Information Technology

onedrive for business

SCSU students, faculty, and staff have access to OneDrive for Business. OneDrive for Business makes it easy to upload your files and access your documents on different web browsers, operating systems (Mac/Windows), and mobile devices. OneDrive for Business features 1 TB of free file storage and provides a safe and secure location for your data.

Some additional benefits of OneDrive for Business include:

  • Real-time collaboration on Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents
  • Version tracking on your Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents
  • Sharing files and folders with other SCSU students, faculty and staff

What is OneDrive for Business

How do I upload files to OneDrive? (PDF)

How do I upload files to OneDrive? (video)

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(Faculty/Staff) If you experience any difficulties uploading your files, please contact the help desk at 203-392-5123 option 3.

Microsoft’s OneDrive for Business complies with FERPA and HIPAA guidelines. However, it is up to you to ensure you are abiding by the proper standards when using the service. Check with the data owner or local department policy before moving confidential data to OneDrive for Business.

There are many reasons why files on your computer may be lost or corrupted, and not all are easily fixed. When data loss occurs, often the only option is to restore from a backup. The best way to protect your data is to make sure copies of your files are stored somewhere else.

Here are some tips to help you choose what you need to backup and what you don’t.

Please Backup:

  • Your User Folder
    • Windows 7 or 10: C:\users\yourusername

windows screenshot of user folder

  • MacOS: Macintosh HD\users\yourusername aka “Home”mac screenshot of home location
  • Other Data Folders
    • If you have programs that save files in other areas, you will need to locate those files and save copies.

Do Not Backup:

  • Your Programs or Applications
    • Many of these can be easily reinstalled. If there are certain programs that contain critical information stored within them, research how a data export can be done and save the exported file as your backup.
  • Your Windows folder
    • On a Windows computer, this folder contains many system files that can be easily reinstalled with a new operating system.
  • Folders that are already backed up with a cloud service (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.)
    • These files stored on your computer are backed up online which can be restored to your computer again later.


classroom with podium and projectors

We have made some exciting technology and facility upgrades to many of our classrooms this summer!

The rooms have been designed for ease of use, which we hope will help everyone feel more confident using the technology that is available.  As an example, all displays can be turned on with quick tap on the touchscreen. In addition to the hardware upgrades, every renovated classroom now has the Windows 10 operating system installed which includes Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Plus Suite.

A printed tutorial will be displayed in each classroom to assist with using the new equipment. Contact the Help Desk at (203) 392-5123 and use option 1 to schedule training or to request in-person IT support which can be dispatched immediately.

We are extremely pleased with the final result and hope you can share in our excitement!


List of rooms and upgrades:

DA 120
DA 124
DA 211
DA 218
DA 224

These rooms have:

Document camera on the podium or ceiling mounted
Windows 10 computer dedicated to the classroom
VGA and HDMI connectors

EN A105 – no room PC
EN A107
EN A109
EN A113
EN A115
EN A117
EN C008
EN C010

These rooms have:

Document camera (ceiling mounted)
Windows 10 computer dedicated to the classroom
VGA and HDMI connectors
Wirelessly display content with Apple Airplay (mac) and Miracast (windows)
ADA compliant workspace shelf


This is our first 4K resolution screen on campus! The projector in the back of the room has been removed and a large TV wall has been installed.

This room has:

Document camera (on podium)
Windows 10 computer dedicated to the classroom
VGA and HDMI connectors
Wirelessly display content with Apple Airplay (mac) and Miracast (windows)

The monitor on the instructor lectern is a 27″ pen-enabled touchscreen display.  Faculty who need a white board can pull the screen to them and use the provided stylus to write content that will be visible on the TV wall. If needed, there is also a standard whiteboard in the room.



help articles password reset and chat are available

We are excited to announce that our Help Desk support has been extended! 

