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Dean’s List for Spring 2022

The Dean’s List recognizes students who have achieved outstanding academic success for the semester or year in their college or school. Courses are excluded from the calculation if taken under an audit or pass-fail contract, or if they are incomplete at the time student transcripts are evaluated.

Full-time undergraduate students must earn at least 12 credits and achieve a semester GPA of 3.5 or higher to be eligible each semester. The Dean’s List for full-time students is evaluated and awarded at the end of each fall and spring semester.

Part-time undergraduate students must be enrolled in a degree-program, earn at least 12 credits overall in the fall and spring semester, and achieve a GPA of 3.5 or higher in each semester to be eligible. The Dean’s List for part-time students is only evaluated and awarded annually at the end of the spring semester.

The students who made the SCSU Dean’s List for Spring 2022 are listed below, alphabetically by college/school and first name. Congratulations to all!

College of Arts & Sciences

School of Business

College of Education

College of Health & Human Services

University Wide Programs


Aaralyn Torreira, Hartford, CT
Aaron Miller, Milford, CT
Abby Allen, Orange, CT
Abby Hazlett, Shelton, CT
Abby Hespelt, Fairfield, CT
Abigail Lucas, Milford, CT
Abigail Marselli, Guilford, CT
Abigail Richards, Orange, CT
Adriana Tourangeau, New Haven, CT
Aedan Ryan, Wallingford, CT
Aidan Simmons, Hamden, CT
Aisha Haidara, Simsbury, CT
Alec Urice, Hamden, CT
Aleena Webb, Hamden, CT
Aleesa Martins, West Haven, CT
Alessandra Lupo, Fairfield, CT
Alex Lazar, Milford, CT
Alex Sanchez, Stratford, CT
Alexa Colwick, Cromwell, CT
Alexa Phillips, Wolcott, CT
Alexander Setzler, Manchester, CT
Alexandra Rossomando, Bridgeport, CT
Alexia Andrews, Shelton, CT
Alexia Dottori, East Haven, CT
Alexina Cristante, North Branford, CT
Alexis Light, North Haven, CT
Alexis Szymecki, Wethersfield, CT
Alia Abdulla, Waterbury, CT
Allison Kross, Milford, CT
Allison Wang, North Branford, CT
Allison Wrogg, Beacon Falls, CT
Ally Agovino, Milford, CT
Alynn Balocca, Orange, CT
Alyssa Bartlett, Shelton, CT
Alyssa Couture, Portland, CT
Alyssa Masi, Bristol, CT
Alyssa Rolls, Guilford, CT
Amanda Dustin, Marshfield, MA
Amanda Egan, Fairfield, CT
Amanda Hall, Tolland, CT
Amanda Hunt, North Haven, CT
Amanda Lopez, Stratford, CT
Amanda Marquis, Wallingford, CT
Amanda Meyer, Oxford, CT
Amanda Pascale, East Haven, CT
Amanda Sherman, Shelton, CT
Amanda Tkacs, North Haven, CT
Amber Mansourian, Orange, CT
Amber Mcpherson, Stamford, CT
Amina Rustemovic, Hartford, CT
Amir Hines, Stamford, CT
Amy Leal, New Haven, CT
Ana Reyes, New Haven, CT
Andrea Rooney, Seymour, CT
Andreina Barajas Novoa, Stratford, CT
Andrew Seibert, Oxford, CT
Andrew Stock, North Haven, CT
Andrew Uyar, Shelton, CT
Andriy Grynyk, Newington, CT
Angel Rodriguez, Waterbury, CT
Angela Barresi, Windsor, CT
Angelina Santos, Wolcott, CT
Angelyn Graves, Westbrook, CT
Anna Biewald, Oxford, CT
Anna Jani, Milford, CT
Anna Sullivan, Colchester, CT
Annel Romero, Wallingford, CT
Annwesha Roy Chowdhury, Norwalk, CT
Anthony Ciaburri, Hamden, CT
Anthony Gambardella, Shelton, CT
Anthony Lacerenza, Naugatuck, CT
Anya Boyd, New London, CT
Ariana Harris, Hamden, CT
Arianna Alamo, New Haven, CT
Ariel Leston, Millford, CT
Art Marciano, Danbury, CT
Ashley Aguilera, Bridgeport, CT
Ashley Daniels, New Haven, CT
Ashley Fernandes, Naugatuck, CT
Ashley Harris, New Haven, CT
Ashley Resto, Manchester, CT
Ashley Simon, Trumbull, CT
Ashley Zdeb, East Haven, CT
Asia Hannah, New Haven, CT
Asia Newton, Stamford, CT
Audrey Arnold, Kirkland, WA
Autumn Ries, Ansonia, CT
Autumn Smith, Monroe, CT
Ava Krajewski, Groton, CT
Ava Mckinney, Winsted, CT
Avery Hazelwood, Hamden, CT
Avery Loomis, Wallingford, CT
Avron Young, New Haven, CT
Ayshe Wilson, Darien, CT
Azaria Augustine, Hartford, CT
Azula Barnes, NEW HAVEN, CT
Baatinu Plair, Hamden, CT
Benjamin Byers, Branford, CT
Benjamin Giangrande, Westbrook, CT
Benjamin Paquette, South Windsor, CT
Bianca Leon, Miami, FL
Bianka Mcdougal, Bronx, NY
Bojana Mitrovic, East Haven, CT
Bradley Robidoux, Cheshire, CT
Braeden Burke, North Branford, CT
Brandon Apruzzese, Stamford, CT
Brandon Fulton, Shelton, CT
Brandon Iovene, North Branford, CT
Breanna Arce, Waterbury, CT
Brenda Pastor, Waterbury, CT
Brenda Sepulveda, West Haven, CT
Brendan Stoner, Northford, CT
Brendon Riggott, Milford, CT
Brett Voccola, Bridgeport, CT
Bri Perigyi, Monroe, CT
Bria Fielding, New London, CT
Bria Kirklin, Waterbury, CT
Brian Hathaway, Oakville, CT
Brian Parzyck, Naugatuck, CT
Brian Ramanauskas, Trumbull, CT
Brianna Delucca, Oxford, CT
Brianna Feighery, Greenwich, CT
Brianna Forbes, Naugatuck, CT
Brianna Lopez, New Haven, CT
Brianna Woomer, Gales Ferry, CT
Britney Bondos, Guilford, CT
Brittany Caldarola, Prospect, CT
Brooke Dauphinee, Bristol, CT
Brooke Isaacson, Wallingford, CT
Brooke Kuryan, Madison, CT
Brooke Thompson, Wallingford, CT
Bruna Silva, New Haven, CT
Caileigh Brownell, Waterbury, CT
Caitlin McLaughlin, Naugatuck, CT
Caitlin Thompson, Southbury, CT
Caitlyn Mckenna, East Haven, CT
Calder Waugh, Bridgeport, CT
Caleb Leu, Guilford, CT
Camila Palacio, Milford, CT
Camila Ramos, Bridgeport, CT
Camrenn Wallace-Rivera, Naugatuck, CT
Candace Walker, Madison, CT
Carly Fedor, Bristol, CT
Carolina Capelo, Danbury, CT
Caroline Alzamora, West Hartford, CT
Caroline Bednar, Bethany, CT
Caroline Kohnert, Fairfield, CT
Carsyn Gilloren, Beacon Falls, CT
Cassandra Kryger, Shelton, CT
Cassidy Silvernail, Trumbull, CT
Cassie Nemec, Guilford, CT
Cat Weed, Milford, CT
Catherine Lawrence, Madison, CT
Cathy Ann McCormack, Wallingford, CT
Celeste Shelton, Hamden, CT
Chad Coveyduck, Branford, CT
Charntell Mgubo, Waterbury, CT
Chris Bahr, Stratford, CT
Christa Lehr, Branford, CT
Christianne Accurso, Glastonbury, CT
Christina Jones, West Haven, CT
Christine Reid, Bethany, CT
Christopher Akinduro, Naugatuck, CT
Christopher Beauvais, Guilford, CT
Christopher Iacobellis, Milford, CT
Clarisse Aminawung, Wallingford, CT
Claudia Mckenley, Waterbury, CT
Cody Altieri, Middletown, CT
Cody Terra, Broad Brook, CT
Cole Sierpinski, Clinton, CT
Colin Anderson, Cranston, RI
Colin Pedersen, Enfield, CT
Colleen Wilson, Shelton, CT
Connor Backes, Guilford, CT
Connor Skarzynski, West Hartford, CT
Conor Keane, Wethersfield, CT
Corey Conchado, Wallingford, CT
Cornelius Monahan, Terryville, CT
Coty Maher, Middletown, CT
Craig June, Naugatuck, CT
Cristian Calle Puma, New Haven, CT
Crystal Golias, Ansonia, CT
Crystal White, Ansonia, CT
Dakota Bryant, Bridgeport, CT
Dalena Tran, Waterbury, CT
Daniel Andrien, Guilford, CT
Daniel Brinsmade, New Haven, CT
Daniel Collier, Stratford, CT
Daniel Ramirez, Hamden, CT
Daniel Rosario, Hamden, CT
Daniella Occhineri, West Haven, CT
Danielle Hill, N Branford, CT
Danny Ruiz, Plainville, CT
Dara Phum, New Haven, CT
David May, Wallingford, CT
David Santos, Bridgeport, CT
Daymary Lopez, Stratford, CT
Debbie Yerinides, Stratford, CT
Declan Donnelly, Stamford, CT
Dempsey Skovich, Newington, CT
Denise Velez, Bridgeport, CT
Derek Melanson, Southington, CT
Derrick Arnold, Wallingford, CT
Destany Funteral-Fine, Derby, CT
Destiny Santoni, Meriden, CT
Dom Carrillo, North Haven, CT
Dominique Dickenson, Middletown, DE
Donyae Mcpherson, Norwalk, CT
Dreau Foster, East Hartford, CT
Duaa Ali, Bridgeport, CT
Dylan Lindsey, Bow, NH
Dylan Mansingh, East Haven, CT
Edouard De Parcevaux, Darien, CT
Ehsan Sumra, West Haven, CT
Eliana Tolentino, Wallingford, CT
