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Dr. Bill Lunn (Image courtesy of WTNH-News 8)

It’s that time of year again, when many folks make New Year’s resolutions about losing weight, eating more healthily, and getting into better shape.

Dr. Bill Lunn, associate director of exercise science and director of Southern’s Human Performance Laboratory, recently discussed several popular diets in an interview with WTNH-News 8. He offered pros and cons to four of the most popular diets in America today.

Watch the interview here.


The Top Owl Social Justice Award is given to recognize contributions toward helping the university achieve its mission of creating and sustaining an inclusive community that appreciates, celebrates, and advances student and campus diversity.

This award, selected by the President’s Commission on Social Justice, will be awarded this academic year during the months of December, January, February, and March to recognize the contributions, leadership, and service of a worthy faculty, staff, part-time student, and full-time student.

For the month of January, the Top Owl Award winners are graduate student Mykelle Coleman; Sedell Hairston-Hatton, secretary from the Student Involvement and Leadership Development Office; and Yi-chun Tricia Lin, director and professor of Women’s Studies.

Mykelle Coleman, a second-year graduate student in the School Psychology Program, has shown a passion for and commitment to social justice throughout her time at Southern. For the past two years, she has headed the Counseling and School Psychology Department’s Social Justice/Diversity Committee, a group that designs and coordinates learning experiences to meet these goals. In addition, last year Coleman worked on the On Our Own Turf Project, a Social Justice Committee grant-funded activity that looked at issues of microaggressions, discrimination, and injustice on the SCSU campus. She also developed and led the Clothesline Project, an art-based activity dealing with issues of sexual assault and violence, and a showing and discussion about the film For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow Is Enuf during last year’s Social Justice Month. This year she was a student leader for two major Social Justice Month activities, the Racial Justice Film Festival and the Sleep Out America event, to bring attention to the issue of child, youth, and college student homelessness. She has also helped to provided diversity training to Southern staff.

One of Coleman’s nominators wrote that she “embodies the ideals of social justice and utilizes the core values of SCSU to bring those ideals to her peers and fellow Owls. As a leader in the social justice committee, she has organized events at Southern that promote awareness of some challenging issues that we face today, both as Owls and members of our larger society.” Aside from the activities she is involved in on campus, a nominator wrote, “she exhibits a nurturing nature towards all, accepting and celebrating others constantly. She is a positive spirit who is always there for others. [She] is able to light up a room with her presence while also shining the spotlight on others around her. She has an incredible spirit that Southern is very lucky to have as a part of its community.”

Sedell Hairston-Hatton, who is also known as Dell, was described by her nominator as “such a beautiful person inside and out, and she is extremely helpful! She is very reliable and always willing to go out of her way to make sure those around her get the assistance that they need. She does a lot of behind the scenes work to make sure everything runs smoothly.”

Her nominator added that Hairston-Hatton is “a remarkable person who has a heart of gold, and it is evident that she takes her job not only seriously but has a passion for what she does. I think these are very important qualities to have as a staff member at the University, and she is a wonderful candidate for the Top Owl Award.”

As the director of the Women’s Studies Program, Yi-chun Tricia Lin has been organizing the 64 Days of Nonviolence program at Southern for many years. As part of that program, every spring semester she puts together a wide array of events to promote social justice on campus. Her nominator wrote that Lin “does this work tirelessly and on a shoestring budget” and pointed out that the 64 Days of Nonviolence program predates Social Justice Month by more than a decade. One of the most impressive feature of the 64 Days of Nonviolence, wrote Lin’s nominator, “is the wide array of topics covered, from Indigenous, women’s, and LGBTQ rights, to Black Lives Matter, to increasing social justice for girls and boys. She really is a model advocate for the teaching and learning of social justice on campus.”

Congratulations to January’s Top Owl Award winners!

To nominate someone for a Top Owl award, visit the university’s Social Justice website.

Students at Southern are recognized for their high academic achievement by being placed on the dean’s list of their respective schools. In order for undergraduate students to qualify for the dean’s list, students must complete 12.0 or more credits in fall or spring and earn a semester GPA of 3.5 or better. These requirements apply to all undergraduate students, regardless of their academic class (i.e., freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior.) The students who made the SCSU Dean’s List for fall 2018 are listed below, alphabetically by school and last name. Congratulations to all!

