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Southern Love Story: Judit and George Paolini

Judit "Judy" and George Paolini earned a combined four degrees at Southern — and found love in the process.

By Judit “Judy” Paolini, ’73, M.S. ’79, 6th Yr. ’93

I first met George as I was studying at the College Union. He and some friends were engaged in a lively conversation when he caught my eye. He was young, handsome, and loved to state his position on any issue. At the time, Vietnam was the number one issue. Days went by as this group of friends, which included boys and girls, continued talking and debating. I came to discover we were all commuters passing time between classes. I studied as they had fun conversing. I wanted to be part of this great group, but wasn’t quite sure how to enter. Then one day when their conversation was livelier than ever someone looked right at me and asked: “Do you have an opinion? Whose side are you on? Do you even care or do you just like watching us?”

Well, I certainly liked watching George. In fact, as the next few weeks past, I liked watching George so much that I cut my Spanish class in order to spend more time with him. I decided to join him as he headed for art history, which was held in the Engleman Hall amphitheater. Not being there for the history, we chatted in the darkened room as the instructor scrolled through slide after slide. She stopped twice, asking whomever was talking to stop or they world be asked to leave. Suddenly, the lights went on, and she pointed to George and me as she dismissed us from class. How embarrassing was that! I cut a class to spend time with this hunk only to get us both thrown out of his class. The lecture hall had been filled with oh, so many students. They laughed for months every time they spotted us. Actually, when we realized there would be no other repercussions, we laughed, too.

George and I had a delightful freshman year making new friends, attending the freshman prom, writing love notes, etc. I wrote the one below on April 25, 1970.

I look into your eyes and see
a bright blue world before me.
You hold me in your arms and
my fears escape me.
Your strength gives my strength
to Love and be Loved.
I think of you and see — us.
Do you think of me and see us also?

Well, the short answer is that he is still thinking of me and I of him. In fact, this August we celebrated our 46th wedding anniversary.


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