Elisa Tolentino, Wallingford, CT
Elizabeth Kita, Broad Brook, CT
Elizabeth Lopez, Shelton, CT
Elizabeth Mercado, Shelton, CT
Elizabeth Saddig, Naugatuck, CT
Ellie Sheppard, Deep River, CT
Emalie Peters, Bridgeport, CT
Emily Davis, Clinton, CT
Emily Farrell, Killingworth, CT
Emily Feinberg, Hamden, CT
Emily Kirchner, New Haven, CT
Emily Porga, Burlington, CT
Emily Schwartz, Stratford, CT
Emily Toby, Newtown, CT
Emily Weiner, Windsor, CT
Emma Jamieson, Branford, CT
Erin Maloney, Seymour, CT
Erin Murray, Wallingford, CT
Estefano Torres, Derby, CT
Esther Clebert, Norwalk, CT
Ethan Sabetta, Northford, CT
Evan Bocchino, Trumbull, CT
Evan Champagne, Pawcatuck, CT
Fabian Plummer, Stratford, CT
Faith Auletta, Plantsville, CT
Faith Littleton, New Haven, CT
Fatima Ahmad, New Haven, CT
Fawn Moro, Naugatuck, CT
Fernanda Mahr, Westport, CT
Frances Olivares, bethel, CT
Gabby Festa, Patchogue, NY
Gabriel Cruz, Waterbury, CT
Gabriel Misluk, Bristol, CT
Gabriell Matos, New Haven, CT
Gabriella Santana, Waterbury, CT
Gabrielle Tunucci, Milford, CT
Gage Posick, Shelton, CT
Garrhett Watrous, Deep River, CT
Giana Richitelli, North Haven, CT
Gianna Ciarleglio, Branford, CT
Gianna Rubino, New London, CT
Giannia Vasquez, Groton, CT
Gillian Ofori-Ntiamoah, West Haven, CT
Gino Fiore, Shelton, CT
Giustina Parente, Orange, CT
Glen Feola, Shelton, CT
Gregory Bellinger, Clinton, CT
Hailey Buinauskas, Oxford, CT
Hailey Carter, Bethany, CT
Hailey Roy, Norwalk, CT
Hanna Zebdi, New Haven, CT
Hannah Johansson, Fairfield, CT
Hannah Krutz, Cheshire, CT
Hannah Pokornowski, Milford, CT
Hannah Rosario, Waterbury, CT
Hannah Smith, Norwich, CT
Harleen Kaur, Hamden, CT
Harry Sanders Iv, Norwich, CT
Hartney Niles, Wallingford, CT
Heather Affinito, North Haven, CT
Heather Savoyski, Northford, CT
Heidi Senft, New Haven, CT
Helena Lang, Windsor, CT
Helena Stein, Madison, CT
Heylee Purcell, Monroe, CT
Hunter Dale, Mansfield, CT
Ian Cheung, North Haven, CT
Imani Gordon, Branford, CT
Imani Smith, Bethel, CT
Inanca Blake, Waterbury, CT
Inez Ortiz, Torrington, CT
Isabella Hodson, Trumbull, CT
Isabella Newbury, Moosup, CT
Isabella Tilson, Stratford, CT
Isaiah Carr, Hamden, CT
Ivanna Juliana Roque, Wallingford, CT
Ivianna Morales, Bridgeport, CT
Izaiah Sanders, Norwalk, CT
Jaclyn Podlaski, Stamford, CT
Jacob Stephens, Madison, CT
Jacob Tellier, Terryville, CT
Jacqueline Silano, Derby, CT
Jade Clary, Higganum, CT
Jaeden Gatison, North haven, CT
Jaime Roy, Meriden, CT
Jaimi Anderson, East Haven, CT
Jake Solomons, Newtown, CT
Jake Wronski, Derby, CT
James Magson, Hamden, CT
James O’brien, New Haven, CT
James Standish, Terryville, CT
Jamison Kulesa, Terryville, CT
Jasdip Singh, HAMDEN, CT
Jaylen Carr, Hamden, CT
Jazmyn Martinez, Middletown, NY
Jedidiah Alziphat, Waterbury, CT
Jeffrey Loock, Seymour, CT
Jen Ng, Fairfield, CT
Jenna Mahmoud, North Haven, CT
Jennifer Moses, New Haven, CT
Jeremy Adams, Wallingford, CT
Jeremy Deluca, Stamford, CT
Jeremy Kearns, Wallingford, CT
Jerry Boccia, Westbrook, CT
Jessenia Fuentes, Guilford, CT
Jessica Giammattei, Wallingford, CT
Jessica Gregory, West Hartford, CT
Jessica Mcmahon, Madison, CT
Jessica Rutkauskas, Fairfield, CT
Jetlira Islami, Southbury, CT
Jewel Beaty, Wallingford, CT
Jill Cooke, Milford, CT
Jillian Divergilio, Oakville, CT
Jillian Jandreau, Meriden, CT
Joanna Aguila-Perez, Meriden, CT
Jocelyn Boursiquot, Bridgeport, CT
Jocelyn Lee, Burlington, CT
John Durso, Wallingford, CT
John Southworth, West Haven, CT
John Walsh, Prospect, CT
Jonah Gosnay, Danbury, CT
Jonah Heiland, Bethlehem, CT
Jonah Santiana, Monroe, CT
Jonathan Godfrey, North Haven, CT
Jonathan Hannon, Milford, CT
Jonathan Meyers, Cheshire, CT
Jonathan Sobotka, Shelton, CT
Jonell Bailey, Waterbury, CT
Jordan Davey, Norwalk, CT
Jose Avila, Wallingford, CT
Josef Fielosh, Orange, CT
Joseph Auger, Trumbull, CT
Joseph Delgado, West Haven, CT
Joseph Dzurenda, Shelton, CT
Joseph Faller, Guilford, CT
Joseph Merly, Milford, CT
Joseph O’Donnell, Cheshire, CT
Joseph Pinciaro, Monroe, CT
Joseph Vincenzi, Cromwell, CT
Josephine Toni, North Haven, CT
Josh Cappello, Trumbull, CT
Josh Cornell, Bridgeport, CT
Joshua Riznyk, Milford, CT
Jovonnie Hines, Waterbury, CT
Judith Bacal, Norwalk, CT
Julia Glenn, Shelton, CT
Julia Grounds, New Haven, CT
Julia Maclennan, woonsocket, RI
Julia Mansfield, Wallingford, CT
Julia Moores, Trumbull, CT
Julia Silva, Shelton, CT
Julia Walker, West Haven, CT
Julian Mangual, Waterbury, CT
Juliana Lee, Burlington, CT
Julianna Santiago, Stratford, CT
Julianna Williams, East Lyme, CT
Julien Sanchez Levallois, New Haven, CT
June Brock, Hamden, CT
Justice Glasgow, Warren, MI
Justin Brennan, Milford, CT
Justin Cragan, Oxford, CT
Justin Garcia, Bethel, CT
Justin Yeager, North Haven, CT
Kady Pedersen, Terryville, CT
Kai Torre, New Haven, CT
Kaitlin Wagner, Mystic, CT
Kaity Bolding, Bristol, CT
Kara Catapano, Shelton, CT
Karina Pena, Waterbury, CT
Kate Narain, Madison, CT
Katelin Donnelly, Prospect, CT
Katelyn Alix, Monroe, CT
Katelyn Fillion, Northford, CT
Katelyn Quinn, Stratford, CT
Katherine Harding, New Haven, CT
Katherine Kiernan, Milford, CT
Kathryn Duffner, Middletown, CT
Kathryn Pollard, Clinton, CT
Kathryn Sweeney-Amidon, New Haven, CT
Katie Doyle, Southbury, CT
Katie Kost, Sandy Hook, CT
Katie Landry, North Franklin, CT
Kaya Klos, Monroe, CT
Kayla Brown, Stratford, CT
Kayla Cummings, Middlebury, CT
Kayla Goodrich, East Haven, CT
Kayla Jefferson, New Haven, CT
Kayla Shay, Fairfield, CT
Kaylee Savvaides, Trumbull, CT
Kaylee Wagner, Wallingford, CT
Kayleigh Davis, Ansonia, CT
Kaylin Williams, New Haven, CT
Kayoung Choi, Stratford, CT
Kaytlin Gomez, East Haven, CT
Kaytlyn Caban, Wallingford, CT
Keith Bodnar, Beacon Falls, CT
Kelly King, Derby, CT
Kelly Redmond, Naugatuck, CT
Kerry Decker, Plantsville, CT
Kevin Doty, Meriden, CT
Kevin Jubb, Torrington, CT
Kevin Souffrant, Stamford, CT
Kevin Stapleton, Milford, CT
Kiana Walker, Milford, CT
Kimberly Berrios, North Branford, CT
Krista Jones, Pawcatuck, CT
Kristina Hoda, Wethersfield, CT
Kyle Barth, Wallingford, CT
Kyle Mashia-Thaxton, Groton, CT
Larissa Fatone, Niantic, CT
Laura Gonzalez, New Haven, CT
Lauren Oken, West Hartford, CT
Lauren Stearns, Cheshire, CT
Lauryn Giuliano, Orange, CT
Lawrence Delucia, North Haven, CT
Lawrence Pirone, Shelton, CT
Leah Coleman, East Hartford, CT
Leah Mastroianni, Bristol, CT
Leana Mauricette, East Hartford, CT
Lee Greenwald, Torrington, CT
Leila Kabbani, Trumbull, CT
Lekiyah Fraser, West Haven, CT
Lemuel Cosme, New Haven, CT
Leslie Baca, New Haven, CT
Liana Barry, Milford, CT
Liang Lin, Cheshire, CT
Lianne Metter, Norwalk, CT
Liliana Ramirez, East Haven, CT
Lilli Murdy, Meriden, CT
Lily Santiago, New Haven, CT
Lina Onofrio, Beacon Falls, CT
Lindsay Leblanc, Middletown, CT
Lindsay Rockwood, Ledyard, CT
Loanis Cabrera, Bridgeport, CT
Logan Braren, Hamden, CT
Logan Flanigan, Derby, CT
Lola Julia, Wallingford, CT
Lucas Haray, Waterbury, CT
Lucas Hoffman, New Haven, CT
Luisianna Parra, Stamford, CT
Luke Danko, Norwalk, CT
Luke Kim, New Haven, CT
Luzadriana Cante, New Haven, CT
Lydia Masala, Bridgeport, CT
Maame Osei-Wusu, West Haven, CT
Mackenzie Wolcheski, Cheshire, CT
Maddi Rybak, Salem, CT
Madison Brenning, Seymour, CT
Madison Hatch, Sherman, CT
Madison Shura, Wallingford, CT
Madison Weathers, New Haven, CT
Maeve Pierce, New London, CT
Maeve Salamida, Cromwell, CT
Magda Andres, Wallingford, CT
Maggie Mahoney, Clinton, CT
Mahagany Rawls, New Haven, CT
Maia Dingus, Branford, CT
Makayla Chambers, East Haven, CT
Makenna Perry, Ledyard, CT
Manuella Sam, Naugatuck, CT
Maranyeliz Torres, Shelton, CT
