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Exploring the Tension Between Symmetry and Abstraction

Art Department alumnus Andrzej Dutkanicz’s paintings are currently on exhibition at Never Ending Books on State Street, New Haven, as a show titled “Works.” Dutkanicz graduated in 2011 with a major in studio art with a concentration in painting. Much of his painting is “based on cycles and repeating patterns, to explore the ‘relationship between symmetry and abstraction.'”

Dutkanicz, who painted many of the exhibited pieces during the COVID pandemic, has written about his work that “painting has always been deeply significant to me, almost spiritual . . . I’ve always found this relationship between control and inconsistency to be inspiring. In life we are constantly handed things that are out of our control and as individuals we find our own unique way to handle them.”

Read the article, “Artist Finds Solace In Chaotic Symmetry” by Brian Slattery, Nov. 18, 2021


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