In the News – April 2015

In the News – April 2015

*Armen Marsoobian, professor of philosophy, was quoted extensively in an article that appeared in the April 24 edition of Newsweek magazine. The story was about why scholars generally agree that the Armenian Genocide was a genocide, but President Obama has not referred to it as such.

*The Register posted photos April 21 of the game between the Southern students and the Connecticut Spokebenders, a wheelchair basketball team.

*Daniel Elliot, one of our soon-to-be graduates, was featured April 28 on Channel 3 in a storyat the end of the 5:30 p.m. newscast. Dan is one of this year’s recipients of the Barnard Distinguished Student Award, presented for outstanding academic achievement and community service. He was a life guard in New York, having rescued hundreds of people over the years. Last summer, he suffered a major spinal injury while trying to rescue someone stranded away from shore. The injury could have taken his life, or at least, left him with serious deficiencies in his motor skills. But Dan has recovered completely, which has amazed his doctor. He was an outstanding swimmer for the Owls’ men’s swimming and diving team before sustaining the injury. The segment aired for a little more than 2 minutes.

*The Mary and Louis Fusco Distinguished Lecture, which on April 20 featured former New York Yankees manager Joe Torre, and former Yankees star relief pitcher Mariano Rivera, attracted considerable media attention.

The New Haven Register, Hartford Courant, Meriden Record-Journal each ran pieces in their April 21 paper, the day after the lecture, which was in a conversational form with ESPN Sports Center anchor Linda Cohn.

The following is the link to the Register story:

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In addition, (a branch of posted a story April 20 on its website.*

*The events at Southern this week marking the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocidewere included in an April 14 article about the subject in the New Haven Register.

*The New Haven Register has posted an online photo page from the April 20 ribbon-cutting ceremony for the Buley Library.

*Merritt Ruff, a student at Southern and a member of the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity, was quoted in a New Haven Register story that ran April 19 about reactions from African-American fraternities to the recent racist chant by a fraternity at the University of Oklahoma.

*Southern’s undergraduate commencement ceremony, scheduled for May 15 with featured speaker Heather Abbott, was mentioned in an April 9 roundup story about area college/university commencement events in Thursday’s New Haven Register. Heather lost part of her left leg in the tragedy, but today is helping other amputees adjust to their situation.

The Providence Journal also included a mention of her plans to speak at Southern’s undergraduate commencement in an article that ran April 10.

*The New Haven Register ran two articles about Southern in the “Education Connection” supplement that ran April 8. The supplement also ran in the Shoreline Times, Post-Chronicle and the Milford-Orange Bulletin. A story about the recent Undergraduate Research and Creativity Conference was included, along with a photo from the event. And a short story on the new geospatial information science and technology minor also appeared in the supplement.

*Misty Ginicola, associate professor of counseling and school psychology, was interviewed April 6 during the 9:00 segment of the Channel 61 Morning Show about how therapy dogs are used to help children with autism read people’s faces and emotions. The live, in-studio segment aired for about 6 minutes, which is longer than most TV interviews. Misty has conducted research on multicultural competence in counseling, including the use of creative strategies in counseling sessions (such as therapy dogs). She also uses a therapy dog as part of her private counseling practice, and works as a training and evaluation associate through the Mutt-i-grees program, a social and emotional learning skills curriculum for children in grades pre-K to 12 created by Yale University and the North Shore Animal League.