Marawa Chater, Northford, CT
Marcanthony Scaccia, Waterbury, CT
Margaret Collison, Old Saybrook, CT
Maria Antunes, Fairfield, CT
Maria Barresi, Shelton, CT
Maria Rodrigues, Bridgeport, CT
Maria Tomas, New Haven, CT
Marie Connors, East Haven, CT
Mariella Landry, Waterbury, CT
Marilyn Childs, Waterford, CT
Marissa Fusco, Branford, CT
Mark Delima, Easton, CT
Mark Nowak, Meriden, CT
Martina Pastore, Shelton, CT
Mary Katherine Belli, Glen Ridge, NJ
Maryssa Racino, North Haven, CT
Mason Ginter, Wallingford, CT
Mateo Donoso, Stratford, CT
Matthew Acciardo, North Haven, CT
Matthew Bean, Shelton, CT
Matthew Fabiani, Wallingford, CT
Matthew Jaansalu, Woluwe-Saint-Pierre, Belgium
Matthew Romeo, Cheshire, CT
Matthew Zarra, Cheshire, CT
Max Mai, Milford, CT
Max Martone, Fairfield, CT
Max Suits, Guilford, CT
Maxwell Gazda, Shelton, CT
Maya Mazzotta, Darien, CT
Mayra Lopez, New Haven, CT
Megan Cote, Shelton, CT
Megan Latte, Newtown, CT
Megan Mancarella, Durham, CT
Melanie Burgos, New Haven, CT
Melanie Cardone, North Haven, CT
Mia Brennan, Waterford, CT
Mia Tomasello, Branford, CT
Mia Torgerson, Meriden, CT
Micayla Minnis, New London, CT
Michael Aiello, Hamden, CT
Michael Burden, Shelton, CT
Michael Cosenza, Hamden, CT
Michael Duguay, Bristol, CT
Michael Macesker, Waterford, CT
Michael Rabuffo, North Branford, CT
Michael Smith, Shelton, CT
Michaela Lyons, Brookhaven, NY
Michele Furnaros, Stamford, CT
Michelle Shaw, Guilford, CT
Milena Alvarez, Norwalk, CT
Miles Lourenco, Hamden, CT
Miles Meade, Shelton, CT
Milton Dash, Wallingford, CT
Mimi Wetherall, Stratford, CT
Minor Molina, Norwalk, CT
Mitch Mcdunnah, Columbia, CT
Mitchell Wright, Oxford, CT
Moe St. Matthews, East Hartford, CT
Mollie Craig, Hamden, CT
Molly Whittington, Meriden, CT
Morgan Campbell, Branford, CT
Morgan Hines, Oxford, CT
Morgan Reilly, Startford, CT
Morgan Sartor, Portland, CT
Morgan Squires, Stamford, CT
Mustafa Bolat, West Haven, CT
Nadazja Poole, Manchester, CT
Nancy Kelly, New Haven, CT
Natalie Sinclair, Bridgeport, CT
Natalie Stoffel, New Fairfield, CT
Natasha McLain, Vernon, CT
Nayeli Delgado Santiago, Tariffville, CT
Neil Merola, Branford, CT
Nicholas Bertone, Wayne, NJ
Nicholas Cappello, Milford, CT
Nicholas Graham, Branford, CT
Nick Isabella, Monroe, CT
Nick Rossi, North Haven, CT
Nicolas Mattarelli, Guilford, CT
Nicole Coffey, West Haven, CT
Nicole Hitchman, Hamden, CT
Nicole Santiago, New Haven, CT
Niera West, Hamden, CT
Nikeila Thompson, New Haven, CT
Noelle King, Bridgeport, CT
Norman Benedict, Guilford, CT
Norman Whitney, Bristol, CT
Olivia Delisle, Portland, CT
Olivia Grabinski, Trumbull, CT
Olivia Hoft, Bethlehem, CT
Olivia Navarro, Stratford, CT
Olivia Ortiz, Milford, CT
Olivia Strelevitz, Gales Ferry, CT
Olivia Vallejo, Prospect, CT
Oliwia Zdunek, Madison, CT
Oriana Camacho Escalona, Bridgeport, CT
Oscar Sagastume, Meriden, CT
Owen Carroll, Marlborough, CT
Paige Gorry, Wallingford, CT
Paige Scott, Kennesaw, GA
Parker Toth, Guilford, CT
Patrick Kearney, Durham, CT
Patrick Wade, Madison, CT
Paul Broughton, Stamford, CT
Paul Rosenberg, Branford, CT
Paule Baptiste, Bridgeport, CT
Porsche Kessell, Deep River, CT
Quinn Gage, Westbrook, CT
Rachel Buzzi, Newtown, CT
Rachel Greenwood, New Haven, CT
Rachel Nguyen, Manchester, CT
Rachel Papale, Wallingford, CT
Rachel Zumbo, Monroe, CT
Rashea Brown, Bridgeport, CT
Rassica Bakane, Milford, CT
Raymond Boucher, Hamden, CT
Rebecca Lubbert, Guilford, CT
Rebecca Sabetta, Northford, CT
Rebecca Shamp, Clinton, CT
Rebecca Stanton, Berlin, CT
Regina Misercola, Trumbull, CT
Renee Robles, Milford, CT
Renza Milner, Carlsbad, CA
Rezvee Rahman, West Haven, CT
Rhoda Osei, Hamden, CT
Rianna Albert, Waterbury, CT
Ricardo Pena, Middlebury, CT
Richard Christie, Howell, NJ
Richard Whitten, Milford, CT
Rick Ramos, Waterbury, CT
Rijad Brkic, Milford, CT
Riley Ocasio, Milford, CT
Rita Rusch, Orange, CT
Robert Hahn, Niantic, CT
Robert Ziaks, Branford, CT
Roberto Didiano, North Branford, CT
Roger King, Milford, CT
Romi Patel, Orange, CT
Rosana Duarte, New Haven, CT
Rosemary Plaze, Hamden, CT
Rosenine Saint-Val, Bridgeport, CT
Ross Masloski, West Haven, CT
Ruth Woolard, Middlefield, CT
Ryan Martin, West Hartford, Ct, CT
Ryan Pollard, Madison, CT
Rylee Massoni, Wallingford, CT
Ryleigh Rivas, New Haven, CT
Sabrina Garcia-Kiehnle, Stratford, CT
Sabrina Nogula, Mahopac, NY
Sabrina Rookasin, Shelton, CT
Sajdah Abdul-Karim, Hamden, CT
Sam Mena, East Haven, CT
Sam Preschel, North Haven, CT
Sam Uhelsky, Cheshire, CT
Samantha Atencio-Roos, Naugatuck, CT
Samantha Dennis, Wallingford, CT
Samantha Dotting, Fairfield, CT
Samantha Egan, Fairfield, CT
Samantha Harmon, East Hartford, CT
Samantha Hunnicutt, Trumbull, CT
Samantha Melendez, New Haven, CT
Samantha Scott, Windsor, CT
Samantha Tonan, East Haven, CT
Samara Jenkins, New Milford, CT
Sammy Collier, Fairfield, CT
Samuel Feliciano, Bethlehem, CT
Samuel Trumbley, Beacon Falls, CT
Sara Gerckens, Derby, CT
Sarah Gossman, Trumbull, CT
Sarah Masotta, Seymour, CT
Sarina Maynard, Terryville, CT
Savannah Cruz, New Haven, CT
Savannah Marcano, West Hartford, CT
Scott Brossman, Branford, CT
Sean Baldyga, Colchester, CT
Serginho Valcourt, Stratford, CT
Shaina Alexander, Northford, CT
Shamir Hughes, Ansonia, CT
Shane Carey, Naugatuck, CT
Shane Carvin, Branford, CT
Shanelle Lester, New Haven, CT
Shannon Bell, Hamden, CT
Shannon Tagg, Shelton, CT
Shannon Winters, Milford, CT
Sharon Cappella, West Haven, CT
Shatha Khashab, Hamden, CT
Shawn Gokey, Rocky Hill, CT
Shawn Odei-Ntiri, New Haven, CT
Shayla Hill, Waterbury, CT
Shynasia Newton, New Britain, CT
Sophia Pannone, Wallingford, CT
Spencer Lane, Derby, CT
Spencer Tesch, Middlebury, CT
Spenser Trella, Meriden, CT
Stefan Veenhuis, Monroe, CT
Stefano Guerra, Fairfield, CT
Stephanie Flores, Bridgeport, CT
Stephanie Mirando, Branford, CT
Stephanie Sorrentino, East Haven, CT
Sungum Saharan, Durham, CT
Susan Mann, Orange, CT
Sydney Munger, Wallingford, CT
Sydney Ogden, Old Lyme, CT
Sydney Rossi, Milford, CT
Talia Gaudio, Cheshire, CT
Talia Lent, New Milford, CT
Taryn Bellinger, Groton, CT
Taryn Esdaile, Hamden, CT
Tavonne Williams, New Haven, CT
Taylor Lubin, Vernon, CT
Taylor Weihing, Huntington, UT
Tea Pozzi, Guilford, CT
Tess Peters, Oxford, CT
Theresa Cocola, Newington, CT
Thomas Clark, Bristol, CT
Thomas Turner, Bridgeport, CT
Tiana Ruan, New Haven, CT
Tiffany Bourgeois, New Haven, CT
Timothy Mccrae Jr., Trumbull, CT
Tiona Gary, New Haven, CT
Tj Jackson, Hamden, CT
Tommi Bonomo, Marlborough, CT
Treena Pitts, Somers, CT
Treqwon Mack, New Britian, CT
Trevanna Kandrach, Milford, CT
Tristan Lariccia, Clinton, CT
Tyebrea Chapman, Stratford, CT
Tyler Carey, New Haven, CT
Tyler Santiago-Gamble, Cromwell, CT
Tyler Wetmore, Branford, CT
Tynaja Shelby, Hamden, CT
Valencia Joseph-Duncan, Norwalk, CT
Valeria Araujo, Milford, CT
Valerye Quintana, Meriden, CT
Vanessa Adamski, Derby, CT
Vanessa Heigel, Plantsville, CT
Veronica Brundage, Fairfield, CT
Vicky Hu, Clinton, CT
Victor Corona Galan, Bridgeport, CT
Victoria Cortes, Wallingford, CT
Victoria Sampiere, Seymour, CT
Viktoria Biblekaj, Seymour, CT
Vincent Alves, Milford, CT
Wes Webb, Hamden, CT
Will Webb, Shelton, CT
William Hardy, Pawcatuck, CT
William Michaud, West Haven, CT
Wilson Herrera, Bridgeport, CT
Wilson Valois, West Haven, CT
Xia’ian Carrasco, Bristol, CT
Yasminee Saenz, Stamford, CT
Yvonne Hinds, Stratford, CT
Zachary Brocklehurst, Woodbridge, CT
Zainab Seyal, Fairfield, CT
Zakai James, Waterbury, CT
Zamagee Pendergrass, Hamden, CT
Zayda Broderick, Southington, CT
Zein Dib, Bridgeport, CT
Zoe Pringle, Milford, CT
Zoe Tyler, Wallingford, CT


