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In the News – January 2013

*Research conducted by Gene Birz, an assistant professor of economics and finance, was highlighted in a Jan. 17 article in the New Haven Register. The study focused on how newspaper headlines on certain types of economic stories influence the stock market. He found that while there are many variables, headlines that are viewed as positive on stories related to the unemployment rate and the Gross Domestic Product have a positive influence on the stock market. Negative headlines on those types of stories have the opposite effect.

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*Elliott Horch, associate professor of physics, was featured in the Jan. 6 edition of the New Haven Register as the subject of the lead story in the paper’s Connecticut section. Elliott developed a device that attaches to telescopes and enables astronomers to see images in space much more clearly than previously could have been done with a ground-based telescope. He recently traveled to Hawaii with a team of astronomers to work on the Kepler project, and while there, they used his device to take a closer look at Pluto and its moon, Charon.

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