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Occupational Therapy Professor Advocates for Fewer Toys and Quality Play

Heather Kuhaneck, an occupational therapist and professor of recreation, tourism and sport management and occupational therapy, was featured in The Washington Post, offering her expert insights on the state of play for kids.

Emphasizing the significance of simplicity and having fewer toys, Kuhaneck explained that a limited number of toys promotes higher-quality play and fosters creativity in children. She provided practical strategies for reducing toys, such as rotating existing toys, selecting durable and versatile ones, and encouraging outdoor play. Kuhaneck underscored that these practices contribute not only to childhood development but also to sustainability.

Kuhaneck’s research interests include play, sensory integration, autism, and public awareness of occupational therapy.

Read the full article in the Washington Post: “The best gift for kids? Fewer toys” (By Maggie Penman, Dec. 20, 2023).


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