OIE Offers a Variety of Summer 2014 Study Abroad Options

    Southern Connecticut State University’s Office of International Education (OIE) is proud to present the university’s 2014 Summer Program Abroad offerings. 

    Longstanding summer programs in Spain and Guatemala (which Professor of World Languages Carlos Arboleda has run for 24 years and Professor of Public Health William Faraclas for 25 years, respectively) are joined by returning programs in Paris (Professor Camille Serchuk, art history, and Professor Luke Eilderts, French); Tuscany (Professor Pina Palma, Italian); Iceland (Professor Patrick Heidkamp, geography); Rome (Professor Leon Weinmann, English); Bermuda (Professor Scott Graves, science education and environmental studies); and China (Professor Yan Liu, information and library science).  In addition to its existing programs, Southern is launching two new summer programs in Brazil (Professor Jordano Quaglia, Portuguese) and Armenia (Professor Anahit Ter-Stepanian, art history), along with a spring recess program in Jamaica (Professor Antoinette Towle, nursing).

    The expansion of Southern’s courses abroad is part of a university-wide initiative to bring global perspectives into the classroom and to increase opportunities for students to participate in study and internship programs abroad.  The goal of this initiative is to prepare Southern’s students for success in an increasingly global workplace, as study abroad ranks highly on prospective employers’ list of desired qualifications.  SCSU President Mary Papazian’s 2012 inauguration speech, in which she declared global engagement a priority for the university, has brought tremendous momentum to this initiative.

    Students interested in participating in any of these programs should contact OIE’s interim director, Dr. Erin Heidkamp (203-392-6756), or the faculty trip leader(s) listed below.  Students should also inquire at their home institution about course transferability.

    Spain Program (June 27 to July 27): Options to study Spanish civilization, culture, and language. Contact Prof. Carlos Arboleda.

    Guatemala Program (July 27 to August 10): Undergraduate or graduate course options in international field studies in health.  Contact Prof. William Faraclas.

    Paris Program (June 30 to July 31): Art and Architecture in Paris and/or French language course. Contact Prof. Camille Serchuk and Prof. Luke Eilderts.

    Tuscany Program (June 30 to July 30): Literature of Medieval Europe. Contact Prof. Pina Palma.

    Iceland Program (June 1 to June 17): Economic Geography and Field Techniques. Contact Prof. Patrick Heidkamp.

    Rome Program (May 26 to June 19): The Classical Tradition in Western Literature, and Literature of the New Testament. Contact Prof. Leon Weinmann.

    Bermuda Program (August 4 to August 15): Special Topics in Marine and Environmental Studies. ContactProf. Scott Graves.

    China Program (May 21 to June 4): Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Informatics. Contact Prof. Yan Liu.

    Brazil Program (June 14 to July 5): Portuguese 100 or 101.  Contact Prof. Jordano Quaglia.

    Armenia Program (May 22 to June 6): Special Topics in Armenian Art. Contact Prof. Anahit Ter-Stepanian.

    Jamaica Program (March 15 to March 22): Understanding Global Healthcare. Prof. Antoinette Towle.