School of Arts & Sciences

School of Business

School of Education

School of Health & Human Services



A’lexus Johnson-staton, Bridgeport, CT
Abigail Allen, Orange, CT
Abigail Chamberlain, Orange, CT
Abigail Oladapo, Naugatuck, CT
Adam Pelz, Terryville, CT
Adrian Cordova, Stratford, CT
Adriana Bermudez-Garcia, Bridgeport, CT
Adriana Gizzi, Wolcott, CT
Adriana Schull, Killingworth, CT
Aedan Ryan, Wallingford, CT
Aidan Reilly, Orange, CT
Aisha Jawaid, North Haven, CT
Alan Verrier, Cheshire, CT
Alana Cotton, Northford, CT
Aleksandra Galka, Plainville, CT
Alenka Mora, Bridgeport, CT
Alex Mercado, West Haven, CT
Alex Triscritti, Naugatuck, CT
Alex Viel, Meriden, CT
Alexa McIntosh, East Haven, CT
Alexander Allegra, Shelton, CT
Alexander Cushman, New Hartford, CT
Alexander O’neal, Salisbury, CT
Alexandra Berry, Wethersfield, CT
Alexandra Drezek, Seymour, CT
Alexandra Galla, Oxford, CT
Alexandra Takacs, Sparta, NJ
Alexis Annosier, Stamford, CT
Alexis Christoni-Petrucelli, Wallingford, CT
Alexis Corda, Milford, CT
Alexis Cruz, Wolcott, CT
Alexis Davis, Bridgeport, CT
Alexis Delacruz, Winsted, CT
Alexis Demarco, East Haven, CT
Alexis Pender, West Hartford, CT
Alexis Perry, Seymour, CT
Alexis Scarborough, Wallingford, CT
Alexis Zoppi, Shelton, CT
Alfred Mingrone, Milford, CT
Alicia Moroyoqui, Groton, CT
Aliz Quinones, West Haven, CT
Allison Pito, Cheshire, CT
Alverto Ortega-Garcia, Norwalk, CT
Alyson Gontarski, Old Saybrook, CT
Alyson Policarpio, Bristol, CT
Alyssa Hart, Guilford, CT
Alyssa Haskins, Enfield, CT
Alyssa Kronisch, Monroe, CT
Alyssa McClain, Groton, CT
Alyssa Rolls, Guilford, CT
Amanda Cavoto, Stratford, CT
Amanda Cohen, Ridgefield, CT
Amanda Jurgens, Bethel, CT
Amanda Mantegna, West Haven, CT
Amanda Martino, West Haven, CT
Amanda Merturi, Oxford, CT
Amanda Oberempt, West Haven, CT
Amber Pindulic, Centereach, NY
Amelia Hoyt, North Haven, CT
Amina Huric, Hartford, CT
Amy Brandstatter, West Haven, CT
Amy Guo, Middlebury, CT
Amy Orenstein, Guilford, CT
Ana Pena, Waterbury, CT
Anastasia Sloss, Watertown, CT
Andrea Galindo, Bridgeport, CT
Andrea Joseph, West Haven, CT
Andrew Albin, North Branford, CT
Andrew Dempsey, Naugatuck, CT
Andrew Donlon, Meriden, CT
Andrew Keeton, Bethel, CT
Andrew Schmitt, Madison, CT
Angel Rodriguez, Waterbury, CT
Angela Bozzi, Hamden, CT
Angela Buckley, Naugatuck, CT
Angela Casner, East Haven, CT
Angela Evans, Meriden, CT
Aniello Furino, New Haven, CT
Annaleise Sabatino, Shelton, CT
Annie Beckett, New Haven, CT
Anthony Martorano, Derby, CT
Anuj Chadha, Hamden, CT
Arayana Bracken, Newington, CT
Aria DeFeo, Ansonia, CT
Ariana Bengtson, Newington, CT
Ariana Harris, Cheshire, CT
Ariane Cloutier, Danbury, CT
Arianna Baldwin, Stratford, CT
Aron Kovacs, Norwalk, CT
Ashley Dyer, Meriden, CT
Ashley Moran, New Haven, CT
Ashley Nicholson, Bridgeport, CT
Ashley Yanez, Meriden, CT
Ashli Benbow, Ansonia, CT
Asma Rahimyar, Trumbull, CT
Astrid Thompson, Madison, CT
Audrey Gryak, Shelton, CT
August Pelliccio, Madison, CT
Avery Fornaciari, Plymouth, MA
Baatinu Plair, Hamden, CT
Bao Nguyen, Cromwell, CT
Beate Neblett, Middlebury, CT
Belinda Bartley, Waterbury, CT
Benjamin Cohen, Madison, CT
Benjamin Johnson, North Branford, CT
Benjamin Palmieri, Cheshire, CT
Benjamin Wooding, Rockfall, CT
Bhumika Shah, Branford, CT
Blair Massimino, Orange, CT
Blair Snyder, New Fairfield, CT
Blake Tobin, Milford, CT
Brandon Cox, Hamdeb, CT
Brandon Godfrey, Trumbull, CT
Brandon Iovene, Higganum, CT
Brenda Fernandes, Bridgeport, CT
Brenna Ross, Hamden, CT
Brennah Rogers, Milford, CT
Brett Taragowski, Madison, CT
Brian Duphiney, New Haven, CT
Brian Petrucci, Southington, CT
Briana Burt, Meriden, CT
Brianna Cully, Bristol, CT
Brianna Dainiak, Ansonia, CT
Brianna Muscio, Wolcott, CT
Brianna Savage, Hamden, CT
Bridget Sharnick, Shelton, CT
Brigid Weiner, Wallingford, CT
Brittaney Nwagboli, Branford, CT
Brittany LeVasseur, Cheshire, CT
Brittany Mignott, Jamaica, NY
Brokk Tollefson, New Haven, CT
Brooke Mercaldi, Monroe, CT
Brooks Blauser, New Haven, CT
Brynn Discipio, Easton, CT
Caitlin Kirby, Wallingford, CT
Caitlin McLaughlin, Naugatuck, CT
Caitlin O’halloran, Milford, CT
Caitlyn Koster, Shelton, CT
Camila Ramos, Bridgeport, CT
Candace Naude, Trumbull, CT
Carissa Kamin, Branford, CT
Carley Fitzgerald, Wallingford, CT
Carlos Berrios, Manchester, CT
Carlos Soto, Stratford, CT
Carly Ciancola, West Haven, CT
Carol Schmardel, Clinton, CT
Casey McNally, Bridgeport, CT
Cassandra Harris, East Haddam, CT
Cassandra Veltri, Oxford, CT
Cassidy Maciel, New Milford, CT
Catherine Chmielewski, Stratford, CT
Ceara Wettemann, Killingworth, CT
Chanel Morales, Naugatuck, CT
Charleen Kelly, New Haven, CT
Charles Biddiscombe, Cheshire, CT
Chevon Rumble, West Haven, CT
Cheyenne Gibilaro, North Branford, CT
Chloe Knight, New Milford, CT
Chloe Lecy, Quaker Hill, CT
Christian Colon, Hamden, CT
Christian Gamauf, Oxford, CT
Christianna Peabody, Bristol, CT
Christianne Accurso, Glastonbury, CT
Christopher Buckridge, New Haven, CT
Christopher Ogiste, Danbury, CT
Cole Kinyon, Westport, CT
Cole Staples, Bristol, CT
Cole Terry, Sandy Hook, CT
Colette Gleed, West Haven, CT
Connor Redahan, Greenwich, CT
Craig Steadman, Bridgeport, CT
Dakota Summer, Middletown, CT
Dan Labbadia, Berlin, CT
Danae Sawchyn, Woodbury, CT
Daniel Barletta Iii, West Haven, CT
Daniel Hotham, Prospect, CT
Daniel Pappa, Northford, CT
Daniel Perusina, West Haven, CT
Danielle Allerdyce, Hartford, CT
Danielle Bass, Waterbury, CT
Danielle Elbert, Branford, CT
Danielle Elliott, Wethersfield, CT
Danielle Klaskin, Madison, CT
Daria Kraszewska, Shelton, CT
David Bedoya, Trumbull, CT
David Betters, Terryville, CT
David Cardona, Stamford, CT
David Chouinard, Oakville, CT
David Difabio, Trumbull, CT
David Notholt, Milford, CT
Dawa Lama, North Haven, CT
Deanna Cleary, Bridgeport, CT
Derek Pearson, Southbury, CT
Destany Funteral-Fine, Derby, CT
Destany Williams, Meriden, CT
Destiney Coward, East Haven, CT
Devin Sangster, Groton, CT
Devin White, New Haven, CT
Diana Cruz, Waterbury, CT
Donald Emanuel Iii, Prospect, CT
Donna Gamble, Seymour, CT
Douglas Ceci, Hamden, CT
Douglas Williams, Essex, CT
Dylan Lindsey, Bow, NH
Edilson Godinez Garcia, New Haven, CT
Edward Coe, Shelton, CT
Edwin Rivera, Middletown, CT
Eileen Portelance, New Milford, CT
Eimy Quispe, Hamden, CT
Elaina DiSalvo, Lake Grove, NY
Elise Ryan, Branford, CT
Elissa Martindale, Deep River, CT
Elizabeth Rizzitelli, Shelton, CT
Ellen Twum, Stamford, CT
Emelia Imperati, North Haven, CT
Emilie Noreika, Prospect, CT
Emily Allen, Madsion, CT
Emily Budds, Wallingford, CT
Emily Eckstrom, Bristol, CT
Emily Keyes, Branflrd, CT
Emily McElfresh, Oxford, CT
Emily Navarro, Milford, CT
Emily Sheehy, East Haven, CT
Emily Stross, Unionville, CT
Emily Velidow, Salem, CT
Emily Wolfe, Havertown, PA
Emma Clini, West Haven, CT
Emma Knauerhase, Portland, CT
Emma Norden, Branford, CT
Emma Justine Conley, Norwalk, CT
Emmett Brayton, Middlefield, CT
Eric Moran, Cheshire, CT
Eric Nesmith, Bridgeport, CT
Erica Casinelli, Stamford, CT
Erica Lleras, North Branford, CT
Erik Grening, Torrington, CT
Erin Dillman, Milford, CT
Erin Fitzgerald, Shelton, CT
Esiana Frank, New Haven, CT
Esther Clebert, Norwalk, CT
Ethan Kaisen, Guilford, CT
Ethan Mehlin, Oakville, CT
Ethan Noble, Wallingford, CT
Ethan Rankowitz, Preston, CT
Ethan West, Deep River, CT
Evan Digiovanni, New Haven, CT
Evan Moyher, Seymour, CT
Evan Murray, Monroe, CT
Fatmir Imerukaj, West Haven, CT
Gabriel Maldonado, Wethersfield, CT
Gabriella D’Amico, North Haven, CT
Gabriella Sanabria, Norwalk, CT
Gabrielle Giammattei, North Branford, CT
Gabrielle Giaquinto, hamden, CT
Gabrielle Myska, Bristol, CT
Gabrielle Pantani, Branford, CT
Gema Guevara, New Haven, CT
Gena Gonzalez, new haven, CT
George Brown, New Haven, CT
George Rusu, Milford, CT
Giana Capasso, North Haven, CT
Gianna Mastroianni, New Haven, CT
Gianna Mendes, Middlefield, CT
Gianna Panullo, Shelton, CT
Gianni Sapienza, Trumbull, CT
Gillian Hotchkiss, Beacon Falls, CT
Gillian Mattern, Gales Ferry, CT
Gina Ricco, Seymour, CT
Giovanni Marzullo, Milford, CT
Giselle Ramos, Bridgeport, CT
Gleeson Edwards, Guilford, CT
Gloria McPherson, New Haven, CT
Hanaa Hussein, North Haven, CT
Hannah Amabile, Wethersfield, CT
Hanxin Liu, Milford, CT
Hayley Bibbiani, Deep River, CT
Hazel Rosario, Waterbury, CT
Heather Messore, Naugatuck, CT
Heather Sherrick, Milford, CT
Henry Blackwell, Nantucket, MA
Henryriana Maxelix, Bridgeport, CT
Holly Bousquet, Groton, CT
Hope Finch, North Haven, CT
Hugo Castaneda, Meriden, CT
Hydiea Johnson, New Haven, CT
Ian Bergemann, Branford, CT
Ian Canny, Wallingford, CT
Ianaliz Rivera, New Haven, CT
Idongesit Udo-okon, Stratford, CT
Iesha Brown, Bridgeport, CT
Imani Fortt, Hartford, CT
Imani Manick-highsmith, New Haven, CT
Irene Machia, Brookfield, CT
Isabella Corradi, Cheshire, CT
Isabella Croteau, West Hartford, CT
Isaiah McLeod, Cambridge, MA
Jackson Volenec, Durham, CT
Jaclyn Pensiero, Shelton, CT
Jaclyn Ryan, Trumbull, CT
Jacob Bojnowski, Middletown, CT
Jacob Booth, west hartford, CT
Jacob Tellier, Terryville, CT
Jacqueline Prast, Old Saybrook, CT
Jade Clary, Danbury, CT
Jade Serrano, Shelton, CT
Jade Tran, East Haven, CT
Jaden Ramadei, Ansonia, CT
Jake Pluchino, Madison, CT
Jake Zielinski, Wallingford, CT
Jalen Johnson, Oldsaybrook, CT
Jalitza Mathews, East Hartford, CT
James McLoughlin, Norwalk, CT
Jamie Lewis, Shelton, CT
Jane Schroeder, West Haven, CT
Jared Dennehy, Cheshire, CT
Jared Simpson, Milford, CT
Jared Smith, Orange, CT
Jarren Parchment, Ansonia, CT
Jasmin Williamson, Hartford, CT
Jasmine Benavides, Ansonia, CT
Jasmine Brown, Hamden, CT
Jasmine Williams-Bottoms, Stamford, CT
Jason Carubia, Branford, CT
Jason Edwards, Ansonia, CT
Jazmin Albanese, Waterbury, CT
Jazmin Jimenez, Hamden, CT
Jeffrey Gill, Monroe, CT
Jefrey LeBlanc, New Haven, CT
Jenna Boccio, Southington, CT
Jenna Cannata, Cheshire, CT
Jenna Krechko, Tolland, CT
Jenna Palermo, Shelton, CT
Jenna Reeser, Oakville, CT
Jenna Stepleman, Derby, CT
Jennifer Dagraca, Bridgeport, CT
Jennifer Koabel, Stratford, CT
Jennifer Leibovitz, West Haven, CT
Jennifer Medina, Stratford, CT
Jennifer Reynoso, Middletown, CT
Jennifer Rodriguez, Stratford, CT
Jeremy Collette, Watertown, CT
Jeremy Grant, Milford, CT
Jerica Olson, Woodbury, CT
Jessica Clark, West Hartford, CT
Jessica Cunningham, Suffield, CT
Jessica Guerrucci, Stratford, CT
Jessica Hunt, Seymour, CT
Jessica Komacki, Naugatuck, CT
Jessica Riley, Meriden, CT
Jessica Robbin, Fairfield, CT
Jessica Telesco, White Plains, NY
Jillian Doheny, North Haven, CT
Jillian Martins, Trumbull, CT
Jillian Valeta, West Haven, CT
Joann Lehr, Branford, CT
Joaquin Selmeski, East Lyme, CT
Jocelyn Perez, Meriden, CT
Joey Pascale, West Haven, CT
Johanna Wahlen, Karlsruhe,
John MacDonald, West Haven, CT
John Saksa, Shelton, CT
John Wells, West Hartford, CT
Johnathan Moore, West Haven, CT
Johnesha Brown, New Haven, CT
Jonah Gosnay, Danbury, CT
Jonathan Geraldino, Bridgeport, CT
Jonathan Godfrey, North Haven, CT
Jonathan Hiebert, Hamden, CT
Jonathan Meyers, Cheshire, CT
Jonathan Santiago, Norwalk, CT
Jonell Bailey, Waterbury, CT
Jordan Dean, Waterbury, CT
Jordan Feeney, Fairfield, CT
Jordan Thompson, Campbell Hall, NY
Joseph Borucki, Fairfield, CT
Joseph Federation, New Haven, CT
Joseph Freer, Southington, CT
Joseph McClean, Stratford, CT
Joseph Moffo, Waterbury, CT
Joseph Schairer, Wallingford, CT
Josephine Lynch, West Hartford, CT
Joshua Ayala, New Haven, CT
Joshua Brown, Stratford, CT
Joshua Fitzpatrick, Beacon Falls, CT
Joshua Fraser, Woodbridge, CT
Joshua Nunnink, Shelton, CT
Joshua Prouty, Ellington, CT
Joshua Sharp, Lisbon, CT
Juan Santos, Plainville, CT
Judaen Brown, Ansonia, CT
Julia Honan, Westbrook, CT
Julia Munroe, Branford, CT
Julia Napolitano, Wolcott, CT
Juliana Thomasson, East Haven, CT
Juliana Watts, West Haven, CT
Julie Waxler, Unionville, CT
Julies Ly, Shelton, CT
Justin Ceneviva, Milford, CT
