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Bridging Academia and Industry: Abugri is Named a BHEF Fellow

In a move to bridge the gap between academia and industry, the Business-Higher Education Forum (BHEF) has announced its inaugural Faculty Innovation Fellowship program, welcoming 19 faculty members from across the nation. Among this esteemed cohort is Dr. Benjamin A. Abugri, a professor of finance and the MBA director in Southern’s School of Business.

The BHEF initiative, supported by a grant from the ECMC Foundation, aims to foster collaborations between academia and industry, gearing curricula towards the demands of the job market in emerging fields. With a focus on enhancing faculty capacity for designing innovations in employer engagement, Abugri’s appointment as a Faculty Innovation Fellow is a testament to his commitment to advancing institutional transformation in student success.

Abugri holds a Ph.D. in international business with a specialization in finance, alongside an MBA, both from the esteemed College of Business at the University of Texas – Rio Grande Valley. Additionally, he holds a Master of Philosophy degree from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, as well as a B.A. (Honors) degree from the University of Ghana.

Renowned for his excellence in teaching, Abugri offers courses in Financial Management, Investments, International Finance, and Risk Management at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. His research has appeared in the International Review of Economics and Finance; Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money; and many others.

Abugri is committed to practical application, offering training to staff of various financial institutions on Risk Management and the Basel Capital Accords as outlined by the Bank for International Settlements (BIS). His extensive experience includes collaborations with the Central Bank of Ghana and the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning in Ghana, showcasing his global perspective and real-world impact.

As a Faculty Innovation Fellow, Abugri joins a diverse cohort of professionals representing a spectrum of disciplines and institutions. Together, they will embark on a journey of collaboration and innovation, working on projects ranging from curriculum development to the integration of emerging technologies and career readiness initiatives. Through this transformative program, Abugri and his peers will gain the skills necessary to enact lasting change both within their classrooms and across their respective institutions.

For Southern, Abugri’s appointment as a Faculty Innovation Fellow signifies a commitment to excellence and innovation in higher education. With his leadership and expertise, the university stands poised to serve as a national model for workforce responsiveness, driving student success and continuing to foster meaningful partnerships between academia and industry.


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