Testing the Waters

Close to the shore, within Long Island Sound and Narragansett Bay, northern star coral thrives. Local scientists believe this might bode well for its tropical counterparts, which are facing increasing threats from rising water temperatures.

In a July 31, 2023, story from Connecticut Public Radio, “Connecticut coral could play a key role in climate resilience,” marine ecologist and Professor of Biology Sean Grace delves into the fascinating world of Connecticut coral and its potential impact on climate resilience.

Read and listen to the story here.

Grace is also the co-director of the Werth Center for Coastal and Marine Studies, which focuses on coastal and marine research and education along Connecticut’s urbanized coast and harbors.

His teaching and research interests include the ecology of near-shore shallow-water marine invertebrate and algal communities, as well as the decline of kelp at is southernmost range and marine heatwaves.


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