HLS
Blake Greer, Kittery, ME, Major: HLS
Bobby Turner, East Hartford, CT, Major: SWK
Breanna Rinaldi, Wolcott, CT, Major: HLS
Bria Cave, West Haven, CT, Major: NUR
Brian Kennedy, West Haven, CT, Major: SWK
Briana Corbin, Bristol, CT, Major: EXS
Briana Grecco, Thomaston, CT, Major: NUR
Briana Salemme, Shelton, CT, Major: HLS
Brianna Caffrey, Danielson, CT, Major: HLS
Brianna Lenotti, Milford, CT, Major: SWK
Brianna Shaw, Branford, CT, Major: REC
Brianna Vallejo, Prospect, CT, Major: EXS
Brianna Whitlock, West Haven, CT, Major: SWK
Brithney Abad, North Haven, CT, Major: HSC
Brittney Hernandez, East Haven, CT, Major: NUR
Brittney Lamar, Waterbury, CT, Major: CMD
Brooke Smith, Naugatuck, CT, Major: CMD
Caitlin Curran, Harwinton, CT, Major: HLS
Caitlin Foothorap, Shelton, CT, Major: CMD
Cameron Wong, Wethersfield, CT, Major: HLS
Camille Deguzman, Norwalk, CT, Major: SWK
Cara Baker, Torrington, CT, Major: NUR
Caraline Mee, Milford, CT, Major: CMD
Carla Alexander, Trumbull, CT, Major: CMD
Carlos Vargas, Branford, CT, Major: HLS
Carly Douglas, Ansonia, CT, Major: HLS
Carmen Felo, Groton, CT, Major: NUR
Carmen Jacobson, New London, CT, Major: SWK
Carol Peckham, Wethersfield, CT, Major: NUR
Carrie Werning, Wilton, CT, Major: ESP
Cassidy Girolamo, Newington, CT, Major: EXS
Catherine Pietrafesa, Burlington, CT, Major: NUR
Cawidminda Felix, Norwich, CT, Major: HLS
Cecilia Rivas, Bridgeport, CT, Major: PCH
Chad Fedeli, Monroe, CT, Major: ESP
Chanel Bonsu, East Hartford, CT, Major: PCH
Chelsea DellaRocca, North Branford, CT, Major: NUR
Chelsea Morin, Broad Brook, CT, Major: NUR
Cherise Trout, Windsor, CT, Major: HSC
Chloe Stancuna, Wallingford, CT, Major: NUR
Christian Silvernale, New Haven, CT, Major: PCH
Christianne Delda, Woodbridge, CT, Major: NUR
Ciara Fradette, stratford, CT, Major: HLS
Ciera Youmell, Hinsdale, NH, Major: SWK
Claudia Marin, Trumbull, CT, Major: SWK
Clayton Roberts, Meriden, CA, Major: SWK
Codi Sealund, Bridgeport, CT, Major: PCH
Cole Kabel, Monroe, CT, Major: EXS
Corinne Sadinsky, Woodbridge, CT, Major: ATH
Daisy Green, Milford, CT, Major: HLS
Daniela Labrador, Stamford, CT, Major: NUR
Danielle Alves, Waterbury, CT, Major: HLS
Danielle Gonzalez, Meriden, CT, Major: PCH
Danielle Ocasio, Trumbull, CT, Major: HLS
Danielle Ott, Guilford, CT, Major: CMD
Danika Wagener, Bethel, CT, Major: NUR
David Hernandez, East Haven, CT, Major: NUR
Dayana Lituma-Solis, New Haven, CT, Major: CMD
Daylichelle Rivera, Waterbury, CT, Major: HLS
Delaney Fields, Denver, CO, Major: ESP
Delaney Franzen, Trumbull, CT, Major: CMD
Destine Samedy, Hamden, CT, Major: HLS
Destini Montgomery, Waterbury, CT, Major: REC
Destiny Ortiz, Manchester, CT, Major: SWK
Diana Garcia, Meriden, CT, Major: SWK
Diana Meneses, Durham, CT, Major: SWK
Dina Tunon, West Haven, CT, Major: CMD
Doishellys Rodriguez, New Haven, CT, Major: HLS
Donnie Higgins, Branford, CT, Major: NUR
Dorian Kruczek, New Hartford, CT, Major: NUR
Drew Dossias, Bristol, CT, Major: HLS
Drew Rousseau, Glastonbury, CT, Major: SMT
Dylan Riedl, Oakville, CT, Major: EXS
Eirenie Athanasoulis, Newtown, CT, Major: NUR
Eleanor Casner, Cheshire, CT, Major: CMD
Eleanor Duva, West Hartford, CT, Major: CMD
Eleni Totonis, Glastonbury, CT, Major: HLS
Elizabeth Dipiero, Enfield, CT, Major: NUR
Elizabeth Villano, North Haven, CT, Major: CMD
Elizabeth Zeilik, Milford, CT, Major: SWK
Ella White, Gurnee, IL, Major: EXS
Emani Stewart, Bristol, CT, Major: HLS
Emily Aguirre, New Haven, CT, Major: HLS
Emily Balasco, Seekonk, MA, Major: EXS
Emily Cole, Northford, CT, Major: HLS
Emily Gibbs, North Haven, CT, Major: REC
Emily Letourneau, Guilford, CT, Major: REC
Emily Morey, Milford, CT, Major: SWK
Emily Nadile, Southington, CT, Major: CMD
Emily Ocasio, Trumbull, CT, Major: NUR
Emily Sasseville, Vernon Rockville, CT, Major: REC
Emily Thompson, New Milford, CT, Major: NUR
Emily Wisniewski, Waterbury, CT, Major: EXS
Emily Ziemba, Wallingford, CT, Major: SWK
Emily Rose Ryan, Bristol, CT, Major: CMD
Emma Fain, Ledyard, CT, Major: SWK
Emma Korman, Stamford, CT, Major: CMD
Emma Lockwood, Southington, CT, Major: SWK
Emma Mcmurray, Middletown, CT, Major: ESP
Emma Piatek, Rockfall, CT, Major: PCH
Emma Riebe, Newtown, CT, Major: SWK
Emmanuel Forson, West Haven, CT, Major: HLS
Envy Solis, Waterbury, CT, Major: SWK
Eric Figueiredo Garcia, New Fairfield, CT, Major: SMT
Erin Hourihan, Rocky Hill, CT, Major: NUR
Erin McManus, Bristol, CT, Major: SWK
Eunice Kim, Shelton, CT, Major: CMD
Evauna Matejek, Bethany, CT, Major: HLS
Evelin Gonzalez, Norwalk, CT, Major: HLS
Faith Mancarella, Durham, CT, Major: NUR
Fatou Muteba, Bridgeport, CT, Major: NUR
Fausto Rivadeneira, Westbrook, CT, Major: HLS
Felicia Laguerre, Attleboro, MA, Major: NUR
Gabriella Caruso, Orange, CT, Major: PED
Gabriella Gaytan, Norwalk, CT, Major: HLS
Gabrielle Giaquinto, West Haven, CT, Major: NUR
Gemma Sherman, Waterford, CT, Major: HLS
Georgia Gray, Ellington, CT, Major: HLS
Gianna Rapuano, Wallingford, CT, Major: CMD
Gianna Spino, Hamden, CT, Major: SMT
Gifty Asante, Manchester, CT, Major: PCH
Glorybel Soto, Waterbury, CT, Major: NUR
Gozde Citlak, New Haven, CT, Major: HLS
Grace Beckley, Wallingford, CT, Major: CMD
Grace Gilbert, Old Lyme, CT, Major: HLS
Gracie Marsh, Greenwood, IN, Major: NUR
Greta Brunello, Norwalk, CT, Major: EXS
Gulbahar Erkmen, West Haven, CT, Major: HSC
Gunnar Poulimas, Orange, CT, Major: EXS
Hailey Smith, Stratford, CT, Major: HLS
Haille Cash, Thomaston, CT, Major: NUR
Haley Doll, Rocky Hill, CT, Major: CMD
Haley Manning, Lebanon, CT, Major: HLS
Hallie Granoth, Cheshire, CT, Major: SWK
Hanane Lagrane, West Haven, CT, Major: SWK
Hannah Aforismo, Newington, CT, Major: SWK
Hannah Augur, Northford, CT, Major: HLS
Hannah Bowen, Enfield, CT, Major: SWK
Hannah Coppola, West Haven, CT, Major: SWK
Hannah Ives, Brooklyn, CT, Major: NUR
Hannah Melendez, Hamden, CT, Major: EXS
Hazel Kurak, New Haven, CT, Major: HLS