Aaron Glen Ang, Hamden, CT
Adriana Bustos Rivas, East Haven, CT
Aidan Holroyd, Cheshire, CT
Alex Bercy, Ansonia, CT
Alex Dominguez, Bridgeport, CT
Alexa Bedini, Sandy Hook, CT
Alexander O’neal, West Simsbury, CT
Alexander Prial, Stamford, CT
Alexandra Belska, New Haven, CT
Alexandra England, Rockaway Park, NY
Alexandra Leso, Milford, CT
Alexandre Rajao Da Cunha, Norderstedt, Germany
Alexi Giantomidis, Milford, CT
Alexia Keomixay, Derby, CT
Alexis Rodriguez, New Haven, CT
Alexis Taylor, New Haven, CT
Alfred Mascola, East Haven, CT
Allyssa Cassella, Wallingford, CT
Amber Hutchinson, South Windsor, CT
Amelia Mansfield, Yalesville, CT
Anaid Enriquez, Milford, CT
Anandah Sutton, New London, CT
Andrew Cevasco, Norwalk, CT
Andrew Didiano, Madison, CT
Arda Yilmaz, Stratford, CT
Ashley Rossi, Ledyard, CT
Austin Pica, Branford, CT
Avia Ferguson, Groton, CT
Ayanna Simmons, Danbury, CT
Barry Belardinelli, Norwalk, CT
Bayleigh Takacs, New Haven, CT
Beatrice Alvarez, Bridgeport, CT
Benjamin Pierce, Meriden, CT
Bennett Trombley, Wolcott, CT
Brandon Hendzel, Branford, CT
Brendan Rizza, Marlborough, CT
Brendan Smith, Clinton, CT
Brenna Smith, Old Lyme, CT
Brittney Barbato, Old Lyme, CT
Brittny Adebowale, Stamford, CT
Brooke Burkhart, Haymarket, VA
Calvert Hendershot, Woodbury, CT
Carlos Chavarria, Stamford, CT
Carly Champagne, Shelton, CT
Carmen Polanco, Bridgeport, CT
Caroline Albano, Ridgefield, CT
Cecile Smith, Sandy Hook, CT
Chad Wengloksi, South Windham, CT
Charlotte Ardrey, Milford, CT
Chelsea Turner, Clinton, CT
Christian Minaya, Brooklyn, NY
Christian Vickowski, Monroe, CT
Christina Hage, Wolcott, CT
Christopher Roewer, Danbury, CT
Christopher Stevens, Fairfield, CT
Clara Oshiro Nishimura, New Haven, CT
Collin Nodden, Wallingford, CT
Conner Whelan, New Haven, CT
Connor Daniels, Cheshire, CT
Courtney Viglione, Clinton, CT
Daisy Foell, Milford, CT
Dajhani John, Bridgeport, CT
Damian Ciborowski, Norwalk, CT
Danielle Elliott, Wethersfield, CT
David Gibson, South Windsor, CT
Demarr Bryant, Cromwell, CT
Derek Viets, Waterford, CT
Devon Bonner, Clinton, CT
Donovan Harris, Rocky Point, NY
Dylan Triscritti, Naugatuck, CT
Ebram Ibrahim, Waterbury, CT
Elliot Chudwick, Trumbull, CT
Emily Cummings, West Haven, CT
Emily D’amora, Cheshire, CT
Emily Palmer-Shay, Trumbull, CT
Emily Pruitt, West Haven, CT
Emily Sosnovich, Beacon Falls, CT
Emma Gorham, Ellington, CT
Emma Riebe, Newtown, CT
Eric Duhl, Woodbridge, CT
Eric Girolimon, Torrington, CT
Eric Lopes, Shelton, CT
Eric Milliard, North Haven, CT
Erynn Francino-Quinn, Shelton, CT
Evan Gutowski, Trumbull, CT
Ezgi Erken, Trumbull, CT
Fatima Garcia-Ramirez, Bridgeport, CT
Gavin Powe, Shelton, CT
Genaro Nohpal, New Haven, CT
Gianfranco Alvarez, Bridgeport, CT
Gianna D’Angelo, Trumbull, CT
Gina Mancuso, Naugatuck, CT
Gina Volturno, Monroe, CT
Giuliana Gaudio, Cheshire, CT
Grace Conselyea, Milford, PA
Guillermo Malpartida, Bridgeport, CT
Haley Bates, Southbury, CT
Haley Franco, Meriden, CT
Hannah Verneris, Hamden, CT
Hayley Shura, Wallingford, CT
Hideki Morales, Bethel, CT
Hira Hasan, Richmond, TX
Imanol Flores, Stratford, CT
Irais Cid, Bridgeport, CT
Isabelle Stowik, Wallingford, CT
Jack Drewry, Wolcott, CT
Jacob Nastasia, Milford, CT
Jade Brennan, Prospect, CT
Jake Forchetti, Orange, CT
Jake Gruttadauria, Trumbull, CT
Jalen Coleman, Middletown, CT
Jalen Judson, Stamford, CT
Jameson Altieri, Branford, CT
Jared Dobkowski, Shelton, CT
Jared Propis, West Hartford, CT
Jarod King, East Haven, CT
Jason Summerfield, Seymour, CT
Jessica Baka, Wallingford, CT
Jhordan Peterson, Hamden, CT
Jillian Martin, Orange, CT
John Migliazza, Monroe, CT
Jonathan Colascione, West Islip, NY
Jordan Silbert, New Haven, CT
Joseph Bottino, Norwalk, CT
Joseph Sarango, New Haven, CT
Joshua Dana, Derby, CT
Joshua Stagon, DURHAM, CT
Juan Bello, Bridgeport, CT
Julia Sevell, Oxford, CT
Justin Loomer, Ansonia, CT
Kaitlyn Feeney, Plantsville, CT
Kaity Cadoret, Oxford, CT
Kapri Chieffalo, Norwalk, CT
Katelyn Henchcliffe, Newtown, CT
Katherine Giangrande, Westbrook, CT
Katrina Roy, Bristol, CT
Kayla Hipona, Orange, CT
Kelly Jagodzinski, Stamford, CT
Kevin Braus, Stamford, CT
Kevin Spencer, North Haven, CT
Khizer Ali, Orange, CT
Kobe Dominguez, West Hartford, CT
Kyle Stamm, East Hampton, CT
Lauren Silvia, Wallingford, CT
Lauren Spino, Hamden, CT
Lauryn Tuttle, Oxford, CT
Leander Adam, Sandy Hook, CT
Leslie Hernandez, Ansonia, CT
Lesly Vasquez, Bridgeport, CT
Lisa Lee, West Haven, CT
Lorea Snyder, Thomaston, CT
Luis Campos, Monroe, CT
Luis Santos, Hamden, CT
Mackenzie Henry, New London, CT
Madeline Siegel, Malvern, PA
Malachi Stevens, Bridgeport, CT
Mallory Michaud, Clinton, CT
Margaret Kallinich, Madison, CT
Margaret McBride, Baltimore, MD
Marvia Reid, Bridgeport, CT
Mary Foley, West Haven, CT
Mason Collier, Fairfield, CT
Matthew Bickley, New Haven, CT
Matthew Desrosiers, No Haven, CT
Megan Richard, Madison, CT
Megan Workman, Ladera Ranch, CA
Melany Henriquez-Schmutz, Southington, CT
Micahlyn Vaichus, Waterbury, CT
Michael Monelli, Stratford, CT
Michael Pernel, New Haven, CT
Michael Szturma, Beacon Falls, CT
Michael Volturno, Monroe, CT
Mikaela Gaudet, Clinton, CT
Minellys Dejesus, Bridgeport, CT
Morgan Tuscano, Wallingford, CT
Natalia King, Middletown, CT
Nathaly Marcano, New Haven, CT
Nicholas Nesdale, North Haven, CT
Nick Ragozzino, North Haven, CT
Nicole Evans, Branford, CT
Nini Yangga, Waterford, CT
Nkiru Ogbogu, Stratford, CT
Noah Falcioni, Ansonia, CT
Nyla Ojeda, Windsor, CT
Nyla Urso-Serrano, North Windham, CT
Oguzhan Dagci, Gaziantep, Turkey
Oscar Monteagudo, Ansonia, CT
Osman Cayan, Hamden, CT
Owen Gagne, Wethersfield, CT
Patrick Martin, Seymour, CT
Paul Barbiero, North Haven, CT
Peter Cappetta, Guilford, CT
Preston Baldovin, Oxford, CT
Raxena Husain, Waterbury, CT
Riley Bjornberg, Wallingford, CT
Ronan Thomas-Bellis, Hamden, CT
Ronnie Pinkard, South Windsor, CT
Rosalyn Santiago, New Haven, CT
Rumana Rahman, West Haven, CT
Ryan Jones, Trumbull, CT
Ryan Miller, Clinton, CT
Ryan Sabo, Orange, CT
Safeta Basuljevic, Derby, CT
Sam Tyrrel, Cheshire, CT
Samantha Plourde, Plainville, CT
Samuel Papp, Norwalk, CT
Sarah Beverage, Wallingford, CT
Sarah Ewert, Hamden, CT
Sawyer McEwen, Cheshire, CT
Sean Cunniff, Seymour, CT
Sebastian Garzon, West Haven, CT
Sebastian Scrimenti, Woodbridge, CT
Shane O’Neil, Milford, CT
Shaun Walsh, Naugatuck, CT
Shay Murphy, Thomaston, CT
Sheleice Fair, Waterbury, CT
Shemar Henry, East Hartford, CT
Skyelar Poulimas, Orange, CT
Steele Marro, Shelton, CT
Stephanie De Oliveira, Stratford, CT
Steven Phillips, Bristol, CT
Tapiwa Musandu, Waterbury, CT
Taylor Forbes, West Haven, CT
Teresa Diaz, Stratford, CT
Teresa Falla Garcia, Bridgeport, CT
Thomas Mccarthy, Shelton, CT
Thomas Southwood, Clinton, CT
Tommy Nelson, Wallingford, CT
Trevor Boczer, Shelton, CT
Tyler Behboudi, Fairfield, CT
Valentina Rrapi, Monroe, CT
Vendela Zayrath, Shelton, CT
Victor Colorado, Norwalk, CT
Victoria Bradshaw, Oxford, CT
Victoria Tran, Milford, CT
Wajiha Ali, North Haven, CT
Walter Martinez, Bristol, CT
Wendy Ann Santillan, Wallingford, CT
Yanis Amirouche, Stratford, CT
Yi Xia, New Haven, CT
Zachary Burleigh, Southington, CT
Zachary Gibbs, North Haven, CT
Zachary Jones, North Haven, CT
Zachary Reilly, Wallingford, CT