Justine Roy, Wallingford, CT
Kacia Savage, Guilford, CT
Kacie Gagner, Meriden, CT
Kailey Romanos, Guilford, CT
Kaitlyn Bembenek, Woodstock, CT
Kaleb Roman, Wolcott, CT
Kaleigh Albert, Killingworth, CT
Kalin Mcquade, Meriden, CT
Karl Grannan, Canaan, CT
Karli Palmer, Willington, CT
Karlyn Jackson, Hamden, CT
Kasie Kelly, North Haven, CT
Katelyn Fillion, Northford, CT
Katelyn Lillquist, Branford, CT
Katelyn Ross, Stamford, CT
Katelyn Russell, Shelton, CT
Katherine Matos-Romero, West Haven, CT
Katherine Viteretto, Norwalk, CT
Kathryn Duffner, Newington, CT
Kathryn Schoberle, East Haddam, CT
Kayla Benedetti, West Haven, CT
Kayla Dohoney, Danbury, CT
Kayla Musante, Wallingford, CT
Kayla Viviano, Southington, CT
Kaylee Holroyd, Stratford, CT
Kaylee Paladino, New Canaan, CT
Kayli Johnson, Bridgeport, CT
Keara Loughlin, Lowell, MA
Keegan Smith, Plantsville, CT
Keith Williams, Waterbury, CT
Kelly Redmond, Naugatuck, CT
Kelsea Murtha, Stratford, CT
Kelsey White, Middletown, CT
Kennan Martin, South Glastonbury, CT
Kenndra Espinoza, Stamford, CT
Kevin Chesler, Meriden, CT
Kevin Crompton, Middlefield, CT
Kevin Kuna, Shelton, CT
Kevin Lam, Stamford, CT
Kevin Scotton, Middletown, CT
Khushbu Patel, Wallingford, CT
Kiara Smith, Milford, CT
Kira Fitch, Monroe, CT
Korynne Sullivan, Orange, CT
Krista Lencovich, Shelton, CT
Kristelle Jasmine Caslangen, Wallingford, CT
Kristen Amarone, Wallingford, CT
Kristina Ercolani, Wethersfield, CT
Krystal Nieves, Bridgeport, CT
Kya O’Donnell, Cheshire, CT
Kyle Broderick, Trumbull, CT
Kyle Dimaio, Hamden, CT
Kylie Fisher, Scottsdale, AZ
Kylie Vaccarelli, Prospect, CT
Kyra Jayne Catubig, West Haven, CT
Kyrstin Schofield, Naugatuck, CT
Laney Lopez, Derby, CT
Larissa Topalis, Ledyard, CT
Latisha Brockington, Naugatuck, CT
Laura Listro, Hamden, CT
Laura Rizzo, New Haven, CT
Lauren Brideau, Shelton, CT
Lauren Cagle, Stamford, CT
Lauren Conner, Milford, CT
Lauren Reilly, Naugatuck, CT
Lea Jalbert, Avon, CT
Leah Herde, Fairfield, CT
Leah Hushion, Newtown, CT
Leah Nocella, Oxford, CT
Leah Sause, Wallingford, CT
Leslie Garcia, Norwalk, CT
Leslie Inahuazo, New Haven, CT
Levi Reynolds, Woodbury, CT
Lexi Komaromi, Seymour, CT
Lia Davido, Middletown, NJ
Liam Norton, Bethany, CT
Lilia Ricci, Bridgeport, CT
Lilian Matute, Stamford, CT
Lily Barragan, East Haven, CT
Lily Stilson, East Berlin, CT
Lindsey Rek, Prospect, CT
Lindsey Rodorigo, Beacon Falls, CT
Loanis Cabrera, Bridgeport, CT
Logan Mether, UNCASVILLE, CT
Lonnie Herrera, New Haven, CT
Lorenzo Burgos, Wethersfield, CT
Lorette Feivelson, Bristol, CT
Louie Krak, New Haven, CT
Luke Hansted, North Haven, CT
Luke McDermott Grandpre, Cromwell, CT
Lupita Barajas, Stratford, CT
Mackenzie Dowling, Midland, NC
Madeleine Bergeron, Westbrook, CT
Madelyn Vinsel, Guilford, CT
Madison Caruso, Bristol, CT
Madison Csejka, Orange, CT
Madison Zimmerman, Madison, CT
Maeve Rourke, Milford, CT
Maeve Salamida, Cromwell, CT
Maghan Taylor, Wallingford, CT
Maile Chaplar, Old Saybrook, CT
Makenna Wollmann, Burlington, CT
Manjot Kailey, Branford, CT
Maria Beltran, Middlebury, CT
Maria Nunez Bonilla, Danbury, CT
Mariaclara Canhassi, Stratford, CT
Mariam Alajjan, Orange, CT
Mariam Osman, Hamden, CT
Marisa DeCiucis, Shelton, CT
Marisa Misbach, New Haven, CT
Marissa Hackett, North Branford, CT
Marissa Salazar, East Haven, CT
Marissa Simos, Guilford, CT
Mark Schriever, Norwich, CT
Marlisa Shaw, New Haven, CT
Marne Delgado, Hamden, CT
Martin Lippai, Naugatuck, CT
Mary Schulten, Middlefield, CT
Mary Spodnick, Orange, CT
Marykate Fallon, Milford, CT
Matthew Andersen, New Haven, CT
Matthew Berry, Middletown, CT
Matthew Crisci, Hamden, CT
Matthew Dever, Ansonia, CT
Matthew Granfield, Clinton, CT
Matthew Moran, Seymour, CT
Matthew Torrisi, Southington, CT
Matthew Urquia, Milford, CT
Max Vadakin, Canaan, CT
Maya Dunn, North Haven, CT
Mayah Brown, New London, CT
Megan Baker, West Hartford, CT
Megan Brennan, Stamford, CT
Megan Ferreira, Shelton, CT
Megan Latte, Newtown, CT
Megan McNivens, Old Saybrook, CT
Megan Mendell, Trumbull, CT
Megan Poulin, New Haven, CT
Megan Schultz, Trumbull, CT
Megan-leigh Larsen, Temecula, CA
Meghan Bosse, Bridgeport, CT
Meghan Olson, Wolcott, CT
Melanie Taraskewich, Prospect, CT
Melissa Burwell, Branford, CT
Melissa Palma Cuapio, East Haven, CT
Meredith Miller, New Haven, CT
Mia Discipio, Easton, CT
Michael Brighindi, Shelton, CT
Michael Chernesky, Shelton, CT
Michael Fonda, Stratford, CT
Michael Frohnhoefer, Naugatuck, CT
Michael Jardine, Meriden, CT
Michael Miceli, North Haven, CT
Michael Riccio, Shelton, CT
Michael Sanger, New Haven, CT
Michael Smith, Middletown, CT
Michele Furnaros, Stamford, CT
Michelle Devito, Westport, CT
Michelle Hesse, New Haven, CT
Michelle Quero, Antioch, IL
Michelle Tenney, New Haven, CT
Michelle Tewksbury, North Haven, CT
Miguel Diaz, Bridgeport, CT
Millicent Gilhool, New York, NY
Miranda Holland, Hamden, CT
Miranda Kross, North Haven, CT
Miranda Love, New Haven, CT
Mishele Rodriguez, New Haven, CT
Mitchell Graham, Cheshire, CT
Moesha Turner, Middletown, CT
Mohammed Mahmud, Cheshire, CT
Molly Deegan, Trumbull, CT
Molly Flanagan, Milford, CT
Monica Collette, Waterbury, CT
Montana Honafius, Stratford, CT
Morgan Lussier, South Windsor, CT
Morgan McClain, Monroe, CT
Morgan Velez, Wolcott, CT
Muhammet Faruk Senturk, Madison, CT
Nadeem Asad, Beacon falls, CT
Nadia Brown, Waterbury, CT
Nancy Kelly, New Haven, CT
Natalia Amos, Milford, CT
Natalie Bowens, Uncasville, CT
Natalie Colon, Bridgeport, CT
Natalie Rogers, Wallingford, CT
Natalie Stoffel, New Fairfield, CT
Natasha Tarbell, Old Saybrook, CT
Nathanael Scaniffe, Hamden, CT
Nathaniel Gerrish, Naugatuck, CT
Nathaniel Johnston, Long Valley, NJ
Neisha Rivera Perez, New Haven, CT
Nelly Quito, Hamden, CT
Nicholas Alexiades, Woodbridge, CT
Nicholas Bradley, Clinton, CT
Nicholas Carbone, Southington, CT
Nicholas Coppola, North Haven, CT
Nicholas Demet, Old Lyme, CT
Nicholas Dimaggio, North Branford, CT
Nicholas Isabella, Monroe, CT
Nicholas Talarico, Norwalk, CT
Nicole Gigas, Ansonia, CT
Nicole Healy, Naugatuck, CT
Nicole Huntsman, Bridgeport, CT
Nicole Mattioli-Cortigiano, Ansonia, CT
Nicole Rizzo, Derby, CT
Nicole Zielinski, East Haven, CT
Nicolette Niedzwiecki, Shelton, CT
Nikolis Principi, Trumbull, CT
Nilay Durdu, Woodbridge, CT
Nina Julian, Torrington, CT
Noah Jackson, Groton, CT
Noel Lorde, Hamden, CT
Noel Womack, Hamden, CT
Noelle Stepensky, Southington, CT
Nolan Cloutier, Wallingford, CT
Noor Rahim, Milford, CT
Norman Whitney, Bristol, CT
Nour Abdelrahman, Fairfield, CT
Noureen Nassra, Stratford, CT
Nyela Castillo, Northford, CT
Olivia Moreno, Trumbull, CT
Olivia Scalenghe, Shelton, CT
Pablo Bastida Ruiz, West Haven, CT
Paige Hansen, Kings Park, NY
Paige Schwarz, Milford, CT
Palmer Piana, New Haven, CT
Paris Johnson, New Haven, CT
Patricia Castle, Monroe, CT
Patrick Ballard, Belford, NJ
Patrick Gregg, Redding, CT
Patrick Moore, Fayetteville, NC
Patrick Murphy, Cheshire, CT
Patrick Rubino, Bethany, CT
Paul Mckee, New Haven, CT
Paul Viebranz, Shelton, CT
Paulina Cherkasov, Trumbull, CT
Paulina Smaga, Shelton, CT
Paxton Kowalski, Middletown, CT
Perpetual Taylor, Cromwell, CT
Peter Mceachern, Hamden, CT
Philip Sarrazin, Seymour, CT
Pooja Ali, Branford, CT
Precious Bynum, Bridgeport, CT
Princess Bart-addison, Bronx, NY
Raby Gueye, New haven, CT
Rachel Garcia, Naugatuck, CT
Rachel Giannettino, Oxford, CT
Rachel Hermanns, Bridgeport, CT
Rachel Kelsall, West Haven, CT
Rachel Pierpont, North Branford, CT
Rachel Silver, Vernon Rockville, CT
Rakshyak Kc, Branford, CT
Rayleen Paret, New Haven, CT
Rebecca Taylor, Shelton, CT
Rebecca Vitale, Branford, CT
Rebekah Burke, Norwich, CT
Rebekah Gaujean, Stratford, CT
Rechelle Morales, Ledyard, CT
Reena Yu, Orange, CT
Renee Chabot, Oakville, CT
Renee Collett, Hamden, CT
Rhema Phillips, New London, CT
Rhiannon Crandley, Milford, CT
Rian Tucci, Ridgefield, CT
Richard Bjorklund, Milford, CT
Richard Cartier, New Haven, CT
Richard Szeligowski, Branford, CT
Robert Adamchek, Stratford, CT
Robert Gonzalez, Manchester, CT
Robert Valeri, Shelton, CT
Romario Cerrato, New Haven, CT
Rosabella Ziou, New Haven, CT
Roxanne Buzinsky, Wallingford, CT
Ruben Sosa, Waterbury, CT
Ryan Berry, Shelton, CT
Ryan Cafaro, Ansonia, CT
Ryan Harvey, North Haven, CT
Ryan Stickles, Sharon, CT
Sabrina Hine, North Haven, CT
Sahdalia Goeman, North Branford, CT
Samantha Adams, Milford, CT
Samantha DeMarco, Milford, CT
Samantha Kaplan, Trumbull, CT
Samantha Melendez, New Haven, CT
Samantha Pryce, Suffield, CT
Samantha Rothermel-Peters, New Haven, CT
Samuel Fix, Guilford, CT
Sandra Theoharatos, New Haven, CT
Sara Helfand, Norwalk, CT
Sara Targouski, Ansonia, CT
Sarah Bousquet, Milford, CT
Sarah Carroll, Enfield, CT
Sarah Carter, Newtown, CT
Sarah Cizmazia, Newtown, CT
Sarah Dato, Milford, CT
Sarah Donaldson, Milford, CT
Sarah Garcia, North Haven, CT
Sarah Gossman, Trumbull, CT
Sarah Holodnak, Bridgeport, CT
Sarah Houde, Wallingford, CT
Sarah Tsacoyannis, Westport, CT
Scott Lafontaine, East Haven, CT
Sean Chesler, Milford, CT
Sean Miller, Stratford, CT
Sejmir Basuljevic, Derby, CT
Selena Morales, Bridgeport, CT
Shaina-Lynn Evanko, Sandy Hook, CT
Shakira Davis, New Haven, CT
Shane Da Silva-Novotny, Bridgeport, CT
Shane Lester, North Haven, CT
Shane Smith, Pawcatuck, CT
Shania Ramnath, Stamford, CT
Shannon Dolan, Milford, CT
Shannon Wynne, Old Saybrook, CT
Shantele Avila, Bridgeport, CT
Shanti Madison, New Haven, CT
Shara Mae Acob, Cos Cob, CT
Sharisma Morales, Meriden, CT
Shauna Goldman, Norwalk, CT
Shavonne Sims, Hamden, CT
Shawn Odei-Ntiri, New Haven, CT
Shelby Mendillo, Derby, CT
Sierra Mayerson, Brookfield, CT
Sierra Weum, Lebanon, CT
Sophia Oneto, Prospect, CT
Sophia Whipple, Colchester, CT
Spencer Rogers, Guilford, CT
Stache Jones, West Haven, CT
Stephanie Gable, West Haven, CT
Stephanie Gagne, Meriden, CT
Stephanie Illingworth, Bridgeport, CT
Stephanie Preising, Stamford, CT
Stephanie Richard, Naugatuck, CT
Stephanie Sirois, Cheshire, CT
Stephen Duncanson, Stratford, CT
Stephen Fengler, Wallingford, CT
Stevie Fell, Naugatuck, CT
Summer Sylvestre, Plainfield, CT
Susan Anthony, West Haven, CT
Sydney King, Milford, CT
Sydney Sutcliffe, Madison, CT
Syeda Minahil Gilani, Bridgeport, CT
Tamera Sternberger, New Haven, CT
Tanner Mroz, Wallingford, CT
Taylor Brockett, North Haven, CT
Taylor Gudzinski, Waterbury, CT
Taylor Hall, Waterbury, CT
Taylor Sanders, New Haven, CT
Taylor Velez, Norwalk, CT
Taylor Weihing, Niantic, CT
Tea Carter, Modesto, CA
Teaira Boone, New Haven, CT
Tess Buschmann, East Haddam, CT
Tessa McNaboe, Burlington, CT
Thalia Feliciano, East haven, CT
Therese Ziaks, Branford, CT
Thomas Birmingham, Brookfield, CT
Thomas Blotney, West Haven, CT
Thomas Liljedahl, Middlefield, CT
Thomas Pelletier, Bristol, CT
Thomas Poirier, Naugatuck, CT
Tiara Guagenti, Seymour, CT
Tiffanie Edwards, Bridgeport, CT
Tiffany Monteiro, Trumbull, CT
Tiffany Ortega, Bridgeport, CT
Timothy Abbott, Stamford, CT
Timothy Ross, Ellington, CT
Torey Robinson, Ansonia, CT
Tracy Henri, Ansonia, CT
Trent Kaisen, Guilford, CT
Trevor Palmer, Middlebury, CT
Trimaine Brown, Woodbridge, CT
Troy Stegman, Wethersfield, CT
Ty-zhayia Brown, New Haven, CT
Tyler Franco, East Haven, CT
Tyler Kopeck, Oxford, CT
Tyler Verissimo, Naugatuck, CT
Tyra Hultgren, Rockfall, CT
Uruj Khan, Trumbull, CT
Valerie Mayes, West Haven, CT
Vanessa Gay, West Haven, CT
Victor Corona Galan, Fairfield, CT
Victoria Bresnahan, trumbull, CT
Victoria Lacafta, Storrs Mansfield, CT
Victoria Savoca, Milford, CT
Vincent D’angelo, Shelton, CT
Vittoria Cristante, North Branford, CT
Whitney Morris, Branford, CT
William Broome, Norwalk, CT
Yadinitza Torres, Waterbury, CT
Yajaira Anaya, Bethel, CT
Yara Hosny, East Haven, CT
Yesenia Hernandez, Meriden, CT
Zachary Miller, Darien, CT
Zachary Parente, Trumbull, CT
Zachary Peck, Wallingford, CT
Zachary Sousa, Milford, CT
Zachary Sturgill, Milford, CT
Zeynep Guven, New Haven, CT


