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In the News – August 2014

*Lew DeLuca, Southern’s new financial literacy advisor, was featured as part of Channel 30’s Back to School series on Aug. 29. The position was created to address the financial literacy needs of students and their families. Southern is one of the few schools – at least in Connecticut – to have such a position. Lew DeLuca was interviewed, along with one of our students and her mom.

*The Fairfield County Business Journal posted a story online about the new position, as well.

*Channel 61 ran a story on Aug. 28 during its 5 p.m. newscast on Aug. 28 about a proposed bill to address sexual assault on college campuses, and included interviews with Cathy Christy, director of the Women’s Center, and a couple of our students. The segment discussed Southern’s efforts to address sexual assault and how the university is ahead of the curve in dealing with it. It mentioned how the university already has various educational and preventative programs.

*Southern’s participation in a national study that found a regular exercise program can prevent or delay elderly people from losing their mobility was highlighted Aug. 26 on the Channel 8newscast. Bob Axtell, professor of exercise science, and several participants were interviewedfor the piece.

*Laura Bower-Phipps, associate professor of elementary education, was interviewed during the Aug. 25 newscast on Channel 8 about her participation in “Rain of Hope,” a non-profit, after-school program in which kids are encouraged to help change the world for the better through community service projects.

*The New Haven Register posted a photo essay online on Aug. 24 of the move-in day for freshmen.

*Police Chief Joe Dooley, who is also the president of the Connecticut Police Chiefs Association, was interviewed Aug. 24 on Channel 61’s talk show, “The Real Story” regarding the recent unrest in Ferguson, Mo.

*The rigorous practices and dedication of the Owls’ football team were highlighted in an articlethat ran Aug. 23 in the New Haven Register. The team has been holding doubles (two practices a day) with the morning sessions at 5:15.

*U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal held a press conference at Southern on Aug. 21 about the growing societal danger of “pure caffeine.” It was covered by the New Haven Register (anarticle that ran Aug. 22) and Channel 3 (story that aired on Aug. 21). Sarah Michaud, director of Southern’s Drug and Alcohol Resource Center, was interviewed by both media organizations.

*Jim Thorson, chairman of the Economics and Finance Department, was quoted in an Aug. 17story in the New Haven Register pertaining to the economic fallout in Connecticut related to the crises in the Middle East and Ukraine.

*Lew DeLuca was interviewed Aug. 15 on WTIC radio (1080 AM) about the newly created position at Southern of coordinator of student financial literacy and advisement, a post he now holds. He discussed the need to help students and their families with regard to financial literacy at a time of saddling financial aid debt among college students throughout the nation.

*Jon Bloch, professor of sociology, was quoted in an Aug. 11 article in the New Haven Registerabout panhandling. The story was written amid Milford’s consideration of a ban on panhandling.

*Jan Jones, associate professor of recreation and leisure, was interviewed Aug. 7 on WCPNradio, a National Public Radio affiliate in Cleveland, about “voluntourism,” a growing trend in which people are spending their vacations volunteering to help others in places around the globe. She was one of three guest on the “Sound of Ideas” talk show.

*President Mary Papazian was quoted extensively in an article in the August edition ofBusiness New Haven that examined the perennial debate on whether liberal arts or workforce development should be paramount in higher education. The president emphasized the importance of both, and how Southern incorporates both into its curriculum. She added that there is no need to pit one against the other, and that they can work synergistically.


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