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Bridging the Political Divide

Political sparks flew – but in a surprising twist, they ignited a blaze of civil discourse.

In an April 29, 2024, op-ed, Political Science Professor Jonathan Wharton reflects on a civil and engaging campus debate between College Democrat and College Republican chapters in the School of Business Community Room on Monday, April 22, 2024.

Wharton highlights the surprising turnout and professionalism of the student panelists, emphasizing the significance of such events in today’s hyper-partisan climate.

Wharton also discusses ongoing campus protests, urging Generations Y and Z to remain vigilant and engaged in various political issues and approaches. He believes that such engagement is vital for academia and the future of the nation.

“With the upcoming presidential and congressional elections,” he writes, “many students want to confront pressing issues and involve themselves as well as others. Last Monday’s debate might have been a single event, but it could possibly serve as an indicator of the future.”

Click here to read Wharton’s full op-ed.


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