Heather Edwards, East Hampton, CT, Major: HLS
Heylee Purcell, Monroe, CT, Major: SWK
Hunter Race, East Lyme, CT, Major: HSC
Ian Puebla, Fairfield, CT, Major: SMT
Imaan Jabarkhail, Madison, CT, Major: NUR
Isabel Cortez, Milford, CT, Major: SWK
Isabel Lopez, Norwalk, CT, Major: HLS
Isabella Garvey, Southington, CT, Major: HLS
Isabella Scandura, Wethersfield, CT, Major: NUR
Ishara Mufungizi, New Haven, CT, Major: HLS
Izabella Mott, Northford, CT, Major: HLS
Izadorha Cayo, Weston, CT, Major: SWK
Jacia Oquendo, Manchester, CT, Major: HLS
Jack Drewry, Wolcott, CT, Major: HLS
Jack Oltran, Newtown, CT, Major: HLS
Jackson Ostrowsky, Mount Pleasant, MI, Major: SMT
Jacob Gran, Southbury, CT, Major: SMT
Jacqueline Salgado, New Haven, CT, Major: HLS
Jacqulynn Espinet, Torrington, CT, Major: PCH
Jada Jeffrey, Oakville, CT, Major: CMD
Jade Longo, Bristol, CT, Major: CMD
Jafiah Edwards, Ann Arbor, MI, Major: PCH
Jake Rivera, Branford, CT, Major: NUR
James Barra, North Haven, CT, Major: PCH
James Falvey, West Hartford, CT, Major: ATH
James Heuschkel, New Hartford, CT, Major: NUR
James Magson, Hamden, CT, Major: ESP
James Manzo, North Haven, CT, Major: EXS
James Michaud, Wallingford, CT, Major: REC
James Sirot, North Haven, CT, Major: SWK
Jamie Allen, Hartford, MI, Major: SMT
Jamie Shipman, Killingworth, CT, Major: SWK
Jamie Slubowski, Northford, CT, Major: HLS
Janaya Edwards, New Haven, CT, Major: HLS
Jane Marlor, Bethany, CT, Major: CMD
Jane Sherman, Mystic, CT, Major: EXS
Jared Signore, North Haven, CT, Major: SMT
Jared Smith, Orange, CT, Major: EXS
Jason Sawicki, West Haven, CT, Major: ESP
Jay Boynton, Bethany, CT, Major: NUR
Jeanie Dunleavy, Wallingford, CT, Major: SWK
Jeffery Glazier, Wallingford, CT, Major: SWK
Jeffrey Varesio, Prospect, CT, Major: NUR
Jen Ng, Fairfield, CT, Major: HLS
Jenna Deraborne, North Haven, CT, Major: SWK
Jenna Papallo, Meriden, CT, Major: NUR
Jenna Papandrea, Colchester, CT, Major: NUR
Jenna Swort, Trumbull, CT, Major: CMD
Jennifer Adorno, Bridgeport, CT, Major: HLS
Jennifer Brubacher, North Haven, CT, Major: SWK
Jennifer Chernin, Waterbury, CT, Major: NUR
Jennifer Laneville, Bethlehem, CT, Major: ESP
Jennifer Martinez, Bridgeport, CT, Major: CMD
Jennyfer Jarrin, New Haven, CT, Major: HSC
Jeremiah Smith, Milford, CT, Major: HLS
Jesmar Suarez, Stamford, CT, Major: SWK
Jesseca Simpson, White Plains, NY, Major: PCH
Jessica Cunningham, Suffield, CT, Major: PCH
Jessica Garbinski, Clinton, CT, Major: HLS
Jessica Komacki, Naugatuck, CT, Major: CMD
Jessica Laverty, Burlington, CT, Major: NUR
Jessica Lopes, Shelton, CT, Major: HLS
Jessica Perley, Shelton, CT, Major: HLS
Jessica Perucki, West Milford, NJ, Major: EXS
Jewell Quashie, Stratford, CT, Major: SWK
Jhoan Palacio, Norwalk, CT, Major: ESP
Jillian Elliott, North Haven, CT, Major: SWK
Jing Wang, Orange, CT, Major: NUR
JJ Gargano, North Branford, CT, Major: SMT
Jocelyn Benitez, Seymour, CT, Major: HLS
Jodi Steeves, Wallingford, CT, Major: SWK
Johmayrys Aular, Waterbury, CT, Major: SWK
John Guaraca Llivicura, West Haven, CT, Major: PCH
Johnna Coleman, Windsor, CT, Major: HLS
Jonathan Curtin, Pawcatuck, CT, Major: HLS
Joneal Scott, Waterbury, CT, Major: HSC
Jordan Parsons, Fairfield, CT, Major: NUR
Jordan Peloquin, Greenville, RI, Major: EXS
Jordan Welch, East Hampton, CT, Major: EXS
Jordyn Franco, Guilford, CT, Major: EXS
Josegardine Beaucejour, Wallingford, CT, Major: HLS
Joseph Tang, Wallingford, CT, Major: NUR
Joseph Veselak, Hamden, CT, Major: HLS
Joshua Ackerler, Lake Grove, NY, Major: PED
Joshua Chandler, West Hartford, CT, Major: SWK
Joshua Huebner, Milford, CT, Major: EXS
Joshua Wettemann, Guilford, CT, Major: ESP
Joslyn DePina, Trumbull, CT, Major: EXS
Juan Zeceña, Stamford, CT, Major: EXS
Juli Torres-Parra, Brigeport, CT, Major: NUR
Julia Conti, Greenwich, CT, Major: NUR
Julia Jenkins, Chester, CT, Major: CMD
Julia Schaff, Groton, MA, Major: CMD
Julian Mangual, Waterbury, CT, Major: HLS
Juliana Pinto, New Haven, CT, Major: HSC
Julie Golebiewski, Old Lyme, CT, Major: PCH
Juwan Torres, Meriden, CT, Major: HLS
Kadian Morgan, Stratford, CT, Major: HLS
Kaitlyn D’amico, Middletown, CT, Major: HLS
Kaitlynn Cooke, West Haven, CT, Major: NUR
Karen Cortezano-Garcia, Wallingford, CT, Major: CMD
Karla Pena, Waterbury, CT, Major: SWK
Kat Kowal, Granby, CT, Major: SWK
Katarina Viniczay, Wallingford, CT, Major: CMD
Katharine Hunsberger, New Haven, CT, Major: NUR
Katherine Heer, East Haven, CT, Major: CMD
Katherine Rodriguez, Waterbury, CT, Major: SWK
Kathleen Attolino, Milford, CT, Major: SWK
Katie Gaccione, North Stonington, CT, Major: NUR
Katie Pelletier, Waterbury, CT, Major: CMD
Katrina Corbeil, Groton, CT, Major: HLS
Kayla Benjamin, Springfield, MA, Major: SWK
Kayla Britton, Woodbridge, CT, Major: HLS
Kayla Gambardella, Wallingford, CT, Major: HLS
Kayla Jurzyk, Milford, CT, Major: NUR
Kaylianna Bryant, Wallingford, CT, Major: PCH
Keith Murphy, Stratford, CT, Major: EXS
Kelli Krofssik, Hamden, CT, Major: CMD
Kelly Hurd, Shelton, CT, Major: PED
Kendra Bucci, Sandy Hook, CT, Major: ESP
Kenisha Villanueva, New Britain, CT, Major: CMD
Kenneth Corichi-Irizarry, East Haven, CT, Major: EXS
Keriany Otero, New Haven, CT, Major: CMD
Kevin Reilly, Southbury, CT, Major: NUR
Kiara Matias, New Britain, CT, Major: HLS
Kiefer Rodriguez, Woodbridge, CT, Major: SWK
Kieyshona Taylor, Hamden, CT, Major: PCH
Kim Fontanilla, Greenwich, CT, Major: EXS
Korinn Chelednik, Waterbury, CT, Major: HLS
Kourtney Costello, Dedham, MA, Major: REC
Krista Powell, Wallingford, CT, Major: CMD
Kristen Marcano, New Haven, CT, Major: SWK
Krystin Brady, North Branford, CT, Major: NUR
Kyla Farrell, Litchfield, CT, Major: HLS
Kyla Houston, Wallingford, CT, Major: PCH
Kyle Menta, Prospect, CT, Major: EXS
Kylie Carino, Milford, CT, Major: CMD
Laura Bellemare, Bristol, CT, Major: NUR
Laura Cruz, Meriden, CT, Major: HLS
Laura Moncada, Meriden, CT, Major: SWK
Lauren Borsavage, New Milford, CT, Major: ATH
