In the News – August 2015

In the News – August 2015

*A variety of media outlets covered Southern’s decision/rally to become tobacco-free.

Channel 8 covered the rally and aired the story on Aug. 31

Channel 30 also aired a news segment on Aug. 31 from the rally.

The New Haven Register ran a color photo on the front page of the Sept. 1 Local Section.

The Connecticut Post  posted a short piece online on Aug. 31:

And Channel 3 posted the following story on its website on Sept. 1.

*Channel 3 aired a segment on Aug. 30 of our returning students’ move-in day during the 6:30 p.m. newscast. The story also included a mention of Southern going tobacco-free.

*Rachel Jeffrey, assistant professor of biology, was interviewed Aug. 30 on Channel 30 during the morning newscast about the phenomenon of “childhood amnesia,” in which adults remember little, if anything, of their lives before age 3 or 4.


*The New Haven Register ran a few color photos in the Aug. 28 paper from the previous day’s new student move-in day. The paper also posted an online photo album from the move-in.

*Channel 30 interviewed a few freshmen as they moved into their residence hall rooms on Aug. 27. The station also took some video of “moving in day.” The segment aired during today’s 11 a.m. news show.

*A study intended to help children with autism, led by Julia Irwin – associate professor of psychology – was highlighted in a story that aired Aug. 24 during the “Mommy Minute”segment on Channel 61, as well as in a story published today in the Hartford Courant. The TV story aired twice during the station’s morning newscasts for nearly 3 minutes.

*The Connecticut Post ran an article in its “Education Outlook” section about Southern receiving a federal grant to help nursing students pay for the costs of pursing an Ed.D. in nursing education degree, as well as an M.S.N. (nursing education track) degree. The grant enables students to participate in a “forgivable loan” program. The story was published during the weekend of Aug. 1-2.

In addition, the Fairfield County Business Journal ran an article on the grant in its July 20 “Colleges and Universities” special section.

*Southern’s handling of the increase in freshmen who plan to live on campus this semester was mentioned in a story that ran Aug. 23 in the New Haven Register. The article focused on Quinnipiac’s housing situation, but included a look at Southern. We have converted 81 additional doubles rooms into triples, compared to last fall, but most of the students assigned to the triples actually requested it as part of our new online, self-selection process. And we have accommodated most of the others who would rather not live in triples. In addition, the RAs and housing directors have been trained in how to help students adapt to the tighter quarters. Tracy Tyree, vice president for student affairs, was quoted in the story.

*Rachel Jeffrey, assistant professor of biology, was interviewed Aug. 21 on WQUN regarding “childhood amnesia,” a phenomenon by which people tend not to remember, or remember very little, about their lives before the age of 3 or 4.

*The New Haven Registerpreviewed the Aug. 28 performance at the Lyman Center for the Performing Arts of comedian Eddie Izzard with a story in its Aug. 18 edition.

*Jim Thorson, chairman of the Economics and Finance Department, was quoted in a story that was published in the Aug. 16 edition of the New Haven Register about the effect of the state’s annual tax-free week. Earlier this month, most clothing and footwear items under $100 were exempt from the state sales tax.

*Jessica Suckle-Nelson, associate professor of psychology, was interviewed Aug. 12 on WQUN radio (1220 AM) regarding a new course being taught this year called “Social Psychology of Stereotyping and Prejudice.”