Abigail Velez, West Hartford, CT
Adam Andrews, New Haven, CT
Adam Weber, Newtown, CT
Addrianna Raney, Meriden, CT
Adelino Gomes, Ansonia, CT
Aiden Braumann, Guilford, CT
Akeem Douglas, Bridgeport, CT
Alejandro Quijada, West Haven, CT
Alexander DeMeis, Shelton, CT
Alexander Squitiero, Madison, CT
Alexis Young, Hamden, CT
Alicia Leno, New Milford, CT
Alicia Pelletier, Wallingford, CT
Alisia Hart, Middletown, CT
Allison Misbach, Meriden, CT
Alyssa Weisberger, Orange, CT
Amy Rodriguez, Hamden, CT
Anabel Caceres Cotto, Bridgeport, CT
Anastasia Esposito, Orange, CT
Andrea Gudino, Stamford, CT
Andrew Marotti, Madison, CT
Androu Boktor, Hamden, CT
Angel Diaz, Stratford, CT
Anna Doherty, Waterford, CT
Anthony Dematteis, Hamden, CT
Anthony Zambito, Ridgewood, NJ
Antonio Demartino, Hamden, CT
Arda Yilmaz, Stratford, CT
Asma Labonno, Meriden, CT
Berlove Lelain, Naugatuck, CT
Binod Dahal, Bridgeport, CT
Brianna Ferraiolo, Branford, CT
Brittney Barbato, Old Lyme, CT
Brooke Grand, New Haven, CT
Bryan Mera, East Haven, CT
Bryce Castellone, South Windsor, CT
Carl Thurston, Wallingford, CT
Cassi Corigliano, Bridgeport, CT
Cedil Onivogui, New Haven, CT
Charlotte McMillan, Brookfield, CT
Chris Georgoulis, New Milford, CT
Christian Krysinski, Ansonia, CT
Christian Rubio, Shelton, CT
Christopher LeBeau, Bristol, CT
Cierrah Macher, Moodus, CT
Claudia Krochko, Oxford, CT
Cody Conlon, Bethlehem, CT
Conor Marlatt, Branford, CT
Courtney Butler, Branford, CT
Daelyn Yasgar, Wallingford, CT
Daniel Grindley, Milford, CT
Daniel Goa Utgaard, Kristiansand,
Danielle Caselli, Stratford, CT
David Martins, West Haven, CT
Dean Loehn, Stratford, CT
Diamani Seide, norwalk, CT
Drew Dantino, Waterbury, CT
Dylan Trivers, Ansonia, CT
Eldi Shahini, Ansonia, CT
Elijha Benjamin, naugatuck, CT
Elise Abu-Sitteh, West Haven, CT
Emily Maffeo, East Haven, CT
Emily Rossini, West Hartford, CT
Emily Taylor, Guilford, CT
Ericka Norberg, Newtown, CT
Evangalese Calamita, Northford, CT
Francesca Benea, Windsor Locks, CT
Gabriella Zuk, Southington, CT
Gerald Delise, Branford, CT
Gilberto Hernandez, Meriden, CT
Giovanni Sciarappa, Seymour, CT
Gregory Lovisolo, Naugatuck, CT
Haley McGuane, Wethersfield, CT
Hannah Endri, Norwalk, CT
Hannah Pham, Trumbull, CT
Harjot Benipal, Branford, CT
Haroon Chaudhry, Hamden, CT
Hayden Davis, Westbrook, CT
Heather Henley, Clinton, CT
Herlinda Rodriguez, Bridgeport, CT
Ian Ryan, Winsted, CT
Ignasi Perez Cererols, Sant Cugat del Valles,
Ihsan Saboor, Bridgeport, CT
Isabella Pitarra, Clinton, CT
Isabella Zurita, Stratford, CT
Isaiah Walker, Derby, CT
Ivette Santiago, Bridgeport, CT
James Abercrombie, Trumbull, CT
Jamiy Burey, Shelton, CT
Jason Duarte, Bridgeport, CT
Jason Paternostro, Watertown, CT
Jeet Patel, New Haven, CT
Jeff Miller, Wallingford, CT
Jeff Morgan, Milford, CT
Jenna Zakala, Rome, NY
Jennifer Jordan, Woobridge, CT
Jeovanne Feliciano, Groton, CT
Jeymi Aguero- Hernandez, Torrington, CT
John Fitzgerald, North Haven, CT
John Mezzanotte, Stamford, CT
John Migliazza, Monroe, CT
John Perry, Waterbury, CT
John Richetelli, Easton, CT
John Turenne, Wallingford, CT
Jordan Romeo, New Haven, CT
Joseph Balog, Derby, CT
Joseph Cozar, New Haven, CT
Joseph Hennessey, Ansonia, CT
Joseph Rocco, Wolcott, CT
Joshua Rivera, Waterbury, CT
Joshua Rosenthal, Norwich, CT
Josip Jukic, Milford, CT
Julia Andrelczyk, Naugatuck, CT
Julia Dichello, Meriden, CT
Julia Pelletier, Wallingford, CT
Justin Mancini, Orange, CT
Justin Paolillo, North Haven, CT
Justin Sprague, Seymour, CT
Kacie Velasquez, Stratford, CT
Kai Huang, Cheshire, CT
Kaitlyn Carlson, West Haven, CT
Kaitlyn Paradis, Orange, CT
Katelin Rowe, Branford, CT
Katherine Fuentes, Bridgeport, CT
Katherine Wojcik, Ansonia, CT
Kathryn Twohill, Shelton, CT
Kayla McKay, Higganum, CT
Kendra Savage, Hamden, CT
Kevin Garcia, Norwalk, CT
Kevin Rivera, Durham, CT
Kevin Vazquez, New Haven, CT
Kevin Wollmar, Groton, CT
Kiersten Snyder, Waterbury, CT
Kristopher Dicocco, Trumbull, CT
Kyle Armour, Newington, CT
Lashay Rush, East Haven, CT
Lauren Clough, Northford, CT
Lauren Segal, Cheshire, CT
Leanna Jadus, Long Beach, CA
Linh Ha, East Haven, CT
Lissette Rivera, West Haven, CT
Liza Frassinelli, Willington, CT
Lukas Garcia, Suffield, CT
Luke Velez, Killingworth, CT
Mackenzie Henry, New London, CT
Madeline Turiano, Milford, CT
Madison Nastri, Rocky Hill, CT
Madison St. John, Southington, CT
Maggie-Marie Meyers, Milford, CT
Malaina Foss, Danbury, CT
Marcelina Falowska, Bridgeport, CT
Marcello Migic, Madison, CT
Marckendy Jean-Baptiste, Waterbury, CT
Mariam Noorzad, Milford, CT
Mariedith Hidalgo, Bridgeport, CT
Marjae Jackson, Stratford, CT
Marta Brzostowska, Shelton, CT
Matthew Peterson, Northford, CT
Matthew Terrasi, Shelton, CT
Matthew Wells, Shelton, CT
Maxwell Weber, Newtown, CT
Melany Henriquez-Schmutz, West Haven, CT
Melissa Betancourt, New Britain, CT
Meredith Murphy, Thomaston, CT
Merina Sabatucci, Meriden, CT
Michael DeLorio, Milford, CT
Michael Hopkins, Hamden, CT
Michael Yedowitz, New Milford, CT
Michaela Kalama, Guilford, CT
Michelle Oravec, Bridgeport, CT
Mikayla Hartman-Brown, Stratford, CT
Morgan Messersmith, North Haven, CT
Nathan Acker, Killingworth, CT
Nathan Owens, Hamden, CT
Nick Lawrence, Wallingford, CT
Nicolas Ruiz Colodrero, Zaragoza,
Nicole Kopek, Milford, CT
Nimra Chaudhry, Hamden, CT
Nina Filippone, Ansonia, CT
Nina Martinez, Milford, CT
Olivia Martino, Woodbury, CT
Patrick Fitzgerald, Hamden, CT
Patrick Inzero, Seymour, CT
Peter Callahan, West Hartford, CT
Peter Kuroghlian, Stratford, CT
Peter Ott, Guilford, CT
Phillip Miklovich, Stratford, CT
Phoebe Van, Hamden, CT
Ramesh Reid, Shelton, CT
Randy Boyne, Bristol, CT
Raymond Cervone, Stratford, CT
Rex Tran, East Haven, CT
Richard Francois, Stratford, CT
Rigoberto Escalera, NEW HAVEN, CT
Robert Lombard, Stratford, CT
Robert Medori, West Harrison, NY
Rudolfo Hernandez-Velasquez, New Haven, CT
Ryan Miner, Oakdale, CT
Ryan Wallert, Tolland, CT
Sabrina Migliarese, Trumbull, CT
Safeta Basuljevic, Derby, CT
Sage Albino, Naugatuck, CT
Samantha Ferry, Guilford, CT
Sameed Iqbal, Hamden, CT
Samuel Chiovitti, Thomaston, CT
Sara Sebastjanska, Seymour, CT
Scott Bohannon, New Haven, CT
Scott Ghavidel, Stamford, CT
Sean Gaffney, Norwalk, CT
Sean Hines, Stratford, CT
Sean Reilly, Tolland, CT
Sean Wilder, Meriden, CT
Sheleice Fair, Waterbury, CT
Shivam Patel, West Haven, CT
Shivam Patel, Killington, VT
Shivani Patel, Norwalk, CT
Sofia Ribeiro, Shelton, CT
Stuart Devotie, Fairfield, CT
Sukhpreet Behal, Branford, CT
Sydona Tregoning, Durham, CT
Tabish Syed, Derby, CT
Taylor Chisholm, Bridgeport, CT
Thomas Beaudin, Branford, CT
Thomas Gironda, Fairfield, CT
Tina-Marie Valente, North Haven, CT
Trevor O’Malley, Oxford, CT
Tristan Garcia, Suffield, CT
Troy Gray, Salem, CT
Tyler Stevens, Seymour, CT
Valerie Zheng, New Haven, CT
Weens Simon, Fort Myers, FL
Wendy Ann Santillan, Wallingford, CT
William Fitzmaurice, Hamden, CT
Wincharm Grant, Stamford, CT
Yuliana Rizzo, Naugatuck, CT
Zachary Burleigh, Southington, CT
Zachary Heche, Trumbull, CT
Zahid Bung, Bridgeport, CT
Zain Haseeb, Shelton, CT


