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All in the (Harris) Family

When New York Times bestselling author Zakiya Dalila Harris appears at Southern’s Lyman Center on November 12 to give a reading and Q&A, she will be returning to familiar territory. Harris, whose novel The Other Black Girl was a smash hit when it came out this summer, grew up in Hamden, Conn., and is the daughter of Journalism Professor Frank Harris III, who often brought Ms. Harris to campus with him when she was very young.

She talks about her early experiences on Southern’s campus, and about her writing of The Other Black Girl, in a New Haven Register article, “She grew up in Hamden. Now Zakiya Dalila Harris is author of the bestseller ‘The Other Black Girl'” (by Linda Conner Lambeck, Oct. 25, 2021).

Ms. Harris will appear at Lyman at 7 p.m. on November 12 at 7 p.m. Her father will introduce her, and English Professor Brandon Hutchinson will conduct the Q&A. Learn more about Ms. Harris, her book, and the event at An Evening with Zakiya Dalila Harris.

Professor Frank Harris III

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