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Tuition Break Available for Health and Movement Sciences

Diane Nowak
Health & Movement Sciences

You’ve researched careers, searched your heart, and found your calling. You excitedly begin to look at the programs at your state’s universities and…crickets. Your chosen major isn’t offered locally. You find programs in other states, but out-of-state tuition costs are substantially higher than going to your state’s university. What do you do?

If your interests lie in athletic training, the exercise sciences, or physical education & school health education and you are a New England state resident, you may be in luck. Southern Connecticut State University’s Health and Movement Sciences Department (HMS), recently had its programs added to those offered under the New England Board of Higher Education (NEBHE) Tuition Break Flexible Program.

The NEBHE Tuition Break Program, also known as the New England Regional Student Program (RSP), was originally a program designed to provide permanent residents of the six New England states; Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont, a reduced cost when one’s own state does not have their chosen program. Recently, the organization expanded this tuition break to include a Flexible option. This Flexible option allows participating schools to offer the reduced tuition rate to the entire New England region instead of to just the state where the program is not offered. In fact, eligible out-of-state full-time students pay a tuition rate that is significantly less than regular out-of-state tuition, saving an average of $8200 annually.

“Our [Health and Movement Sciences] department has been fortunate to offer four of our programs as part of the NEBHE Flexible program – our Accelerated BS to MAT Athletic Training program, our Accelerated BS Physical Education and MS School Health Education program, and our two concentrations that are part of the Exercise and Sport Science degree.” said Chairperson Gary Morin regarding HMS’ programs. “More impressively, the program has been extended to our graduate programs in Athletic Training, Exercise Science and School Health Education as well.”

Here’s some information on the specific HMS degree programs at Southern that are available under the NEBHE Tuition Break:

The accelerated BS to MAT Athletic Training program is the longest running accredited athletic training program in Connecticut, and it allows students to complete both their bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in five years. It is designed for a student who wants to work in athletic, occupational, performing arts, military, and other areas providing prevention, examination, treatment, and rehabilitation of injuries and illnesses.

Those in the Accelerated BS Physical Education and MS School Health Education programs are eligible to apply for a CT pre-K-12 teacher certification in Physical Education and in Health Education upon completion of this five-year degree.

The Exercise and Sport Science degree has two concentrations, Allied Health and Sport Science. The Allied Health concentration has been re-designed for students interested in applying to graduate professional health studies, like physical or occupational therapy, or for careers in exercise science fields, such as cardiac rehabilitation and research. The new Sport Science concentration is specifically designed for future fitness and performance specialists as it prepares them to become strength and conditioning experts, personal fitness instructors and performance specialists.

HMS graduate programs are also part of the NEBHE Tuition Break Flexible program. Graduate programs in Athletic Training, Exercise Science, and School Health Education are available for students completing their undergraduate degrees. The MS in Exercise Science program offers concentrations in human performance and sport psychology and prepares students to enhance the performance and health of their clients through better physical and mental preparation. The MS in School Health provides educators and others providing health instruction with advanced knowledge in curriculum design and methodology.

Starting this summer, HMS will begin offering classes as part of its new MAT in Athletic Training. This 2-year innovative professional degree program will prepare graduate students to serve as athletic trainers in a variety of professional settings.

“The NEBHE Tuition Break Program gives students the chance to think about a state school outside of their own borders because the programs are more affordable,” commented Morin.


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