Abby Chamberlain, Orange, CT
Abigail Mcmenemy, Bristol, CT
Alexa Alchimio, Wallingford, CT
Alexa Charney, Bethany, CT
Alexa Michaud, Seymour, CT
Alexander Calderon, Norwalk, CT
Alexandra Guido, Northford, CT
Alexandra Laudun, Milford, CT
Alexia Petremont, Derby, CT
Alexis Luft, Tolland, CT
Alivia Leonard, Shelton, CT
Ally Petrella, Willington, CT
Alyssa Larocca, Norwalk, CT
Alyssa Marlin, Shelton, CT
Alyssa Ulrich, Naugatuck, CT
Alyvia Frobel, West Haven, CT
Amanda Hendrick, Bethany, CT
Amanda Windhurst, Guilford, CT
Anabella Digioia, Hamden, CT
Andrea Prevost, Norwalk, CT
Anjeza Skudrinja, Oakville, CT
Anna Marvin, Westbrook, CT
Annaleeza Lawrence, Bridgeport, CT
Annalise DeRusso, Guilford, CT
Anthony Pelaccia, Oxford, CT
Ariana Cotto, Milford, CT
Ash Marchevsky, New Haven, CT
Asher Zaccagnino, Trumbull, CT
Ashley Boyne, Trumbull, CT
Autumn Dempsey, Oxford, CT
Becky Brady, Newtown, CT
Bianca Araujo, Bridgeport, CT
Brendan Dowd, Wethersfield, CT
Cailyn Valentine, Stratford, CT
Caitlin Walker, West Haven, CT
Caitlyn Vicenzi, Oakville, CT
Callie Hoyt, Waterbury, CT
Callie Newberg, Westbrook, CT
Carly Martinson, Middletown, CT
Casey An, Shelton, CT
Catherine Allen, Trumbull, CT
Ceeonna Covington, Hamden, CT
Chloe Dacosta, Hamden, CT
Christian Jones, Trumbull, CT
Christian Mansfield, Wallingford, CT
Christina Gleason, Milford, CT
Coleen Joi Gaydowen, Wallingford, CT
Cora Welsh, Shelton, CT
Courtney Sandora, Waterford, CT
Daniela Lara Quintana, Stamford, CT
Danielle Socci, Stamford, CT
David Casole, Stamford, CT
Dominique Ruffin, Norwalk, CT
Elisabeth Molnar, Seymour, CT
Elizabeth Dipiero, Enfield, CT
Elizabeth Larsen, Stratford, CT
Elizabeth Luckner, Shelton, CT
Elizabeth Merkt, Enfield, CT
Elizabeth Simo, Norwalk, CT
Elyse Mccarthy, Stratford, CT
Emely Alves, Seymour, CT
Emily Lange, Monroe, CT
Erieana Pappano, Shelton, CT
Esther Cadet, New Haven, CT
Farah Toussaint, New Haven, CT
Francesca Lupo, Fairfield, CT
Gabby Rossetti, Seymour, CT
Gabriella Piscitelli, Branford, CT
Gabriella Smith, Rocky Point, NY
Gabrielle Klementon, Wethersfield, CT
Geoffrey Nevin-Giannini, Seymour, CT
Giacomo Didiano, North Branford, CT
Giana Cardonita, Guilford, CT
Greisha Ramirez, Bridgeport, CT
Hailey Marquardt, Naugatuck, CT
Haley Smith, Clinton, CT
Hanna Forsten, Brooklyn, CT
Hannah Schmidt, Norwich, CT
Heather Needham, Plainville, CT
Irma Cirikovic, Fairfield, CT
Isabella Alogna, North Haven, CT
Isabelle Rubano, North Haven, CT
Isee Greenwood, New Haven, CT
Jackie Bennett Pyrek-Bennett, Monroe, CT
Jacque Jurewicz, Madison, CT
Jada Stewart, Trumbull, CT
Janee Johnson, Waterbury, CT
Jason Vinisko, Torrington, CT
Jenna Barcello, Easton, CT
Jennifer Lemus-Amaya, Bridgeport, CT
Jennifer Rosa, Shelton, CT
Jermaine Jorge, Bridgeport, CT
Jessica Monegro, Waterbury, CT
Jody-Ann Robinson, Stratford, CT
Jonathan Williams, Milford, CT
Jordan Paine, West Haven, CT
Joseline Bosse, Fairfield, CT
Josephine Kendrick, Wethersfield, CT
Judith Thompson, Derby, CT
Julia Sitaro, Avon, CT
Julian Decola, Southbury, CT
Justin Biafore, Cheshire, CT
Kaitlin Demakos, TRUMBULL, CT
Kaitlyn Covey, Killingworth, CT
Kaleen Barbieri, Seymour, CT
Kameron DeMartin, North Haven, CT
Kara Brough, Marlborough, CT
Karae Jacobs, Newington, CT
Karen Flores-Flores, Roosevelt, NY
Katalina Mancinone Rivas, Roxbury, CT
Kathy Tran, Shelton, CT
Katie Williamson, Dublin 15,
Kaylee Sudimick, Seymour, CT
Kaylie Broadhurst, Stratford, CT
Kelsey Burr, Wallingford, CT
Kelsey Improta, West Haven, CT
Khadija Ally, Waterbury, CT
Kira Hartnett, Cromwell, CT
Korey Carregal, Guilford, CT
Kristen Robertson, Stratford, CT
Kristina Long, Stamford, CT
Kyle Russell, Branford, CT
Kylee Gustafson, Orange, CT
Kyoko Yoshida, Stratford, CT
Lauren Marini, Trumbull, CT
Leeah Gunneson, Branford, CT
Lexi Assenza, Monroe, CT
Liliana Cremonini, New Fairfield, CT
Lily Deloma, Trumbull, CT
Lina Damien, Trumbull, CT
Lyndsey Taylor, Durham, CT
Mackenzie Glenn, Northford, CT
Mackenzie Morrill, Wallingford, CT
Madeline Gill, Fairfield, CT
Madison Patkoske, Wethersfield, CT
Maeve Mcadams, Southport, CT
Makenna Rancourt, New Milford, CT
Mariela Roldan, Middletown, CT
Marly Ahearn, Wolcott, CT
Megan Aubrey, Monroe, CT
Megan Froehlich, West Haven, CT
Meghan Jensen, New Fairfield, CT
Melannie Parra, West Haven, CT
Melia Wilcox, Pawcatuck, CT
Merci-Grace Jenkins, Northfield, CT
Mia Mazzola, Madison, CT
Michaela Salzo, North Haven, CT
Mike Ferrett, Hamden, CT
Milana Bartolomeo, Wallingford, CT
Miranda Anderson, Old Greenwich, CT
Miranda Corbin, Meriden, CT
Nataly Pena, Quaker Hill, CT
Neissa Celik, Wallingford, CT
Nicole Skelly, Blackwood, NJ
Nora Raccio, Milford, CT
Olivia Capobianco, Waterbury, CT
Olivia Destefani, Wethersfield, CT
Olivia Jameson, Wallingford, CT
Olivia O’connor, North Haven, CT
Philip Scappatura, Woodbury, CT
Rachel Rowland, Shelton, CT
Raya Signore, East Haven, CT
Rebecca Barnikow, Madison, CT
Reed Connell, Deep River, CT
Ron Dorsey, New Haven, CT
Ruth Soderberg, Mansfield Center, CT
Ryan Menge, Fairfield, CT
Sabrina Mone, Northford, CT
Sage Dutton, Glastonbury, CT
Sam Crowther, Stratford, CT
Samantha Chabot, Oakville, CT
Samantha Maces, Derby, CT
Samuel Martin, Woodbridge, CT
Sara Desing, Milford, CT
Sarah Collias, Wilton, CT
Sarah Rodrigues, Stratford, CT
Sarah Wall, Branford, CT
Selena Pacheco, Pawcatuck, CT
Sera Amato, New Haven, CT
Shandra Patton, New Haven, CT
Shania Blake, Stamford, CT
Shreya Munshi, Alpharetta, GA
Sierra Andrews, Monroe, CT
Siomara Rodriguez, Stamford, CT
Skye Gilbert, Wallingford, CT
Sonia Teixeira, Shelton, CT
Sophie Marcella, Windsor Locks, CT
Stacy Reinoso, Monroe, CT
Stephanie Mazo, Bridgeport, CT
Sydney Caccamo, Farmington, CT
Sydney Gigliotti, Wolcott, CT
Sydney Manzo, Oxford, CT
Syniya March, Milford, CT
Tah-J Mcknight, New Haven, CT
Tamika Toney, Hamden, CT
Tasheika Thompson, Bridgeport, CT
Taylor Wasilewski, Beacon Falls, CT
Tiana Velez, Meriden, CT
Tiona Watts, Wolcott, CT
Veronica Brunetti, West Haven, CT