Abbey LiPuma, Killingworth, CT
Abby Ruth Terreri, Guilford, CT
Abigail Henry, Barkhamsted, CT
Alandria Murray, Bridgeport, CT
Alexa Malchiodi, Wallingford, CT
Alexandra Cammarota, Trumbull, CT
Alexandra Mills, Danbury, CT
Alexandra Young, West Haven, CT
Alexus Lee, Watertown, CT
Alice Valinsky, Naugatuck, CT
Allison Lemieux, Branford, CT
Allison Vanderlyn, Watertown, CT
Allyson Petrella, Willington, CT
Alyssa Donovan, New London, CT
Alyssa Gorman, Monroe, CT
Alyssa Martorelli, Middlebury, CT
Amanda Pfohl, Trumbull, CT
Amanda Roma, Milford, CT
Amanda Rosabella, Riverside, CT
Amaris Forte, Saint Albans, NY
Amber Beliveau, Ansonia, CT
Amber Vane, Patterson, NY
Amy Mcginniss, Brookfield, CT
Ana Caka, Wolcott, CT
Anastasia Wilson, Moodus, CT
Andrew Argento, East Haven, CT
Angela Puccinelli, Meriden, CT
Anna Cullen, Fairfield, CT
Annamarie Slevinsky, Terryville, CT
Arielle Eighmy, Milford, CT
Ashley Ayers, Derby, CT
Ashley Bosco, Monroe, CT
Ashley Connolly, Shelton, CT
Ashley Streeto, Guilford, CT
Ashley Walker, East Haven, CT
Ashlie Forsberg, Branford, CT
Athena Androulidakis, Rocky Hill, CT
Bianca Zeko, Fairfield, CT
Brandon Davison, Middletown, CT
Briana Lucatino, Northford, CT
Brianna Grippo, East Haven, CT
Brittainie Mooney, West Haven, CT
Brooke Kuryan, Madison, CT
Cailey Howser, Litchfield, CT
Cailyn Aichelman, Shelton, CT
Caitlin Santasiero, Stamford, CT
Cansu Citlak, New Haven, CT
Carla Piccolo, Prospect, CT
Carley Bergamini, Somers, CT
Carly Holding, Stamford, CT
Caroline Ecke, Prospect, CT
Casey Jackson, Higganum, CT
Chelsea Brandt, East Haven, CT
Chelsey Cerrato, Norwalk, CT
Christiano Delucia, east haven, CT
Christina Gubetta, Winsted, CT
Christina Horne, Pawcatuck, CT
Christina Silva, East Lyme, CT
Christina Zaino, West Haven, CT
Christopher Hughes, Orange, CT
Christopher Parsons, Stamford, CT
Colleen Oesterle, Monroe, CT
Corey-Ann Roche, Pawcatuck, CT
Courtney Pecora, New Milford, CT
Crystal Gagne, Wallingford, CT
Crystal Wooster, Naugatuck, CT
Danielle David, Southington, CT
Deja Daniels, Bridgeport, CT
Derrick D’Amato, Cheshire, CT
Destiny Jennings, Milford, CT
Devin Lynch, Watertown, CT
Dominique Cermele, Scarsdale, NY
Ebony Mcclease, New Haven, CT
Elizabeth Gargano, Naugatuck, CT
Ellen Stansfield, Monroe, CT
Emilee Maloney, Preston, CT
Emilie Johnson, Riverside, CT
Emily Rose Folsom, Middletown, CT
Emma Schober, Trumbull, CT
Emma Soltis, Trumbull, CT
Emma Stein, Weston, CT
Erin Schultz, Trumbull, CT
Falon Brantley, New Haven, CT
Fidana Ha, Houston, TX
Gabriella Belli, Wallingford, CT
Gabriella Critelli, White Plains, NY
Gabriella D’Elia, Prospect, CT
Gabriella Lavorgna, Northford, CT
Gabrielle Camarero, Stratford, CT
Georgia-Nicolette Kassimis, Norwalk, CT
Gerardo Martinez, New Haven, CT
Gianna Acabbo, East Haven, CT
Giuliana Diglio, Branford, CT
Grace Mclean, Trumbull, CT
Grace Nisbet, Seymour, CT
Hailey Ralls, Rocky Hill, CT
Haley Grammatico, Derby, CT
Halley Shambra, Trumbull, CT
Hannah Brighindi, Shelton, CT
Hannah Johnson, Milford, CT
Hannah O’Hazo, Harwinton, CT
Heather Natter-Gauthier, Wallingford, CT
Heather Uphold, Old Saybrook, CT
Hunter Komm, Wallingford, CT
Ian Shannon, Danbury, CT
Ingrid Rodriguez, New Haven, CT
Jacqueline Pyrek-Bennett, Monroe, CT
Jake Velleco, Seymour, CT
Jamie Karas, Ansonia, CT
Jannelse Gonzalez, Stratford, CT
Jaspreet Sandhu, Wallingford, CT
Javier Reyes, New Haven, CT
Jeffrey Garza, Danbury, CT
Jenna Quintiliano, Monroe, CT
Jennifer Dawson, Clinton, CT
Jennifer Weissauer, Milford, CT
Jenny Satagaj, Berlin, CT
Jessenia Searles, Wallingford, CT
Jessica Fressle, Levittown, NY
Jessica Grote, Waterford, CT
Jessica Koproski, Stamford, CT
Jessica LeClerc, Thomaston, CT
Jessica Maier, Enfield, CT
Jessica Majeski, Norwalk, CT
Jessica Minty, Shelton, CT
Jessica Reynolds, Guilford, CT
Jordan Brangi, North Haven, CT
Jordan Paine, West Haven, CT
Jovanna Mancini, Woodbury, CT
Julia Burns, Fairfield, CT
Julia Chambers, Norwalk, CT
Julia Raucci, West Haven, CT
Kaily Gruttadauria, Stratford, CT
Kalyrin Rivera, Waterbury, CT
Karlene Welles, Newington, CT
Katelin Adintori, Fairfield, CT
Katelyn Brodeur, Naugatuck, CT
Katelynn Brody, Prospect, CT
Katherine Perez, New Haven, CT
Kathryn Cullen, Stratford, CT
Kayla Metzger, North Branford, CT
Kaylee Savvaides, Trumbull, CT
Keila Hernandez, New Haven, CT
Kelly Maduri, Oxford, CT
Kelsey Kuziak, Oxford, CT
Kelsey Monaghan, Guilford, CT
Kelsey Sabia, Wilton, CT
Kelsey Simmons, East Hampton, CT
Kendra Kochol, Southington, CT
Kennedy Ballard, Brookfield, CT
Kennedy DelVecchio, North Haven, CT
Kerry Hayes, Clinton, CT
Keyaira Louis-Fin, Norwalk, CT
Kiersten Ignatowski, Orange, CT
Kiley Burrows, Naugatuck, CT
Kimberly Clark, Wallingford, CT
Kira Flynn, Sandy Hook, CT
Kirstin Colwell, parkland, FL
Krishna Soni, Naugatuck, CT
Kristen Fournier, North Haven, CT
Kristine Oulman, Easton, CT
Kubra Tas, West Haven, CT
Kylie Zack, Stratford, CT
Lamesha Randolph, West Haven, CT
Lesly Lopez, New Haven, CT
Lindsay Parzych, Coventry, CT
Lydia Cooper, Orange, CT
Madelyn Westcott, Wallingford, CT
Madison Correia, Orange, CT
Maria Labati, Sandy Hook, CT
Marie Chutjian, Milford, CT
Marisa D’angelo, Shelton, CT
Marisol Rivera, Norwalk, CT
Matthew Mainieri, Milford, CT
Maureen Hesney, Waterford, CT
Meagan Dooley, Hamden, CT
Meaghan McLaughlin, New Britain, CT
Megan Garner, Hamden, CT
Megan Ralston, Suffield, CT
Megan Robertson, Stratford, CT
Melanie Chevarella, Oxford, CT
Melanie Vieira, Beacon Falls, CT
Melissa Tkacs-Soli, West Haven, CT
Michael McClean, Stratford, CT
Mira El Turk, Hamden, CT
Moira Wynne, Cheshire, CT
Monica Reardon, Trumbull, CT
Nalleli Becerra, Norwalk, CT
Naomi Salamea, Norwalk, CT
Natalie Delin, West Haven, CT
Natalie Ferris, Shelton, CT
Natalie Grib, Stratford, CT
Nicholas Lucatino, Southbury, CT
Nicole Kiernan, Wallingford, CT
Nicole Petit, Wallingford, CT
Nicole Plourde, Wolcott, CT
Nicole Waibel, Fairfield, CT
Nikayla Diamond, Bethel, CT
Nora Raccio, Milford, CT
Oleksandra Edwards, New London, CT
Olivia Santoro, Hamden, CT
Olivia Whitehead, Higganum, CT
Orlian Senior, Trumbull, CT
Paige Raucci, Milford, CT
Pamela Karabeinikoff, Meriden, CT
Parisa Amiri, Waterbury, CT
Patricia Larson, Cheshire, CT
Paula Munoz-Gonzalez, Hamden, CT
Peyton Tiriolo, Cheshire, CT
Rachael Garcia, Woodbridge, CT
Rachael Langley, North Haven, CT
Rachael Sawicki, West Haven, CT
Rachael Tyrrel, Cheshire, CT
Rachel Englund, Canaan, CT
Rachel Papa, Hamden, CT
Rachel Shea, Derby, CT
Rebecca Roos, Fairfield, CT
Robert Romano, Norwalk, CT
Rosa Palmieri, Cheshire, CT
Ryan Plourde, Naugatuck, CT
Rylee Bathrick, North Haven, CT
Salvatore Tuozzola, Milford, CT
Samantha Chabot, Oakville, CT
Samantha Crans, Madison, CT
Samantha Fenton, Seymour, CT
Sandra Britton, Woodbridge, CT
Sandra Taylor, Meriden, CT
Sara Dibenedictis, Cheshire, CT
Sara O’shea, Milford, CT
Sarah Sportelli, North Branford, CT
Savannah Beecher, guilford, CT
Savannah Nido, Waterbury, CT
Savannah Polica, Stratford, CT
Shannon Murphy, Hamden, CT
Shannon Searles, Naugatuck, CT
Shayne Catala, Wallingford, CT
Sydney Wichmann, Granby, CT
Tanajhae Lomba, Bridgeport, CT
Tatiana Lorenzo, Meriden, CT
Taylor Bova, Orange, CT
Taylor Hurley, Canaan, CT
Taylor Winder, Salem, CT
Tori Mazzarella, Rocky Hill, CT
Tracy Boyer, Westport, CT
Vanessa Ebert, Hamden, CT
Veronica Bennet, Fairfield, CT
Victor Orsini, Fairfield, CT
Victoria Davis, Stratford, CT
Victoria Louis, Windsor, CT
Viktoria Notholt, Milford, CT
William Steinbrick, Orange, CT
Xia’ian Carrasco, Bristol, CT
Zehra Guven, New Haven, CT