Lauren Pfannenbecker, East Haven, CT, Major: NUR
Lauren Podany, Shelton, CT, Major: NUR
Lauren Ross, Uncasville, CT, Major: EXS
Lauren Stearns, Cheshire, CT, Major: CMD
Lauren Young, Farmington, CT, Major: HLS
Leah Burby, New Haven, CT, Major: SWK
Leah Karaban, Wallingford, CT, Major: CMD
Leah Olmstead, Wolcott, CT, Major: HLS
Leonard Gabriel, New Haven, CT, Major: NUR
Lexi Macdonald, West Haven, CT, Major: SWK
Lianne Iassogna, Trumbull, CT, Major: EXS
Lilian Homann, New Haven, CT, Major: NUR
Lilly Macfadyen, newington, CT, Major: HLS
Lily Ferranti, New Haven, CT, Major: CMD
Lily Heidgerd, Southington, CT, Major: REC
Linda Chen, North Haven, CT, Major: NUR
Lindsay Carloni, Orange, CT, Major: HLS
Lindsay Mclean, Hamden, CT, Major: SWK
Lindsay Roman, Bridgeport, CT, Major: CMD
Lindsey D’Andrea, Litchfield, CT, Major: EXS
Lisa Cormier, New Haven, CT, Major: SWK
Lisbeth Barboto Alvarado, Stratford, CT, Major: NUR
Liz Derosa, Hudson, NH, Major: EXS
Logan Flanigan, Derby, CT, Major: HLS
Louis Cavaliere, North Haven, CT, Major: NUR
Lucas Perez, Cos Cob, CT, Major: ESP
Luis Alvarez, West Haven, CT, Major: HLS
Luis Vazquez, New Haven, CT, Major: EXS
Lydia Cooper, Orange, CT, Major: CMD
Lyron Bennett, Roslindale, MA, Major: SMT
Macey Dicarlo, North Haven, CT, Major: CMD
Mackenzie Hays, Hamden, CT, Major: NUR
Mackenzie Melvin, New Haven, CT, Major: NUR
Madeline Baldwick, New Milford, CT, Major: SWK
Madeline Nazario, Branford, CT, Major: CMD
Madeline Sweeney, Cherry Hill, NJ, Major: HLS
Madison Gregory, Danbury, CT, Major: SMT
Madison Jura, Wallingford, CT, Major: CMD
Madison Lawley, Bristol, CT, Major: SWK
Madison Miceli, Colchester, CT, Major: CMD
Madison Sosa, Milford, CT, Major: CMD
Madison Whalen, Wallingford, CT, Major: ATH
Maelan Dziedzic, Siloam Springs, AR, Major: HLS
Maeve Kennelly, Prospect, CT, Major: SWK
Maggie Mahoney, Clinton, CT, Major: HLS
Maggie Yeh, West Haven, CT, Major: NUR
Makaila Vasquez-Steele, West Hartford, CT, Major: HLS
Makana Michaud, Hamden, CT, Major: CMD
Malisa Khamphouy, North Haven, CT, Major: CMD
Malisa Phaykoo, Waterbury, CT, Major: HLS
Marcel Walker, Piscataway, NJ, Major: SMT
Marcella Hundt, Shelton, CT, Major: NUR
Marcin Rozanski, Chicopee, MA, Major: NUR
Marcos Torres, Torrington, CT, Major: HSC
Mariah Mcbride, Enfield, CT, Major: SMT
Marian Chelsea Barcial, Oakville, CT, Major: NUR
Marina Callahan, Milford, CT, Major: HLS
Marisa Fahy, Berlin, CT, Major: NUR
Marisa Howard, Ledyard, CT, Major: NUR
Marissa Mastroianni, Southington, CT, Major: SWK
Marissa Qualich, Uncasville, CT, Major: CMD
Marwa Abdelati, West Haven, CT, Major: HLS
Marwa Sarwari, Ansonia, CT, Major: PCH
Mary Beames, Guilford, CT, Major: EXS
Mary Charlebois, New Haven, CT, Major: NUR
Mary Mccormack, Waterbury, CT, Major: CMD
Marybeth Nwagboli, Branford, CT, Major: HLS
Mason Capozza, Derby, CT, Major: REC
Mathew Kolashuk, Oakdale, CT, Major: EXS
Matilda Odozi, Hamden, CT, Major: HLS
Matthew Brevard, Danbury, CT, Major: EXS
Matthew Diurno, Norwalk, CT, Major: SMT
Matthew Haley, East Haven, CT, Major: SWK
Matthew Hampton, Woodbury, CT, Major: EXS
Matthew Zelanin, Shelton, CT, Major: EXS
Max Naranjo, Bristol, CT, Major: NUR
Mckenna Cronin, Prospect, CT, Major: HLS
McLaine Rutan, Deep River, CT, Major: CMD
Meagan Giwoyna, Groton, CT, Major: HLS
Medina Duracak, Wallingford, CT, Major: CMD
Meg Christoforo, North Haven, CT, Major: CMD
Megan Dombrowski, Lynchburg, VA, Major: ATH
Megan Koscinski, Meriden, CT, Major: NUR
Megan Mercer, Danbury, CT, Major: CMD
Megan Perreault, Wolcott, CT, Major: HLS
Megan Tallberg, Derby, CT, Major: NUR
Megan Yale, Middlefield, CT, Major: SWK
Melissa Fernandez-Castillo, Meriden, CT, Major: HLS
Melquicedex Hernandez, Waterbury, CT, Major: NUR
Michael Keating, Waterbury, CT, Major: CMD
Michael Morena, Massapequa, NY, Major: REC
Michael Mozzicato, Wethersfield, CT, Major: SMT
Michele Lorraine, Glastonbury, CT, Major: CMD
Michelle Jobes, South Windsor, CT, Major: CMD
Michelle Pomeroy, Guilford, CT, Major: CMD
Mikayla Bruton, Deep River, CT, Major: HLS
Mikenzy Golebiewski, Cheshire, CT, Major: CMD
Miranda Juan, Bridgeport, CT, Major: HLS
Molly Wright, Plantsville, CT, Major: NUR
Monique Cloutier, East Hampton, CT, Major: SWK
Monique Szabo, Southington, CT, Major: EXS
Morgan Duling, Southington, CT, Major: CMD
Morgan Fernald, Guilford, CT, Major: NUR
Morgan Frenette, Bristol, CT, Major: CMD
Mouna Kafel, Branford, CT, Major: HLS
Nacham Miranda, Cromwell, CT, Major: CMD
Nadia-Maria Roshenets, Fairfield, CT, Major: CMD
Naissie Dumarsais, Stamford, CT, Major: HLS
Najow Alomran, Hamden, CT, Major: PCH
Natalee Giacondino, Wallingford, CT, Major: CMD
Natalia Adamczyk, Southington, CT, Major: HLS
Natalie Arneson, Cheshire, CT, Major: CMD
Natalie Vetto, Cheshire, CT, Major: CMD
Natassija Sinclair, Windsor, CT, Major: CMD
Neka Nwagboli, Branford, CT, Major: PCH
Nevan Burke, Greenwich, CT, Major: HLS
Nicholas Foell, Milford, CT, Major: EXS
Nicholas Kraszewski, East Haven, CT, Major: HSC
Nicholas Vollero, West Haven, CT, Major: NUR
Nicholle Denault, West Hartford, CT, Major: CMD
Nicole Alvarez, Brookfield, CT, Major: SWK
Nicole Baral, Bristol, CT, Major: REC
Nicole Dunn, Fairfield, CT, Major: EXS
Nicole Fawell, New Haven, CT, Major: NUR
Nicole Galindo, Niantic, CT, Major: PCH
Nicole Lara, Bridgeport, CT, Major: SWK
Nicole Richards, Stratford, CT, Major: EXS
Nicole Rizzo, Derby, CT, Major: CMD
Nicole Sablian, New Milford, CT, Major: CMD
Nicoya Benham-Marin, Wethersfield, CT, Major: NUR
Nina Santella, Fairfield, CT, Major: HLS
Noah Luby, Manchester, CT, Major: NUR
Noel Diaz, Danbury, CT, Major: SMT
Noely Macias, Fitchburg, MA, Major: EXS
Nolan Scott, Branford, CT, Major: ATH
Noor Khalid, Orange, CT, Major: REC
Nytoni Jones, Waterbury, CT, Major: HLS
Olivia Collins, Monroe, CT, Major: HLS
Olivia Courtemanche, Wallingford, CT, Major: CMD
Olivia Czachor, Ansonia, CT, Major: SWK