Aaliyah Anthony, New Britain, CT
Aaron Kaszas, Cheshire, CT
Aaron Stein, Ellington, CT
Abby Morrison, Westbrook, CT
Abigail Ashbey, Waterford, CT
Abigail Facey, Bloomfield, CT
Abigail Hazel, Waterbury, CT
Abigail Karabeinikoff, Meriden, CT
Abigail Lugo, Shelton, CT
Adam Roderick, Milford, CT
Adriana Lizarraga, Groton, CT
Adrianna Guerrera, Watertown, CT
Ahzanay Mccall, Bloomfield, CT
Ailis Wargin, New Fairfield, CT
Ajanae Bullock, Milford, CT
Akera Spears, New Haven, CT
Alejandra Quinones, Hamden, CT
Aleksandra Sandomierz, Stamford, CT
Alex Cooke, Danbury, CT
Alexa Catania, Durham, CT
Alexandra Hidalgo, East Haven, CT
Alexandra Kerwin, Shelton, CT
Alexandria Grenier, Durham, CT
Alexia Weitzler, Ansonia, CT
Ali Akacha, New Britain, CT
Alisa Delaney, Stratford, CT
Alivia Tigeleiro, Naugatuck, CT
Aliyah Moore, Middletown, CT
Allary Seda, West Haven, CT
Allie Frobel, West Haven, CT
Allison Long, Portland, CT
Allison Rodriguez-Brown, Bethel, CT
Ally Essig, Ellington, CT
Ally Moss, East Haven, CT
Allyn Petrillo, Wallingford, CT
Allyson Quinn, Seymour, CT
Alycia Ferretti, East Haven, CT
Alyssa Barletta, North Haven, CT
Alyssa Caldarella, North Haven, CT
Alyssa Ciccarini, Hamden, CT
Alyssa Lukeski, Prospect, CT
Alyssa Martinez, Stratford, CT
Alyssa Mccomb, Wallingford, CT
Amanda Bernardo, Prospect, CT
Amanda Dejlitko, West Haven, CT
Amanda Engrassia, Islip Terrace, NY
Amanda Potvin, Durham, CT
Amanda Rondini, Trumbull, CT
Amber Lucatino, Southbury, CT
Amber Recine, Seymour, CT
Amber Tarantino, Stamford, CT
Amelia Goduti, Branford, CT
Amelia Trapp, Milford, CT
Amitan Rubin, Middletown, CT
Amoy Austin, Bridgeport, CT
Andrea Barzola, Newington, CT
Andrea Grzedzinski, East Haven, CT
Andrew Barys, Bristol, CT
Anesha Smart, Manchester, CT
Ange Bamureke, colchester, CT
Angel Lee, Chino Hills, CA
Angela Corsino, Bristol, CT
Angela Gerry, Naugatuck, CT
Angela Grindrod, Stratford, CT
Angela Urena, New Haven, CT
Angelica Sonnema, Quaker Hill, CT
Angelina Ovalles, Waterbury, CT
Angie Louis, West Haven, CT
Angoline Rivera, Startford, CT
Anna Cenzalli, East Falmouth, MA
Anna Civitelli, Monroe, CT
Anna Hunter, Waterford, CT
Anna Inglant, Seymour, CT
Annastasia Layton, West Haven, CT
Anne Ranieri, Danbury, Ct, CT
Anthony Perricone, Mahopac, NY
Antoinette Higgins, Branford, CT
Antonio Torres, New Britain, CT
Anuj Khadka, Branford, CT
Ari Rivera, New Haven, CT
Arielle Segal-Gould, Hamden, CT
Arnold Hillian, Baldwin, NY
Asha Evans, New Haven, CT
Ashleigh Adams, Cromwell, CT
Ashleigh Bass, Cheshire, CT
Ashleigh Fusco, torrington, CT
Ashley Conley, Stratford, CT
Ashley Sanca, North Haven, CT
Ashley Sloan, Maywood, NJ
Ashlyn Henri, Hamden, CT
Asya Hardy, South Windsor, CT
Audra Etes, Guilford, CT
Austin Bedard, Prospect, CT
Austin Herb, Naugatuck, CT
Autumn Church, Portland, CT
Ava Blashke, Stratford, CT
Ava Fargeorge, New Haven, CT
Ava Fernand, New Fairfield, CT
Axel Olivares, Meriden, CT
Ayden Van Deusen, Southbury, CT
Aysia Starr Comins-Sporbert, Hamden, CT
Beatrice Tartt-Warren, New Haven, CT
Ben Jesulaitis, Ansonia, CT
Berrit Ilunga, Naugatuck, CT
Bethanny Scofield, East Haven,
Blake Greer, Kittery, ME
Bobby Turner, East Hartford, CT
Brahm Guerrera, Fairfield, CT
Brandon Jacques, Westbrook, CT
Breanna Rinaldi, Wolcott, CT
Brian Mcinnis, North Haven, CT
Briana Grecco, Thomaston, CT
Briana Salemme, Naugatuck, CT
Brianna Caffrey, Hampton, CT
Brianna Dorr, Hampton, NJ
Brianna Hall, Shelton, CT
Brianna Hanley, Clinton, CT
Brianna Lenotti, Milford, CT
Brianna Parham, Watertown, CT
Brianna Samuels, Stratford, CT
Brianna Serrano, Bridgeport, CT
Brianna Shaw, Branford, CT
Brianna Wong, Bridgeport, CT
Britney Diakpieng, Meriden, CT
Britney Fischbach, Rochelle Park, NJ
Britny Gildersleeve, N Branford, CT
Brittany Burke, Enfield, CT
Brittney Hernandez, East Haven, CT
Brooke Pope, Beacon Falls, CT
Brooks Blauser, North Haven, CT
Bryce Garvey, Pembroke, MA
Caitlin Foothorap, Shelton, CT
Caleb Brabant, Stamford, CT
Caleigh Guerra, New Haven, CT
Carina Fortunato, Cromwell, CT
Carl Dellarocco, Shelton, CT
Carmen Jacobson, New London, CT
Carolyn Wineland, Orange, CT
Cassandra Nguyen, East Lyme, CT
Cassandra Trzaski, Seymour, CT
Cassidy Girolamo, Newington, CT
Cassidy Martin, Hartford, CT
Cecilia Vess, Cromwell, CT
Chad Fedeli, Monroe, CT
Charlotte Lister, Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England
Charnise Richmond, Yonkers, NY
Chase Walker, Madison, CT
Chassidy Johnson, Middletown, CT
Chelsea Pascoe, Southbury, CT
Chelsea Perrotta, Middletown, CT
Chelyse Joseph, Waterbury, CT
Chenelle Simes, Waterbury, CT
Chloe Dudzinski, Stratford, CT
Chloe Stancuna, Wallingford, CT
Christa Malan, Bridgeport, CT
Christian Dunn, Madison, CT
Christian Mota, Norwalk, CT
Christian Ramirez, East Haven, CT
Christina Bedoja, Bridgeport, CT
Christina Prevot, Stamford, CT
Ciara Fradette, stratford, CT
Ciera Youmell, Hinsdale, NH
Citlaly Sampedro, New Haven, CT
Clara Taylor, Monroe, CT
Corey Gordon, Middletown, CT
Corinne Sadinsky, Woodbridge, CT
Courtney Harkins-Latimer, Prospect, CT
Curtis Smola, Fairfield, CT
Dahiana Calderon, Norwalk, CT
Daisy Green, Milford, CT
Damla Citlak, New Haven, CT
Dana Shelton, Guilford, CT
Daniel Brandon, Oxford, CT
Daniel Comcowich, Wallingford, CT
Daniel Nowlin, New Haven, CT
Daniel Ybanez, West Haven, CT
Daniella Suazo, Norwalk, CT
Danielle Bousquet, Bridgeport, CT
Danny Acevedo, Naugatuck, CT
David Ashley, Colchester, CT
Dean Cruz, Milford, CT
Deanna Dittrich, Woodbridge, CT
Delaney Connors, West Hartford, CT
Delaney Cotter, Branford, CT
Delaney Fields, New Haven, CT
Delany Vazquez, New Haven, CT
Delores Addy, Manchester, CT
Denisse Sanchez, Norwalk, CT
Derrick Jagello, Naugatuck, CT
Destiny Ortiz, East Hartford, CT
Diane Quintana, STAMFORD, CT
Dominique Dube, Stratford, CT
Donnie Higgins, Branford, CT
Dylan Loffredo, Southington, CT
Dylan Mcguire, Preston, CT
Edona Zekaj, Orange, CT
Eleanor Casner, Cheshire, CT
Elena Marciano, Wolcott, CT
Elena Miko, West Haven, CT
Elisa Sampedro, New Haven, CT
Elisa Wilson, Bristol, CT
Elissa Vinci, Cromwell, CT
Elizabeth Strittmatter, Durham, CT
Elizabeth Wolanin, Amston, CT
Elliott Via, Naugatuck, CT
Emani Stewart, Bristol, CT
Emiley Wilson, Old Saybrook, CT
Emily Aguirre, New Haven, CT
Emily Brennan, Milford, CT
Emily Cole, Northford, CT
Emily Moran, Wauregan, CT
Emily Nadile, Southington, CT
Emily Ocasio, Trumbull, CT
Emily Rowland, Milford, CT
Emily Sandin, Shelton, CT
Emily Shaw, Stratford, CT
Emily Vastakis, Wallingford, CT
Emily Wheaton, Milford, CT
Emily Ziemba, Cheshire, CT
Emma Fain, Ledyard, CT
Emma Lockwood, Southington, CT
Emma Mcmurray, Middletown, CT
Emma Piatek, Rockfall, CT
Ericka Sullivan, Bridgeport, CT
Erin Harlow, Durham, CT
Esma Vait, Waterbury, CT
Eunice Kim, Shelton, CT
Evan D’onofrio, Orange, CT
Evelin Gonzalez, Norwalk, CT
Faerin Parker, Meriden, CT
Faith Hunter, Waterbury, CT
Faith Mancarella, Durham, CT
Fatou Muteba, Bridgeport, CT
Francis Lembo, Stratford, CT
Funmilayo Dada, Orange, CT
Gabby Rousseau, Plainville, CT
Gabriela Gaibur, Monroe, NY
Gabriella Caruso, Orange, CT
Gabriella Gaytan, Norwalk, CT
Gabriella Gjoni, Oxford, CT
Gabriella Martinez Aragon, Derby, CT
Genece Taylor, Waterbury, CT
Georgia Gray, Ellington, CT
Gianna Pierandi, Branford, CT
Gianna Rapuano, Wallingford, CT
Gianna Spino, Hamden, CT
Gillian Herget, Meriden, CT
Gillian Penna, North Branford, CT
Grace Andrade, Stratford, CT
Grace Gilbert, Old Lyme, CT
Grace Hanrahan, Old Lyme, CT
Grace Jaworowski, Tolland, CT
Gracie Marsh, Martinsville, IN
Gregory Baxter, Colchester, CT
Gregory Bendolph, Stratford, CT
Gulbahar Erkmen, West Haven, CT
Gwenevere Healey, Stratford, CT
Hadicha Shukhratiy, New Britain, CT
Hailee Corona, Durham, CT
Hailey Lugo, New London, CT
Hailey Marziarz, Plantsville, CT
Haille Cash, Thomaston, CT
Halie Dorsa, Wallingford, CT
Hannah Coppola, West Haven, CT
Hannah McKiernan, Westport, CT
Hannah Molwitz, Monroe, CT
Hannah Morse, Hamden, CT
Harrison Clark, Beacon Falls, CT
Hayley Cassella, North Haven, CT
Heather Edwards, East Hampton, CT
Heather Pritchard, Ballston Spa, NY
Heidi Atuaful, Waterbury, CT
Herta Sufka, Waterbury, CT
Hira Khan, West Haven, CT
Hunter Reilly, Seymour, CT
Idashly Rodriguez, Stamford, CT
Imaan Jabarkhail, Madison, CT
In Hwa Ferretti, Wallingford, CT
Isabella Alcazar, Hamden, CT
Isabella Scandura, Wethersfield, CT
Isaias Martinez, Norwalk, CT
Izabella Mott, Northford, CT
Izadorha Cayo, Weston, CT
Izaiah Walker, Yonkers, NY
Jack Laperriere, Prospect, CT
Jack Oltran, Newtown, CT
Jackie Salgado, New Haven, CT
Jaclyn Nordyk, Orange, CT
Jacob Camputaro, Wallingford, CT
Jacob Petruzzi, Plantsville, CT
Jacob Stein, Hamden, CT
Jada Augustin, Stratford, CT
Jada Johnson, Waterbury, CT
Jahkeeva Morgan, Ansonia, CT
Jaime Barnes, West Haven, CT
Jake Lynch, West Haven, CT
Jake Mattei, Bethany, CT
Jakeline Ceja, West Haven, CT
James Barra, North Haven, CT
James Griffiths, Marshfield, MA
James Mccullough, North Haven, CT
James Sirot, North Haven, CT
Jamie Shipman, New Britain, CT
Jamie Stevens, Niantic, CT
Jane Sherman, Mystic, CT
Janel Crespo, Milford, CT
Janiris Corretger, New Haven, CT
Jared Russo, Hamden, CT
Jasmine Franco, Seymour, CT
Jason Sawicki, West Haven, CT
Jay Falvey, West Hartford, CT
Jayce Valerio, Norwalk, CT
Jayda Benjamin, Waterbury, CT
Jayleen Mcbride, Bridgeport, CT
Jeffery Glazier, Wallingford, CT
Jeffrey Kuzoian, Berlin, CT
Jenna Joyce, Naugatuck, CT
Jenna Papallo, Meriden, CT
Jenna Papandrea, Colchester, CT
Jenna Spayd, Northford, CT
Jenna Swort, Trumbull, CT
Jennifer Blodgett, Milford, CT
Jennifer Bosquez, Trumbull, CT
Jennifer Laneville, Bethlehem, CT
Jennifer Martinez, Bridgeport, CT
Jennifer Vorel, West Haven, CT
Jeraldy Barahona Huete, Bridgeport, CT
Jeremiah Smith, Milford, CT
Jesse Suraci, Hamden, CT
Jessica Alvarez Ceballos, Norwalk, CT
Jessica Bryan, Monroe, CT
Jessica Diaz, Waterbury, CT
Jessica Fox, Prospect, CT
Jessica Komacki, Naugatuck, CT
Jessica Laverty, Burlington, CT
Jessica Oliveira, Naugatuck, CT
Jessica Perucki, West Milford, NJ
Jessica Pitts, Wallingford, CT
Jill Elliott, North Haven, CT
Jillian Foote, Meriden, CT
Jillian Gray, Middletown, CT
Jocelyn Benitez, Seymour, CT
Jocelyn Petrillo, Wallingford, CT
Joella Manna, Hamden, CT
Jomelene Rose Golbin, Bridgeport, CT