New ways to receive support:
  • Self-help knowledge base
  • 24/7 phone support
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • 24/7 service request form
Services available to students, faculty, and staff:
  • IT provided services (email, wireless, etc.) support
  • Technical support
  • Learn 9 (Blackboard) support
    • Browser, plugin, content navigation, course tool navigation, and general course administration
    • Student questions related to the course content will be directed to the instructor
Reach us the same way:

Telephone: (203) 392-5123
Walk-In: First Floor – Buley Library

Emergency classroom technology issues will continue to be dispatched by on-premises IT with a 5 minute response expectation.

Well in to our migration, everything has been going well so far.  Some people can already access their email and many have already configured their computing devices for the new cloud services.  The Outlook Client on your PC or MAC will automatically know that you’ve been migrated.  You may be prompted to “allow” the new servers or for a password.  Remember, your username is now your full email address (

For information on how to configure your iPhone or Android phone, see the following posts from our Facebook page.

androids androids

Hello SCSU Employees,
After much anticipation, we will be migrating your email account to the cloud.  We have already moved the entire IT team to the cloud-based email last week and I’m confident that this process will be a smooth transition for all of us.  After the migration, you will have 50 gigs of email quota! The migration process will start on Friday, January 8, 2016 at 3:00pm and continue until Monday, January 11th at 6am. Here’s how it works…

During this transition process

  • If you use the Outlook software on your PC or Mac, you will probably receive a prompt that your administrator has made a change.

After the transition process

  • If you use the the Outlook software on your computer, the software should automatically understand the new cloud email and make the appropriate changes autonomously.
  • If you use the web version of Outlook (OWA), your username for the system will now include
  • Your password will not change as a result of this email migration.
  • If you get your SCSU email on your phone or mobile device then it will most likely stop receiving SCSU email. You need to go in to the mail preferences of the account and change some settings.  The domain field should be blank and the username should be changed to include your full email address. Using me as an example, all I did was change my username from valsamisn1 to
Please, reach out to the Help Desk if you have any questions. We are happy to walk you through the process over the phone or in-person.
Happy Holidays,
Nick Valsamis


The next scheduled email maintenance period will start at 6am on Saturday, November 21st, 2015 and will continue until 6am on Monday, November 23rd.  During this maintenance window, your Office365 account (OWLs Mail, OneDrive, Office Online, etc.) will be unavailable.  Regular on-campus resources and Blackboard Learn will be available during this time. Once completed, you will have a single username and password for all IT provided services at Southern Connecticut State University. Below, you fill find a summary of how these changes will impact you:

  • New Username for Office365: The username for your Office365 account will change from to  For example, on Monday, November 23rd, John Doe will sign in to Office365 using
  • Synchronized Passwords: Starting Monday, November 23rd, the password for your on-campus account will be synchronized to your Office365 account.  The password that you use to access Blackboard Learn or the on-campus computers will be the new password for your Office365 account.  

After these changes, you should pay attention to the following items:

  • Update any auto-filled information that might be stored in your browser (specifically, your username and password). 
  • Update your username and password on any device (computer, smartphone or other) that connects to Office365 features. 

Please contact us at the Help Desk for any of your technology questions, suggestions, or needs.

Thank You,

Nick Valsamis
IT Director


I would like to inform you of some technology changes that will be occurring over the next few months. By the start of the Spring semester, the campus will have access to a new set of tools designed to enhance your experience at Southern. 

First will be an increase in storage capacity for your files.  This expanded storage service (Microsoft OneDrive) includes the ability to access your content from any computer or mobile device, and the ability to easily share files with others. 

Second is access to both downloadable and web versions of the Microsoft Office suite (Word, PowerPoint, Excel). The online version of this suite gives you the ability to edit your documents from any device, anywhere.

Third, some updated tools such as Microsoft Lync and Skype for Business can be used to collaborate with others, both inside and outside of the campus community.

To start this initiative, we will require a few hours of downtime for Blackboard Learn. This downtime is scheduled for Friday, November 6th between 3pm and 10pm.

We are so glad you are here and want to provide the best possible technology experience. We have a lot of improvements to make and are hard at work making them happen.

Please contact us at the Help Desk for any of your technology questions, suggestions, or needs.

Thank You,

Nick Valsamis
IT Director