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“Boogie Man Season”

It’s October, and that means the season of horror is upon us. For History Professor Troy Rondinone, though, it’s just another month: Rondinone, who researches the cultural history of the American asylum, has tracked the character of Michael Myers from the Halloween horror film franchise through all of the films. Rondinone looks at Michael Myers and the Halloween films in an article in PsychologyToday, “Boogie Man Season: This Halloween, America’s legendary slasher, Michael Myers, returns to kill” (October 4, 2021).

The 12th Halloween film is about to be released, and, as Rondinone writes, “This parade of celluloid gore has given filmmakers many opportunities to connect Myers to a ‘broken’ mental hospital system, milking it for horror.”

Read “When ‘Halloween Kills’ is released, it will be like research for this SCSU history professor” (New Haven Register, Pam McLoughlin, Oct. 13, 2021)

Actor David Gordon Green as Michael Myers in “Halloween Kills” (2021)

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