Abby Rodrigue, Seymour, CT
Abigail Morrison Morrison, Clinton, CT
Adrianna Guerrera, Watertown, CT
Alana-Nicole Doucette, Waterbury, CT
Alecia Mclean, New Haven, CT
Alex Rarey, Wallingford, CT
Alexa Catania, Durham, CT
Alexander Barry, Milford, CT
Alexander Carotenuto, Shelton, CT
Alexander Wilbour, Glastonbury, CT
Alexandra Russo, Rocky Hill, CT
Alexia Ruesch Modesto Alves, New Milford, CT
Alexis Cran, Branford, CT
Alexis Negron, Milldale, CT
Alexis Simons, South Windsor, CT
Alexis Trovarelli, Stratford, CT
Alexis Zhitomi, Shelton, CT
Alicia Smith, Shelton, CT
Alisha Botelho, Danbury, CT
Aliyah Manning, West Haven, CT
Aliyah Moore, Shelton, CT
Allison Blume, Southbury, CT
Allison Edwards, New Fairfield, CT
Allison Morris, Southington, CT
Allison Perrault, New Milford, CT
Ally Morin-Viall, Windsor, CT
Allyson Starkey, Stratford, CT
Alycia Calabrese, Plymouth, CT
Alyssa Maddern, West Haven, CT
Alyssa Paz, Bridgeport, CT
Amanda Cusumano, Trumbull, CT
Amanda Murray, Bow, NH
Amanda Potvin, Durham, CT
Amanda Valentin, Naugatuck, CT
Amanda Vislosky, Stonington, CT
Amanda Young, Wallingford, CT
Amanda-Lynn Bernardo, Prospect, CT
Amber Archambault, Windsor Locks, CT
Amber Belval, Wolcott, CT
Amber Drobnak, East Haven, CT
Amber Fournier, Southington, CT
Amelia Trapp, Milford, CT
Amina Dinaj, Shelton, CT
Amy Kelly, West Haven, CT
Andrea Greenwald, Norwalk, CT
Andrew Di Saia, Sterling, CT
Andrew Gibbs, North Haven, CT
Angelica Herrera, Waterbury, CT
Angelique Boyd, New Haven, CT
Angelo Turner, Meriden, CT
Anika Bonaparte, New Haven, CT
Anna Folkers, New Haven, CT
Anna Venard, Thornton, CO
Anne Prusak, Fairfield, CT
Annie Ricupero, Uncasville, CT
Anthony Raccio, Milford, CT
Antoinette Higgins, Branford, CT
Antonia Nieves, Meriden, CT
April Blango, New Haven, CT
April Groulx, New Haven, CT
Ariel Audette, Jewett City, CT
Ariella Piekarz, Madison, CT
Arthur Ziegler, Trumbull, CT
Aschlyn Dawson, Terryville, CT
Ashlee Fuoco, Hamden, CT
Ashley Catala, Waterford, CT
Ashley Cummings, Bristol, CT
Ashley Nunez, Bridgeport, CT
Ashley Schaffer, Monroe, CT
Ashley Sloan, Maywood, NJ
Asya Hardy, South Windsor, CT
Atabong Aminawung, Wallingford, CT
Aubry Allen, Clinton, CT
Aurora Guadagnoli, Trumbull, CT
Autumn Holm, Branford, CT
Basima Karzoun, Milford, CT
Benjamin Coombs, Oakdale, CT
Benjamin Yambao, Shelton, CT
Bernice Aldarondo, Waterbury, CT
Bert Schwarz, Middlebury, CT
Breanna Wilson, New Milford, CT
Briana Cotton, South Windsor, CT
Briana Sestito, West Haven, CT
Brianna Alfaro, Hamden, CT
Brianna Gee, Plantsville, CT
Brianna Grande, West Hartford, CT
Brianna Hamilton, Meriden, CT
Brianna Jones, Waterford, CT
Brianna Lenotti, Milford, CT
Brianna Trzcinski, Shelton, CT
Brianna Vallejo, Prospect, CT
Bridget Forte, Wolcott, CT
Britney Ruffin, West Haven, CT
Brittany Butler, New Haven, CT
Brittany Dainiak, Ansonia, CT
Brittany McCormick, Cheshire, CT
Brooke Berlin, Gales Ferry, CT
Brooke Dauphinee, Bristol, CT
Busra Tuzcu, West Haven, CT
Cailey Botteon, Moodus, CT
Cailey Korwek, East Haven, CT
Caitlin Foothorap, Shelton, CT
Caitlyn Parisi, Milford, CT
Candace Chapman, Milford, CT
Carly Conchado, Wallingford, CT
Carson Neilander, Wallingford, CT
Caryn Kaelin, Stamford, CT
Cassidy Allen, West Haven, CT
Cassidy Girolamo, Newington, CT
Catherine Pietrafesa, Harwinton, CT
Celeste Stewart, Stratford, CT
Cephas Ayellakai, Hamden, CT
Chelsea Perrotta, Middletown, CT
Chineka Haye, Naugatuck, CT
Christen Carnes, Darien, CT
Christie Abreu, Bristol, CT
Christine Meche, Ridgefield, CT
Christopher Bruno, New Haven, CT
Chynnia Piland, Waterbury, CT
Claire Hines, Wallingford, CT
Claire Taylor, Middletown, CT
Connor Shannahan, Enfield, CT
Corinne Murphy, Wallingford, CT
Courtney Harkins-Latimer, Wolcott, CT
Cristina Perez, Hamden, CT
Crystal Castonguay, Danbury, CT
Cynthia Montero, Stamford, CT
Dana Deluca, Branford, CT
Daniel Baronski, East Haven, CT
Daniel Gonzalez, New Milford, CT
Daniel Procaccini, New Haven, CT
Daniella Carr, West Haven, CT
Daniella Suazo, Norwalk, CT
Danielle Cavanna, Manchester, CT
Danielle Darley, Middletown, CT
Danielle Jackson, New Britain, CT
Danielle Joyce, Clinton, CT
Danielle Mixon, Orange, CT
Danielle Ott, Guilford, CT
Danielle Parent, Florence, MA
Danielle Schwartz, Woodbridge, CT
Darien Fuentes, Stamford, CT
David Hernandez, East Haven, CT
David Kudej, Shelton, CT
David Samaroo, Waterbury, CT
Dayana Lituma, New Haven, CT
Dayla Wigglesworth, Goshen, CT
Deanna Dittrich, Ledyard, CT
Deanna Scolsky, East Hartford, CT
Deidra O’Connor, East Haven, CT
Djenifer Almeida Da Graca, Bridgeport, CT
Donyae Broadnax, New Haven, CT
Drew McCarty, Mystic, CT
Dylan Hogan, Wallingford, CT
Elanna Sanon, Norwich, CT
Elena Cavallo, Watertown, CT
Elena Haury, Meriden, CT
Elisa Tolentino, Wallingford, CT
Elisabeth Steffen, Guilford, CT
Elissa Vinci, Cromwell, CT
Elizabeth Raber, Wallingford, CT
Elizabeth Taylor, Branford, CT
Emily Borrelli, Derby, CT
Emily Borysewicz, Quaker Hill, CT
Emily Chizmadia, Fairfield, CT
Emily Earnshaw, Naugatuck, CT
Emily Kowalski, Gales Ferry, CT
Emily Masloski, Branford, CT
Emily Mclean, Bridgeport, CT
Emily Montoya, Stratford, CT
Emily Nadile, Southington, CT
Emily Skinner, Bristol, CT
Emily Zurzola, New Fairfield, CT
Emma Crocamo, Seymour, CT
Emma Martone, Higganum, CT
Emmalee Caisse, Terryville, CT
Eric Baxter, Hamden, CT
Erika Johnson, Windsor, CT
Erika Romero, bridgeport, CT
Erin Hourihan, Rocky Hill, CT
Erin Leirey, Lake Katrine, NY
Erin O’Neill, Thomaston, CT
Erin Ryan, Bridgeport, CT
Erin Ryder, Congers, NY
Errah Rabano, Clinton, CT
Evan Rubin, Uncasville, CT
Evelin Agudo, Wallingford, CT
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Gabrielle Beard, Shelton, CT
Gabrielle Tenta-Bergeron, Colchester, CT
George Anne Amar, New London, CT
Gianna Digiacomo, New Milford, CT
Gianna Hutchins, West Hartford, CT
Gianna Rapuano, Wallingford, CT
Gina Bialy, Shelton, CT
Gina Connolly, West Haven, CT
Gina Sundlof, Redding, CT
Giovanna Pascale, North Haven, CT
Grace Beckley, Wallingford, CT
Greta Brunello, Carisolo, TN
Guerschom Jean-Louis, Medford, MA
Hailee Schmidt, Wallingford, CT
Hailey Gonsalves, East Haven, CT
Hailey O’Brien, East Haven, CT
Haley Flax, Mystic, CT
Halley King, Terryville, CT
Hanna Natalino, Orange, CT
Hannah Aforismo, Newington, CT
Hannah Melendez, Hamden, CT
Hannah Morse, Loveland, CO
Hannah Roche, New Milford, CT
Hayley Iannantuoni, Waterbury, CT
Hazhia Soro-Sindi, Hamden, CT
Heather Lavoie, Voluntown, CT
Holly Montpelier, Putnam, CT
Holly Parker, Branford, CT
Holly Sheldon, Terryville, CT
Hunter Conklin, Killingworth, CT
Hunter Wnukowski, Trumbull, CT
Ian Cheu, Easton, CT
Imanie Davis, Bridgeport, CT
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Irene Laramie, Wethersfield, CT
Irving Chamorro, New Haven, CT
Isabella Corniello, North Haven, CT
Isabella Lanata, Glastonbury, CT
Isabelle Mercer, Ledyard, CT
Izabella Ruth Roque, Wallingford, CT
Jace Nhean, West Haven, CT
Jacob Piazza, Derby, CT
Jacqueline Gonzalez, Norwalk, CT
Jacqulynn Espinet, Barkhamsted, CT
Jada Johnson, Bloomfield, CT
Jaidyn Santiago, West Haven, CT
Jaime Conklin, Falls Village, CT
Jake Reichelt, Wethersfield, CT
James D’elia, Wethersfield, CT
James Michaud, Wallingford, CT
James Prindle, Woodstock, CT
Jamie Stevens, Niantic, CT
Jane Lovejoy, Colebrook, CT
Jane Marlor, Bethany, CT
Jane Sherman, Mystic, CT
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Jayda Benjamin, Waterbury, CT
Jayla Manning, New Haven, CT
Jayson Karamanlic, West Haven, CT
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Jeffrey Schardt, Branford, CT
Jeffrey Stevenson, Shelton, CT
Jeffrey Turner, Newington, CT
Jena Varley, new hartford, CT
Jenixza Febles, Meriden, CT
Jenna Dantas, Coventry, CT
Jenna Lang, Southington, CT
Jenna Papallo, Meriden, CT
Jennifer Adorno, Bridgeport, CT
Jennifer Forsyth, Seymour, CT
Jennifer Lupercio, Bridgeport, CT
Jennifer Rodriguez, Norwalk, CT
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Jeremy Miller, Windsor, CT
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Jessica Case, Naugatuck, CT
Jessica Curello, Cheshire, CT
Jessica Goldenthal, Clinton, CT
Jessica Paradis, Orange, CT
Jessica Schmitz, Haskell, NJ
Jhada Eddy, Middletown, CT
Jillian Chambers, Shelby Township, MI
Jillian Chicano, Prospect, CT
Jillian Murphy, Seymour, CT
Jillian Russo, Meriden, CT
JoAnna Darby, New Haven, CT
Jodi Steeves, North Branford, CT
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Joseph Bonsanti, New Canaan, CT
Joseph D’Amico, North Haven, CT
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Joshua Chandler, West Hartford, CT
Joshua Huebner, Milford, CT
Joshua Thiede, Trumbull, CT
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Julia Annino, Meriden, CT
Julia Conti, Greenwich, CT
Julia Filiault, Durham, CT
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Katherine Adams, Stratford, CT
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Marisa Grisell, Brookfield, CT
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Matthew Lockhart, Woodbridge, CT
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Max-Anthony Natale, Orange, CT
Maxine Aboagye, Stratford, CT
McNeill Finnegan, Old Saybrook, CT
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Megan Lee, Hamden, CT
Megan Mancinelli, Hamden, CT
Megan Mercer, Danbury, CT
Megan Moquin, Marlborough, CT
Meghan Asplund, Meriden, CT
Meghan Brown, Naugatuck, CT
Melanie Coleman, Milford, CT
Melissa D’Agostino, Norwalk, CT
Melissa Lopez, Hartford, CT
Melissa Tighe, West Haven, CT
Melquicedex Hernandez, Waterbury, CT
Mestude Vertusma, New Haven, CT
Michael Centoni, Bristol, CT
Michael Demartino, New Haven, CT
Michaela Roman, Stratford, CT
Michelle Ciolino, Milford, CT
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Mikaela Rivera, Manchester, CT
Mikayla Wasilewski, Shelton, CT
Mikayla Wyskiel, Durham, CT
Mikenzy Golebiewski, Cheshire, CT
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Miranda Tranquillo, Barkhamsted, CT
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Natalie Pierce, Marion, CT
Natalie Van Komen, Oxford, CT
Nataly Magana, West Haven, CT
Natasha Whyte, Bloomfield, CT
Natasha May St. Martin, Cheshire, CT
Nathan Foley, Vernon, CT
Natonia Allen, Hamden, CT
Nava Cotton, Norwich, CT
Nayare Rivera, Waterbury, CT
Nicholas Palazzo, Brookfield, CT
Nicole Benedetto, Monroe, CT
Nicole Cislo, Wallingford, CT
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Nicole Hogan, Oxford, CT
Nicole Hyman, Fairfield, CT
Nicole Symonovich, Waterbury, CT
Nicole VanEtten, Stratford, CT
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Rachael Edlund, West Hartford, CT
Rachael O’Sullivan, West Haven, CT
Rachael Quicquaro, Watertown, CT
Rachel Carmody, Southington, CT
Rachel Iassogna, Trumbull, CT
Rachel Korwek, East Haven, CT
Rachel Mouris, Plantsville, CT
Rachel Papa, North Haven, CT
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Rebecca Rossi, Plainville, CT
Rebecca Swindon, Sandy Hook, CT
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Ryan Johnson, Guilford, CT
Ryan Koellhoffer, Danbury, CT
Ryan Sherman, Mystic, CT
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Sabrina Silva, Willington, CT
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Samantha Pope, Quaker Hill, CT
Samantha Soto, Matawan, NJ
Samantha Widomski, Shelton, CT
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Sara Meza, Norwalk, CT
Sarah Cooney, South Windsor, CT
Sarah Donahue, Wallingford, CT
Sarah Fusco, East Haven, CT
Sarah Gutman, Hamden, CT
Sarah Izraelevitz, Berlin, CT
Sarah Lyons, New Haven, CT
Sarah Pellman, Middlebury, CT
Sarah Salvati, Cheshire, CT
Sarah Zuiewski, Stratford, CT
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Scott Mocko, Marlborough, CT
Sean O’Connor, Northford, CT
Sedanur Kangal, North Haven, CT
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Shailyne Morales, Middletown, CT
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Shannon Ferris, Wethersfield, CT
Shay Green, Bethany, CT
Sherena Walker, Bridgeport, CT
Sheyenne Sinicrope, Meriden, CT
Sierra Penner, Cheshire, CT
Sierra Pettway, Meriden, CT
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Zubia Nabeel, North Haven, CT