Olivia Osterberg, Trumbull, CT, Major: CMD
Olivia Pineau, Shelton, CT, Major: CMD
Paige Bullock, Orange, CT, Major: PCH
Paige Tetro, Enfield, CT, Major: REC
Patricia Conroy, Staten Island, NY, Major: CMD
Patricia Sawicki, New Haven, CT, Major: NUR
Patrick Wakefield, Amston, CT, Major: SMT
Paula Marte, Groton, CT, Major: SWK
Paulina Ferraro, Guilford, CT, Major: HLS
Paulina Serafin, Bristol, CT, Major: CMD
Pauline Dianne Makinano, Derby, CT, Major: NUR
Pee-Bessa Ekpede, East Haven, CT, Major: SWK
Peter Grant, Trumbull, CT, Major: PCH
Peter Olson, Shelton, CT, Major: NUR
Princess Frimpong, East Hartford, CT, Major: HLS
Qristopher Johnson, New Haven, CT, Major: PCH
Quintee Garrett, Bloomfield, CT, Major: SWK
Rachael Iverson, Ellington, CT, Major: CMD
Rachael Pollier, Charlton, MA, Major: NUR
Rachel Fleischer, Oxford, CT, Major: EXS
Rachel Nagy, Trumbull, CT, Major: SWK
Rachel Wojtkiewicz, North Franklin, CT, Major: SWK
Raffaele Vescio, Norwalk, CT, Major: PED
Raquel Robinson, Ridgefield, CT, Major: HLS
Rashawna Brown, Bridgeport, CT, Major: SWK
Rassica Bakane, Milford, CT, Major: HLS
Rebecca Barrett, Easton, CT, Major: CMD
Rebekah Heiland, West Haven, CT, Major: NUR
Reem Abdel-Hack, Shelton, CT, Major: HLS
Rehema Mtawali, Manchester, CT, Major: HLS
Reynaliz Vargas, East Hartford, CT, Major: NUR
Robert Noel, Stratford, CT, Major: REC
Robert Nunez, Valley Stream, NY, Major: ESP
Robert Wehmhoff, Westport, CT, Major: REC
Roberto Balado, Milford, CT, Major: EXS
Rocco Samoker, Derby, CT, Major: EXS
Rocio Martinez, Derby, CT, Major: SWK
Rodnesha Patterson, North Haven, CT, Major: NUR
Rohit Thapa, Branford, CT, Major: PCH
Rossella Graniero, Wappingers Falls, NY, Major: EXS
Ruth Louis, Bridgeport, CT, Major: PCH
Ryan Lajoie, Norwalk, CT, Major: EXS
Ryan Slesinski, Plantsville, CT, Major: HLS
Sabrina Mone, Northford, CT, Major: SWK
Sam Gontarz, Wallingford, CT, Major: CMD
Samantha Bryant, Wasilla, AK, Major: ESP
Samantha Falango, Hamden, CT, Major: SWK
Samantha Kaufman, Oxford, CT, Major: NUR
Samantha Klapproth, Stafford Springs, CT, Major: HLS
Samantha Plasky, Prospect, CT, Major: HLS
Samantha Widomski, Shelton, CT, Major: CMD
Sammi Huang, Uncasville, CT, Major: HLS
Sara Bernal-Garcia, Madison, CT, Major: HLS
Sarafinah Kolaski, Barrington, RI, Major: REC
Sarah Brown, Seymour, CT, Major: HLS
Sarah Garvan, Shelton, CT, Major: NUR
Sarah Gutman, Hamden, CT, Major: EXS
Sarah Salvati, Cheshire, CT, Major: NUR
Sarah Velez, branford, CT, Major: CMD
Satori Mcdermott, Cromwell, CT, Major: HLS
Sawyer Mcewen, Cheshire, CT, Major: ESP
Sean Selander, Wallingford, CT, Major: HLS
Selah Casey, Preston, CT, Major: CMD
Serena Arduini, Woodbridge, CT, Major: NUR
Serena Jagernauth, Waterbury, CT, Major: HLS
Sergey Castelot, Oxford, CT, Major: EXS
Seth Papay, Weston, CT, Major: HLS
Shanica Rochester, Bridgeport, CT, Major: SWK
Shannon Farrell, Chipping Norton, NSW, , Major: ESP
Shelby Segala, Fairfield, CT, Major: REC
Sheyenne Sinicrope, Meriden, CT, Major: NUR
Shua Kim, Woodbridge, CT, Major: PCH
Sierra Penner, Cheshire, CT, Major: NUR
Sofia Brindisi, North Branford, CT, Major: SWK
Sophia Kaiser, Norwich, CT, Major: HSC
Sophia Tuozzoli, Bridgeport, CT, Major: SWK
Sophie Kurtz, Cheshire, CT, Major: HSC
Sophie Marcella, Windsor Locks, CT, Major: HLS
Stacy Foster, Milford, CT, Major: SWK
Stefania Pena Pineda, Waterbury, CT, Major: REC
Steffan Calderon-Mayette, Southington, CT, Major: SMT
Stephanie Marquez, East Hartford, CT, Major: SMT
Stephanie Poulin, Terryville, CT, Major: NUR
Stephanie Seymour, North Branford, CT, Major: NUR
Suhanee Patel, Berlin, CT, Major: NUR
Sydney Benoit, Thomaston, CT, Major: HLS
Sydney French, oxford, CT, Major: HLS
Tabatha Novoa, Cromwell, CT, Major: NUR
Talya Eriksen, Middletown, CT, Major: CMD
Tami Stanford, Hamden, CT, Major: HLS
Tanya Emmerich, Old Lyme, CT, Major: SWK
Tatiana Gonzalez, Meriden, CT, Major: EXS
Tatiana Polanco, Meriden, CT, Major: CMD
Taylor Bowie, Bloomfield, CT, Major: HLS
Taylor Burkle, Guilford, CT, Major: CMD
Taylor Wyatt, Clinton, CT, Major: HLS
Theresa Anifori, Wallingford, CT, Major: CMD
Theresa Jarrett, Westport, CT, Major: SWK
Tia-Maria Pascarelli, Shelton, CT, Major: HLS
Tiajah Coles, Bridgeport, CT, Major: ESP
Tiara Mitchell, East Hartford, CT, Major: SWK
Tiffany Delia, Monroe, CT, Major: NUR
Tiffany McCormick, meriden, CT, Major: SWK
Tiffany Mendez, Bridgeport, CT, Major: CMD
Timera Hawthorne, Waterford, CT, Major: HLS
Tommy Co, Hamden, CT, Major: HLS
Tracy Nham, Waterbury, CT, Major: NUR
Tyeesha Williams, East Hartford, CT, Major: HLS
Uruj Khan, Trumbull, CT, Major: PCH
Valentina Hines, Ledyard, CT, Major: SWK
Valeria Rugerio, New Haven, CT, Major: CMD
Vanessa Lopez, Shelton, CT, Major: HLS
Vanessa Mangiafico, Litchfield, NH, Major: NUR
Vanessa Misurale, Stratford, CT, Major: HLS
Victoria Acampora, Woodbridge, CT, Major: EXS
Victoria Deluca, Killingworth, CT, Major: HLS
Victoria Denegre, North Branford, CT, Major: CMD
Victoria Major, Norwalk, CT, Major: HLS
Victoria Marino, Hamden, CT, Major: CMD
Vinnie Campagnuolo, North Haven, CT, Major: NUR
Vonsai Keth, East Haven, CT, Major: EXS
William Heilshorn, Wallingford, CT, Major: EXS
William Sullivan, Valley Cottage, NY, Major: SMT
William Von Brauchitsch, Fairfield, CT, Major: SMT
Wula Cham, Somers, CT, Major: HLS
Ximena Vega, Norwalk, CT, Major: SWK
Yarixa Santiago, Waterbury, CT, Major: PCH
Yezmin Crespo-Adorno, New Haven, CT, Major: NUR
Ying Lin, Hamden, CT, Major: NUR
Yolanda Gibson-Holland, New Haven, CT, Major: SWK
Yusra Shaban, Meriden, CT, Major: HSC
Yvonne Malone, Hamden, CT, Major: CMD
Zachary Alicea, Newington, CT, Major: HSC
Zachary Bukowski, New Haven, CT, Major: EXS
Zachary Caruso, Cos Cob, CT, Major: SMT
Zachary Healy, Enfield, CT, Major: NUR
Zachary Horobin, Wallingford, CT, Major: NUR
Zack Penn, New Hartford, CT, Major: SMT
Zainab Malik, Bristol, CT, Major: HLS
Zoe Morris, Rockfall, CT, Major: NUR


