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School of Business to Launch Improved MBA/AMBA and New MBA Certificates Programs

The Southern MBA program has announced two exciting changes that will take place in the School of Business beginning fall 2021. Both changes reflect the cornerstones of the Southern MBA program: Relevance, Value, and Flexibility.

MBA/AMBA Required Credit Totals Reduced to 42

The first change is the transition of the both the Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Accelerated Master of Business Administration (AMBA) to 42-credit programs, with instructional modalities options in on-ground, hybrid, and online formats. The previous credit requirement was 51. The changes reflect current developments in the MBA academic environment, integrating classroom and experiential learning within the coursework, according to Southern MBA Director, Dr. Adam Abugri.

In addition, the MBA waiver policy could further reduce the required number of credits to as few as 30, depending upon specific required courses that the candidate may have completed as an undergraduate. Program details can be found at www.southernct.edu/MBA

New MBA Certificate Programs

Realizing that not everyone has their post-graduation plan carved in stone, the School of Business will also launch three brand-new MBA Certificate Programs. An overview can be seen on the MBA webpages at www.southernct.edu/mba/certificate-programs, where details and course listings appear.

The new certificate program provides a way to “ease in” to Southern’s MBA program for those who might not yet have decided if their future will boast those three highly desirable letters: “MBA.” “The new Certificate program provides an excellent first step onto the MBA path,” according to Dr. Abugri. “Individuals who are not quite sure of their next move, either academically or career-wise, can maintain their momentum as they earn credits toward an eventual MBA, and, at the same time, acquire a formal certificate that demonstrates their expanded skill set to current or future employers,” he continued.

Each program requires 12 credit hours to complete. Students who do not currently meet the admission requirements of the full MBA program can enroll in the certificate program now and later transfer their certificate credits to the full MBA program upon acceptance. All certificate programs require a bachelor’s degree for admission.

So far, certificates are offered in three subject areas in great demand among today’s – and tomorrow’s – employers: Business Analytics, Healthcare Administration, and Human Resource Management.

The certificates offered are very relevant. For example, a student could begin with the Business Analytics Certificate and roll those 12 credits into any of our MBA concentrations to finish with a very valuable and marketable C.V. Visit the MBA webpages at www.southernct.edu/MBA or contact Dr. Abugri at abugrib1@southernct.edu or MBA Recruiter Mark Zampino at zampinom1@southernct.edu for more information.


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