Jordan Herman, Oak Ridge, NJ
Jordan Wilson, Hamden, CT
Joselle Louise Ventosa, Norwalk, CT
Joseph Spinella, Wolcott, CT
Joseph Tang, Wallingford, CT
Joseph Varrone, Shelton, CT
Josiah Barker, Seymour, CT
Juli Torres-Parra, Brigeport, CT
Julia Blanchard, Wallingford, CT
Julia Fraulo, Ansonia, CT
Julia Schaff, Groton, MA
Juliana Pinto, New Haven, CT
Julianna Butler, Derby, CT
Julianna Corbett, Matawan, NJ
Jurea Mcintosh, Waterbury, CT
Justin Ortiz, Fairfield, CT
Justyn Velez, Wallingford, CT
Kacey Deecher, Granby, MA
Kailee Ingegneri, Ossining, NY
Kaitlin Tassmer, East Hampton, CT
Kaitlyn Gerckens, Derby, CT
Kaitlyn Morgan, Waterford, CT
Karley Northrop, Monroe, CT
Karunia Mote, Hamden, CT
Kat Kowal, Granby, CT
Kathleen Everett, Orange, CT
Kathleen Griffin, Harwinton, CT
Kay Denison, Guilford, CT
Kayla Benjamin, Springfield, MA
Kayla Britton, Woodbridge, CT
Kayla Jurzyk, Milford, CT
Kayleigh Falcone, Wallingford, CT
Kayleigh Morgan, Windsor, CT
Kayleigh Rahn, Milford, CT
Kaylene Henault, Quaker Hill, CT
Keith Munsell, Wallingford, CT
Kelly Chmielewski, Berlin, CT
Kelsey Beas, Shelton, CT
Kenya Butler, New Haven, CT
Keriany Otero, Meriden, CT
Kiefer Rodriguez, Woodbridge, CT
Kiley Davies, Newington, CT
Kiley Jackson, Cheshire, CT
Kindja Mweze, Hamden, CT
Krista Powell, Wallingford, CT
Kristen Marcano, Meriden, CT
Kristin Zack, Stratford, CT
Kyara-Dea Brown, Hartford, CT
Kyla Holman, Ansonia, CT
Kyle Badorek, Plainville, CT
Kyndall Hailey, Hamden, CT
Laura Sanchez, Norwalk, CT
Lauren Anderson, Cheshire, CT
Lauren Graef, Southington, CT
Lauren Merly, Bethany, CT
Leah Karaban, Wallingford, CT
Leila Asipi, Watertown, CT
Leon Bardwell, Old Saybrook, CT
Lex Morales, Bridgeport, CT
Lexi MacDonald, Shelton, CT
Libby Allen, Franklin, TN
Lilian Homann, New Haven, CT
Lilly Paige, Trumbull, CT
Lily Ferranti, New Haven, CT
Lily Heidgerd, Southington, CT
Linda Chen, North Haven, CT
Lindsay Burnham, Bow, NH
Lindsay Mccawley, Horseheads, NY
Lindsey Veneziano, Torrington, CT
Lisa Esposito, Hamden, CT
Lisbeth Barboto Alvarado, Stratford, CT
Liz Arnone, Waterbury, CT
Liz Gray, Pawcatuck, CT
Loveth Johnson, East Haven, CT
Luca Cazzaniga, Bethel, CT
Lucas Perez, Cos Cob, CT
Luis Hernandez, Meriden, CT
Luke Molwitz, Monroe, CT
Luz Estrella Diaz, West Haven, CT
Lyndsey Stanwicks, Berlin, CT
Macey DiCarlo, North Haven, CT
Mackenzie Smith, Oxford, CT
Madeleine Fusco, Cheshire, CT
Madeleine Chloe Barcial, Oakville, CT
Madeline Baldwick, New Milford, CT
Madeline Lanni, Westport, CT
Madison Gregory, Milford, CT
Madison Jura, Wallingford, CT
Madison Nastri, Rocky Hill, CT
Madison Ruby, Farmington, CT
Madison Tansowny, Calgary, AB
Madyson Carroll, East Hartford, CT
Maeve Kearney, Branford, CT
Maeve Kennelly, Prospect, CT
Majesty Moore, New Haven, CT
Makaila Vasquez-Steele, West Hartford, CT
Makana Michaud, Hamden, CT
Makiyah Grant, Trumbull, CT
Malgorzata Stroczkowska, New Britain, CT
Malisa Khamphouy, North Haven, CT
Mallory Weaver, Seymour, CT
Marcelius Ruiz, Newington, CT
Marcella Hundt, Shelton, CT
Marcos Torres, Torrington, CT
Maria Bernabucci, Northford, CT
Maria Berrios, Bridgeport, CT
Maria Mauriello, Cheshire, CT
Mariah Mcbride, Enfield, CT
Marian Chelsea Barcial, Oakville, CT
Mariette Samedi, Bridgeport, CT
Marina Callahan, Milford, CT
Marisa Grisell, Brookfield, CT
Marissa Colafati, North Branford, CT
Marissa Mastroianni, Southington, CT
Mark Altieri, Bethany, CT
Marwa Abdelati, West Haven, CT
Mary McCormack, Waterbury, CT
Mason Capozza, Derby, CT
Mathew DiVito, East Haven, CT
Mathew Kolashuk, Oakdale, CT
Matthew Brevard, Danbury, CT
Matthew Cosgrove, Northford, CT
Matthew Gerrity, Stratford, CT
Matthew Parlanti, Norwalk, CT
Matthew Zelanin, Shelton, CT
Max Warner, Branford, CT
Maya Barbagallo, Newington, CT
Maya Maxton, Bridgeport, CT
Mayel Hubbard, Woodbridge, CT
Medina Duracak, Wallingford, CT
Meg Christoforo, North Haven, CT
Megan Campbell, Seymour, CT
Megan Koscinski, Meriden, CT
Megan Lower, Wethersfield, CT
Megan Mercer, Danbury, CT
Megan Perreault, Wolcott, CT
Megan Tallberg, Derby, CT
Megan Yale, Middlefield, CT
Meghan Baker, Cheshire, CT
Meghan Gorman, Milford, CT
Melanie Golino, Shelton, CT
Melinda Knopf, Berlin, CT
Melissa Noble, Prospect, CT
Mellody Massaquoi, New Haven, CT
Melquicedex Hernandez, Waterbury, CT
Mia Berthiaume, Kinnelon, NJ
Mia Palumbo, Northford, CT
Micaela Webster, Newington, CT
Michael Corsini, Branford, CT
Michael Decarlo, Monroe, CT
Michael Mcleod, Trumbull, CT
Michael Morena, Riverview, FL
Michelle Escobar, Waterbury, CT
Michelle Naula, Bethel, CT
Michelle Scott, Wallingford, CT
Mikayla Dumas, New Milford, CT
Mikayla Mancini, Clinton, CT
Mike Bronson, Cheshire, CT
Mikeleena Cavallaro, West Haven, CT
Miranda Juan, Bridgeport, CT
Mirella Juvera-Carrillo, New haven, CT
Miriam Sims, Bridgeport, CT
Mitchell Maloney, Wallingford, CT
Mollie Roman, Norwalk, CT
Molly Mercaldo, Milford, CT
Molly Wright, Plantsville, CT
Morgan Frenette, Bristol, CT
Morgan Ramsay, Southington, CT
Mouna Kafel, Branford, CT
Nadia Roshenets, Fairfield, CT
Naomi Kamara, Hamden, CT
Naomi Rodriguez, Derby, CT
Natalia Gruszkos, Derby, CT
Natalie Arneson, Cheshire, CT
Natalie Vetto, Cheshire, CT
Nathan Graves, East Haven, CT
Nicholas Braga, Chester, CT
Nicholas Crowley, North Haven, CT
Nicholas Kraszewski, East Haven, CT
Nicholas Mancini, Northford, CT
Nicholas Vollero, West Haven, CT
Nichole Hezinger, New Haven, CT
Nicholle Denault, West Hartford, CT
Nicole Lara, Bridgeport, CT
Nicole Mcfarlane, Wethersfield, CT
Nicole Rizzo, Derby, CT
Nicole Smith, Naugatuck, CT
Nicolette Borzillo, Branford, CT
Nikki Chasse, Milford, CT
Nina Robertson, Clinton, CT
Noely Macias, Fitchburg, MA
Nyasia Lewis, West Haven, CT
Nyzhae Edwards, New Haven, CT
Odali Rodriguez, Northford, CT
Olivea Kosh, Bethany, CT
Olivia Collins, Monroe, CT
Olivia Courtemanche, Wallingford, CT
Olivia Czachor, Ansonia, CT
Olivia Mowrey-Sargent, Lebanon, CT
Olivia Osterberg, Trumbull, CT
Olivia Pineau, Shelton, CT
Orlando Smith, Waterbury, CT
Paige Bullock, Orange, CT
Paige Delier, Waterbury, CT
Patricia De La Cruz Manzueta, Naugatuck, CT
Patricia Vecellio, West Haven, CT
Patrick Hurley, Newtown, CT
Paula Frankowski, Stamford, CT
Pauline Dianne Makinano, Derby, CT
Payton Reis, Royal Palm Beach, FL
Pee-Bessa Ekpede, East Haven, CT
Peri Combs, Oxford, CT
Perla Abreu, Stamford, CT
Peter Borzillo, Wallingford, CT
Peter Gaffney, Easton, CT
Princess Frimpong, East Hartford, CT
Priscilla Yeboah, Stratford, CT
Priya Chadha, Monroe, CT
Qristopher Johnson, New Haven, CT
Quanae Webb, Hamden, CT
Rachael Iverson, Ellington, CT
Rachel Fleischer, Oxford, CT
Rachel Martins, Southington, CT
Rachel Nagy, Trumbull, CT
Rachel Wojtkiewicz, N Franklin, CT
Raymond Magliozzi, Burlington, MA
Rebeca Jimenez, Meriden, CT
Rebecca Carney, Naugatuck, CT
Rebekah Heiland, West Haven, CT
Rebekah Lockery, Stamford, CT
Reem Abdel-Hack, Shelton, CT
Regina Damis, New Haven, CT
Rehema Mtawali, Manchester, CT
Renae Musco, Wallingford, CT
Reynaliz Vargas, East Hartford, CT
Robert Hanley, Old Saybrook, CT
Robert Nunez, Fresh Meadows, NY
Robert Wehmhoff, Westport, CT
Rocco Samoker, Derby, CT
Roemello Leary, Meriden, CT
Rose Jean, Norwalk, CT
Roy Salerno, Waterbury, CT
Rylie Wilkes, Bethlehem, CT
Sabrina Vernon, Stratford, CT
Sada Mussa, Shelton, CT
Sam Rodriguez, Trumbull, CT
Samantha Aridoux, Stamford, CT
Samantha Henriquez, Norwalk, CT
Samantha Jarry, Cumberland, RI
Samantha Kaufman, Oxford, CT
Samantha Pettola, Cheshire, CT
Samuel Reardon, Madison, CT
Sanay Ayele, Guilford, CT
Sangita Kharel, Natick, MA
Santiago Rivadeneira, Westbrook, CT
Sara Bernal-Garcia, Madison, CT
Sara Rivers, Ledyard, CT
Sarafinah Kolaski, Barrington, RI
Sarah Kroes, Old Lyme, CT
Sarah Melisky, Thomaston, CT
Sarah Moussa, Bohemia, NY
Sarah Witteman, Hamden, CT
Sarrina Smith, Belchertown, MA
Savannah Craig, Waterbury, CT
Scarley Vasquez-Guzman, Clinton, CT
Schneither Nogaisse, Wallingford, CT
Selena Ramirez, Willimantic, CT
Sema Yildiz, West Haven, CT
Serena Rudman, Granby, CT
Seth Everson, West Haven, CT
Shadesse Mccrae, Hartford, CT
Shannon Hilbert, Plainview, NY
Shannon Ryan, Waterbury, CT
Sharell Harris, Norwalk, CT
Shaunae Thompson, East Hartford, CT
Shauntel Hylton, Riverside, CT
Shawn Robinson, Ledyard, CT
Shay Finnucan, Derby, CT
Shayna Turner, Milford, CT
Shelby Hughes, Wallingford, CT
Sheyenne Sinicrope, Meriden, CT
Shivonne Johnson, Bloomfield, CT
Shonda Woessner, West Simsbury, CA
Shoshana Mahon, Bridgeport, CT
Sidra Baloch, Hamden, CT
Sierra Penner, Cheshire, CT
Simone Morgan, New Haven, CT
Skyler Boibeaux, Stratford, CT
Sophia Slowik, Derby, CT
Staci Hite, Vernon, CT
Stacy Martinez, East Hartford, CT
Stanley Nganga, West Haven, CT
Stephanie Briones, New Haven, CT
Stephanie Lamacchia, Hamden, CT
Stephanie Soto, West Haven, CT
Stephany Perez Estrada, Stamford, CT
Steve Ortiz, Greenwich, CT
Sydney French, oxford, CT
Sydney Grillo, Beacon Falls, CT
Taisha Diaz, West Haven, CT
Taleicia Barnhill, New London, CT
Tatiana Gonzalez, Meriden, CT
Tavia Giddings, Danbury, CT
Taylor Burkle, Guilford, CT
Taylor Skowronski, Watertown, CT
Taylor Wyatt, Clinton, CT
Teeah McDonald, East Hartford, CT
Tenzin Tsokey, West Haven, CT
Theodore Coulombe, West Haven, CT
Thiommy Caraballo Garcia, New Haven, CT
Tiffany James, Killingworth, CT
Tommy Co, Hamden, CT
Trystan Ayala, Hamden, CT
Tyanna Garner, Hamden, CT
Tyler Filley, Guilford, CT
TyLynn Ith, Danbury, CT
Tyrek Baker, Milford, CT
Tyshaun Diaz, Holyoke, MA
Uruj Khan, Trumbull, CT
Valamae Jenkins, New Haven, CT
Valentina Hines, Ledyard, CT
Valentina Silva, Groton, CT
Vanessa Lopez, Shelton, CT
Vanessa Mangiafico, Litchfield, NH
Veenita Govinden, Waterbury, CT
Victoria Major, Norwalk, CT
Victoria Vera, Plainview, NY
Victoria Wallace, New Haven, CT
Wendy Batterton, Milford, CT
Wendy Kenyon, Woodbridge, CT
Will Von Brauchitsch, Bridgeport, CT
William Sullivan, Valley Cottage, NY
Xiomara Freire, West Haven, CT
Yahna Maree Ancheta, Naugatuck, CT
Yaritza Ortiz, Derby, CT
Ying Lin, Hamden, CT
Yolanda Gibson-Holland, New Haven, CT
Yordanos Dewo, West Haven, CT
Zach Bukowski, New Haven, CT
Zachary Caruso, Cos Cob, CT
Zachary Tuccitto, Clinton, CT
Zack Penn, New Hartford, CT
Zane Carey, Stratford, CT
Zoe Amalbert, Nanuet, NY
Zyaire Oliver, West Hartford, CT