Amber Earl-Bracey, Bridgeport, CT, Major: GNS
Cassandra Bonilla, Bristol, CT, Major: GNS
Evelyn Folson-Bertrand, East Haven, CT, Major: GNS


Amanda Sherman, Shelton, CT
Anya Boyd, New London, CT
Ava Pulisciano, Cheshire, CT
Biance Troche, Waterbury, CT
Breanna Arce, Waterbury, CT
Brianna Serrano, Bridgeport, CT
Cassidy Silvernail, Trumbull, CT
Crispin Carr, Bridgeport, CT
Daniela Sevilla, Meriden, CT
Emily Cummings, West Haven, CT
Ernest Marsan, Milford, CT
Francis Lembo, Stratford, CT
Garrett Yocher, Orange, CT
Grace Andrade, Stratford, CT
Isabella Newbury, Moosup, CT
Jhobani Garcia, New Haven, CT
Joe Youn, Branford, CT
Jonathan Williams, Milford, CT
Jordan Davey, Norwalk, CT
Kevin Spencer, North Haven, CT
Lauren Merly, Bethany, CT
Marissa Fusco, Branford, CT
Mayra Ortiz Lopez, Waterbury, CT
Nicole Mcfarlane, Wethersfield, CT
Osaretin Osagie, Norwich, CT
Peter Gjuraj, Derby, CT
Ryan Soules, Mount Vernon, NY
Tarcy Castro, Fairfield, CT
Tyler Simeon, Norwalk, CT
Victoria Shimmield, Wallingford, CT

