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In the News – December 2012

*Southern was represented in several stories related to the recent tragic shooting in Newtown.

Helen Bennett Harvey, who is an adjunct journalism faculty member, as well as city editor at the New Haven Register, wrote a Dec. 20 column about the tragedy and how it can effect teachers. She also discussed how the shootings have caused her to reflect on classes she teachers. She complimented Southern – especially the journalism students – and offered high praise for Police Chief Joe Dooley, his professionalism and his commitment to the safety of the campus.

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Also, Southern’s own memorial service on attracted two stories — one in the New Haven Register on Dec. 19 and the other covered by a Fox News affiliate from New York on Dec. 18.

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*Jon Bloch, chairman of the Sociology Department, was quoted in a recent New Haven Register story about the effect that the tragedy can have on how people celebrate Christmas.

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*Jerry Dunklee, professor of journalism, was quoted in a Dec. 15 story in the New Haven Register about the media coverage of the Newtown tragedy.

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*Two courses being offered by Southern were highlighted Dec. 2 in Sunday’s lead story of the Connecticut section of the New Haven Register. Both courses pertain to the cultural phenomenon of apocalyptic predictions. Marie McDaniel, assistant professor of history, is teaching a class this semester called “Apocalypse Then: End Times in American History.” It examines the history of doomsday predictions in America. Jessica Kenty-Drane, associate professor of sociology, will teach a class during the spring semester called “Apocalypse Now: Culture of Fear in the U.S.?” It will look at the societal consequences of repeated predictions of the end of the world.

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*An article ran in the New Haven Register on Dec. 2 that previewed a concert at Southern by the Haven String Quartet. The concert would feature Mani Mirzaee, who plays an ancient Persian instrument called a setar. Mark Kuss, professor of music, composed a 25-minute piece for the concert.

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