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Students: Get Vaccinated Today!

All students at Connecticut State Colleges and Universities (CSCU) institutions during the fall 2021 semester must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or have an exemption approved before coming to campus for any reason during the fall term. Learn more about the vaccination requirement. Students are asked to upload their vaccination cards to the Patient Portal on the Student Health Services website by August 9.

If you are not yet fully vaccinated, please fill out this form to let the university’s COVID coordinator know of your plans.

Click here if you are applying for a medical exemption.

Click here if you wish to apply for a nonmedical exemption.

Wondering how to submit your COVID-19 vaccination information to your Health Portal?

  1. Visit the Student Health Services website.
  2. Log into the Medicat Health Portal.
  3. Scroll to “To Do List” and click “Uploads.”
  4. Choose “Document to Be Uploaded.” Select “COVID-19 Vaccine Record.”
  5. Click “Select File.”
  6. Click “Upload.”

Submit a Vaccination Card, Win A Gift Card

If you submit your vaccination card by the following dates, you’ll be automatically entered to win a gift card to the bookstore:

Drawing dates:

July 9 – Two $500 gift cards
July 23 – Four $250 gift cards
August 6 – Six $100 gift cards

On-Campus Vaccination Clinics

Southern is providing vaccination clinics this summer in Engleman Hall, first floor, in the Bagel Wagon. You will have the option of either Pfizer or the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. All clinics are walk-in only — no appointment is necessary. Clinic dates are as follows:

JULY 12-17:

7/12: 8AM-5PM
7/13: 12-6PM
7/14: 12-6PM
7/15: 12-6PM
7/16: 8AM-5PM
7/17: 8AM-5PM

JULY 19-23:

7/19: 8AM-5PM
7/20: 8AM-5PM
7/21: 12-6PM
7/22: 12-6PM
7/23: 12-6PM


8/2: 12-6PM
8/3: 12-6PM
8/4: 12-6PM
8/5: 12-6PM
8/6: 12-6PM

AUGUST 9-13:

8/9: 12-6PM
8/10: 12-6PM
8/11: 12-6PM
8/12: 12-6PM
8/13: 12-6PM

AUGUST 16-20

8/16: 12-6 PM
8/17: 12-6 PM
8/18: 12-6 PM
8/19: 12-6 PM
8/20: 12-6 PM

AUGUST 23-27

8/23: 12-6 PM
8/24: 12-6 PM
8/25: 12-6 PM
8/26: 12-6 PM
8/27: 12-6 PM

AUGUST 30 WEEK – In Schwartz Programming Space
(Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson vaccines will be provided.)

9/1: 2-6 PM
9/2: 2-6 PM
9/3: 2-6 PM


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