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Grad Program in Human Performance Among Tops in U.S.

Southern’s graduate program in human performance is one of only two accredited offerings of its kind in New England — and it’s also been recognized as one of the “50 best” by the Sports Management Degree Guide. Sport science programs were evaluated on a variety of factors, including student-to-faculty ratios, tuition, graduation rates, and accreditation. After crunching the numbers, Southern’s master’s degree in exercise science with a focus on human performance program came in at number six on the list and was lauded for its research facilities, in particular. “Students have access to a state-of-the-art research/teaching laboratory with equipment designed to assess body composition, metabolism, and muscle/joint strength and stability,” notes the guide.

Artist’s rendering of the new College of Health and Human Services building, scheduled to be completed in spring 2022.

Furthering the program’s stellar reputation, a new Health and Human Services Building is slated to open in spring 2022. The 94,750-square-foot building will house most departments in the College of Health and Human Services, including health and movement sciences (formerly exercise science); nursing; communication disorders; public health; and recreation, tourism, and sport management. Highlights will include a new Human Performance Teaching and Research Laboratory, a Center for Adaptive Sport and Inclusive Recreation, an expanded Communication Disorders Clinic, and an Audiology Clinic — all of which will be open to the public.


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