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Inspired to Help Others

After the death of his father, Jared Buchanan, ’22, made it his mission to put a spotlight on mental health and suicide awareness through long-distance and endurance running.

Buchanan, a former Marine, made it his goal to keep his father’s memory alive through many ultramarathons and long-distance running events, including the Cocodona 250 in Arizona.

He graduated this month with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and plans to go on to earn a master’s degree at Southern and possibly a doctorate. His ultimate goal is to work in the mental health field with police officers and combat veterans.

His dad asked Jared “to help others like me,” and Jared has taken that request to heart.

“I’m so happy Jared has pursued this degree in Paul’s memory and will use it like Paul asked us to,” said Jared’s mother, Trish Buchanan, of South Windsor, Conn. “This is a time to celebrate his graduation and Paul’s life.”

Read “Dad and ‘hero’ who died by suicide inspires son to help others fight mental illness,” by Pam McLoughlin, Hartford Courant, May 22, 2022

Watch “Ellington’s Jared Buchanan runs 250 miles to benefit mental health and suicide prevention,” Fox61.com, May 23, 2022


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