In the News – December 2013

In the News – December 2013

*The New Haven Register ran a Dec. 26 article in which Southern was mentioned as part of a farewell article about outgoing New Haven Mayor John DeStefano Jr. He plans to teach a class here next fall.

*On Dec. 19, The New Haven Register published two photos from Southern’s first-ever December commencement ceremony, held on Dec. 18. Additional photos are posted on the Register website.

*Sousan Arafeh, assistant professor of educational leadership, was featured in a Dec. 15 articlein the New London Day. She co-created a multimedia program, called SayitSees, in which English-speaking children can learn other languages.

*A photo from the fall semester groundbreaking of the academic and laboratory science building ran in the Dec. 10 edition of the New Haven Register.

*Jeff Slomba, professor of art, and Patrick Heidkamp, chairman of the Geography Department, were mentioned in a Dec. 6 story in the New Haven Register that previewed the Connecticut at Work conference. They participated in the conference during a discussion about income disparities. The two have created a 3-D map that displays those disparities in Connecticut.

*A front page story about the cancer research of Sarah Crawford, professor of biology, appeared in the Dec. 1 edition of the New Haven Register. The story includes a look at her latest research, which includes a Christmas fern extract that is part of a three-component cocktail designed to combat a deadly form of brain cancer. She and former student Erin Boisvert recently received a patent for it.

*A column by Randall Beach about Frank Tavares, professor of communication, ran in the Dec. 1 edition of the New Haven Register. Until recently, Frank had been a longtime announcer on National Public Radio. He also recently wrote a book on short stories, “The Man Who Built Boxes.”