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Southern Shatters Records, Earning $51 Million in Grant Awards Since 2017

Southern Connecticut State University has achieved a significant milestone by securing $51 million in grant awards since 2017. In the most recent fiscal year, FY2023, the university’s faculty and staff excelled in obtaining funding, amassing an impressive $11.64 million from various sources, marking the largest fiscal-year funding cohort in Southern’s history.

In addition to this accomplishment, Southern currently has approximately $4 million in pending funds awaiting sponsor decisions, promising even greater prospects for the institution.

As we await the Sponsored Programs and Research (SPAR) team’s comprehensive annual report, here are a few of the most recent and notable awards:

Dr. Nick Pinkerton

Connecticut Office of Higher Education Grant: Nick Pinkerton, associate dean of counseling services and wellbeing, and his team were awarded a substantial $223,200 grant to support holistic student mental health and wellbeing, reinforcing the university’s commitment to the emotional welfare of its students.

U.S. Department of Veteran’s Affairs Grant: Joseph Milone, assistant professor of recreation, tourism and sport management, and the SCSU Institute for Adapted Sport and Recreation secured an impressive $107,700 grant to provide adapted sports programming to veterans with disabilities in Connecticut, contributing to the well-being and inclusivity of the veteran community.

Dr. Joe Milone

National Science Foundation Grant: In collaboration with the University of Connecticut, the National Science Foundation awarded $69,000 to Patrick Heidkamp, professor of environment, geography and marine sciences, to further strengthen the pipeline into STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) manufacturing for students across Connecticut, promoting educational and career opportunities in these fields.

New England Board of Higher Education Grant: Lisa Lancor, professor of computer science, earned a $40,000 grant to support a Tech Talent Accelerator program, emphasizing the importance of technological innovation and education.

National Science Foundation Grant: At the helm of the Nutmeg State Alliance, Southern received a monumental $3.19 million grant to enhance the recruitment, retention, persistence, and graduation rates of students underrepresented in STEM fields. The effort involves strong collaborations across the four Connecticut State Universities and is led by Therese Bennett, professor of mathematics; Klay Kruczek, assistant chair of mathematics; and Robert Prezant, provost, with Debra Risisky, professor of public health, leading the evaluation process.

These are just a few examples of the outstanding work undertaken by the dedicated faculty and staff at Southern. Not only have these efforts advanced the university’s scholarly base, they have also significantly contributed to the betterment of students and the surrounding communities. Congratulations to all!


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