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Bernard Macklin, Flu Vaccine Warrior

An article about the flu vaccine on the Everyday Health website addresses “flu shot advocates [who] are working within communities of color to promote vaccination” and discusses how “the choice to take on this challenge [often] comes from personal experiences.”

Bernard Macklin, PhD, is one such flu shot advocate. A community outreach and education coordinator for the CDC-funded Community Alliance for Research and Engagement (CARE) at Southern and a CDC Flu Fighter, Macklin talks in the article about the reasons behind the serious racial and ethnic vaccination disparities in the United States and the challenges involved in increasing the vaccination rate within communities of color.

According to the article, “Flu shot warriors like Dr. Macklin are working to promote vaccination from within communities of color: talking to people face to face, listening to their concerns, meeting them where they are (even if they remain unsure about getting a flu shot), and answering their questions.

Read the full article: “Why America‚Äôs Flu Shot Heroes Fight the Fight” (By Kaitlin Sullivan, Everyday Health, May 24, 2023)


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