In the News – February 2013

In the News – February 2013

*The Danbury News-Times ran a column, written by education reporter Eileen FitzGerald, about the phenomenon of “helicopter parents.” The column, which ran Feb. 28, included insight from Suzanne Carroll, professor of marriage and family therapy, and Phyllis Gordon, manager of Southern’s Family Therapy Clinic. The column also referred to Southern’s new blog, “Wise Words,” where Suzanne and Phyllis shared their expertise on the subject.

The following is a link to the News-Times column:

*Elliott Horch, associate professor of physics, and Jim Fullmer, associate professor of earth science, were both quoted in a front page story Feb. 15 in the Connecticut Post about the asteroid that was a near miss to the Earth. The asteroid is known officially as 2012 DA14.

The following is a link to the Post article:

Near-miss asteroid a wake-up call, experts say

*Kim Crone, associate vice president for academic student services, shared her suggestions on how to write an effective college admissions essay during a Feb. 5 interview on the Channel 61Morning Show. The interview was generated via a recent post on the new blog, “Wise Words.” The segment ran for more than 4 minutes.

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*An article that previews a talk by former NBA and college basketball player Chris Herren ran in the Feb. 4 edition of the New Haven Register. He shared his story the next day at the Lyman Center about how drugs ruined his promising basketball career.

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