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School of Business Joins International Learning Project

SCSU School of Business students and faculty recently joined a Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) project with Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) in Liverpool, England. This four-week online project brought together students from the SCSU School of Business and LJMU to work jointly on climate change and social enterprise.

The project ended with a panel discussion focusing on incorporating visual arts in teaching business and law, a topic that arose during the program. SCSU Management Professor Charlie Yang and Economics Associate Professor Jia Yu, were panelists, alongside senior lecturers and Dr. Alison Lui, associate dean of Global Engagement from LJMU. Students were invited to attend, along with faculty and staff from both institutions.

Lui said, “Collaborating with SCSU reinforces the strategic alliance formed in 2015 with LJMU. This experience has been fun and very informative and we will be looking to more cross-cultural collaborations.”

Yang agreed: “During the students’ final group presentations and a brief discussion afterwards, I observed how thoughtfully and passionately students exchanged opinions about environmental and social challenges related to the 17 UN sustainability development goals (SDGs). I see great potential for continuing the COIL projects between SCSU and LJMU in the future.”

Yang added: “I was impressed by the thoughtful project structure design, efficient collaboration between faculties and students, and the fascinating student group presentations. I enjoyed this collaboration project with LJMU.”

The collaboration had positive reviews from both SCSU and LJMU students.

“The COIL project benefited me,” said Dominic Ankamah, Southern MBA student. “It introduced me to the interconnected world, which drives educational advancements and social change across the globe. Collaborating with fellow students across the world and being able to learn about their cultures and way of living is so enriching. It was evident that the COIL project facilitated intellectual collaboration and improved communication, teamwork, and leadership skills.”

Brendan Gillespie, a level 6 LJMU Business with International Business Management student, added, “I was really surprised at how well we worked together. It was definitely enjoyable.”

Future possibilities for COIL projects include topics such as social media and global change, international food insecurity, and even peace. Another hope for this project is to establish COIL opportunities with other international universities.

The COIL project in Spring 2022 is a continuation of a relationship between SCSU and LJMU that began back in 2015, and plans are underway to broaden this international relationship into other areas such as build academic programs, student exchanges, and collaborative faculty research.

To learn more, contact MBA Director Adam Abugri, at abugrib1@southernct.edu.


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