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post-game riots

A small number of hooligans react violently after their favorite sports team loses — or wins — important games. It sometimes entails setting fires, such as was the case recently with some University of Kentucky men’s basketball fans after losing to Wisconsin at the FInal Four.

There are loyal fans, rabid fans, and then there are the hooligans.

Those University of Kentucky fans who lit fires on the street following their team’s loss to Wisconsin in the recent NCAA men’s basketball semifinal fall into that third category. And so do those individuals who may have encouraged those lighting the fire.

Oh, Kentucky is hardly unique. Most of their fans are good people who are loyal to the school. In fact, we have seen rioting behavior in all parts of the country after many sporting events. In some cases, it’s not even fans of the losing team who engage in this kind of activity, but fans of the victorious team.

And it’s not just an American thing. If you’re a fan of world soccer, you know that it happens around the globe.

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