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Making Hearing Aids More Affordable

A historic FDA ruling will make hearing aids less costly and available over the counter, come mid-October.

Peter Wasiuk, assistant professor of communication disorders, recently discussed with WFSB Channel 3 how this will change access to audiology services for millions of Americans. Watch the interview here.

While the new aids could assist adults with perceived mild to moderate hearing loss, experts caution they shouldn’t replace in-person visits to credentialed audiologists.

Wasiuk’s other areas of interest include exploring ways aging, hearing loss, and amplification technologies influence an individual’s ability to perceive speech in complex listening conditions.

His interview precedes the grand opening of the new College of Health and Human Services building this fall. The College features a state-of-the-art audiology research lab with sound booths for hearing testing and services.

According to Health and Human Services Dean Sandra Bulmer, the communications disorders clinic services over 150 clients per week and continues to provide a tremendous service to the Greater New Haven community.


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