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Registrar’s Office Staff is SouthernStrong

The SCSU President’s Recognition Committee proudly presents our twelfth group of SouthernStrong awardees. These awards shine a light on faculty, staff, and students who are lending a helping hand, with acts of kindness large and small, not only for their fellow Owls, but also for friends, neighbors, and strangers.

We recognize and celebrate the Registrar’s Office staff for their commitment to making a difference and stepping up during the pandemic crisis. Their acts of kindness are making a positive impact during this difficult time.

Do you know an unsung hero who’s been making a difference during the pandemic? Please nominate them so their kindness can be celebrated!

Nominated by a faculty member who wrote that everything the Registrar’s Office staff does is a team effort, this individual added that this team “has kept the school afloat in many ways. In addition to handling probably hundreds of late withdrawals and pass/fail requests, there has been a strong effort to ensure that students graduate or progress across the board.” He wrote that, “Individuals such as Bob Drobish and those who work with him have applied Herculean efforts to redo the entire fall schedule to help make students aware of what is happening in a couple of months. Alicia [Carroll] has been incredible in redoing the catalog with all that is going on so that the newly approved programs will be in place before the students arrive on campus in a couple of months. I know the Registrar’s Office doesn’t normally get recognition as the more high profile areas on a campus get, but I think in this situation they should.”

The Registrar’s Office staff include:

  • Linda Friess-Mordente, Assistant Registrar
  • Kelly Weiler, Office Assistant
  • Ebonee Brown, Assistant Registrar
  • Jen Ruggiero, Assistant Registrar
  • Evalisa Alvarez, Secretary
  • Kaitlin Kiely, Graduate Assistant
  • Bob Drobish, Associate Registrar
  • Rondell Butler, Office Assistant
  • Cynthia Patterson, Office Assistant
  • Jaime Alexander, Assistant Registrar
  • Alicia Carroll, Registrar
  • Monica Raffone, Associate Registrar
  • Nuncia Moniello, Assistant Registrar
  • Andre Scott, Assistant Registrar
  • Elizabeth Lopez, Office Assistant
  • Kathie Cervone, Office Assistant
  • Cynthia Hicks, Office Assistant

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