a young woman working on a laptop receives advice from a male mentor in a workplace

Last spring the School of Business kicked off IMPACT Greater New Haven, an innovative new internship program that pairs business students with local nonprofit organizations. This paid, for-credit internship program provides training and opportunities for students to develop professional skills and an appreciation for the importance of community engagement.

The Greater New Haven region is rich in culture and has a strong nonprofit base that works tirelessly to enrich the lives of its residents. Southern students have a strong commitment to giving back and are hungry for experiences to learn from local organizations.

Nonprofits rarely have the resources to offer paid internships and since Southern students work an average of 27 hours per week, they are often unable to fit unpaid internships into their schedules. IMPACT Greater New Haven program provides payment to these interns through the generosity of donors, which allows our students to learn in a real-world setting while giving back to the community at no cost to the nonprofit organization.

Students are placed in a 150-hour internship at a local nonprofit organization. This affords the students real-world business experience as they develop an appreciation for the important work done by nonprofits.

Current economics senior Maxwell Gaulin says about his current internship with the Greater New Haven Chamber of Commerce (GNHCC), “This internship has been a great opportunity to supplement my education at SCSU with real-world experience. I have gotten to see the economy that I have always been a part of from a different angle, which is invaluable. Through hands-on mentorship, I have been able to reach out to businesses in the area and see the challenges they are facing and help them overcome them.”

Maxwell Gaulin
Maxwell Gaulin

Anne Benowitz, Director of Economic Development at GNHCC says, “The Greater New Haven Chamber of Commerce and our Economic Development Initiative has had a fantastic experience with our SCSU Interns. The program is a huge benefit to the business community and a great way for students to get real life experience. SCSU’s Business School has provided two fantastic interns this semester and they have been engaging our business community, helping to understand each organization’s needs and bringing resources to support growth in the Region. Maxwell brings a great deal of knowledge, speed and professionalism to our efforts and has been a pleasure to have aboard. We love having SCSU students learn about economic development and how it intersects with so many different types of businesses.”

Diana Alcazar, a junior marketing student, says “Through the SCSU Business Success Center I have been given the opportunity to intern at Cornell Scott Hill Health Center. This has helped me apply the tools and skills learned in class to a ‘real world’ scenario. Working with Mrs. Esdaile-Bragg in the CSHHC Marketing Department has shown me how intricately the department is run. Her team is full of wonderful women who truly excel at what they do. I am so grateful to have chosen such a great school that has provided me with amazing opportunities!”

Diana Alcazar
Diana Alcazar

And Carlah Esdaile-Bragg, ‘81, director of marketing and community relations at Cornell Scott-Hill Health Center, says, “Working with Diana has been an amazing experience for us. I am so very impressed with her and my staff feel the same way. We have given her assignments each week of increasing significance and skill. She has written and recorded a radio commercial and successfully updated a complex advertisement schedule among other duties. She has done exceptionally well. As a result, I have recommended her for an employment opportunity upon graduation.”

Business students or local nonprofit organizations interested in hearing more about the IMPACT Greater New Haven internship program can contact Patty Conte at

Dr. Samuel Andoh

Dr. Samuel Andoh, professor of economics, has been appointed as the next AP Macroeconomics Chief Reader for the College Board’s Advanced Placement Program. The position, known colloquially known as the Chief Reader, is responsible for overseeing the scoring of over 145,000 AP Macroeconomics exams at the annual AP Reading. Chief Readers are college faculty and considered experts in their field. Andoh has been involved with the AP Reading for 14 years and has served in Reading leadership positions for 8 years.

James Thorson, chair of the Economics Department, said “Dr. Samuel Andoh has served for years in the AP economics program. His promotion to Chief Reader is the result of his tireless devotion to improving the learning experience of our students. It is a real honor that the AP program has recognized his outstanding work in this area. His appointment brings great honor to the department, school and university.”

Andoh began his term as Chief Reader in July and he will serve in this vital role through June 2024.
The AP Program enables willing and academically prepared students to pursue college-level studies – with the opportunity to earn college credit, advanced placement or both – while still in high school. In 2020, over 2.6 million students took more than 4.7 million AP exams.

Held each June, the AP Reading brings together AP teachers and college faculty members from around the world to evaluate and score the free-response sections of the AP Exams. It is a unique forum in which an academic dialogue between educators is both fostered and encouraged. Andoh is one of just 32 Chief Readers, who are responsible for directing scoring activities for over 18,000 AP Readers across 38 different subjects.

During the Reading, Andoh will oversee more than 170 readers as they score student responses from the AP Macroeconomics exam, ensuring students receive fair and valid scores. Students’ scores on this exam help to determine credit and placement into college courses in economics on close to 2,300 college campuses each fall. Additionally, as Chief Reader, Andoh will serve in a leadership capacity on his subject’s Development Committee, where new tasks and questions are developed for future exams.

The AP Program has expressed its gratitude for the immeasurable ways Andoh, and Southern Connecticut State University, have positively impacted the lives of so many students, teachers, and college faculty over his years of service with AP.

James Thorson

As School of Business Dean Ellen Durnin has recently announced her impending retirement, Dr. James Thorson, chairman of the Department of Economics, has accepted the position as interim dean for the School of Business.

Thorson, who has been at Southern since 1992, knows the institution well and brings an excellent mix of skills and experience to the role.

In addition to serving as chair of the Department of Economics (his second round in this role, his first from 2009-2015), Thorson served as interim director of the MBA program, and has been chair and vice chair of the Graduate Council.

He has an array of publications and presentations ranging from works on overpaid baseball players to lawyers’ salaries to hedge fund returns.

Thorson will start his role as interim dean on January 1, 2021, concomitant with Dean Durnin’s official (semi)retirement. Durnin will continue to work with the School of Business through the spring 2021 semester in focused roles on accreditation and fund raising.

Durnin said, “I am pleased that Dr. James Thorson has accepted the position as the Interim Dean of the School of Business. Jim is a long-time colleague who will ensure that the School is successful while the university searches for a permanent dean. He has the respect of his colleagues, and has served as a department chair and an interim MBA director.  He will do a fine job in this role.”

School of Business Dean Ellen Durnin

After 10 years at the helm of the SCSU School of Business, Dean Ellen Durnin has announced that she will retire effective January 1, 2021.  Over the past decade, Durnin has led the School’s move into a fully renovated and vastly improved building, and the School now awaits the groundbreaking for a new net-zero facility.

