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“A Longing for the Ordinary”

Art Professor Mia Brownell has a solo show of new paintings up through January 20, 2023, at MAPSpace in Port Chester, NY. Supported by a 2022 individual artist grant from the New York State Council on the Arts and Arts Westchester, the exhibit — Garden Variety: New Paintings by Mia Brownell — features paintings Still Life with Garden Variety (Autumn Sun) and Leda and the Swan.

Brownell teaches drawing and painting at Southern, but she is also an accomplished award-winning artist in her own right.

On its website, MAPSpace says of Brownell’s show, “The past few years have seen a global pandemic and significant, and on-going, political and environmental turmoil. Mia Brownell’s paintings reflect a longing for the ordinary with an understanding that ordinary may never have existed in the first place. In addition to her series Garden Variety, paintings that re-envision the genre of Still-Life images from both a macro (cultural) and microscopic (genetic) perspective, the artist will also debut a sub-series of paintings entitled Leda and Swan that respond to the erosion of women’s rights in American.”

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Art Professor Mia Brownell

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