Fine Lines

The fields of science, conservation, art, and education combine in the works of two celebrated natural science illustrators.

The wonders of the natural world are on full display in the works of award-winning natural science illustrators Dorie Petrochko, M.S. ’78, and Jeanette Compton, ’03, M.S. ’16. The artists’ Southern degrees hint at the diverse experiences each brings to the table: art education (Petrochko), biology and environmental education (Compton).

Their work is ultra-realistically rendered, reflecting the duo’s deep respect for nature and commitment to conservation. Both artists are educators as well. Petrochko, a wildlife painter, earned a certificate in botanical and natural science illustration from the New York Botanical Garden and is a founding instructor with the Natural Science Illustration Program at the Peabody Museum of Natural History in New Haven. Compton, who works in ink, also is an instructor with the illustration program at the Peabody and has a special interest in depicting found objects — from abandoned nests to bone fragments.

Works by Dorie Petrochko


Works by Jeanette Compton


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