During her tenure, Durnin has been responsible for recruiting 65 percent of the current faculty and has brought the school to the verge of AACSB accreditation, with a mock visit scheduled for fall 2021. She gathered corporate leaders to form the School’s Business Advisory Council, has been pivotal in ensuring a strong and modern curriculum, and was the stimulus in developing the Women’s Leadership Program.

Durnin’s work with the Greater New Haven Chamber of Commerce, strong ties with the business community, external fund raising success, and creation of the Business Success Center are a few of the many efforts that have strengthened the standing and competitive stature of the School of Business. Both as dean and during her stint as Interim Provost, Durnin has brought her business savvy approach to the fore, along with a student-centered passion for ensuring high quality programs that provide excellent career opportunities for business graduates.

Provost Robert Prezant said, “I thank Dean Durnin for her remarkable work ethic, insight, and dedication.  Personally, I thank her for sharing her time and guidance upon my arrival at Southern. During her tenure, she has clearly had a transformational effect on our institution and has built a wonderful legacy.”

Details about School leadership for the spring semester and a search for a full-time replacement for Durnin will be forthcoming.

Durnin said, “I am proud to have served as Dean of the School of Business for the past decade. With the support of the university, my colleagues in the School and I have been able to grow programs and enrollments, hire new faculty and staff, move toward the final steps of initial AACSB accreditation, build strong relationships with the business community and engage in significant fundraising. The future of the School of Business is indeed bright, and I wish my colleagues the best.”

The university is sponsoring a virtual International Conference on the Blue Economy from November 4-7. The conference will feature about 70 speakers, and people from 13 countries will attend.

The conference — Coastal Transitions 2020 – will focus on examining the Blue Economy from a transdisciplinary perspective. Sub-themes include:

  • Conceptualizing of the Blue Economy in economic geography
  • The interconnection between climate change impacts and the Blue Economy
  • Smart shipping, ports, transportation, and global connectivity
  • Employment, job creation, and poverty eradication
  • The role of ocean/maritime clusters in fostering a sustainable Blue Economy
  • Innovation in the Blue Economy
  • Cities, tourism, resilient coasts, and infrastructure
  • Sustainable energy, mineral resources and innovative industries
  • Managing and sustaining marine life, conservation and sustainable economic activities
  • Securing food supplies and promoting good health and sustainable fisheries
  • Climate action, agriculture and fisheries, waste management, and pollution-free oceans
  • Maritime security, safety and regulatory enforcement
  • Participatory governance and community driven Blue Economies
  • Synergies between the scientific research community and coastal stakeholders
  • Blue Economy and climate adaptation, resilience, disruption
  • Just transitions and the Blue Economy
  • Blue growth industries
  • Marine spatial planning and the Blue Economy
  • Critical engagement with Blue Economy
  • Towards a Blue New Deal
  • Learning from the challenges encountered when trying to implement sustainable development on land, to avoid repeating the same mistakes when implementing blue economy agendas in the coastal zone

For more information and registration please visit:

Learn more about Project Blue at Southern.

Top row: Joshua Groffman, Al Seesi Sahar, Patty Bode, Marcell Graziano, Sujatha Herne; middle: Anuli Njoku, Svenja Gusewski; bottom: Melanie Uribe, Joshua Knickerbocker, Hanyong Chung, Kelly Coleman, Lauren Tucker

As society continues to grapple with subjects related to health, equity and the environment, Southern has opted to hire more than a quarter of its 31 new tenure-track faculty in clusters related to those real-world topics.

Robert Prezant, provost and vice president for academic affairs, recently announced that small groups of faculty have been hired to form three academic clusters – healthcare informatics; climate change, resilience and the blue economy; and equity, social mobility and access.

“These areas represent strong interdisciplinary approaches in fields that are growing, have great relevance to today’s world, and have strong employment opportunities for our students,” Prezant said.

“They also represent areas already strongly represented on our campus allowing for a compounding of our disciplinary power, enhancement of our potential curriculum and scholarship, and wonderful opportunities for external partnerships.”

The initiative is also designed to create synergy for faculty research. Each cluster is represented by faculty from at least two or three academic disciplines and at least two of Southern’s colleges.

“Bringing in a team of faculty members whose disciplinary and scholarly interests overlap creates an instantaneous set of collaborators,” he said.

“All too often new faculty members are hired and they must search out or work with current faculty and administrators to find those relevant partners. This saves the effort of new faculty searching for disciplinary partners and instantaneously creates enhanced areas of disciplinary excellence.”

Prezant explained the selection of these three topical clusters was made from nine proposals across the campus. “The selection of the final three was difficult and made after lively discussions and debates by members of the Provost’s Council.”

Jean Breny — chairwoman of the Public Health Department who played a key role in the creation of the equity, social mobility, and access cluster — said she is excited about the opportunities being afforded to students.

“We know that our students today are passionate about making a difference in the world and in the communities they live,” Breny said. “We see this in the topics they choose for papers and internship placements, and their increased engagement in political and social issues…Because this is an area where data collection and analysis have proven very fruitful, students will gain hands-on experience with data issues adding to their marketable skills at graduation.”

New faculty members selected for one of the clusters include:

  • Climate change, resilience and the blue economy: Amanda Bertana, sociology; Marcello Graziano, management; Miriah Kelly, environment, geography and marine sciences.
  • Equity, social mobility and access:  Karen D’Angelo, social work; Anuli Njoku, public health; and Adam Pittman, sociology.
  • Healthcare Informatics: Sahar Al-Seesi, computer science; Andy Bartlett, Mathematics

Other new tenure-track faculty members include:

  • Punit Anand, finance. Research interests include asset pricing and investments, as well as corporate finance.
  • Patricia Bode, art. Research interests include multicultural education, postmodern perspectives in art education, and the importance of art education in society.
  • Jennifer Cooper Boemmels, earth science. Research interests include post-rift structural evolution of the Vermont and New York portion of the New England-Quebec Igneous Province.
  • Susan Burger, nursing.  Research interests include health promotion and use of telehealth to manage chronic illnesses.
  • Dana Casetti, physics. Research interests include astronomy and astrophysics.
  • Shi Biao (William) Ding, marketing. Research interests include factors shaping gift giving.
  • Qu Chen, counseling and school psychology. Research interests include factors related to empathy.
  • Hanyong Chung, accounting. Research interests include financial reporting and corporate governance.
  • Kelly Coleman, health and movement services. Research interests include athletic training in secondary schools, and doctoral education in athletic training.
  • Denver Fowler, educational leadership. Research interests include ethical leadership among school leaders.
  • Michele Griswold, public health. Interests and research are in the area of social inequities and structural barriers surrounding infant feeding and maternal child health.
  • Joshua Groffman, music. Research interests include environmental communication through music and sound.
  • Svenja Gusewski, communication disorders. Research interests include language and literacy development of young Spanish-English dual language learners, and culturally sensitive intervention methods for culturally and linguistically diverse populations.
  • Joshua Knickerbocker, nursing. Experience includes instructing pediatric advanced life support simulation at Yale-New Haven Children’s Hospital.
  • Atul Kulkarni, marketing. Research interests include digital marketing and analytics, and sales promotions.
  • Nicole McGowen Madu, curriculum and learning. (January hire)
  • A. Casey McPherson, counseling and school psychology. Research interests include mental health in rural America, and improving training practices of early-career faculty.
  • Joanne Roy, nursing. Background in nursing leadership and professional development.
  • Anastasia Sorokina, world languages and literatures. Research interests include bilingualism’s effect on autobiographical memory, and liberal vs. conservative media coverage of Crimean crisis of 2014.
  • Lauren Tucker, special education. Research interests include assistive technology in education, and the use of Twitter by teachers.
  • Melanie Uribe, art and design. Research interests include migrant identity and acculturation (refuges/displaced), exhibition design and installations as medium for effective communication, experimental design and book arts.
  • Jillian McNiff Villemaire, recreation, tourism and sport management. Research interests include career decisions among sport management students, and transferable skills for student-athletes.
  • Alice Wieland, management/international business. Research interests include gender and decision making in the business world.