Abigayle Piech, Tinley Park, IL
Afnie Affandy, Lahad Datu, Sabah, FC
Aidan Lozada, Newington, CT
Aimar Zubizarreta, Azpeitia, Guipuzcoa, Spain
Alexandra Clarke, Oulton, England
André Sutton, New Haven, CT
Andrea Marti-Castellet, Castellon, Spain
Arianna Lubrano, Bergamo, Italy
Atticus Canham-Clyne, New Haven, CT
Ayana Jain, Fairfield, CT
Brennan Clarke, Fairfield, CT
Brittney Lamar, Waterbury, CT
Caileigh Driscoll, Plymouth, MA
Calli Riediger, Guilford, CT
Cerys Route, Wrexham, Wales
Chloe Nesbitt, Belfast, Ireland
Christian Clark, Cheshire, CT
Daniel Schwartz, Branford, CT
Devon Wilson, New Haven, CT
Erica Beyer, State College, PA
Gabriela Oviedo, Waterbury, CT
Garrett Yocher, Orange, CT
Haylee Bango, Trumbull, CT
Hayley Caracciolo, Newington, CT
Heather Scully, Leeds, England
Jeana Noel, New Haven, CT
Jenna Rubino, West Haven, CT
Jhobani Garcia, New Haven, CT
Joshua Mason, Hamden, CT
Julia Turner, New Haven, CT
Kathleen Attolino, Milford, CT
Kori-Ann Pickup, Wilpshire, England
Lauren Statham, Wrexham, Wales
Lowri Davies, Oakdale, England
Natalie Weier, Saint Paul, MN
Nicolas Encina Sandoval, Santiago, Chile
Olivia D’addio, Shelton, CT
Olivia Delcegno, Milford, CT
Osaretin Osagie, Norwich, CT
Peter Gjuraj, Derby, CT
Samantha Paul, Whitley Bay Tyne and Wear, England
Sarah Ismail, Selangor, Malaysia
Sigourney Abraham, Mount Ambrose, England
Sophia Coppola, Branford, CT
Sophie Scott, Dundonald, Belfast, Ireland


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