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Financial Literacy Program Named to Top 10

Figuring out how to pay for a college education can be one of the biggest hurdles students and their families face when planning for the future. To help educate students and families on financial literacy, Southern’s Student Financial Literacy & Advising Office, run by Lewis DeLuca, provides counseling, workshops, and other related services. The financial literacy program was recently recognized by CollegeCliffs.com as one of the “Top 10 College Financial Literacy Programs of 2020” in its article “Financial Literacy in College.” Southern is in good company: other institutions in the Top 10 list include Stanford, George Washington, Syracuse, and Duke universities.

“Southern Connecticut State University offers more than 100 workshops annually, discussing purely financial literacy and education,” CollegeCliffs wrote. “The most common workshops include Budget Talks, Paying for College, and Life After College. Also, the school features more than 3,174 individually created personalized financial advising programs for students. You can see several other resources on their centralized website, such as recommended readings, student discounts, and videos.”

Earlier this year, LendEDU, a website that helps consumers learn about and compare financial products, including student loans, recognized the top 50 financial literacy programs in the country, and the program at Southern was featured in the top 50 for 2020. This the fourth consecutive year Southern’s program is nationally ranked by LendEDU.

Lew DeLuca, coordinator of Student Financial Literacy & Advising at Southern, says, “Financial literacy has always been an email or phone call away for a timely and comprehensive response in addition to in person and walk-in appointments. During the COVID challenges, those appointments have obviously been virtual but still extremely effective. No matter the circumstances, Financial Literacy’s commitment to excellence and support will always be there for any current, prospective, and alumni students and their families to support paying for college and all other financial literacy needs.”

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