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School of Business Launches Groundbreaking Business Xcelerator in Partnership with The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven

The Southern Connecticut State University (SCSU) School of Business marked a significant milestone with the launch of the Business Xcelerator, a pioneering initiative aimed at fostering growth and innovation in the local business community. The official announcement took place on Thursday, February 22, 2024, during a networking breakfast held at the recently opened School of Business building.

The event, attended by numerous members of the business community, showcased the collaborative efforts between SCSU and the Community Foundation for Greater New Haven in establishing the Business Xcelerator. Thanks to a generous $100,000 grant from the Community Foundation, the initiative is set to revolutionize the landscape of entrepreneurship and diversity initiatives in the region.

Southern Connecticut State University’s Interim President, Dr. Dwayne Smith, emphasized that this collaboration epitomizes the university’s commitment to social justice. “This partnership aligns seamlessly with our mission, not only due to its dedication to fostering entrepreneurial access and inclusivity but also its emphasis on supporting STEM enterprises within our burgeoning biotech sector,” Smith said. 

School of Business Dean Jess Boronico expressed enthusiasm about the partnership. “Bringing people and institutions together for the purpose of creating a tapestry of engagement and advancement opportunities, where we can have a positive impact on the advancement of personal and professional aspiration for all those whose lives we touch, is the cornerstone of inspiration,” said Boronico.

The Business Xcelerator aims to bridge the gap between academia and industry by fostering partnerships with science and technology companies while providing support to local small businesses, particularly those owned by BIPOC and women. Through tailored programs and resources, the Xcelerator seeks to empower entrepreneurs and drive economic growth in the region.

During the event, Joseph Williams, director of Equitable Entrepreneurial Ecosystems for the Community Foundation for Greater New Haven, highlighted the organization’s commitment to supporting initiatives that promote economic development and diversity. “We hope to grow local, small, STEM-focused businesses – especially those that are BIPOC- and women-owned. Many times these communities don’t have the resources to grow in this space. This Xcelerator will level the playing field for them,” said Williams. 

Leading the Business Xcelerator will be D. Bernard Webster, an artist, entrepreneur, engineer, and highly sought-after startup expert who has mentored nearly 20,000 entrepreneurs in New York and New Jersey since 2008. He is the author of STEPFORWARD: An Illustrated Guide for Advancing Your Entrepreneurial Mindset, CEO of Vanguarde Digital LLC, a marketing expert at BlackEnterprise’s Small Business University, and managing partner at the MVP Accelerator, Inc., an SBA Growth Accelerator serving the tri-state area.

The launch of the Business Xcelerator represents a significant step forward in the School of Business’ commitment to driving innovation and entrepreneurship in the region.

For more information read: “Southern CT University rolls out new program to create business opportunities” (Ken Houston, WTNH, Feb. 22, 2024).


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