Sara Aburumi, New Haven, CT
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Alexis Rodriguez, New Haven, CT
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Clare Oliver, Cheshire, CT
Courtney Ouellet, North Branford, CT
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Genevieve Jaser, Milford, CT
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Henry Southwood, Clinton, CT
Ivan Kelly, Buxton, Derbyshire, England
John Baldino, New Haven, CT
John Gowargy, New Haven, CT
Joshua Riggs, Dorchester, MA
Julia Caruso, Prospect, CT
Julia Ruttmann, Weiltingen,
Justin Lazarus, Guilford, CT
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Katrin Eifler, Regensburg,
Lauren Merly, Bethany, CT
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Leana Mauricette, East Hartford, CT
Luz Vargas, East Hartford, CT
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Megan Hudson, Liverpool, England
Micahlyn Vaichus, Waterbury, CT
Misun Kim, Seoul, South Korea
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Olivia Lorentz, Bergheim, France
Olivia Pocock, Guilford, CT
Pedro De Jesus, Hartford, CT
Peter Bader, Munich, Germany
Priscilla Yeboah, Brooklyn, NY
Ronahi Musa, Naugatuck, CT
Saeyoung Oh, Daejeon, South Korea
Sarah Karrer, Ranspach le Bas, France
Serena Lambiase, Milford, CT
Shanelle Lester, New Haven, CT
Tom Grassi, Hyeres, France
Trevor Somes, Niantic, CT
Valentina Rrapi, Monroe, CT
Wenmin Wang, Wuhan, China
William Meza, Hamden, CT
Yuxuan Wang, Kaifeng, China

