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Wharton Comments on Connecticut Rebranding Efforts

Political Science Professor Jonathan Wharton

Connecticut has announced a $2 million rebranding effort that includes changing its slogan from “Still Revolutionary” to “Make it Here.”

Political Science Professor Jonathan Wharton, renowned for his expertise in Connecticut politics, shared his opinion on Governor Lamont’s campaign in a Dec. 26, 2023 Hearst column “Can CT rebrand when it doesn’t have a brand?”

According to Wharton, the rebranding effort is seen as a response to the influx of new transplants from New York during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, encouraging municipal officials to support the state campaign and emphasize transformation in municipalities can help reinvigorate Connecticut’s image and instill state pride.

“Marketing a new slogan and knowing our distinctive history are great starting points,” said Wharton. “But recognizing our New England and tristate area uniqueness should be a bonus element about Connecticut”

Wharton’s research centers on state and local government, public policy, economic development as well as identity and coalition-building politics.

To read Wharton’s opinion, click here.


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