The Southern Connecticut State University School of Business is pleased to announce a partnership with Get Virtual, a program that gives local businesses affected by COVID-19 the tools to adapt to the virtual landscape and extend their businesses online. As the east coast anchor of Get Virtual, the School of Business will pair local businesses seeking help with college students seeking experience.

Organizations have been facing a changing business landscape for several years, and the current global pandemic has intensified these changes. Disruptions in the workplace, technological changes, global effects, and social unrest have businesses and consumers interacting differently, and traditional business models no longer fit the landscape.

Founded by SCSU School of Business alum and former Tesla president, Toby Corey, ‘83, Get Virtual is a curriculum program that is free to businesses and provides course credits and internships to participating students. Get Virtual inspires entrepreneurship through web development, ecommerce, and online marketing to support local businesses in the critical transition to the online marketplace.

The connections students and businesses make by participating in Get Virtual go beyond the scope of the curriculum. Students have the opportunity to hear about and learn from business professionals while giving back to their local community and gaining practical, real-world experience. Businesses have the opportunity to provide high-quality internships, which are a powerful recruiting tool. Southern students make great interns. They are known for their drive, working an average of 27 hours a week in addition to their school and personal commitments, and are a great investment, as 85 percent of Southern students stay in Connecticut after graduation.

On October 6, Corey joined School of Business Dean, Dr. Ellen Durnin, and Greater New Haven Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Garrett Sheehan for a panel discussion titled, “The Power to Pivot – Harnessing the Virtual Landscape to Maximize Business Success.” The panelists talked about how businesses can adjust and reinvent their organizations given this new landscape and discussed critical tools and resources available to help pivot and rebound to protect organizations and employees, and attendees had the opportunity to learn how they can partner with the School of Business and Get Virtual to adapt to the virtual landscape and extend their businesses online.

Corey says, “Businesses need to be where their customers are, and customers are online.” Adding, the goal is to “teach businesses to fish,” by providing inexpensive, easy-to-use tools that will provide quick results to businesses who know they need to pivot, but aren’t sure where to start.

Durnin says, “We are proud to partner with SCSU School of Business alum Toby Corey, and believe that Get Virtual can help entrepreneurs pivot from a bricks-and-mortar setting to providing virtual experiences for their customers. This ability is essential in our new economy.”

Local Connecticut businesses interested learning more about Get Virtual can go to, and to find out how your organization can participate in this exciting program, contact Amy Grotzke at

The impact COVID-19 has had on the economy is undeniable, a fact that can be particularly troublesome to recent college graduates. Because of the unique challenges facing those entering the workforce, the School of Business created a Graduate Virtual Toolkit to address the needs of their newest alums.

The idea for this special offer for graduates came from a conversation in late May with the Business Advisory Council, a group of dedicated industry leaders who advise Dr. Ellen Durnin, Dean of the School of Business, offering their expertise, resources, and ideas to benefit Southern Business students.

BAC members said students needed opportunities to expand and strengthen their networks and connections, and many offered to have one-on-one conversations with graduates themselves. They suggested offering special trainings to make students more marketable and giving graduates the chance to use this unexpected time of transition to add new skills to their resumes.

The Business Success Center at the School of Business took these ideas and offers of support and quickly pulled together a comprehensive toolkit to send to graduates that included professional job search support, one-on-one conversations with BAC members, special courses from faculty members, a two-part training course on personal marketing through virtual calls and video, curated content from various online sources, a free one year membership to PULSE, the Greater New Haven Chamber of Commerce young professional group, and access to a School of Business class of 2020 LinkedIn group.

In addition to all these offerings, the Business Success Center is still working with students and graduates on resume and cover letter writing, internships and job search support, and mock interviews. Students and graduates have access to Handshake and Big Interview, two online platforms that provide additional resources in these areas.

Durnin says, “In the School of Business, our focus is on preparing the next generation of leaders in the business community.  Our BAC encouraged us to create this virtual toolkit, which will allow students to succeed in the job market.  I thank our BAC for their vision, and I look forward to hearing from our graduates about how the Toolkit helped them and how we can continue to refine it.”

Recent management graduate Jenna Zakala, ’20, says, “The School of Business Virtual Toolkit has truly been a hidden gem for me, opening up many doors and opportunities during these uncertain times.”

If you are a recent School of Business graduate or a rising senior and would like to hear more about the Graduate Virtual Toolkit, please contact Amy Grotzke at or Patty Conte at


In a time when many organizations are cancelling summer internships due to COVID-19, Cetera Investors has hired seven School of Business students for their summer internship program: Japheth Allen, Esosa Enagbare, Naseem Foster, Troy Gallipoli, Daniel Noce, Mariam Noorzad, and Eddie Schwartz.

Internships are an important indicator of future success, and Patty Conte, Internship Coordinator for the Business Success Center, continues to be committed to helping students find quality internships and businesses find bright, hard-working interns.

Conte says, “According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), employers reported converting an average of 51.7 percent of their eligible interns into full-time hires. Knowing that statistic, we are proud of the partnership the School of Business has had with Cetera Investors and are excited that these seven students are able to take advantage of this critical experiential learning opportunity. Cetera and Jason Phillips, VP and North Haven Branch Manager, have consistently provided excellent internships for our School of Business students. Jason and his team focus not only on the day-to-day experience of what a financial advisor might do, but they also focus on student self-growth.”

The Cetera Investors Internship program allows students to build practical knowledge of financial services concepts including financial planning strategies, client engagement skills, and presentation skills. It also allows students to experience the culture and mission of Cetera Investors in a very practical manner.

Jason Phillips says, “I am very excited to have a number of students from Southern participate in our Virtual Summer Internship Program! Circumstances dictated a shift from our normal shoulder to shoulder experiential learning program and the students from Southern have adapted quickly! Southern Connecticut State University is an important strategic partner to Cetera Investors for sourcing both entry level candidates for our internship and adviser training program as well as more experienced people from its extensive alumni network.”

Business students who would like support in their job or internship searches or would like resume, cover letter, or mock interview help, contact Patty Conte at