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Addressing Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities

Southern’s Community Alliance for Research and Engagement (CARE) has been at the forefront of educating and encouraging New Haven residents on many health matters that impact the Elm City.

About five years ago, CARE launched the New Haven Health Leaders program, which uses the strategy of educating and networking within the city’s neighborhoods to address the well-known disparities that disproportionately impact health outcomes for Black and brown people in urban communities.

About 150 people have gone through the training in New Haven, according to CARE Director Alycia Santilli.

Now, the Health Leaders program has expanded to include Hartford. Quoted in a recent article in the Hartford Courant, Santilli said, “Similar to New Haven, Hartford residents, particularly the Black and Brown communities, experience health disparities at a much higher rate than other residents across Connecticut.”

The goal of the Health Leaders program is to create a network of leaders across the city, Santilli said, who can engage in health initiatives in their own communities.

Read the article in the Hartford Courant: “Hartford’s Black and Brown communities face health disparities at a much higher rate. ‘Health Leaders’ could be the solution” (By Ted Glanzer, Hartford Courant, Oct. 31, 2022)


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