Iceland Trip: June 18

Iceland Trip: June 18

A view of Harpa concert hall, famous for its amazing acoustics.

By Emma Knauerhase, Charles Comstock

Today was the last day with our close friends because they left for the U.K from the egilstadir airport. A few of us woke up early to say goodbye to them as they left to go home. Once we said our goodbyes to a song from the breakfast club “Don’t you forget about me” as they drove off, we went back to bed. After sleeping in for the first time this entire trip, Dr. Heidkamp told the SCSU students the last job we were ever going to do at Skalanes. This job was to move three huge plastic fishing tubs and clean the black sand beach. We carried the tubes on the rocky beach while dodging the artic terns who were attacking us and then we climbed a steep hill back to skalanes with the heavy plastic fish tubes. Once the dreadful task was over we said our goodbyes to the very close friends we made at the farmhouse and took lots of photos with the remaining two U.K students who we would later see at the Icelandic capital. Once we left skalanes for the final time we headed to the gas station in egilstaditr and ran into our friends who left for the airport earlier that morning! After a long reunion (even though we just saw them earlier in the morning) we said our official goodbyes and went our separate ways.

We headed to the highlands of Iceland where the wind was so powerful it rips car doors off the hinges. After a nice car ride with SCSU students we found ourselves in Grimstadir where we resided in a “haunted” farm house for the night. After settling into the haunted house we left for the Jarbodin Natuerew Baths where we stayed for 5 hours to heal our sadness of leaving Skalanes and our friends in the U.K.

When we left the baths to go back to the house Emma and Kelly began to cook pasta for the majority of the hungry SCSU students but then the power went out just as we put the pasta in the boiling water. Since we did not know what to do, we travelled down to the haunted basement only to find out we had to go to the owner’s house to fix the power. Therefore Emma trekked out in the powerful winds to help her friends. Once we gained power we ate our soggy pasta and went directly to bed a 3 in the morning. Even though we went to bed at three in the morning, the sun did not set and was already rising by the time we went to bed.