Good Vibrations

“Vibration Variations,” a new sound-art installation exhibit by Mike Skinner, associate professor and chair of theatre, is on display in the Lyman Center Lobby Art Gallery through May 6.

The exhibit, supported by an SCSU Faculty Creative Activity and Research Grant, “blends together pictures, charts, text, interactive artworks, and sound to create a multisensory immersion in the aural, physical, psychological, cultural, and aesthetic aspects of vibration,” according to a review in the New Haven Independent.

Skinner, who received a MFA in theatrical sound design from Yale, has a fascination with sound. In his exhibit, according to the review, “As visitors read about the various kinds of vibrations that affect us, pinging, droning, and buzzing sounds, generated by the various interactive vibrating devices arranged around the space, bounce around the concrete walls, subtly influencing our moods and thought processes in real time.”

Interactive listening hours are Monday-Friday, 10am-4pm.

Read the review – “Art Exhibit Emits Good Vibrations” by Randy Laist (April 27, 2022)

Mike Skinner with his exhibit (Photo: Randy Laist)


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