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Wharton on the U.S. Debt Ceiling

The U.S. Congress recently reached an agreement on the nation’s debt ceiling, but, according to Jonathan Wharton, associate professor of political science and urban affairs, “all the deal truly does is leave the difficult decision-making to the next congressional session in 2025.”

In a June 12, 2023, opinion piece in CT Insider, Wharton says that “The agreement suspends the federal government’s debt ceiling by extending it a few trillion more dollars — for the 79th time — as opposed to resolving the nation’s $31 trillion debt.”

Wharton’s teaching centers on state and local government, public policy, economic development as well as identity and urban coalition building politics. His research and publications specialize in local governance and public policy issues, specifically urban redevelopment.

Read Wharton’s op-ed, “Debt ceiling deal kicks the can down the road” (CT insider, June 12, 2023)


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