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Colleen Bielitz Named New State Leader for Million Women Mentors CT Chapter

Colleen Bielitz, associate vice president for strategic initiatives and outreach at Southern Connecticut State University, has been appointed as the new state leader for Million Women Mentors CT Chapter. Bielitz received the prestigious Million Women Mentors’ 2023 Stand Up For STEM Mentorship Award earlier this year, a recognition supported by years of fostering opportunities for women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics at the university.

“At the heart of our mission is the belief that mentoring is a powerful catalyst for change,” says Bielitz. “By connecting women in STEM with mentors who have traveled similar paths, we not only empower individuals but also strengthen the entire STEM community. Together, we can shatter barriers and inspire the next generation of STEM leaders.”

Million Women Mentors (MWM) is an initiative of STEMconnector, aimed at igniting the interest and confidence of women and girls to pursue STEM careers and leadership roles through the impactful tool of mentoring. The core mission of the MWM network is to inspire girls and women to enter, persist in, and excel in STEM professions.

“Colleen’s new role as the State Leader is a testament to her passion and commitment to mentoring women in STEM fields,” said Bob Prezant, provost and senior vice president of academic affairs. “Her appointment signifies her continued dedication to creating opportunities and fostering an inclusive environment for women in STEM, and we’re grateful for the impact her work has had at Southern and the larger community.”

At Southern, Bielitz has played a pivotal role in guiding strategy and forging partnerships in emerging areas such as the blue economy, the metaverse, and various technology and sustainability initiatives. Her contributions have helped position Southern as a hub for innovation and collaboration at the intersection of education, technology, and sustainability.

Before joining Southern, Bielitz had a distinguished career as a senior-level education executive. Her extensive background encompasses operational leadership, launching new program initiatives, fundraising, strategic planning, branding, and marketing at K-12 schools, colleges, and universities across Pennsylvania and New England. Her multifaceted experience has equipped her with a profound understanding of the diverse challenges and opportunities within the educational landscape.

Bielitz also holds a doctorate in education leadership and is a frequently cited expert on critical issues related to sustainability, technology, equity, and the evolving challenges that shape the future of higher education.

With her qualifications, dedication, and track record of driving positive change, Bielitz is well-positioned to lead Million Women Mentors CT Chapter into a bright future, where the torch of STEM mentorship will continue to illuminate the paths of aspiring women in Connecticut. 


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