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Preparing for Air Quality Emergencies

With Canadian wildfire smoke invading Connecticut skies this week, preparing for future air quality emergencies is now more critical than ever, according to Stephen Axon, associate professor in the Department of the Environment, Geography and Marine Sciences.

Axon was quoted in an article in the New Haven Register regarding the need for “climate resilience centers” to shelter people during such air quality emergencies. Axon’s research focuses on the socio-cultural dimensions of sustainability. Principally, his research investigates the challenges of making everyday life and the communities we live in more sustainable, and the application of interventions and “what works” approaches that facilitate and maintain inclusive, equitable, and participatory sustainable lifestyles.

Read the article: “Air quality emergencies to become more common in CT due to climate change, experts say” (New Haven Register, by Alex Putterman and Vincent Gabrielle)

Professor Stephen Axon

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