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In the News – November 2015

*The collaborative nature of Southern’s STEM program was highlighted in a story that was published Nov. 30 in the New Haven Register. The article looked at how other disciplines, such as business and philosophy, are incorporated into some of the STEM programs. Christine Broadbridge, director of STEM initiatives; Ellen Durnin, dean of the School of Business; and Sarah Roe, assistant professor of philosophy, were quoted in the story.

*A forum conducted by Southern’s Psychology Department and its Journal of Student Psychological Research, in conjunction with the Literacy Coalition of Greater New Haven, was covered by the New Haven Independent with an article posted Nov. 24. The forum focused on early literacy experiences, the brain and child development. Among those mentioned in the story were panelists Julia Irwin, associate professor of psychology; Laura Raynolds, associate professor of special education and reading; and Cheryl Durwin, professor of psychology and an organizer of the event.

*The Nov. 16 Astronomy Forum, “Missions Possible: A Manned Flight to Mars, & Finding ‘New Earths’ in the Milky Way Galaxy,” generated a slew of media coverage for Southern.

The event focused on two major astronomy projects by NASA – the exploration of Mars, and the Kepler Mission. Two NASA scientists – Steve Howell and Jennifer Stern – were the guest speakers. A panel discussion followed and included SCSU faculty members Elliott Horch andJames Fullmer, as well as a Yale University post-doctoral fellow Tabetha Boyajian.

The event attracted 650 people – including about 425 high school students from 14 Connecticut high schools. Also attending were 45 people from area senior centers; about 30 middle school students; and others from the general public, in addition to our students and other members of the campus community. Many of the high school students also toured the new science building and were treated to a lunch after the forum.

Media highlights included the following:

  • The Danbury News-Times included a column on Nov. 22 written by Robert Miller and focusing on a local angle (Newtown and Abbott Tech of Danbury high school science classes attending).
  • The Connecticut Post ran a front page story on Nov. 17 that incorporated the forum, as well as included a picture of our speakers – which included Elliott Horch, professor of physics, and Jim Fullmer, associate professor of earth science.
  • The Connecticut (Television) Network (CT-N)covered the forum in its entirety.
  • The New Haven Register posted several photos from the event online on Nov. 16 as submitted to the paper.
  • Channel 61 covered the forum with a story that aired on its Nov. 16 evening newscast.
  • The Waterbury Republican-American ran an advance about the forum on Nov. 13. (Please note that you have to be a subscriber to see beyond the first few sentences of the article.)
  • The Fairfield County Business Journal ran an advance about the forum in its Nov. 9 edition.
  • The blog, “Connecticut By The Numbers,” included a Nov. 12 post that previewed the forum.
  • A preview of the forum was posted Oct. 27 in the Hartford Courant’s online MyTownssection.
  • The East Haven Courier ran a Page 1 story in its Dec. 1 edition about how East Haven High School science students attended the Nov. 16 SCSU astronomy forum, “Missions Possible: A Manned Flight to Mars, & Finding ‘New Earths’ in the Milky Way Galaxy.” East Haven was one of 14 high schools at the event.

*Channel 8 aired an interview on its Nov. 11 morning newscast with Jim Tait, professor of the environment, geography and marine sciences, about the potential effects of climate change in this region.

*Channel 30 aired a segment during a Nov. 10 newscast about students participating in the “Our World” event, in which students sought to demonstrate how words written on their bodies can have a larger impact than the spoken word. Tracy Tyree, vice president for student affairs, was among those interviewed about the effort, which was part of Social Justice Week.

*The New Haven Register ran a story in its Nov. 9 paper about a new course being taught this semester by Jessica Suckle-Nelson, associate professor of psychology, called “Social Psychology of Stereotypes and Prejudice.” The story explores the psychological side of prejudice, stereotypes and discrimination.

*Vince Breslin, co-chairman of the Department of the Environment, Geography and Marine Sciences, was quoted extensively in a front page story Nov. 6 the Waterbury Republican-American. The article examined the presence of microbeads in New Haven Harbor as found during a study conducted several months ago by Vince and former SCSU undergraduate studentPeter Litwin. (Please note you have to be a subscriber to the paper to read more than the first few sentences.)

*Alan Brown, assistant professor of sociology, was rated by the Halifax, Nova Scotia weekly newspaper, The Coast, as the Best Professor in its circulation area. The article was posted online on Nov. 5 and refers to last year, when he taught at Mount St. Vincent University.

*Rosemarie Conforti, associate professor of media studies, was a panelist at a Nov. 4 symposium at Post University called “Navigating the New Media Universe.” The program, designed to celebrate Media Literacy Week, was coveredby Connecticut Network (CT-N).

*Jonathan Wharton, assistant professor of political science, was interviewed on Nov. 4 byChannel 8 and Channel 3 – the day after Connecticut’s municipal elections. Both interviews aired during those stations’ evening newscasts. The Channel 8 piece focused on the differences between two-year and four-year mayoral terms. The Channel 3 segment looked at the election of Joseph Ganim as mayor of Bridgeport.

*The Detroit Free Press quoted Melissa Talhelm, associate professor of English, in a Nov. 1 article with regard to research she is conducting in Michigan.


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