SHARK TANK - "Episode 1008" - First into the Tank is a husband and wife team from Newtown, Connecticut, who pitch their simple and brilliant rooftop assistance design that helps access your vehicle's roof with one easy step. SUNDAY, JAN. 6 (9:00-10:01 p.m. EST), on The ABC Television Network. (ABC/Eric McCandless) LORI GREINER, ALYSSA BROWN AND ZACHARY BROWN (MOKI DOORSTEP)

Alyssa (Weskolowski) Brown, ’11,  is singing a very different shark song than the rest of the world. The SCSU nursing graduate and her husband, Zach, walked away from ABC’s shark tank as newly minted millionaires after pitching their invention on the show last week.

According to,  “Zach, a firefighter, and Alyssa, an emergency room nurse, always enjoyed outdoor activities, like kayaking. There was just one problem: When they’d transport their kayaks (or bikes or snowboards) on the roof of their car, 5-foot-tall Alyssa would struggle to reach the roof to help take the gear down.

It inspired the couple to create the Moki Door Step, essentially a small step that attaches to the u-shaped latch in your vehicle’s open door so you can reach the roof. It currently sells for $44.95.”

Go Owls!

If you are not familiar with a nanometer, it might be hard to imagine just how small it is (for reference: there are 25,400,000 nanometers in an inch, and a fingernail grows 1 nm per second). It might be harder still to imagine just how important it is. Yet nanoscience — the science of the very small — has grown increasingly crucial, so much so that scientists are finding that as nanotechnology evolves, it impacts all sectors of science, such as medicine, pharmaceuticals, the environment, energy production, agriculture, and more. And the CSCU Center for Nanotechnology (CSCU-CNT) at Southern Connecticut State University is a key player in this evolution.

The CSCU-CNT exists, in part, thanks to a task force put together by former Connecticut Governor M. Jodi Rell, the State Legislature, and the Connecticut Office for Workforce Competitiveness. Each supported nanotechnology research as a means to keep Connecticut competitive in the nanotechnology revolution. Dr. Christine Broadbridge, director of the CNT and professor of physics, served on the task force; she, alongside fellow industry experts, spent significant time with state representatives discussing how the growth of the technology could be supported statewide.

“The force’s findings were published in 2005 in a report prepared for the state legislature by Battelle Technology Partnership Practice,” Broadbridge said. “Essentially, the findings said a statewide nanotechnology center needed to be created.”

But where? In addition to a physical space, the report noted the need for educational materials and programs, at multiple levels, to train a skilled nanotechnology workforce. There also needed to be collaboration between public and private interests, as well as the capability to perform nano-scale materials research.

Physics faculty at Southern quickly realized that Southern was the ideal location.

“We had the funding, the strength, the passion, and the students,” Broadbridge said.

Southern also had the collaboration. Through Broadbridge’s leadership, Southern’s Physics Department had developed strong ties with Yale, UCONN, the Connecticut Community Colleges, other regional universities, and local industry. Under Broadbridges’ lead the CNT would support, with federal grant funds, the establishment of three CNT regional-hubs at Central, Eastern, and Western Connecticut State Universities. Faculty, dedicated to scientific research and teaching, would help develop new knowledge while disseminating that knowledge to Southern’s diverse student population.

It was a win-win.

Now, 13 years later, the CNT sits as the foundation of Southern’s 103,608-square-foot, four-level academic and laboratory science building. Focused on world-class nanotechnology research and related student opportunities for experiential learning, the CNT helped to motivate the building. The center has stayed true to its mission of collaboration: equipment aligns with local faculty expertise and complements, rather than competes with, facilities available at UCONN and Yale. Regional companies such as Proton Onsite, Nomad Metallurgy and KX Technologies pay membership fees to use CNT research facilities; they also hire students trained in CNT facilities.

“We’re providing cutting edge science and technology to students,” Broadbridge said. “We’re also providing access. Small businesses get access to technology and students get hands-on experience.”

The center also is the primary resource for SCSU’s Werth Industry Academic Fellowship Program, the CSCU Nanotechnology Graduate Certificate, and the Professional Science Master’s in Applied Physics, the only such degree in New England.

But back to the evolution.

“Nanotechnology has changed,” Broadbridge said. “The focus used to be in electronics, but there is new, more advanced instrumentation. Nanotechnology is the manipulation of matter at a very fine level, resulting in beneficial technologies. Those new technologies benefit all sectors of science, including, as examples, environmental sustainability, renewable energy, life and health science. The CNT has expanded its focus and resources to support these important areas.”

For example, through the BioScience Academic and Career Pathway Initiative (BioPath), a partnership between the City of New Haven and Southern to support the growing biotechnology sector of the economy, the CNT has placed interns at, among other companies, Arvinas, a biopharmaceutical company focused on developing therapeutics for cancers and other difficult-to-treat diseases. Via on-going industry-academic partnerships, a growing internship program and faculty/student research the CNT continues to make significant progress in better understanding nano-scale phenomena in materials.

Nanoscience may be the science of the very small, but the Center for Nanotechnology at Southern is affecting students, faculty, businesses, the economy, and the world’s scientific fields in big ways.